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BMW X1 is unreliable with costly repairs and maintenance

I feel like it has constantly been falling apart. I do not drive this vehicle hard and it seems like there's always an issue and the repairs cost an astronomical amount of money. Any service as expected with a high-end vehicle should be done at the dealership and you have to be willing to pay that price. However it is a flashy car and I do love the turbo. It is comfortable in the front seats but there is no realistic way of having passengers in the backseat. It does have a nice amount of trunk space and I do appreciate that I can lay the rear seats down. It is definitely a singles car and not a family car in my opinion.

- Michiko C

Very comfortable and Great color!

This vehicle has the get up and go that I enjoy during my daily commute. The seating makes it a more comfortable ride along with the temperature control, adjustable seats. I love the Orange color because the vehicle stands out from others, but I can still find accessories to match the color. The one problem that is a bit aggravating is the phone connectivity via Bluetooth or USB. I have not been able to get my phone to reconnect via Bluetooth and there are times when my phone is connected via USB, that the music playback skips as if my phone is an old style CD player.

- Dee R

It has an above-average reliability rating of 3.5 out of five from j.D.Power.

The 2013 BMW x1 has an excellent standard powertrain and nimble handling. It also has a much lower cost of ownership than its competitors in this small class. The rear-wheel-drive 2013 BMW x1 28i has a muscular horsepower. Its breaks are also strong.Inside, the five seat,2-row BMW x1 features superb fit and finish, as well as top notch materials that are soft to the touch.Over well I love my car.

- Joseph J

Great Starter Car for first time drivers

It performs well but has had start up issues over the years. Overall, I have enjoyed it because it is very convenient with everything I am in need of. It is a very reliable vehicle and definitely a great starter car. I'm hoping to keep it for a few more years and most likely change it out for a newer model.

- Jayden G

Another awesome BMW! Pleasure to drive!

Comfortable to drive and very spacious. Very good family car. Lovely panoramic roof. GPS is also very useful and Bluetooth as well. Very good luxury crossover SUV; great for long road trips. Interior leather quality is very good. Car rides very smooth. A true pleasure to drive. Great acceleration response.

- Jennifer M

It is very reliable. Very comfortable for trips.

Bought this car slightly used. . Had been a loaner car. . . And it has been very reliable. Other than servicing it on a regular basis we have had no problems with the car at all. It gets good mileage for a sporty car. Love the car and hate that they have stopped making this engine in this car.

- Tina C

This car drives great! I love how I can take a sharp curve with no effort.

I love the way it drives...really hugs the road and has fast pick up. What I don't like is the interior space...it is small. Also, because it is a German car, some things are hard to understand (although I have only had it for 5 months, so I may figure things out in the future).

- Clarice M

Love my bmw! Great look, Style, comfort, speed, safety, and luxury.

Love it! Great comfort and reliability. It's a convertible and quiet as a mouse. Exceptional gas mileage and consistent performance in all weather. Love the total package of heated seats and steering wheel!

- Yvonne M

Love my BMW-- Great fun to dive.

Everything is covered until warranty runs out. Great to drive, lots of pickup, feels like it's hugging the road. Parts are expensive once the warranty is done. Very reliable!

- Monica H

Driving dynamics. Drive like a BMW

Drive like a sedan and handle very good. Decent gas mileage. Small enough to get through the city and tight parking easily. Only dislike is a bit noisy on the freeway.

- Henry p

Great performance and reliability.

Is a very reliable car, safe to drive, great performance. The only thing I do not like so much is my wheel, for the model 2013 is hydraulic and is a little hard.

- Jacqueline P

My favorite thing about my car is the engine! It has enough power to be reliable on the freeway and other dangerous situations.

It has a great engine and is very reliable! The seats are comfortable and the interior looks nice. Everything is well made.

- Katie K

It performs very well, especially in snowy or icy conditions.

My vehicle has a lot of storage. It looks really nice. It performs very well. Gets decent gas mileage.

- Chloe P

My car is pretty roomy but doesn't hog gas like some bigger cars

The car drives very well, but the AC needs to be repaired often and it has trouble charging my phone.

- Crystal M

the overall car size allows for me to be able to get suitable parking in rush hour

the overall storage capacity in the car is not efficient and has very limited trunk space

- kiwane r

That it is actually fast and zippy and fun.

I love everything about my car, it's cute and fast. I love the look and inside interior.

- Emily C

it's got great gas mileage and handling that is insured to get you where you're going.

i like the features its got.i like the sound system. i like how it handles

- Dee S

Quick little car and I s hatchback and a sunroof and good sound system

It is fast and very stylish! Get good gas mileage. Is good looking

- Ryan B

Beautiful inside and drives like a dream. Great color too.

Great ride. Handles well. I love the service facility as well

- Kathleen M