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Compact Roomy Beauty That handles like a CHAMP

I have never had any issues with my vehicle regarding performance, reliability or comfort. I did not opt for the navigation or upgraded technology package but it does strike me as odd that I cannot sync my phone up to play music (I have to use an auxiliary cord). I do have Bluetooth for my cell phone calls. This is my only complaint. The car handles like a champ, is compact enough to have no issues in the city parking and maneuvering through traffic but enough space to load up with kids and cargo for a camping trip. The back seats drop easily when needing extra space. I need a 6+passenger car and I'm really sad to eventually let this one go!

- Natasha H

Others should understand that she purrs like a kitten.

Sparkling white made for little ole me, sleek leather interior with rugs that are butter soft. Great on gas it will run for miles, but you never hear the engine. Fully loaded with satellite imagery. The trunk space is roomy enough for several bags of grocery. The trunk also has a canvas that covers whatever’s in the trunk space. The most amazing is the satellite radio, which plays many stations. Navigation is a great perk to help you on your journey and beyond. All in all the best driving vehicle on the road.

- Trina G

BMW midsize love for small family.

I enjoy driving my car. It is reliable and rides really smooth. I like the trunk space and the overall look and feel of my car. I am only 5 feet tall so the size of the car is perfect for me but also accommodates my growing son. I believe it uses a lot of gas with the stop and go traffic but seems pretty good on long road trips. My husband enjoys driving my car as well. I believe it is a good car for both single people and small families as well.

- Carina D

My thoughts on the BMW x1.

I like the car a lot it is just too small for our needs. We have two car seats in the rear row and it is very tight. Also the trunk space is small. There’s also this annoying feature that turns the car off when you stop and you have to press a button every time you start the car to turn the feature off. If I didn't have kids I'd really like this car. It is just too small.

- Candace T

The most important thing others should know is that BMW's drive and handle extremely well.

I love my X1. It is a small car on the outside so it's great for city parking, however it is spacious on the inside. The acceleration is fantastic and is something I really appreciate in a car. It was something I didn't find in other vehicles that were of similar size. The car has held up well overtime. I have had the car for about 2 years and it is a total of 5 years old.

- Katie D

There�s a start stop engine meaning that the engine will stop when the car stops

It has a great no roll-back feature, and is perfect for driving in the city. It's steering is quite stiff, but if you're like me and live somewhere where there is a lot of pot holes and parallel parking this coming in very handy! Although there is no navigation system the audio is fantastic and there is Bluetooth for your phone. Absolutely LOVE this car!

- Isabella A

My BMW x1 is the lemans blue with the sport package. Its sleek and very sporty.

My BMW x1 has been a blessing to my little family. The trunk space allows you to carry 1 large luggage, dog crate and 2 large bags. Its fast and is very receptive. It can fit into smaller spaces and can zip through traffic. The interior needs more comfort but it does snug the road. The performance level can get you merging into traffic with ease.

- Joanne G

The best deal on the market.

Excellent vehicle all around. Best car I am aware of within its price range. Completely meets the high standard BMW is known for. Feels great to drive and looks great inside and out. Not cheap to maintain, but well worth every penny. Would honestly recommend it to anyone looking to get the most for the least, financially speaking.

- Evan W

Great car, highly recommend.

The car drives amazing no matter the weather. The tired are very reliable and even run flat. The interior is very appealing to the eye and it has lots of great heating/cooling options. Maintenance on the car however can be extremely pricey, especially if you get it done at the BMW dealership.

- Miranda K

Upgrade to current technology. Equip with up to date technology,

Technology is not up to par with other cars of the same year and / or same brand, different model. Although, has email and text function, it is unusable. The following year it became usable. Technology has internet which I used in the past and now am not able to use. System went thru changes.

- Rhonda L


The X1 has been a life changer. It's the perfect crossover. The gas isn't that bad when you are driving long distances. The warming seat and steering wheel features during the winter have been great. The only bad part that the back seat is a little tight for leg room and also car seat.

- Carla G

BMW X1 is a reliable safe car

I got my driving license a few months ago and it's really to drive this car for a beginner. I bought it because BMW is a qualify and a safe car brand and it was quite affordable. I love driving it and I absolutely recommend X1 to women who want to drive a safe comfortable reliable car

- Vivian S

New vehicles and I like my cars.

I need brakes and engine oil for the 3 vehicles and I also need other tires for the three vehicles. And I also need other covers for seats because the ones I have are very ugly and I do not like them and also new parts of the engine and valves and many other things that have failed.

- J H

It offers great gas mileage while still having a great powerful engine.

I like the way it drives, it has a smooth drive to it. I love the power it has being turboed, and it is also comfortable on the inside. I dislike the size it is smaller than I would have liked but it is offered in bigger sizes, just wish i would have gotten a bigger size.

- Ashton W

Frank 2014 BMW SUV rides like a sedan

Great small SUV. The car has great performance and is a small sport utility vehicle. The leather seats are nice in both Summer and Winter (heated) and the performance is close to a three series sedan. The moonroof is a nice feature as well for long rides on a sunny day.

- Frank R

It's a very dependable car. BMW stands behind their products.

This is the second BMW I've owned. I like the way they look. I like the way they drive. IRS a reliable car. I like the service I get from my local BMW dealer. I don't always like the price of the services I receive.

- Bill T

I have only had to get an oil change once in a year.

I like the way it drives, very smooth and I like the driveguard tires. I dislike that high cost in maintenance and that the back seat is a little tight for when you have kids.

- Nicholas Y

The run flat tires are main drawback of the car. It makes the car bumpy on poor roads.

My 2014 BMW X1 is a great car. It handles great around corners and it's a smooth ride. The run flat tires are the main drawback of the ride quality but overall it's great.

- Hany A

BMW has great performance.

BMW has great performance.BMW has great performance.BMW has great performance.BMW has great performance.BMW has great performance.BMW has great performance.

- Patel A

Very dependable, very inexpensive to operate. Gets good gas mileage.

I like how it has pick up and go. I like the amount of space the car has when the seats are laid down. I do not like that it has limited standard options.

- Marcia L

It runs very smoothly and driving my car is genuinely fun.

My vehicle is very reliable and usually does not let me down. Once in a while I will have to get it repaired but other than that I highly recommend it.

- Sophia P

Powerful and very comfortable car. Feel safe in it.

Powerful engine, small car but roomy. Great for two people. I have had some engine problems, while it was still under warranty. Expensive to service.

- Pat L

Handling and Gas mileage are excellent. I am getting 34.5 mpg average and over 36 highway.

Great on gas. very comfortable on long rides. Very responsive on acceleration and handling.The interior noise is a little more than the 5 series.

- brian g

It is a great car. They say it's tough to do maintenance on it.

Like the handling, acceleration, cargo room, radio, gaps and camera.. Dislike: bumpy ride, sometimes the remote/comfort access keys do not work.

- Peter C

Maintenance is expensive.

I have had zero issues with my car! It drives amazing, fast acceleration and long haul. The only thing that I wish it had was satellite radio.

- Heather H

It has a big engine for performance and good pickup

I love my vehicle. It is sporty, handles well, needs minimal maintenance and has a great design. I love all the features it comes with

- Emilee H

For a BMW and an SUV, it gets very good gas mileage

I like the acceleration, handling, gas mileage, and cargo space. I dislike the shock absorption, and the comfort access remote control

- Joseph P

I like big cars like the tank.

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- Malachi L

Only needs an oil change twice a year.

Reliable and comfortable with decent features. Make sure you get the tinted windows and know that there is no spare tire included.

- Lacretia D

Safe and comfortable and descent mileage.

Comfortable ride, reliable, safe.. No complaints.. Nice color, stylish.. Good ride.. Quiet, good visibility, good mileage.

- Marcia G

Very high maintenance. Make sure you keep up with the regular maintenance required.

My vehicle is a crossover. It is a bit more compact than I expected. i would have liked it to be a little more spacious.

- Ashley J

This is a good all-purpose vehicle for getting around town and hauling small items

Like the size, all wheel drive, electronics Don't like the sun visors, memory seat doesn't go back when car is stopped

- Deb F

Eco pro , helps with gas mileage

Great gas mileage . Smooth and comfortable to drive . Love the navigation system and the roadside assistance

- Diana H

It has great gas mileage and is fun to drive

I love how it drives...it is sporty and feels like a car. I wish it had more security features;

- Jane B

Expensive to maintain. Maintenance for routine items costs a lot of money and lots of items are excluded from the warranty.

I like the looks of it. I like the performance. I don't like how expensive the maintenance is.

- Monica H

It was not as expensive as one might think

It is a zippy little SUV that handles well in all weather and is fun to drive

- Dee S

It's a very comfortable car and ride and I feel very epically driving it.

I love the size, dependability , the hatch back, the way it drives.

- Lori G