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Great car for a car guy, not so much for a comfort loving gal

My issues with the car are mainly with the driving style and 'extras' that it does not have. My husband likes that the car lets you 'feel the road', but I don't enjoy that. I would rather feel like I'm sitting on a comfy cloud instead. I also don't like some of the weird technology limitations. For example: I can have my phone Bluetooth to the car for hands free talking, but I can't use the Bluetooth function in order to listen to music. I also find the radio display small and non techy - it doesn't give information about the radio station or song that is playing.

- Breanna A

Beautiful BMW was an amazing value.

My car is a 2015 BMW x1 and I love it. The exterior is beautiful. It is white and really stands out. The interior is all black so it stays looking very clean and is very comfortable. I love the way it drives it is so smooth and the Audio is great as well. I love that the turn signal lights are on the side mirrors and I love just about every part of my car. I bought it used but the mileage is great for the year. 19, 000 miles for a 3 year old car was great.

- Hanna S

That it's uniquely me starting with the color. It helps me stand out in a crowd and it makes it easy to find in a parking lot. That it WAS a pricey car when the person who leased in in 2015, but that as a 2 year old certified pre owned car it was really a good deal. Everyone thinks I have more money than I do because of that which is annoying.

I love that it's orange! It is a fun car with a lot of power that's fun to drive on highway or backroads. It's nimble and handles well, is all wheel drive and good on gas. A couple complaints is that to go forward you pull gear shift towards you, and to go in reverse you push it forward which is counter-intuitive. Also the navigation and computer overall is way over-complicated.

- Joann D

First Time Happy BMW X1 owner

Great performance, pickup is like a sports car. Handles exceptionally well. Very fun to drive. A little bit small on the storage area. Gas mileage is average about 25 miles to the gallon average. I have to fill up every 2 weeks. No blind spots that can't be covered by side mirrors. Haven't been able to master the S shifting yet

- Jim K

I will never own another brand of car.

I absolutely love my x1. It is very sturdy when driving down the highway. You can definitely tell it was built very well. It is great on gas, even using mid-grade I get about 400mpt. They only problem I do have is that it does need more leg room in the back for passengers and children. I will never own another brand of car!

- Kimberly L

Love the interior but the music system is archaic.

The music system is archaic. There is no Bluetooth music streaming capability, which had I realized, I would not have purchased! I use a cord to connect my phone, which makes me feel a decade behind. I love the cold weather package. Heated leather is great this time of year! The car handles well.

- Mina M

Fast and dependable machine

My vehicle has lived up to its performance. It drives and rides smoothly. The dealership customer service is outstanding. I have not had any problems from the vehicle. The back seat area is small and so is the trunk space. The sound system is awesome. My car is definitely a drive machine.

- Christine M

Driving a BMW us like no other feeling in the world.

Car runs smoothly, has fast pickup and is comfortable. Four doors are convenient for passengers. Tires are run flats which provides driver pc of mind. Heated steering wheel and seats are a bonus. Car starts and stops with push of button, exo drive for eco feien and ly drivers.

- Marcy Y

Why I love my X1 It�s a cool vehicle to drive and own. And reasonably priced .

Car is perfect for my needs. Plenty of room for shopping grandkids and dog but not massive. Excellent gas mileage and very dependable. Good turning radius and excellent handling. Back seat folds down adding cargo space as needed. I would definitely buy another x series

- Toni G

Great color. Love the panoramic sunroof. Have a great space to put all my stuff.

I love the space that brings to me. The comfort (heat on wheel drive). I take the car the color that I love. The miles per gallons that give the SUV are grate and my fuel last more than a week. Something that I don't love is that I can't turn the car on without be on it.

- Anais D

Very comfortable and good safety rating.

Great rearview camera and cold weather features such as heated seats and steering wheel. The panorama moonroof is another great feature for nice sunny days. Sometimes the Bluetooth is temperamental and will not connect to my phone without having to change some settings.

- Kara E

Wonderful combination of sedan & SUV!

I really enjoy my car! Super reliable and haven't had any problems while driving it for the past 4 years. It's an in between car that can feel like a sedan but also functions like SUV. Love the spacious trunk as well! The interior space is comparable to the series.

- Crystal M

It's super sporty and fun to drive yet still gets great gas mileage.

I traded my X3 for an X1 and I have found that I prefer the smaller vehicle at this point in my life. I don't have as many kids or as much stuff to tote around, so I prefer to get better gas mileage! It also has a twin turbo and is super-fun to drive.

- Meredith M

Reliability, it tells you if anything needs to be done & if you need air or oil.

Very dependable, love the computer functions that will diagnose any possible issues! I am short and can see out of all the windows with almost no blind spots. First car I have ever had with a backup camera that is actually useful! Looks classy to!

- Cynthia M

That it's sporty and luxurious while still being reasonably priced.

I like that it's luxurious and sporty but didn't cost a fortune. I like that it has a bunch of features like Bluetooth and navigation. I don't like that it's a bit smaller than I'd prefer, and I don't like that it only takes premium gasoline.

- Bret L

sporty, fast acceleration is very good , almost no turbo lag. Steering is tight at high speed. I did manage to go uo 120 mph

I have only had the car 6 months now. There have been no problems . The car is small but has a large 6 cyl turbo engine Acceleration is great. It is fun to drive. Cas mileage is only 15 mpg, but I didn't but the car to get good gas mileage

- terrence d

Drives incredibly well and is very sporty - it is the perfect car for me!

I love the color - it is all black. I love the way it drives, it is very sporty. I dislike the fact that I am unable to connect bluetooth and USB seamlessly, it is pretty tricky to use.

- mel b

My BMW makes me feel like a speed racer.

The 2015 BMW x1 offers me the rush and adrenaline of a sports car, with the reliability of the safest cars, all in a compact and attractive design. It is cool and comfortable.

- Lena D

The x1 handles amazing in the snow & rain.

Handling of the vehicle is amazing. The pick up when u step on the gas is incredible. The gas mileage is fantastic. I would buy a new one if I could every year.

- Christine C

That it doesn't have the power or speed of other BMW's.

I find it small for a SUV. I like it as it is a compact SUV but I miss the roominess of the X3. I have no complaints. It is a nice car to drive.

- Gwen Z

The space and field of view of this car are relatively small, and the comfort .

The space and field of view of this car are relatively small, and the comfort and the feeling of the car at the same price are quite satisfactory.

- Saji S

its a luxury vehicle but it's sturdy and reliable. i can drive this car for years to come.

I love the way my car drives. it's super smooth and reliable. i also love the size of the car. and how inexpensive it is to put gas in my car.

- spencer s

It is the smaller of the X series BMWs, but it has a lot of get up and go.

I find the size of my vehicle to be perfect for me - not too big or too small. I also really like the power of the engine in my vehicle.

- Lisa R

Small SUV that gets the job done

No problems, car is just a little too small for what I like. Drives well and handles well, very good in snow and icy conditions

- Fred J

BMW is the truly the ultimate driving machine

my 2015 x1 is a great car excellent fuel economy very reliable only time its been in the dealer has been for service

- manuel l

It is very stylish and reliable.

I like that my vehicle has a USB port. I like that it is classy. I like that it has heated seats and Bluetooth.

- Davina G

Smooth, beautiful, and perfect.

The BMW X1 is the perfect car for all around. I highly recommend this vehicle. You get the best of both worlds.

- Ammy A

It runs well and I love the moonroof.

It is simple and runs well. I do not like a lot of bells and whistles in my car. I could use something larger.

- Jessica R

BMW X1 is a very Reliable car that handles turning and speed very well in corners.

Good zippy card well made as most BMW's are, a bit small though so I'll upgrade to X2 or better next time.

- David M

Keep it clean by keeping your feet off the dash and no eating inside

I like that it gets me to and from places easily. I like that I can fit myself and a few friends in it

- Lilly J

It is expensive to maintain once it is outside of the warranty period.

I love how it drives....like a car instead of an suv. I wish it had more safety features.

- jan s

I love the quiet ride and onboard features. The easy to read dash displays. I wish it had a remote starter and the wiper features were easier to figure out

This model has a comfortable roomy ride and is great for long trips.

- Diana P

It is safe and I like the comfy seats as well as the wheel.

It is very comfy. I like the safety guide. It is cool. Nice car

- Jillian M

I really love driving my car, it has great acceleration and handles well, but in every other aspect it is lacking. It is incredibly limited on interior space, I cannot fit a stroller and something else in it. No car seats fit. The sound system is dated - CD, no connection via bluetooth for music. It's a really poor family car, but may be great for an individual.

Really fun and great to drive, but a very poor family car

- Jessica W