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An interesting detail would be the sunroof how its very long.

This car drives smooth, and is quiet. It is not very loud at all, which I like very much so. This car seems very reliable. No automatic start. The seats are nice and comfortable and it has nice seat warming seats. The back opens up automatically. The car has a decent sound system, but it could be much better. I like the rims, they are very nice. I wish there was more room in this car. If you are a very tall person this car is probably not the car for you. My knee sometimes rests against the gear shift. Also there is no touch screen on this it makes it seem much older than it actually is due to not having a touch screen. The back seats are nice and somewhat roomy, but could definitely use more room. The car also has a nice sleek look. The tires are very slim and pretty along with the rims. The acceleration on the vehicle is nice but could also be better. I really like the style of the sun roof. It is long and also has some type of netting and I guess that is so bugs will not be able to get in while. The brand gets people's attention and they also ask what type of BMW that is. Overall I am pleased with this car.

- Jeffery M

It is very dependable and handles well in snow and slippery roads.

My car handles well in all types of weather. It is very dependable and has a great 3 year 50, 000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. To Dayton I haven't had any problems with it. I have only had to take it in for routine maintenance. It is a very fun zippy car to drive which I love. The only thing it does not have that I wish it did is a digital speedometer. This makes it easier to know exactly how fast I am going which is important because I tend to end up going very fast on the highway and not realize I am doing it.

- Debi P

Why I love my x1 black BMW.

I love my car. It is the perfect size. The trunk is big. I love that I can put it in sport mode. I absolutely love the moon roof. It has heated seats and heated steering wheel as well. It has a roadside help button. It look sporty but also classy. The seats are comfortable and the remote start is great.

- Erika U

The turn signal lights in the front.

I love it. It is such a smooth ride. The tub flat tires are amazing because I get flags all the time it is great on gas and a good looking car. I have it in white with black interior. It also has light up door handles and lights that shine on the direction you are going to go when you make a turn!

- Jenna W

Great smooth, comfortable drive.

Vehicle is reliable, smooth driving, and provides the driver comfort. There are small technical details that I think could use upgrading for the basic models such as electric steering wheel adjuster. My car does not have a backup camera which I am not satisfied with. Vehicle is good on gas.

- Nicole T

BMW x1 all wheel drive SUV.

Turbo charged engine makes it very quick. Comfortable interior with all options such as navigation, satellite radio, heated seats. Large sunroof. Very reliable and fun to drive! All wheel drive gives me a sense of comfort in inclement weather. Love this SUV!

- Lori J

Its safe and a fun car to drive.

The BMW x1 was the original luxury small crossover, and its 2018 incarnation is still one of the best. I love it for its punchy powertrain, dynamic handling, abundant passenger room, cavernous cargo hold, and high predicted reliability rating.

- Kevin J

Driving BMW SUV, differences in sizes.

My x1 is agile, quick, easy to drive but I do miss some of the features and size of my previous x5. The x1 has less comfortable seating and room and without some amenities such as lane departure, side impact warning, etc.

- Eve L

It's a reasonably priced luxury SUV/crossover that performs great.

We wanted a small SUV with all wheel drive. Something that had good visibility and headroom. The X1 is great, no complaints, it is great to drive in all weather conditions. It's a perfect fit for our needs.

- mary w

Although it is a BMW, it is not as expensive as most people think.

It is very comfortable to drive and has features easily accessible from the steering wheel. Seats adjust based on the key fob used to unlock. Rear seats are easy to fold for larger items.

- Lane K

The car has great gas mileage and runs great in acclimate weather.

I have no problems with my BMW x1 it has great skid and cruise control, 3 driving modes, great on gas. Great air and heating. I would recommend this vehicle as safe and economical.

- Nancy R

It runs so nice! Smooth ride and safe.

I hate the run tires because they always get flat. I love the sunroof it goes all the way in the front and back. It seems very safe and best running car I have ever driven.

- Jenna W

This still depends on the actual needs of individuals to buy better, there is no good suggestion for the time being

BMW can also drive with less space and a smoother motion than the full power output. The overall comfort level is flat. Still more generally speaking, it is ok

- Daphne D

The safety of the car and how it drive smooth all year round.

I love the look on the outside of the car and I love all the fancy things they have inside the car also and how it drive I feel safe with my family in the car.

- May H

The tires on it are not that great. They get damaged so easily.

I like that its a BMW but I don't like that it looks like a station wagon. I like the way it drives. I don't like how expensive tires are.

- Jenna W

roomy interior - great dashboard easy for me to read. Very comfortable and efficient

the style is so beautiful - white car, with brown leather interior. Bluetooth, xm radio. Good on gas. Smooth and comfortable ride

- Katie W

The car is built for safety and saved my life once.

Like the look of it and excellent on gas. Dislike the sun visors, they are too short. Can hear loud road noise, not a quiet ride.

- Brenda B

Reliable heavy poor mileage car.

Reliable car. Handles like a heavy German tank. Poor gas mileage and marginal stereo system. Nothing exciting about design.

- Vincent L

My car does not have a high mileage.

I like the backup camera and the navigation that you can find things online. I do not like that the car uses premium gas.

- Virginia M

BMW is quality, and luxury defined. It has a great price point.

It is the perfect size for me. Has good cargo space without being too large for urban driving. Drives great.

- Alex P

Love that it drives like a sports car, but has the flexibility of an SUV. Love my heated steering wheel.

Heated steering wheel, sunroof and great fuel economy for a performance vehicle

- Anne G

It is well worth the price.

it is agreat car,great mileage. The service on it is all on them.

- Ray F

Pretty decent vehicle . Smooth ride and no complaints so far

Look is the most important thing others should know about my car

- Sattish K

That It's practical and used everyday

Good gas mileage, Good size. Seats area a bit uncomfortable

- Tom M

luxury brand and feel of this car

i love the comfort and feel of this car, it is nice capacity

- sb M