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Modern without being too trendy. Great power and handling.

The BMW x1 makes me feel safe. It is solid, sturdy, and handles well. It is easy to see out the windows and I like sitting up a little, but not too high. While it has lots of new gadgets, it is not overwhelming like some other cars we tested. The screen interface is easy to navigate, more than other cars we drove. The seats are wide and comfortable. Some of the cars we tested didn't feel as comfortable. You can adjust the seats, including lumbar support. The double moon roof is just cool and is such a fun feature. The power is impressive and I like being able to accelerate easily when necessary. The design is so stylish--both current and classic.

- Lisa R

BMW x1 pro’s and con’s: what you should know.

The gas mileage on this car is amazing, it is the most of every single car I have ever had. It drives very smooth and is quite user-friendly. My only issues with the car are that the car does not notify you when you leave a key inside the car like some other cars I have had. It also locks by itself, for example if I exit the car to get my groceries out, the car will lock itself and I'll have to take out the key to unlock the doors to be able to take everything out.

- Alexa M

Love that my new car is roomy for the kids and I but also good with gas.

I like my new BMW x1. It is pretty good on gas compared to the 320i I had. It drives smooth and has adequate room for me and my three kids. The trunk space is roomy and I like that it has the cover on top to hide whatever is back there. I have only had this car for about a month, but so far I am enjoying it. It is comfortable and I have plenty of legroom as I am tall.

- Daisy P

High tech spacious cruiser.

I absolutely love my 2018 x1. It rides smoothly with everything at my fingertips. From changing the radio station to cruising faster/slower. The display screen is the perfect size which allows me to see everything about my x1. The spacious room it has not only in the front, back, but in the trunk area are awesome! I always have plenty of room when traveling.

- Michael K

I love my BMW, it is a smooth ride.

I love my x1. It is a luxury vehicle, but it does not feel intimidating to drive. It is a smooth, zippy, and comfortable drive. I have a lot of roof, both in the cabin and in the trunk. The touch screen infotainment is a plus. I have a free service agreement for the first 3 years of ownership. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Alexis B

Long time bmw owner. Panoramic view.

I love my vehicle. It is comfortable, easy to handle and has great features. My favorite features are the navigation, seat and steering warmers and the panoramic sunroof. I had a BMW years ago that I traded for a Lexus and when I could, I traded the Lexus for another BMW.

- Leigh B

Great experience with the car.

Smooth driving, reliable, driving makes crazy, amazing experience in long drive, low maintenance, cost effective. I love to drive with this royal brand car. Most amazing thing. It is fun driving with my car. Loved it. Ac automatic lock and many more beautiful features.

- Jack C

Safe and reliable! I love this car!

I love this car! So comfortable and easy to drive. I trust it with my newborn and 3 year old. I love the heated seats and steering wheel with the harsh winters in my area. The parking monitors are helpful when parking in my garage and backing down my driveway!

- Holly B

Driving it is comparable to a figure skater on ice. It's a great combo of sleek and practicality with plenty of storage.

I love the drive/power of the vehicle, especially when in sport drive. I love a lot of the luxury upgrades (interior lighting, moon roof) as well as the knob control system. The exterior is nice looking and I like the wheel design.

- Taylor P

Great gas mileage! A tank of gas lasts a long time.

I absolutely love my BMW X1. It is just the perfect size. Very roomy on the inside. Great features, bluetooth, heated seats, panoramic sunroof, great gas mileage. I can go on and on. Definitely a must buy!

- kat v

the greatest small SUV I've ever driven

Great gas mileage for a small suv. Safe car and very comfortable to drive but the repairs for any damages are very expensive and the run flat tires are actually more trouble than they're worth

- Megan G

It's expensive, it's big, and it gets me where I need to go.

It's comfortable, it rides smoothly, and it's reliable. The problem with it is, the navigation is unreliable and is user-hostile. Everything else in the car works amazingly.

- Evan D

It has a very comfortable ride.

I do not drive, but according to my husband, the car is fun to drive. It is powerful and smooth and has features that he likes, like Bluetooth, and a backup camera.

- Sharon C

Powerful and looks great. I want people to know that my vehicle is not some environmentalist dream.

It's new, comfortable and it can hold plenty of things in the trunk. It's nice and quiet too. It handles turns a little rough but it's alright. Nice map as well.

- Victor O

They offer backup camera and I think that's very important for safety.

The bmw x1 is a great car it is very comfortable and easy to get used to. The mileage is pretty good. I just wish I can close the trunk from the remote.

- Esra S

Save gas, include GPS, have a lot of cool gadget.

I do not have any problem with my car. I recommend this brand and model, it is perfecto for family with kids. Have enough space and save a lot of gas.

- Rox C

Safe and sporty with great features

It drives well, it's sporty and so many features that my past vehicles have not had. In rain and snow, it has great traction and i feel safe in it


Affordable luxury you can rely on while still having fun in a sport utility vehicle.

Car lacks standard safety features most other cars are all coming with such as blind spot monitoring and the cross traffic back up alert.

- Stacy C

You are buying the brand. The model it self needs improvement

I like it because of the brand but it is not as great as it should be. Vent smells and did not tell us of issues until we reported them

- Cee S

It's a BMW which makes me better than you.

I love having a luxury car. It just feels different when you sit in it. The car handles like a dream and also impressed people.

- Josh m

It has good mileage and the car is very affordable.

BMW X1 series white car is gorgeous looking, very spacious and affordable car. i use it pretty much everyday for my commute.

- idhara p

It handles the road well.

No complaints. Handles the road well. Drives like a sports car. Is high enough and has enough room to carry cargo.

- Natalya E

2018 BMW wonderful car for me.

There is no problem with my car I love the way it runs. . . It drives smooth and the model is perfect for me.

- Melissa A

That its a safe good looking car.

The design, the way it drive, the speed, the way the insides look, everything about this car is great.

- Cookie H

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I love this car so much. this car is the world to me. this car makes me laugh.

- Jessica c