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Best compact SUV for the price!

This is one of the best cars I have owned as far as a smaller SUV goes. The only problems I have had with it are the usual old-car problems - all liquids need to be replaced (except the regular oil changes). It is really reliable, especially in the winter when there is a lot of snow - I have never had a problem with it. A lot depends on the tires and experience on snow, so do not take my word that it is super reliable. It is comfortable for a 15-year-old car I'd say. All standard features, most are really nice, because a lot of the newer cars have the knobs and switches instead of buttons. Surprises me a lot.

- Andy L

Bose integration is amazing.

The performance of the vehicle, even after 14 years is still phenomenal. I do not like the astronomical repair costs on it, however everything runs great even after putting 100, 000+ miles on the car. Would recommend getting one; like I said the drawback is the repair cost, but other than that it drives really well and is not rough on the roads.

- Jordan N

I love my BMW x3. It is the best vehicle I have owned.

I love my BMW. Best car I have ever owned. The large sunroof makes it feel like a convertible. It takes curves really well and can whip in and out of any traffic. I can drive it in any weather. It is very comfy with the leather seats and the air conditioning is fantastic. Best stereo system ever!

- Mel A

This car is very reliable and does not require extensive upkeep.

The car has very smooth shocks and works well even in the snow. The radio system is very reliable and the seat warmers are effective as well. The car has excellent fuel efficiency and air conditioning. The trunk space is quite nice, despite how compact the car is.

- Alexis H

It has a powerful engine with great acceleration and has wonderful handling.

Now that my car is getting old I have had several repairs which are mostly rubber or plastic aging in our hot sunny climate. My car is still fun to drive with great handling and is reliable transportation.

- Jane D

This car gets bad gas mileage.

I dislike the gas mileage. I love the amount of space it has. I love that it is a hatchback it is super convenient to fit a lot of things in. I dislike the radio system.

- Emily R


my car is a bmw x3 at the moment it has rear end problems , but still runs pretty well I really like it, as it does an awesome job taking me from from point A to B.

- jonthan m

It is so comfortable! Lots of space.

This car is the most reliable car we have had. It is a great car, I have had no problems with it. It is normal wear and tear only.

- Mariah M

Completely safe rated 5 stars for safety. Anti-lock brakes are superb. I love my truck.

It's fast and handles great. I love all the features especially the panoramic view. The stereo system quality is outstanding.

- Johanna A

That she is loved and that she is very dependable.

She is dependable and I love her. She has never let me down. She is white and pretty. I do not have any complaints.

- Diane F

I love my BMW X3. It is a smaller SUV but offers lots of room in the interior. I have the 2.5 AWD version and it's incredibly versatile. I take it off-roads for adventures all of the time. Great vehicle!

For this type of BMW, being that it is full-time all-wheel drive, it doesn't get the best gas mileage per gallon.

- Ryan C

How much everyday usage cost.

I love it! But it is an older car and because it considered a luxury car it is very expensive dive maintenance.

- Dallas G

It has great trunk space, automatic power, and the seats fold.

Like the color panoramic sunroof, and the speed. It is also good on gas and holds 5 passengers. No complaints.

- Liz B