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Drives great, but requires extensive upkeep

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed owning this vehicle. The tight steering, acceleration, and brake make for a comfortable driving experience, and the interior of the car is quite nice. I live in a mountainous region, so having a great deal of control over the car for sharp turns and snowy or rainy weather conditions is wonderful. (and the heated seats are quite effective in the winter!) The largest issue that I have had is the constant need for repairs. I am, admittedly, hard on my car, and put a lot of miles on them, but even still, I have owned the vehicle for a few years now, and have had to take it in for repairs quite a few times. Thankfully, most of these have been more minor issues that still allow the car to be driveable, but that doesn't mean they were cheap. I have had a leak in my windshield washer fluid line, the mechanisms to roll both back windows break, a battery die and require replacement, and a leak in the roof.

- Catherine P

affordable and economical midsize SUV

I love the look and drive of my X.3. The sunroof is fantastic along with the space inside the vehicle. The interior on this particular model was cheaply done it's not quite leather but excellent if you have kids because it just wipeds clean. The seats are extremely comfortable and the navigation is very easy to use. my car is an absolute tank in the snow the all wheel drive is phenomenal. I have 85,000 miles on my vehicle and I have had to replace the back window regulator along with the transfer case they were both made of cheap plastic. All in all I would definitely recommend this vehicle .

- Ashley S

One best detail about the X3 is that is the best SUV out there!

The BMW X3 model is an ultimate warrior machine. It drives through anything LITERALLY with confidence. The dashboard are so user friendly and elegant. The seats have so many different features that I never experience before to help support anyone with back pains along with heating system for those cold long months. The sunroof is amazing to enjoy a beautiful for a sunny day. Lastly, the ACTUAL performance of the vehicle speed wise and fuel is the best. 17 to 20 liters for fueling which would last for about 250 miles.

- Crista C

The car and the way it drives.

I love my car. I love the color as well as how fast it goes. The acceleration picks up very quickly and it zooms around like it is weightless. The color is black outside and black inside, leather interior. The fuel tank is large but because of the year it was made it goes through gas very quickly. The way the car drives is fast and nice, also I am high up off of the ground to make being able to see everything very well while driving, feeling safe and secure.

- Anna F

Great looks, not great for car seats

This vehicle looks really nice on the outside, however, there are several things I have issues with. You cannot lock the car from the door, you need to push the button on the key. Unlocking the car with the electric key is also a pain and often doesn't work. Terrible for car seats because once installed, there is no leg room for the person in front of it. The seatbelt buzzer goes off when anything is set on the passenger seat which is annoying as well.

- Brenda M

My everyday ride with our 2005 BMW x3.

Our 2005 BMW x3 is a hand-me-down from my mother-in-law. We love that it was free. It has great mileage which helps us save gas. It is compact size is easy to maneuver too. It does not have a lot of power but it gets me to where I need to go safely. I like it is look and adds to my confidence that I am driving a luxury vehicle. Though it is very basic with no upgraded options, it is a really reliable vehicle.

- Maria S

Great features if you take care of the car.

It picks up speed on the highway very well. It is comfortable. The heated seats and steering wheel is great on winter mornings. The heat has gone out on me. The water pump clogs. The stereo system got stuck and will not let me play CDs. My tires make a vibrating noise when I go over 80. It is great on gas and highway miles. But if you miss an oil change the car does not run smoothly.

- Brandy C

My BMW x-3 everyday ride is the best for now.

My vehicle was given as a gift so I cannot complain. It drives smoothly, it is size compact and has good gas mileage. It is definitely easier to maneuver and parking is not a problem. Because it is quite old and it did not come with upgrades, I consider it to being just an average vehicle. The luxury brand it has is definitely a plus.

- Maria S

It runs very well in the winter on snow and ice. It is very safe.

I like the space it provides more the four of us in our family. There is a lot of space to carry items and there is the flexibility of putting the back seats down providing extra space. The only downside to the vehicle is that it only carries five so if our children both want to bring a friend, then we have to use two cars.

- Todd B

Old but good. Despite the high mileage it still going strong.

Very reliable, ride smooth and hold a lot of miles. Taking to the mechanic sometimes can be expensive, but I didn't have to take it for the last 12 months so I can say despite the high mileage it still good. So I consider my car very durable. It does not spend too much gas either. The sound system is great.

- Leticia M

So my vehicle is I really nice smooth driving luxury sedan

It drives smooth and fast but I hat that the doors lock so when I go to get out there always locked. It is a nice shiny red color to. The sunroof is really cool to. If the sun shining down I can close a cover that will cover it up so then it gets darker in the car. The battery is in the back of my car to.

- Nathan M

The perfect family vehicle.

Affordable luxury SUV. Perfect for family life and traveling. Good gas mileage and come with all the bells and whistles, including a full panoramic roof, heated front seats and steering wheel. Amazing speaker system! Overall a very great mid sized SUV. I absolutely love it!

- Jennifer M

My car has great features for a 2005.

I love my x3 I just wish that my specific car was a newer model. In the 8 years I have had mine I have only had to have it in the shop one time!

- Julia B

It has lasted me many years with a lot of miles put on it.

I love the car but it is very costly for repairs. It has lasted me a long time and still runs well. It is comfortable for passengers.

- Stephanie L

Its beautiful and fast and strong and everything and

IT's awesome and perfect makes me a cool guy and get more attention even though I'm just passing by and that's it

- Cloe C

it's a quality performance vehicle

like It's powerful engine, responsive handling, nothing to dislike about it.

- David D

I absolutely love the performance and handling of the BMW X3. I have not had any major issues with the car.

The BMW X3 is a very reliable car and extremely fun to drive!

- Brittany H