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Details of a used 2007 BMW x3. What you need to know before you buy.

2007 BMW X3

My vehicle is a used 2007 BMW x3. It has always been reliable, I have never had an issue with the motor. Spark plugs had to be changed once since I got the car. I have recently had an issue with my automatic door lock system. Sometimes my passenger side door handle stays locked even when I hit the unlock button, and I did have an issue with my driver side door closing also. Overall the vehicle is very comfortable to drive, the leather seats big your back and support your neck well. I also absolutely love the heated steering wheel, and heated seats features. They make cold winter days much more bearable.

- Caitlin H

X3 Reliable But Has Expensive Maintenance

2007 BMW X3 3.0si

I only have difficulty with it in wet weather. Then it tends to hydroplane easily and slip. Maintenance is expensive. It has a big blind spot on both sides which makes it hard to see vehicles on either side when changing lanes. I thought is a great commuter car, easy to park, holds a lot of boxes in a move. I recently had issues where it's not clear if it has a leak.

- Erin M

Don't buy used without a warranty as there's a good chance there will be big repair bills in the future.

2007 BMW X3

It's very nice inside and a very capable 4x4 with good mileage all things considered. The problems are out weighing the pluses... Replaced the transfer case, electrical problems, valve tap noise and now the transmission is slipping... So while it's a very nice car I've just run into really expensive issues.

- Eric E

BMW benefits and drawbacks.

2007 BMW X3

Not as luxury on the inside compared to Mercedes. Not as good on gas as I expected. But it is very roomy on the inside which I love! Performance has been good especially since I do not keep up with maintenance as well as I should. Seats do not heat and no push to start as compared to the x5 in the same year.

- Katie G

Great all around vehicle.

2007 BMW X3 3.0si

It is a great vehicle really good on gas and very smooth handling. Looks nice and has all amenities power seats, heated seats a good comfortable seating. BMW makes a great vehicle and a sharp looking car. One thing I would like to make note of is must use premium gas which isn't always the cheapest in price.

- Randy S

Dependable, sporty, fast, and luxurious

2007 BMW X3 3.0si

Hardly have any problems with this vehicle aside from normal wear/tear. The only negative is that you pay triple the amount for parts since this isn't a US made vehicle. The X3 gets great fuel economy and the vehicle is very roomy inside. It has a panoramic sunroof that is really nice as well.

- Ian A

Gas mileage efficiency, if it comes with backup cam and navi

2007 BMW X3

It's ok but not excellent. It makes me feel kind of luxury but it's not worth paying for that much. Lexus would be a lot better quality if you pay the same amount of money Lexus should come with navi and backup cam, but not if you pay to BMW. Electrical amenities seem to be broken easily

- Reiko S

I added roof racks to it and I love it.

2007 BMW X3

I haven't had the car long. But, so far I love everything about it. Drives great around town and did amazing in the mountains. I like the power and feel. Seems like I am always doing 80 and do not even know it. I have been a BMW owner my whole life and wouldn't have it any other way.

- Shannon L

The x3 definitely has some nice features.

2007 BMW X3

Well, it is a 2007 and still going, I like the comfortable, smooth drive. I like the feel of being a little higher off ground. It is good in gas. It has a good engine. It is definitely reliable as long as it is taken care of. I love the seat heaters and steering wheel heater.

- Emily R

Cute, smooth, reliable and clean.

2007 BMW X3

My mom car handles so well. The interior is clean. The sound system is wonderful. The white color is so feminine and it is just really cute! Luckily, I have a mechanic who comes to my house for all work. He's a lot cheaper than the dealership or licensed mechanics in a shop.

- Stephanie U

Hottest mom car you've ever seen.

2007 BMW X3

At 120,000 miles and it is been great. Having some small sensor issues but if you know the right people, they’re always a quick fix. Rides smoothly, very spacious. Not as expensive to fix. I get all my oil changes and work done on the side and I have had no issues.

- Brit S

2007 vehicle with little to no problems.

2007 BMW X3

I bought the vehicle used a couple years ago with 90,000 miles on it and the only thing that has ever needed replaced is the thermostat housing, all else has just been routine maintenance. For the age of the car I am truly surprised it does not have issues.

- Kimberly W

It requires a lot of maintenance.

2007 BMW X3

I love the interior comfort and accessories of the car. However, there is a lot of maintenance required with the car. Some signal always pops on the dashboard, regardless of whether or not something truly needs fixing.

- Manas G

It is tight, solid, quiet. No excessive noise for a 11 year old car.

2007 BMW X3

It drives very well, has a lot of extra features, many of which I don't use. Gas mileage is a little disappointing. It has a lot of room for long trips. I haven't been able to operate the onboard computer.

- Dean J

It is electric and therefore costs are cheap.

2007 BMW X3

I like the quality of the materials used. I like the quality of the driving experience of the vehicle. I like the aesthetics of the vehicle. I do not like the cost of repair for the vehicle.

- Michael N

Great performance and style

2007 BMW X3

Yes, it is a little bit more to maintain. But, it is a great SUV with performance and style. My white BMW is very girly. You should get a different color for men.

- Steffani U

Not a cheap car to fix. Often one small problem can lead to many more.

2007 BMW X3

Love the car, great drive and beautiful on the inside. However, since purchasing used, the car has had many problems that are not cheap nor easy to fix.

- Margaux C

Good quality car that can carry lots of items.

2007 BMW X3

Oil changes are costly but we love the comfort and ability to carry whatever we need to carry. The leather seats are comfortable.

- Lori U

Comfort, space and fun all in one

2007 BMW X3

I absolutely love my vehicle. The only technical issues I've ever had were because of usage and the vehicles age. Nothing major.

- Jessica H

It is nice for being a BMW but not worth the money.

2007 BMW X3

I like it because it is all wheel drive. I like it because it is good in the snow. It is a nice vehicle but the x5 is bigger.

- Jill C

White BMW SUV great mileage and perfect for car seats and stroller.

2007 BMW X3

Easy to drive and park car, fun to drive, love moonroof, great gas mileage, big enough trunk for strollers, groceries, etc.

- Jennifer M

great car and runs fine just needs to be serviced very regularly which is annoying

2007 BMW X3

ideal stop thing is somewhat broken so car stops in the middle of the road.... or else it is a great car and works fine

- sakina b

sunroof and spacious compartment

2007 BMW X3

Spacious, adjustable seats, nice sunroof, economic and drives pretty well especially in freeways and rough terrains

- Bryan S

It's a fast and power vehicle that's great for families of 3-4.

2007 BMW X3

I like that it has a lot of power. It has enough room for a family of 4. I dislike how expensive it is to repair.

- Jack M

It has everything I need in the back of the car to change anything my car.

2007 BMW X3

It is easy to fix. But expensive for parts. Drive very smooth on long distance drives. A little pricey on gas too.

- Sarah D

Great SUV on performance and dependability.

2007 BMW X3

Great SUV with smooth driving and great space. Keep it clean and up-to-date on services and it will last forever.

- Curtis J

Test drive it. Make sure it shifts smoothly.

2007 BMW X3

Jerking transmission which seems to be common with this model. Otherwise it has nice features and is comfortable.

- David B

It's deceptively quick for a SUV and has great maneuverability.

2007 BMW X3

I love my vehicle. It handles great, good power, smooth ride. What I wish is that it got better gas mileage.

- Laura P

It is well-maintained and polished.

2007 BMW X3

The vehicle has good engine. It also has good speed. But the one thing that lack is good durability.

- Bob J

Spacious inside. Could have a bigger trunk. But it works for the family. Also good for road trips.

2007 BMW X3

GREAT FAMILY CAR. Good room in the back and no one will complain about leg room back there.

- Suz P

Heavy and dependable: has moonroof and great sound system Can't hear outside road

2007 BMW X3

Expensive to maintain and engine is sensitive; requires heavy duty tires

- Monica B

It's mine. uses hi-test gas' has no dents or dings.

2007 BMW X3

It's good looking & dependable easy maintenance hasn't broke down

- nasty t

It's luxurious it's good just the right amount of space

2007 BMW X3

I love how much room it has how it runs and how it looks

- Charlyne B