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BMW is the way to go. Built for either road conditions.

This x3 is a great ride, fuel efficient, luxury good size, comfort, sporty price is right. I mean I would not trade it for anything but another one or an x5. I do know when buying tires you "must" buy two at a time or all 4 and it must be the correction size. Other than that I haven't had any serious issues besides the key /remote going out of whack at times.

- Steve S

My car is very good for student drivers.

It has lots of power while maintaining great handling. It'll take some time to get used to the sensitivity of the accelerator and the brake. It also only has one cup holder which I do not like, but that is obviously not a deal breaker. I have the base model so I do not have any upgrades, but I do not feel like I need them either. The car works very well.

- Luka C

It's a good car. Good value, reliable, good performance, comfortable, and stylish. Great for the whole family.

My BMW X3 2010 still looks good and is made of high quality material. It drives well. Fast acceleration and fairly comfortable to drive. It's age is showing though and the front seat makes a constant squeaking sound. Also the mileage isn't that great.


My car has a panoramic sunroof view. The view depending on where you go can be just little of breathtaking.

I love the features along with the speed of my car. I would like it if my car had more cup holders in reach of the driver. I also love the idea that my care has heated seats in the front and back.

- Arita W

I really liked the x3 I drove as a courtesy car when I had my 1997 318ti. I finally got my x3 and it is disappointing. It kept running rough and stalling. $4000 to fix it. Now the battery keeps draining for no obvious reason. Next car will be a Lexus!

2010 bmw x3 not reliable. It has too many hard to diagnose gremlins. Bring back the quality, design, and dependability of my 1997 318ti. I drove that car 14 years before it got unreliable.

- Cheri C

The car drives very smoothly

The car is sleek, beautiful, and very energetic. The inside is gorgeous because the design has never been seen before. the technology inside is also fine.

- Fred N

My BMW has the best and brightest headlights ever


- Jhon H

Its styling is very distinct and reflects exact German engineering.

My car is pretty cool. I love the color and electronics it has. The maintenance is pretty easy and the not too expensive.

- Brad I

Safety is the most important thing to know.

Very smooth and it is great. I love how fast it is and I love how smooth it is and it is very cool looking.

- Pau H

steering wheel drives hard, has a decent car mileage

cost of repairs if it requires, sometimes the warning lights are not accurate

- michelle j