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Your car will need fresh oil to stay functioning.

Excessive oil consumption. It's a fact of life: your car will need fresh oil to stay functioning. However, if you are finding it is needing changes and top-ups more frequently than it should, there might be a problem. Early signs you need to check your oil include a minor dip in performance and the ever-dreaded oil light on your dashboard. When your car is in a particularly dire need of an oil change, you may even start to see corrosion in its engine. Another oil-related complaint is the clogged oil filter. You'll probably see this problem if you've waited too long to change the oil. While modern cars come with systems that are equipped with filter bypasses, it's a good rule of thumb to change the filter whenever you change the oil.

- Hiroko C

I love the x3 a lot of space compared to other BMWs.

Not many problems, however in the winter time like most other BMW's the tire signal shows up and says that they need more air pressure which is not always the case but the alert will not go away and blocks the message screen above the steering wheel. Another problem is the passenger seat, the piece that moves it broke underneath, same thing happen in my dads car.


BMW X3 - Rugged, stylish, comfortable, and powerful

The BMW X3 offers a unique and powerful blend of refined interior luxury, exterior good looks, and strong driving performance. After nearly seven years, maintenance has been minimal compared to the horror stories told word-of-mouth about BMW repairs. And even without the advanced features found in the X3M, my BMW X3 really is a joy to drive and own.

- Justin W

The comfort of my BMW x3 2012.

My car is very reliable, it is super comfortable especially for my height being 5’0 everything is in arm's length. It has great trunk space and the right amount of space in the back seat if you have children. The performance of my car is great shifts on time you can use it in automatic or manual drive which is convenient for any style driver.

- Jessica R

Small luxury SUV family vehicle.

Reliable, small SUV. Some minor electronic glitches such as the key remote not working when the weather turns colder in winter months. No problems any other time of year. Nice amount of cargo space and cargo accessories. Leg room in the second row could be more ample but otherwise seats two adults and two children comfortably.

- Mari B

Best car ever! And I really mean that.

I think about the SUV is it has run flat tires. They are very expensive to replace. Seats are beautiful leather not the new synthetic leather. Gas mileage is good. Stops on a dime and turns with great control. The headlights move with your car so going around corners at night is awesome.

- Bonnie P

Luxurious comfort, but needs an armrest

The performance you very nice, The parts are very expensive to fix and maintenance costs a lot, but overall the car is very nice. The comfort of the care is very nice as well! The seats are comfortable. I just wish there was a arm Rest beside for me to put my arm on when I'm driving.

- Yash P

Smooth riding and futuristic style.

Mainly is expensive because it uses lots of gasoline performance is really great, features are excellent design is elegant inside and outside very quiet engine love it very smooth. There is more upside than downside compare to other vehicles plus sound is great no more wires.

- Fernando F

Very interesting to use my vehicle interesting.

Vehicle is the important and good driving performance and owner reliability or vehicle good service and provide features new car going my car is very good condition and do not any problem my car performance is nice I am very comfortable to use I am very good feeling.

- Mark M

It drives very well and will last a long time

It is a luxurious car, I like the leather seats and the fact that it is a BMW. I like the feel of driving it because it feels well made. The features are a little dated though. I wish it showed the temperature on the dashboard and had built in sirius radio

- Sarah A

Excellent vehicle for road trips

This vehicle runs very well and drives smooth. The BMW X3 is great for road trips and is a terrific car to drive in with the seats being extremely comfortable. There tends to be a jump with the transmission at times, but I have not had any major problems.

- Cody A

My black AWD 2012 BMW X3.

My X3 is black exterior and black leather interior with a huge sunroof. I really love the way the vehicle drives but I'm disappointed in the gas mileage. The model year is 2012 and the vehicle has 36,435 miles.

- Katherine W

It's a great vehicle to drive, whether for business or leisure.

Top of the line vehicle with excellent performance. Top of the line vehicle with excellent performance. Top of the line vehicle with excellent performance

- Money M

Expensive to maintain and requires premium fuel.

Very good quality, still looks and drives like brand new. No complaints except for the sound system. It has an old Sirius tuner and it sounds terrible!

- Gregory W

The car drives really smoothly and feels really nice.

The BMW X3 is really nice. It is quite big and is able to fit 5 people. The trunk is also pretty big. When driving, it also feels really nice.

- Andrew M

Repairs can be expensive if the car is not maintained as it should be.

I love my vehicle. It is nicely appointed, drives well, it's comfortable and I've had only one issue which BMW took care of on their own dime.

- Katherine W

One of the greatest choices for young people.

I really like the performance of my car. It is not to old, but sometimes there are some problems with electronics like ac or radio.

- Nikita S

It is very compact but still has pretty decent trunk space.

It is very easy to handle and is very comfortable and stylish, however it is not that good for snow and ice.

- Jay M

Ultimate driving machine. Strong car and very reliable. I feel safe in it.

The car is getting older and things need to be replaced or fixed. No more warranty. Can get expensive.

- Karen P

Sporty and well designed with all wheel drive. Good power and is fun to drive

No real issues however did purchase extended warranty coverage that handle some minor sensor issues.

- Jon D

Again, the gas mileage is great and has bells and whistles if you like that kind of thing

It has really good gas mileage. Only have to fill up once a week.

- alice e

Live your independence. Drive your passion. Seize any reason for adventure.

- James A