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Fun, Sporty and Family friendly SUV

I love my BMW X3. It's a great size for 2 kids and fun/sporty to drive. It gets good gas Mileage and overall has been very reliable. There was a recall on the drive train system which BMW extended the warranty and covered all the costs to fix as well as provided a loaner car when it was being fixed. My car has about 86,000 miles and have had to get new tires as well as new front brake pads. Other than normal oil changes really no other issues. It's a great reliable car that's good for smaller families or someone looking for a fun sporty SUV.

- Kelly T

Five years old and just like new.

The BMW x3 really fits my lifestyle and my location. At 3600 ft. Elevation, we get quite a lot of snow and it gets around very well without snow tires. It is a good-looking vehicle.. Solid and safe. The cargo space is nearly the same as the larger x5 but the x3 has a less truck-i feel and ride. The gas mileage is excellent and I can choose to shift manually if I care to. The car's exterior and interior are in perfect condition even after 5 years! When I am ready for a new car I will definitely be buying another BMW.

- Beverly W

Luxury mixed with comfort have only had minimal problems.

It is a mix of luxury and comfort. The drive is smooth and steering is sharp. My seats are saddle brown leather which I recommend because it is not to hot as black and your jeans will not show up on it as it would tan leather. The problems I have had with it is when your taking a turn it slows down once you've straightened up and I keep getting a message about a problem with the drivetrain even though I have had it taken in to get it fixed. But otherwise great car that everyone could enjoy.

- Brittany E

Love the backup cam features, hate the auto-off feature.

I love the BMW x3 because it has some really great upgrades on my model such as back up and birds eye cam which make me feel more confident while backing up and parking. We do not like how the auto off button had to be fixed for a fee just to get it to not turn off at places like stop lights, that was very inconvenient and was worth the $300 to have it permanently adjusted to not turn off.

- Bekah T

Comfort and lots of features.

The car drives really well and has nice features like heated front and rear seats as well as the steering wheel which is awesome in the winter time! It has different driving styles like comfort or sport which is sometimes fun to switch between depending how you want your ride to feel. It is very spacious inside and has a big trunk which is a must when traveling with a baby.

- Evelina K

Good amount of space as well as no blind spots.

On the driver seat side, I don't like how the driver seat moves randomly when entering the car. Sometimes it moves and sometimes it doesn't. It is very unpredictable. Especially when you have the seat set to be up at a certain point to allow something to be behind the driver seat, then all of a sudden it moves and can potentially crush whatever is placed behind the seat.

- Samantha C

Luxury Yes, Value Not so Much.

Enough room for my wife and 2 kids and 2 strollers in the back with some groceries. Love the 3 modes of normal, sport, and eco. Panoramic moonroof. GPS sucks and never gets updated so we use our phones. Would rather have a book on car rather than using entertainment system. Rides real smooth even at high speeds. Parking camera works real well. Still think over priced.

- Alfred G

BMW x3 has all the features of a luxury cruising and sports vehicle in one!

High performing. Wouldn't need the next trim level up. Great gas mileage. All the extras, love the huge sunroof. Handles beautifully. Seating is comfortable and roomy. Rear heated seats, and climate control. Many complaints about the navigation system/ radio (idrive) not sure why? It is very user friendly and not distracting to the driver.

- Ashley S

Great car, wonderful service

this care is a great, reliable car. It rides nice and has only given me 1 issue since I got it, but the problem was under extended warranty so it cost me nothing. It is very comfortable and has nice features. I wish mine had heated seats and keyless entry but otherwise I am more than satisfied.

- Lily V

It�s just nice to look at

Too small for my three year old to sit in the back with front facing car seat. Premium gas too much money. Husband is 6'3 and when he drives and I sit in the back I am squished. Radiator trouble, cost too much to repair and we own the car it's not leased. Drive is hard bad for your back.

- Ria L

BMW X3. Drives like a BMW,!

Engine blew as a result of faulty oil pump, had to replace at 100k miles. Other than that, drives great and had nice pep. Interior is well designed. Nice little car. I would go for bigger model with more powerful engine next time but this is a great car and gets decent gas mileage.

- Richard M

And the car assistant at your fingertips will help you park more comfortably.

The new direct injection technology, fully variable valve control performance control system and a new generation of turbochargers ensure the impressive performance and amazing low fuel consumption and low emissions of all gasoline powered units in the BMW Efficient Power Engine range.

- Tom J

Solid fell when driving, true to the road.

Love the interior leather, open visual window placements, drives really true and has three choices of driving modes. The back trunk area carries a lot and the back seats fold down to slide in large furniture. I love the color light gold/silver. It drives well and handles easily.

- Susan B

Good sensor system, comfortable to drive and elegant looking.

They will adds on Wi-Fi connections and video camera helps how to parked the car. More features of GPS easy access when it needed. Lower prize of the vehicle but good quality. Comfortable seats. Elegant looking car good with quality performance, reliability and comfortable.

- Annalise K

Great car that can move!!

Great get-up-and-go! Feel safe going at high speeds. The seats are comfortable. Obstacle detection sensors work well as does the backup camera! Love the sunroof! Expensive for repairs. Not easy to do them on your own. The engine is enclosed, so end up paying more for labor.

- Lisa F

Excellent purchase, very happy customer, smooth ride.

I love the x3, have had 2, first was killed by falling light in parking lot, replaced the newer model. It is a dream to drive, get the winter heated seats package. It starts up great, smooth ride. However costly repairs if something goes wrong. Excellent vehicle.

- J A

The all wheel drive feature is awesome to have for the Michigan winters.

The problem with the vehicle is all of the electronic sensors, a sensor went out and shut the whole car down in the middle of the road, the car was in the shop for weeks. At this present time I keep getting a drivetrain malfunction alerts soon as I get time.

- Van K

People should expect to pay almost the same amount they spent on the car for maintenance. It is not a cheap car to own.

I hate the maintenance which is very expensive. I also hate that every little thing costs money. BMW really nickel and dimes you over everything. I like that it is comfortable and that it has good pickup and storage.

- Helen T

BMW X3 a great buy for those who want lots of features in an SUV

Really great car, lots of features, safe, dependable. The car looks great and performs well. I don't too much care of the auto-stop feature, where when you stop at a light it shuts the engine down to save gas.

- Nathan T

Fully advanced, automatic, very comfort, check the engine, it's the main thing

I love high end cars, we own a BMW but maintenance is damn expensive, if you need comfort, you need to be ready for maintenance too, I would recommend if u have enough money for maintenance

- Sowmya H

road handling is the best in its class, exceptional acceleration, best in winding curves, winter traction is also exceptional.

It rides like a sports car rather than an SUV. Very well engineered, high quality. Stylish, functional yet exceptionally attractive. Service is excellent, but expensive

- Husseyin E

The car i own can fit small and large and it yields the capacity of holding up to 8 members to scale up great family trips.

My vehicle has great cushions that allow my butt to feel great. The wheel has great turning. And the smell of the car never goes away It's an overall great car.

- Jose V

I purchased BMW X3 in June 2013 and it was an amazing vehicle. Since this is an electrical car I always had to go to a dealership if there was a problem because of the computer system. The brakes lasted a while up until this year.

If you purchase the warranty you will be wasting your money because the car doesn't act up until it reaches 90,000 miles

- Tatiana M

The car is extremely safe! I truly never worry about my safety when driving it.

Is not good with gas. Small car. The style of the car is great though, definitely a chick kind of car.

- Isabel V

It's safe and reliable, does not use too much gas.

I like that it's spacious, has brisk acceleration, good economy of gas.

- Vincent C

It IS the ultimate driving machine!!!! Smooth riding car

Love the way it handles. Smooth ride for long distances. Very classy.

- Laurie L

It drives smoothly and the a/c has a special allergy filter most others don't have but it is important to my family

It is modest but luxury vehicle that is good for a family

- Tasha E

Fun to drive. Easy to get in and out. Lot of room in back end

Small suv, great features, fun to drive. Reliable.

- Sue K