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BMW. 2016 BMW m sport automatic.

2014 BMW X3

BMW x5. 2016 BMW x5 xdrive40d m sport automatic 3. 0 front. Jpg. Overview. Manufacturer BMW. Production 1999–present. Body and chassis. Class mid-size luxury SUV. Body style 5-door SUV. Layout front-engine, four-wheel-drive. Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive. The BMW x5 is a mid-size luxury SUV produced by BMW. The first generation of the x5, with the chassis code e53, made its debut in 1999. It was BMW's first SUV and it also featured all-wheel drive and was available with either manual or automatic transmission. In 2006, the second generation x5 was launched, known internally as the e70, featuring the torque-split capable xdrive all-wheel drive system mated to an automatic transmission, and in 2009 the x5 m performance variant was released as a 2010 model[1]. BMW branded the x5 as a sport activity vehicle (sav) rather than an SUV, to emphasize its on-road ability despite its size. Like the Lexus rx 300, the x5 heralded the shift from light truck-based body-on-frame SUVs to crossovers underpinned by unibody car platforms that would come to fruition in the late 2000s. Among German luxury automakers, while the Mercedes-Benz m-class had beaten the x5 to the market by a year, the x5 was the first to use a unibody chassis whereas the m-class used a light truck platform until its second generation. While the Lexus rv is based on the Toyota Camry mass market sedan, the x5 shares its underpinnings with the BMW 5 series performance luxury sedan.

- Mia S

A perfect car for the average, middle-class individual and household.

2014 BMW X3

Best qualities are the affordability and the price-utility comparison. The pricing is justified for it is comparability in an highly urbanized location where mile Usage is high and gas emission is highly prevalent. It is easy to drive and handle in an environment where driving is not very linear (i.e. In a highly congested city where stops and speed differences are frequent. The interior of the car is very nice, not completely ostentatious but very classy for its model. The car is quite sizable with a spacious cargo section and cabin. The performance is excellent for the city environment as the engine lineup is very strong.

- John V

BMW Features & Benefits for Someone Living Far From Home

2014 BMW X3 xDrive28i

I bought this car as a fleet vehicle from the dealership. The dealership was very helpful and nice. When I was shopping around for a car, as soon as I got into a BMW, there was no turning back. The comfort of the car, the reliability that the car would start every morning and the features (screen, not having to insert key into car) were very important to me. Living away from my family and being single, it was important to have a reliable car. The warranty on the car is great, there is also roadside assistance that comes with the car. Thankfully, after two years, I still have not had to use it.

- Cassie D

It's very reliable and the car itself will inform you of when service is needs.

2014 BMW X3

I love the car, the ride is so smooth and I love all the features it comes with like navigation, and I can close the side mirrors so other cars Won't hit them in close parking spaces. The car comes with run flat tires so if you have a flat the car will inform you and you can safely drive another 50 miles before having to change the tire. The backup camera is a plus and the parking sensors are awesome as well. The seats have a memory button to remember the exact position were you like your seat. The maintenance can be pretty expensive after your warranty runs out.

- Jessica A

Has lot of useful features and it is a sleek silver 4 wheel drive.

2014 BMW X3

Our car is very comfortable and is a very smooth ride it has so many features it is sometimes hard to. Remember all the features. I love the open gate feature and the light system that stays on at night is very helpful the seats in back that fold down to. Make hauling large items possible the controlling. The black widow and doors by the front is helpful. I also have to say that the radio system is the best. Enjoy listening to it also being able to find directions on the map system really helpful.

- Debra S

When something goes wrong, I like the fact that it alerts you to the problem.

2014 BMW X3

I like the fuel efficiency and the way it handles on the road, but the seats are not that comfortable and because of its light weight, it doesn't handle well on windy days and it makes a lot of noise. I do like the heated seats and the rear view backup mirror and the auto headlights dimming as well as the self adjusting side view mirrors. I like the onboard GPS and emergency road assistance features as well as the run flat tires and letting me know when the car needs to be serviced.

- Kathy O

This vehicle is so much fun to drive!

2014 BMW X3 xDrive28i

This vehicle performs really well as far as handling is concerned. It drives tight and fast. BMW's are performance vehicles after all! I think that the vehicle is comfortable and spacious. The sunroof is my favorite feature. I have had a few issues with sensors going out and a spark plug that was faulty. In all, I've spent about two thousand repairing these little things. It is an expensive car to fix if you don't have a warranty.

- Bailey B

Spacious seats, good engine and horsepower, beautiful appearance.

2014 BMW X3

This is a great car with good horsepower, acceleration, comfortable and spacious seats. It occasionally suffers from small mechanical problems like flat tires, and it is not fuel efficient at all. I need to get gas one time a week not driving a lot. The looks of the car is very beautiful and extravagant, and the sound system is extraordinary clear and real. Despite the fuel efficiency problem, it is still a very good car.

- Jonny X

Eco-pro, comfort, and sort driving modes.

2014 BMW X3

I love my car! It is such a smooth ride and handles very well. The model that I have has 3 modes; comfort, sport, and eco-pro. I drive with it in eco-pro the most, it uses regenerative braking and helps your car get much better gas mileage in-city. For long trips on the other hand, I leave it in comfort mode as eco-pro does not perform near as well at 70+ mph.

- Marissa C

The one vehicle that does it all.

2014 BMW X3

I love my x3. My husband and I are outdoorsy people, so we go camping often with our 2 dogs. We also kayak, and the combined space and AWD of the x3 gets us anywhere we want to go with our kayaks. Maintenance is a little expensive, but not much more than my previous car (Mazda). Gas mileage is great, and the Bluetooth and navigation features work wonderfully.

- Jess C

Our “old” school brains take a while to adapt to change to keyless.

2014 BMW X3

It is comfortable. Easy to drive. Easy to see out of. Hard to get used to a keyless ignition. Recently had the brakes replaced on warranty and the BMW service took great care of the car. Had some tire issues early on but discovered it was due to extreme cold weather overnight found a dealer and they showed us how to reset.

- Tess B

This is a great SUV for a family of four!

2014 BMW X3

My 2014 BMW x3 has the perfect amount of space for my two boys and my husband and I. It drives so smoothly as well. It has proven to be a reliable vehicle. There are gadgets that I really love such as navigation, panoramic sunroof, rear camera, power seats/windows/locks/trunk. I am really happy with my purchase.

- Lacy T

Great ride, most reliable car I have ever owned.

2014 BMW X3

Very reliable, no performance issues, super comfortable leather seats. The car gets great gas mileage as well, which I did not realize at first. BMW's are known for having issues long term but I have not experienced anything yet and there are 50,000 miles now on the car. BMW service centers are also fantastic.

- Tyler F

My x3 is the sporty, fun, and reliable.

2014 BMW X3

My x3 is the perfect combination of convenience, fuel efficiency, and sportiness. It really feels like an SUV and does not have a crossover feel at all, like some small SUVs. I find my car to be very reliable. However, I wish that the driving mode I select would remain selected even when I restart the engine.

- Ryan K

Enjoying our BMW with all the safety and energy saving feature.

2014 BMW X3

Comfortable. Smooth ride. Power. Lots of room. I was attracted by the unusual color. Brown. It has a keyless ignition that has been hard to get used to. I like the energy acing features and power seat windows seat heaters. It has an easy way to put the grandsons car set safely in the backseat.

- Tess B

Okay car but probably wouldn't buy again

2014 BMW X3 xDrive28i

Always seems to need to go to the shop for something. It gets good gas mileage. The back seat is really scrunched together making it hard to fit car seats or 3 people at one time. I do like the style of the car, it is very sporty looking. I probably would not buy another BMW

- Melissa B

It is reliable and a good quality car.

2014 BMW X3

I like that it is good to handle. Take turns and curves with precision. It is made with quality materials. It tells you when something is wrong on the screen. It came with a few nice features and the warranty, covers ALMOST everything; the dealership takes care of everything.

- Maritza h

An honest review of the X3

2014 BMW X3 xDrive35i

The vehicle rides very well with good pick up when needed. There are occasional electrical problems. I am not very happy with the standard entertainment package and it does not do a good job with connecting Apple devices. The standard package does not have a back-up camera.

- Eric L

Great car and great size.

2014 BMW X3 xDrive35i

This car is a comfortable quiet ride and does fairly well in bad weather. The sunroof is huge, and all the details are classy. It high tech. I like the trunk space the seats lay down really easily. The ride is not as smooth as my previous 5 series sedan, but it's still good.

- Kim W

Excellent Fun Sporty Driving Car

2014 BMW X3 xDrive28i

Drives smooth, quick and quiet. Great traction in the snowy weather. Plenty of room and beautiful interior. Love the huge sunroof! Easy fold down seats for carrying large items. Lots of compartments for storing personal stuff. Gas mileage is good although it takes premium gas.

- Alice C

The ultimate driving machine.

2014 BMW X3

Look, it is a BMW, the ultimate driving machine. It is awesome -- great pick up, great handling, comfort. A little poor on gas mileage and a number of features that are standard in American cars you have to pay for in a BMW but still, the performance outstrips any of that.

- Petra B

Review of BMW 2014 vehicle issues.

2014 BMW X3

Brake problems have been costly. Tires need to be replaced frequently. Other than that the car runs great. Gas mileage is as expected. The vehicle does require frequent tire rotations. And does not display tire pressure when pressure is low which can be frustrating.

- Sabrina C

I simply love this vehicle and would buy another.

2014 BMW X3 xDrive35i

The x3 gives me everything I want in a vehicle. Space, smooth running, torque when needed and is a very smooth ride, maintenance is easy, have had four years and runs like a new car. Sporty, comfortable seats and great for long drives. My dogs also love it!

- Yvonne S

It requires premium fuel, so that should be noted.

2014 BMW X3

We love how comfortable our vehicle is. We take it on camping trips all the time and there is a ton of room for all of our camping gear, as well as 3-4 people. Our vehicle is also very reliable. We have not had any issues with it thus far.

- Chris W

great leg room and storage space

2014 BMW X3

The BMW X3 is a very reliable and comfortable. It dives very quietly and the gas usage is within my expectations. I can only recommend this SUV to anyone that wants to feel safe and trusting in German craftsmanship and quality

- Ailine N

It's comfortable safe vehicle to drive. I would highly recommend it to any adult.

2014 BMW X3

I like the comfort and safety it provides. I think it is easy to use the technology in the vehicle. I especially enjoy using the bluetooth feature. I just wish the car was not as expensive to maintain as it is.

- Patty l

That it's a very reliable vehicle.that's fun to drive.

2014 BMW X3

I drive a BMW X3 which is a midsize luxury SUV. I purchased it new and has all the features that I wanted. It's great for road trips or just going to the store. Very reliable SUV that's a lot of fun to drive.

- Mike F

My x3 is all white with a chocolate brown interior and wood detailing.

2014 BMW X3

The x3 provides a great deal of comfort without being over the top. It drives extremely smoothly and is very easy to handle. It is just the right size of luxury SUV that suits me and my personality.

- Gabriela Y

It is a reliable ride with an excellent warranty that includes a loaner car even for routine maintenance.

2014 BMW X3

Comfortable, fast, good handling and sporty to drive. Modern looking design with all the amenities. Expensive to maintain after warranty expires and required ride-flat tires wear out quickly.

- Nate F

It is a great car and I really enjoy driving it.

2014 BMW X3

I like all of the fancy add ons that it has. The car drives like a tank, which is great. I don't like how expensive it is to maintain and that premium gas needs to be purchased.

- Teresa R

Good overall for most needs and performs well, although not environmentally best.

2014 BMW X3

It's stylish, functional, performs exceptionally well and suits my needs. It's not inexpensive to buy or maintain and gets poor gas mileage. Overall great vehicle though.

- Linda J

That it is safe and luxurious.

2014 BMW X3

I love the style, comfort and features of my vehicle. It has a smooth ride. It is the safest car i have ever driven in inclement weather. I have not complaints about it.

- Christine A

The stop /start feature of engine.

2014 BMW X3

My BMW x3 runs like a charm. I have no problems with it. I`m glad I purchased it because the engine stops running when I stop a signal lights etc., I save gas!

- Marie K

The car feels safe. I feel that my family will be safe when driving the car.

2014 BMW X3

I like that it is roomy. It is stylish and drives smoothly. I love that my car can tell me what is going on with it. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Mandy G

Roomy midsize SUV with great base features.

2014 BMW X3

The x3 is roomy enough to carry a large cargo load without being so large that it is hard to park. The tech features are fabulous. Easily seats 5.

- Jennifer K

It is fast and moves very smooth.

2014 BMW X3

Great performance, very reliable and super comfy! The only thing I do not like is the automatic shut off when you stop. Other than that love it!

- Maureen N

eats a lot of gas even when driving on economy mode.

2014 BMW X3

it's nice to drive but has a bit of a lag when it's on economy mode. Comfortable seats and has a good size and quality backup camera.

- Grace L

It has the smoothest ride and handles very well in bad weather.

2014 BMW X3

I love that my vehicle has so many great features. I love the auto windshield wipers, leather heated seats and backup camera.

- Jennifer G

BMW's great reliability of the cars they manufacture and sell

2014 BMW X3

I like it a lot since it super reliable and comfortable. It has a nice size. I also like the horse power that the motor has.

- Kristina C

the performance is impressive for an suv. it does not need any modifications.

2014 BMW X3

this car has a firm grip on the road. this car can get up and go. this car can blast whatever you want outta bose speakers

- vj s

its comfortable and drives well and also it is worth the money

2014 BMW X3

its white, it is an x3. it gets good gas mileage. better than my last car. i like the confort. there's nothing i dislike.

- Acacia F

BMW is great.

2014 BMW X3

Beautiful, comfortable, reliable, roomy, nice ride, great interior finishes, lots of storage, love the heated seats.

- Marge U

It drives smoothly and quietly.

2014 BMW X3

Drives very smoothly. The car is very comfortable and luxurious inside. I wish the car had a compass for direction.

- Marisa S

BMW x3 - fun to drive and plenty of room!

2014 BMW X3

Great performance, good gas mileage and easy menus. Roomy enough for a dog and three passengers! Fun to drive.

- Deb L

Slip notification. Memory seats. A giant sunroof.

2014 BMW X3

No complaints at all, very comfortable. Very good vehicle to me. Car size is just right. Strong vehicle too.

- Kimberly Y

It's fast, but safe. It is a great car that handles well.

2014 BMW X3

It's practical, great looking, very safe and fast. It also handles really well and I'll buy another soon.

- Holly R

It is a really good operating car that is also family friendly

2014 BMW X3

Efficiently vehicle that runs smooth and is a well known and trusted brand all over the world

- Shanoya L

It is safe and clean, everything is still in good condition.

2014 BMW X3

it's smooth, good to control, comfortable and safe. But expensive to maintain.

- Ethan X

Very comfortable and handles all road conditions. I love my BMW

2014 BMW X3

I love the comfort of the X3, the way it handles driving and I love BMW

- Lisa C

Quality product,interior well laid out and comfortable.

2014 BMW X3

Great size, good on gas, comfortable riding and fun to drive.

- Alan P

Safety rating was great and that is super important with kids in the house

2014 BMW X3

I wish I could fit 3 kids in the back of the car not just two

- Emily R

It's a keeper-power, beauty and reliability. Good family car!

2014 BMW X3

Runs well, comfortable, good power, have had no problems

- Ann s


2014 BMW X3