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This is a very reliable vehicle.

It drives very well, good gas mileage but uses premium gas. The vehicle has run flat tires which are very expensive. The panoramic roof has a rattling noise in the winter and has been sealed each year to no avail. The vehicle handles really well in bad weather and makes for a safe ride. The storage in the back is ample for grocery shopping and the fold down back seats make for a very roomy back for large items. The heated seats are a plus and the rear view camera is wonderful. The parking assist is good and very helpful. The wipers in the winter can be place off the windshield but to do this it is a little tricky. You must turn off the car then turn on the wipers, they will then go up the windshield half way so you may place them off the windshield. If you do no do this you will chip the paint.

- Marge B

BMW x3 save money - a safe and dependable ride.

This vehicle works well, delivers performance promised - I like the comfort, the handling, and its ability to get me where I want to go safely. It has been dependable and fuel efficient. I did not think that I would like the auto shut off while stopped at lights (to save gas) but I find that it works flawlessly and does save money on gas - did you know that seven seconds idling is the amount of time it to use the amount of gas to start a vehicles, so if the light last longer than seven seconds you save money by having the car shut off. Takes to.

- Howard M

Luxury car worry every penny.

This car is wonderful. It is a pre-owned certified x3 with 15k miles. The ride is smooth, the car handles very well and it has 3 performance levels. It gets good gas mileage, about 21mpg between highway and city driving. It needs more a/c vents in the rear and USB ports. The no-touch rear door lift is very helpful and the full car moonroof is fabulous. Buying this car was an easier decision because it does not require premium gas.

- Pearl M

That it is a beautiful car that is both reliable and efficient.

I love the color combination- Dark blue exterior with camel colored leather interior. The leather is soft and luxurious. I love that it has voice activated controls for many of the options. I also love the way it performs on the road and that it has options to change the profile of how I am driving - Leisure, sport or difficult conditions. I have no complaints.

- Emily W

The x3 is a good compromise between sporty and practical.

300 hp/300 lb ft torque is all kinds of fun. Engine start-stop is annoying but can be turned off. Size is big enough for the family. Electronics are nice, heads up display is usable. On-board navigation is pretty burdensome. Reliability is less than average. Wheel bearing out in less than 4 years. Leather seats cracked. Liftgate opens by itself.

- Noel M

They made me do it and it needs to be at least 25 characters.

Great performance, good gas mileage, excellent handling in all types of weather. This is my third x3 and the model has improved with each one - I especially like the "sport" mode for handling and acceleration. I do wish that I had ordered it with carplay so that I could more fully integrate my iOS devices with the display console.

- John S

Why you should choose BMW x3.

What I really like about BMW x3 is that it is big enough for storing items. It is pretty comfort when sitting and stable when driving. And BMW is always a reliable brand for me, since I didn't face any serious functional problems. The only time is that the engine cannot be launched after two months without driving.

- Kelly L

Why my BMW is a great car!

Love the technology available in my BMW. Handles very sporty. It is a very reliable vehicle. However, what I do not like is the cost of maintenance. Labor pricing could be cheaper. I love the sunroof, and the passenger side mirror that adjusts to assist in reversing the vehicle. I love the prestige of owning a BMW.

- Teresa D

These models have the greatest risks of problems....

These models have the greatest risks of problems. . . . One of the main reasons people buy a brand-new car is the promise of a no-hassle. . . Nonetheless, our comprehensive annual auto reliability survey tells us that some buyers. . . A performance zl1 version is available, powered by a 650-hp, 6. 2-liter v8. . .

- William C

The BMW x 3 is an amazing ride.

So far my BMW x3 has not given any problems. It is a very reliable car and it is a great ride. Smooth quick acceleration. It is also very good on gas and looks stylish. It is worth the price and the interior has very nice features such as bluetooth, panoramic sunroof and comfortable cabin.

- Angela P

A tank in a sports SUV body.

This car has tank like durability with all the sports car perks and performance features and benefits. Highway gas mileage is decent while city efficiency is minimal. Highly recommend cold weather package for Chicago winters. Drives like a dream both on and off road true and tested.

- Pat S

Dream car- sports car hidden in a crossover body.

Fast Fun Great cargo space Comfortable A dream to drive I have the m series, which is a high performance sport vehicle. More than I need but I really enjoy it. Gas mileage is good and handling is superb on highway and off. Not an off-road car - this car was near for the autobahn.

- Km W

We love our BMW x3 and think that everyone should have one!

We love our x3. It has lots of room for our toddler, gets great gas mileage, is comfortable to drive, and has great technology. I cannot imagine driving another car. We like it so much that we bought a second x3 for my husband. We will definitely keep buying x3 vehicles.

- Virginia R

BMW X3. Zippy with lots of pickup

The car drives great and it has great acceleration. It's a much more fun car than my last one - a Lexus RX350. But unlike the Lexus you can't close the trunk remotely. Kind of weird when you can open it with the remote.

- Tushka V

Very reliable, great gas mileage performs great in the snow

Very reliable, perfect size and even though is not too big is very roomy inside. I haven't had any issues with it and it is very comfortable. My only complaint is that the back seat is a little tight for a car seat

- Maria R

Wireless connection to Apple Carplay makes the digital terminal seamlessly connected to life, and the interaction between people and vehicles is simple and effective.

The technology configuration brings exciting driving pleasure, equipped with an 8.8-inch central display and a full LCD digital instrument panel, making smart life more efficient and convenient.

- Jim C

All the amazing features of the BMW x3.

My car handles very well, it is good on gas, and is an excellent quality car. It has a very stylish design and the interior is comfortable. It also has very useful features.

- Angela F

BMW X3 with cold weather package review

It is a great performing car. With BMW, they make great driving machines. The inside lacks a bit. The seats aren't too comfortable. The inside is pretty basic.

- Ashlea A

Great handling in all types of weather and road conditions

I like the handling, the comfort, the acceleration of this vehicle. I would like a better storage area, higher clearance, and the ability to have a spare tyre.

- Sam W

Drives smoothly, ergonomic seating, battery recharged as you drive the car.

Dislike that amazon echo can not connect to the car, in order to verify the doors are locked, location of car etc. I like all other features.

- Alicia S

It is very smooth on the highway.

It is excellent. Very reliable, beautiful interior. Big enough for me to see over other cars, but small enough to zip in and out of traffic.

- Deborah E

It's good handling experience. And it is fuel efficient.

I like its driving experience. It's good handling is very attractive to me. Fuel efficient is another thing that made me impressed.

- Howard K

Very easy to drive and all functions are easy to get to

I like the size and maneuverability. I like all the options that came on it. I would like to see more room in the console area.

- Patti G

It is a BMW, that has great mileage and has proved to be very reliable so far.

I like the way it handles and it is peppy. I do not find the ac on it as powerful as I would like. I has run flat tires.

- Ruth P

This car can bring me a sense of honor,i like the car.

BMW is one of the representatives of German cars. The brand quality is guaranteed. I like this brand very much.

- timothy b

BMW for the win! Reliable and fun to drive!

Great reliability! BMW services are incredible! Always feel taken care of. Car has great pickup speed.

- Kristin G

The great motor, the security of driving it, and the good design inside.

My car have a great performance. I don't dislike anything about my car.

- Hugo M

economical and powerful. Also very comfortable

It is a very comfortable car. Very nice driving, and very economical

- George P

Get the wheel insurance. The are easily bent on potholes

It drives well and is. Comfortable. The wheels are too delicate

- Lori L

She is a powerful machine and looks better than any other car out there.

looks great, has power and is awesome. wish i had cooled seats

- Jennifer V

Great handling. All maintenance is covered for 4 years or 50K miles.

Great handling. Service support is excellent. No complaints.

- George D

It's so fun to drive and everyone should get one now!

It's Fast and fun. It's comfortable. It's fun to drive.

- dara p

It's safe and it's quick which I love. I love that bmw keeps everything the same and ergonomically

The air is not cold! I have to use a fan for my child

- Christa C