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BMW x3 is definitely a car you need to consider.

I love my car but it costs so much money to maintain. The oil changes are even in the range of $250. You have to go to special places who work on foreign cars and usually have to wait to have the parts ordered because no one stocks them. Other than that the car is amazing. It handles very well. The car has fantastic pick up even after 3 years of having it. The sound system in it is also really great quality. One of the other things I love about this car is the gas mileage. This car is a hybrid so it helps use some of its own energy which ultimately saves you on gas.

- Bryan N

Great car for road trips!!

This car is great, reliable, and looks good. It is very comfortable for in town driving and really shines on long road trips (of which we take a lot). I have longer than average legs for a woman and there is enough leg room for me to be comfortable either in the front or back seat. The car is extremely quiet. My only minor complaint is that the button to open the back doors and the back tailgate is in the center of the dashboard instead of on the door.

- Julianne S

Great all around transportation.

Very reliable SUV, great for in town driving and for road trips (we take a lot of them). Comfortable with plenty of legroom for long legged driver and passengers. The only complaint I have is the location of the door lock opener. Instead of being on the driver door, it is on the center of the dashboard. Opening the door locks and the tailgate, one must reach all the way into the car.

- Julie S

BMW is worry free secure safe vehicles.

My truck has excellent performance. It is good in bad weather. Extremely reliable never had an issue with owning a BMW. A con of my truck is that I find the seat too hard. So on long drives my back starts to hurt. Pros of my vehicle are that I like the steering because it is tight and does not float like some trucks. It is the perfect size truck not too big or too small.

- Kate S

My experience with my BMW SUV.

So far I do not find any problem with my BMW x3, it is a very nice SUV, very comfortable, and quiet. It is keyless entry and has driver seat memory, and heated seats. The m sport package adds the contents of the convenience package plus 19-inch wheels, more aggressive-looking front and rear bumpers, a sport steering wheel and a simulated leather-covered dashboard.

- Mei C

It's a great car. I am overall happy.

Its a BMW 2016 x3 2016 model. Overall its giving very good performance. Its reliable and comfortable at the same time and it has all the trendy features installed in it. Till now I haven't found any major problem in my car but I had to change my oil after running 5000 miles so I think it's quite low mileage for changing oil.

- marc R

The fuel range that it achieves and the capability it does as a small SAV.

Love the navigation and satellite radio as well as comfort access and panoramic moonroof. Driver assistance package with parking camera helps a lot when rear parking and park distance measures distance to the walls. What I dislike is the overpowering of midrange speakers in the Hifi system overpowering the subwoofers.

- Alex L

My vehicle is basically buying a 3 series with a little more storage area.

I like the vehicle except the pickup is not great, but the service is wonderful and mph has proven sufficient I wish the options weren't all add one but included in original package. There should be more color options too the fact that backup camera is an extra at this point in cycle is also disappointing.

- Nicole M

Entertainment and comfort.

The drive is superb and comparable to all other BMWs that I have owned. I enjoy the roominess of the front and trunk area. The entertainment system is on point with my desires with satellite radio and Bluetooth technology that syncs with my Spotify account. The liftgate has been very helpful.

- Julia M

Fits all my needs. And keeps up with my lifestyle.

I get my vehicle serviced regularly so I have never had any issues with it. I really love my car. I had it painted a special blue color so it looks very different. The space is very nice and fits my family lifestyle. The body is very sleek. My dash is also very nice and fits my perfectly.

- Catherine P

BMW is amazing wow so good.

It is size is decent, not too big or too small. It is design is very interesting and great, I really like how the car is shaped. The color is blue, a color I really like, I think it fits really well with the car. Overall the car is high quality and I think it is a fine choice.

- Steven R

Great comfortable vehicle.

No problems. Great ride good mileage, very comfortable. More features than I need but a great added bonus. The adjusted seat setting is good to have if there is more than one driver. Being able to have a good clear view out of the windows is important this vehicle gives that.

- Patricia K

Safe reliable beautiful vehicle.

No problems love my car very reliable and has all the technology you could ever want it is a very safe vehicle kind of expensive but the warranty is excellent so you get what you pay for. Very good engine beautiful interior and exterior lots of safety features love this car.

- Jean H

Love how powerful this car is. Handles like a sports car, but feels like a luxury car. Great sound system. Love all of the options.

This has been a great car, very reliable, great gas mileage, fast and powerful, nice interior, lots of great options. Only downside is BMW's are prone to oil leaks and despite my car only being a few years old it's already had a pretty severe leak.

- Elizabeth V

Really comfortable and reliable.

Its super comfortable and reliable, the design is extremely nice and creative. The seats feel really soft and smooth, perfect for sitting for a long period of time. The engine is also really nice and quiet and runs for a long time.

- Steven R

Luxury vehicle with great handling, however fuel economy not optimal.

I really enjoy the comfort of the vehicle, however I don't love the mileage I get on a tank of gas. I suppose I might have been spoiled with gas /mileage coming from a Honda Accord. I like owning a luxury vehicle such as a BMW

- Dan R

There are cameras positioned around the car, making it very safe.

I love the safety features of the car, particularly the top down camera for parking. My car is a diesel, which is a rare gem. My car is roomy and comfortable. A perfect size for my growing family.

- Stacy A

Perfect and reliable cars.

Very roomy and reliable car. It has a lot of features like moonroof, backup camera and parking sensors. I haven't had any problems with it and would definitely recommend this vehicle to others.

- Grace L

It's nice but make sure you can afford all of the things that come with it. Since it's an expensive 'luxury' car, other things are expensive to- maintenance, insurance, repairs, etc.

I like the car a lot, it drives really nice and is easy to use, but for a car so expensive some parts of it were made poorly and sometimes the car acts up, which is really annoying.

- Mackenzie J

I love my 2016 BMW X3! Drives like a dream!

My 2016 BMW X3 is a fun car to drive. It has the luxury and comfort I enjoy while being reliable. Except replacing my tires once, I've had no mechanical problems at all.

- Cathy H

BMW X3 - Best Car I have ever owned

It drives so smooth. The power in it is fast. It holds up great and it looks amazing when fresh and clean. iDrive feature is great and it has widgets for the weather.

- Jamie S

The BMW x3 is safe and fast.

I love the way it drives and looks. I love the interior. I do not love the price of maintenance and service. The overall ownership cost is higher than I would like.

- Julia M

The BMW X3 has such a great color

The BMW X3 is a really nice looking car. I have a navy blue colored one, and I think the color looks really good. However, the engine takes a while to start up.

- Steven R

Love the sleek design, wood paneling and leather inside.

I love the size and the overall features and look, I just wish I have more power, it has turbo engine but it's a 4 cylinder. I'm considering upgrade to an X5.

- Siska S

Size can be an issue if you need to transport large items.

I love the style and look of my car. It feels luxurious and drives smoothly. I also love that it came with free maintenance. However, I find it to be small.

- Erica C

The way the vehicle looks.

No problem with the vehicle. The only complaint I have is that it uses premium gas. I like the ride, handling, and all the features that come with the car.

- Raymond F

My X3 runs on diesel. Great gas mileage!!!!

I love my car. IT has had the check engine light come on several times. It is always the O2 sensor but since still under warranty it always gets fixed.

- Rebecca M

Best car money could buy.

It's great. It runs smoothly and it's my second BMW and I'm so happy I can afford it because they really are premium product that is worth the money.

- Nick A

Take the x3 for a test drive you'll fall in love! It drives well and looks sleek.

I absolutely love my x3. It drives steady, silent, and smooth. It is comfortable and reliable. It looks sleek and has every "bonus" feature I need!

- Ally S

The car actively keeps the driver, in real time, aware of what is going on around her.

The x3 is an easy car to drive. The Safety add-ons make the car safer. The mileage on the road is excellent. Maintenance is quick, easy and cheap.

- Michael S

Its economical to own this car and it's comfortable to drive and ride in.

It's easy to drive, safety features I will not do without anymore. I dislike the fact you cannot close the liftgate from inside the vehicle.

- Austin D

The $43,445 X3 xDrive30i comes with the usual power features, 18-inch wheels with all-season run-flat tires, automatic climate control, AM/FM/CD audio, Bluetooth, a power tailgate, a rearview camera, power front seats, and reclining rear seats.

The 2018 BMW X3 modulates its sheet metal in the usual ways in its third generation. I don't have any problems with it. It's good car.

- Joey J

You will ride in style and comfort.

The perfect blend of SUV and luxury vehicle. Incredibly smooth ride. I do wish it had a better dashboard system. Overall a great car!

- DJ I

The head's up display makes it easy to make calls or see directions without being distracted

I really like all of the features, especially the heads up display. The handling is great and I feel like it is a reliable vehicle.

- Sophie B

A great buy. Nice looking. Very dependable. Reasonable price.

I like the way it handles, the comfort, the style. It has been trouble free. The interior features are great. I have no complaints.

- Anita F

Quality handling and build. Great pick up. Sleek design.

Sleek. Handles well. I love the key fob back door opener and button closer. It has energy saving auto stop when stopped at lights.

- Kayla G

The seat are important but that where u going to be most comfortable.

Smooth ride but needs premium gas. Love the navigation system. It has too much of maintenance and maintenance is really expensive.

- Been H

It's reliable and safe, advanced technologically and a luxury vehicle.

It is great on and off road, is advanced technologically, has plenty of seating for my family and is stylish and a luxury vehicle.

- Richard S

Rides amazing and is well built.

Only thing I do not like is that it does not have automatic start and air conditioned seats everything else about it is awesome.

- Kris D

It does not break down. It has reputation for high resale value.

It runs great, I have never had any maintenance problems. It has good pickup when needed. My car looks stylish and is all black.

- Joe W

They pay for themselves in comfort and reliability.

I wish it got better gas mileage. It is very comfortable car especially on long trips. It is a great performance ride too.

- jay S

Love the drive quality and control

We've been wanting to buy a BMW for some time now and are absolutely in love with the drive quality and control.


The vehicle has very nice handling.

I enjoy the vehicle make and size. The drive is smooth and comfy. For a small SUV, it is fairly good on gas.

- Kendall S

The brand technology strength.

I love the technology, I do not like all the security technology features are not standard feature.

- Mary B

Consumers need to realize the high maintenance costs. Gas needs to be 91 octane so fuel can be pretty pricey.

I don't like the high cost of maintenance. The gas mileage is ok. The ride is smooth.

- Mike S

It is a high quality brand and German made. It is the best car I ever owned.

It is a high quality car that is very dependable. I got a great deal on it as well

- Ryan E

It's very comfortable and reliable, one of the best cars to buy.

I love the comfort. I love the free oil changes. It rides great. It's reliable.

- Hannah W

Great performance and handling and fits my lifestyle

It has a great warrant. Handles perfectly, comfortable & great performance

- Bess P

It's very fashionable. It's very affordable. Very easy to use

It's fast. It was very affordable. And it allow me to travel further

- Fill E

Service at BMW dealerships is greatly lacking for the cost.

Issues with check engine light coming on for 2.5 years.

- Carrie O

Compact but had the roominess of an SUV. Fun to drive and handles very well. It's a good looking SUV.

Handles very well on the road. Yet is fun to drive.

- Daiva M