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My BMW review.

I have an older model BMW x5 which I purchased from a private seller. The car runs great. The only thing I do not like is because of its engine it runs out of oil quicker then whenever the oil needs to be changed. Therefore you are having to replenish your vehicle with oil. Do not get an oil change until the said mileage just add oil and the car runs like a charm. It is a good reliable comfortable SUV. I can fit 3 car seats in the back and has ample trunk space.

- Jasmin B

BMW x5: keeps my family safe.

I have three tall boys and a dog. The x5 fits us comfortably. The x5 feels like a tank when I am driving it. I know this car loves the road. It took a short while to get used to the assisted rather than power steering but I love it now. Our x5 has cool features like a sun/moonroof, leather seats, and power front seats with warmers. We love our x5 and call him Wolfgang.

- Elain F

BMW x5 is a pretty good vehicle.

The BMW x5 is a pretty good driving vehicle. It can seat five people comfortably due to its ergonomic specifications. My daughters, my son and my husband enjoy riding around in it due to its comfort and roomy interior. The tires need an alignment though. I feel the tires pulling to the right, but other than that it is a pretty good car.

- Trisha M

Great drive, expensive to maintain.

It is a used model. I have had issues with the transmission, fan belt and the oil has been changed a lot. It does matter what kind of oil you used or you will have to keep refilling it. Great performance but the repair cost will add up. It is a very comfortable car and spacious and provides a smooth driving experience.

- Cindy D

Good reliable SUV, great for families.

I really enjoy driving a SUV. I like being higher up. I feel like I can see better. My son is able to climb in and out of the car on his own. I like having back up sensors. I have a big truck to carry lots of things. I wish I got better gas mileage.

- Abbey B

My car has been very reliable over the past years that I have been driving it. Since it is an older model the transmission has a few issues which delays the start up. Once you put it into first gear and then back into drive it works just fine.

It is a very fast car and it is also extremely safe. Since it is a SUV and it is a very heavy car it makes you feel safe while driving it.

- Rachel F

Durability is key and I feel very safe in this car.

It has had some things it is needed fixed but love a BMW and most likely will not buy a different car again.

- Haley W