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Luxury SUV with costly repairs.

2004 BMW X5 3.0i

This car is great when few years old. Than it starts having major issues and costly to repair. Roof starts leaking. In winter weather doors freeze so do locks. This vehicle also known for oil leaks. And coolant will also leak. 3.0 is not strong enough engine for this vehicle. It takes a bit of time to get the speed going. After 10 years all major parts will need to be replaced just like in any other vehicle perhaps or maybe even more. Reading other consumers reviews this vehicle becomes a money pit after few years.

- Lena Z

Parts and labor are very expensive on these vehicles.

2004 BMW X5

Regarding the interior, the leather is cracking as has for a long time. The seats do not lay down easily. As a mom this was a feature I was looking for in a car. The oil leaks very badly. My mechanic has told me all BMW's leak oil. I do like how solid my car is. I feel safe and feel like the metal around us is quality.

- Keith D

No matter the year the BMW x5 is a vehicle worth having.

2004 BMW X5 3.0i

The BMW x5 is a sturdy SUV. Albeit it was made in 2004 the car runs smoothly. A repair will be needed as all cars eventually need some sort of repair over the course of many miles. The performance still outperforms cars made today. The SUV is spacious with a leather interior. It rides high because it is a SUV.

- Jay B

Runs good has some problems

2004 BMW X5 3.0i

Has a downstream O2 sensor problem that causes the car to stall. Very clean and runs good otherwise. Ac resistor was just replaced so the air is very cold. Only other thing is that the windows get stuck if you roll them all the way down. Lots of space in the back for things like tubs and other stuff

- Rome P

Loyal to BMW but x5 has too many minor faults.

2004 BMW X5 3.0i

Many minor issues with broken window mechanisms. Radio digital display burned out, door handle mechanism broken and remote lock has had to be replaced multiple times. Overall a reliable vehicle that has many features I like, but too many internal mechanisms that do not hold up to long-term use.

- Tj W

It is indestructible! It is 15 ys old and going strong!

2004 BMW X5

It is a machine!!! I was hit in the side 2 years ago not a dent in my car!

- izetta R