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Great quality but will and can break you bank with repairs.

BMW stands for always bring money with you, which is what the employee told me when I was replacing a tire that cost $170. It is a very safe and reliable car like my mechanic told me. I have had to replace the transmission, catalytic converter which is not cheap at all, the secondary air flow sensor, my air conditioner and heater do not work properly. So it is really cold during the winter and super hot during the summer. I have had leaks in the reservoir, in the house which I had to consistently add water because I kept getting the check coolant levels indicator. I do not work far from home, so the goal is to have my mechanic get my car back to 100% and see how long my car will last. My car in actually in good condition on the inside and out. I highly recommend this vehicle but it does cost money to repair it.

- Denise J

BMW x5 is a great car and I would recommend it to everyone.

I love my BMW and I was very lucky to be able to drive it. In terms of performance, it gets pretty good gas mileage, rarely has problems, is very durable so you feel safe in the car, and the engine is amazing. When you step on the gas, the car takes off and I like that about it because the car feels really responsive. The car is also super reliable and hardly has breakdowns or needs to go to the shop unless for a normal oil change and tire pressure check. The seats are leather and heated so they feel incredible in the winter and pretty comfortable to sit in. Lots of space in the backseat as well if you are driving in a group. Features in Bluetooth connectivity capabilities, nice dashboard, GPS system built in, CD player in the back, and netting that goes over windows to block sun and bugs.

- Isaiah B

BMW x5. Very reliable, roomy and fancy.

My BMW has had some wheel bearing problems. Most BMWs have radio problems which mine has. The letters on the radio only show half od the words and I have no sound now I will have to get new wiring. It run a lot of gas. It also had some air conditioning problems. However my BMW x5 which is very roomy. It has helped me move large furniture when I was moving into my new apartment. I have a nice dark blue color that I love. I have a older model car but I still feel good driving in it. The BMW runs smooth and last long when good care. The only big problem is that the parts for the car are expensive when it time to fit it.

- Chris R

The car with an endless possibility of expensive problems.

I am the second owner of this car. The driveshaft is very tight when I am turning. Gas costs more because I put in premium gas and it has a large gas tank. It is very comfortable and roomy. It has a lot of cool features some of which that I still don't understand how to use fully. As far as reliability I feel that it sucks, my service engine light has came on once a month since I've owned it for different issues.

- Tyler P

Didn't have to spend a big penny for luxury on a good used SUV

A BMW X5 year 2006 is a good reliable SUV luxury and wonderful when it comes to winter time it's easy to maintain but pricey on parts its a 13 year old vehicle with awesome features depending on trim level but mine I believe it's full equipped good on gas and enough space will recommend it for someone that's looking for a luxury SUV that isn't trying to spend 40-60k

- Cynthia G

High performance vehicle.

Parts are more expensive than your normal regular cars to repair. Must use super gas to get best performance from your vehicle. It is spacious and has expandable seating. When we moved from one location to the next we used our vehicle to transport a lot of boxes by laying our seats flat to accommodate the boxes. It saved us a lot of moving expenses.

- Regina B

BMW X5, a Luxury Vehicle with hidden features that outranks the rest.

The BMW X5 is a great vehicle with lots of amazing features. The vehicle has a sunroof, comes with adjustable memory seat buttons, heated seats and steering wheel for those cold days, driver and passenger adjustable air conditioning feature, runs on cruise control, has a large trunk with hidden compartments, power windows and so much more.

- Elizabeth R

BMW x5 with optional manual driving and sport mode

My car has been good in the past but recently I have had problems with the car shaking because of the engine when sitting in idle. Also the window regulators in this car a bad and continue to go bad often. I've had to change 3 already. Lastly in the inside of the car is luxurious and pretty comfortable and it is good on highway miles

- Reggie B

Problems with a, luxury car.

To many repairs, expensive labor. After purchasing I found out that this car always has major repair issues. I will never buy another pre owned x5. It's a nice car to look at however since the warranty is gone it is expensive to repair. $1100 for an oil,leak...$1000 hydraulic failed. $600 for coolant leak repair...Etc.

- Terrie M

A great car overall with expensive maintenance.

Great car to drive. However it can be very expensive on repairs. Very reliable, fun to drive, and comfortable. Gas can get very expensive depending on how much driving you do. Love the space and room for storage inside the car. Overall a very nice car if you can afford it.

- Madeline S

X5 is a beautiful, spacious, comfortable and convenient car.

It is been going stable for over 10 years and is still a lovely car to drive. It is extremely spacious and safe. The engine is not that loud and the inside of the car is very comfortable. The steering control is very good, as BMW is a sports brand. It is a very reliable car.

- Brittany G

Indeed the ultimate driving machine.

Overall I am in love with the x5. Lots of room, panoramic moonroof, navigation, heated seats, drives strong and looks awesome. I have had a few repairs involving coolant system and ac. From what I hear pretty common with the x5 but definitely repairable. Otherwise I love it!

- Mia H

Amazing Panoramic Sunroof'

I bought it used but everyone thought it was new. Has a panoramic sunroof which is awesome. It is a very reliable car, gives warning prior to something going out. It runs great, very comfortable and very roomy. Fits my large family and helps out when families is in town.

- Rachel H

It's a Beamer! You always beam bright when you use it. I feel safe using it. I love the quality of this car.

I bought my vehicle about two years ago and it's a second hand vehicle. I really like driving BMW and I feel safe in it. It's performance is really good but maintenance expense is more than any regular car. I will buy another car from this brand given the opportunity.

- Kizzy L

I am a working mom of 3. Works great with sports and kids and travel.

Amazing vehicle! Currently have a 2006 BMW x5 with almost 200k miles. I am currently looking to buy the exact same vehicle with less mileage. I rarely have any problems other than routine maintenance. However, when there are problems they are costly.

- Stacy M

This car is expensive to maintain, but it is totally worth it.

This is the best car I've ever had. I love it. Just the right size SUV. The only thing I do not like about it is that it burns way too much oil. We have to add oil once a month. That does not seem right.

- Barbara W

It's a comfortable ride and very easy to drive and park for an suv.

It's a great reliable car that is very comfortable to ride in and safe for my child. It uses a lot of gas and it needs to be premium so that can get pricey.

- Emily H

Great for car camping, with tons of room for gear or to sleep with the seats down.

Love it. Unfortunately, it is old and having problems which are expensive to fix. Luckily there is a large online community.

- christopher k

It is a good car, but has a lot of miles.

It has a lot of miles. Steering is stiff. It is a good size. The vehicle feels substantial around me and I feel safe in it.

- Lisa S

That it takes mid grade gas or higher.

It is reliable, but eats a lot of gas and oil. It is fully loaded and has a cold weather package. And all leather seats.

- Courtney K

That is drives great and will last for a long time

Even though it's an older car it drives like a dream, and is very well made. I've had some issues but not very many.

- Carolyn L

Expansive service charges.

After car warranty expired, to service this vehicle parts and labor to service maintain is extremely expensive.

- Mark G

The resale value is really good and the gas mileage is better than one thinks.

I love the all wheel drive and the double sunroof and leather seats and the color is black with tan leather.

- William L

BMW's are great for long term automobiles. Great investment.

I love the moonroof. Repairs are expensive. Great for long distance traveling.

- Leslie N

No car payments, so I use the extra cash for the gas.

I dislike the gas mileage. I like the style. It is a very safe car to drive

- frank W