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Review of a BMW x5 from an owner's perspective.

So far my 2008 BMW x5 has been pretty reliable and lots of fun for highway driving. The interior is spacious and comfortably fits myself, my partner, and our 80lp dog. The vehicle is definitely classy looking and I receive many compliments for it. Nevertheless, the gas efficiency is not great considering the 6 cylinder. The vehicle is quite heavy (6500 lb) and will definitely need break maintenance every 45k miles.

- Harvey A

The dashboard feels like I am in a cockpit of an airplane. .

Well to start off, I wanted an a bigger car so I could hold my drum set where I needed to play music. I found a BMW x5 for as cheap as I did and fell in love. I understood why BMW made the big bucks at that point. The ride was smooth, the seats were comfortable and the space was amazing. And to add on to that, it wasn't too big. It was perfect for a first car owner like me and I am grateful.

- Noah H

The BMW x5 is the perfect vehicle for me.

My mid-size SUV is perfect for me. I like that BMWs do not rust. It runs great as well as being comfortable to drive. I also like the heated seats and steering wheel as well as the large moon roof. It can be expensive to repair but it does not require repairs often. Many things have been covered by recent recalls.

- Teresa C

X5 - your family vehicle!

Great family vehicle. Comfy for long road trips. Great engine response when needed. The brand never gets old. Our x5 is 2008 and still looks brand new. Almost about to hit 100k and is in great shape and in great working order. Highly recommended you will not regret.

- Jose A

All BMW problems and issues.

This vehicle was good before 100,000 miles,after that the problem start, transmission, and some electronics problems. Spend a lot of gas, and is too hard to fix or change any parr, and the battery control always have a issues, the back door have a problem to open.

- Victor O

Corners and drives very easily.

I love my BMW. It rides comfortably and is easy to drive. I have not had it for a year yet. So far it has been reliable. It does need to go in the shop for a few things though. When we go away for a weekend it fits all of our luggage and pets very comfortably.

- Diane H

The most important thing is that the others should is that it is a good suv with great gas mileage!

I love how comfortable the car is to drive! I love that the front and back seats are all heated along with the steering wheel. So far it has been a extremely relatable car with no mechanical issues.

- Amanda H

It handles well on the road. It is fun to drive and had good storage space

I like the options, like leather seats, heads up display, etc. It drives well. The only thing I am Not thrilled with is the fact that it seems to need repair often.

- Michelle L

BMW rocks after 10 years!

Luxury vehicle. Looks great after 10 years. Love body style and interior. Lots of features. However, expensive to maintain.

- Jennifer O

That it is a luxury vehicle and rides beautifully.

The gas mileage is not very good. I do love the luxury of the vehicle. It is just beginning to be costly to maintain.

- Lauren g

I love to drive excellent

basically,i love my BMW!Because,it is very much comfortable,nice features and there are no problems.

- Ing A

It's reliable, handles great, and has all the options you could ever want. I especially love the built in DVD for the kids when we go on long trips.

I love everything about my vehicle, I only wish it got better gas mileage.

- Elissa S