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Great car that gives a smooth drive, but comes with too many electrical problems.

The vehicle consist of a lot of electrical problems. Check engine light will turn on a lot for no reason. The sensors usually mess up. Battery has been changed a few times. The performance on the car is good, reliable of the car is good when it is not having electrical issues, which is why the reliability can be rated low. The comfort of the car is amazing, very spacious. The features include: heated seats, navigation, Bluetooth for phone, third row, and sunroof.

- Samantha J

It is reliable through all types of weather.

This BMW x5 SUV drinks more gas than I was originally prepared for. Because it is a BMW insurance companies want to charge you more money as well as auto mechanics. But in spite of all of that I am satisfied with my BMW. It rides well: smooth, and quick. Handles well on the highway, takes fast turns well. It is a little more nimble than I expected due to Its size. It is a very prestigious vehicle to drive. When I arrive in it people are instantly impressed.

- Kenneth C

Better on gas mileage due to diesel engine.

The vehicle performs well, is reliable, and comfortable. I have not had any major problems with the vehicle. As of right now, there is a light indicating that the particulate filter needs to be replaced, which I was told would cost about $900. It has leather heated seats and a heated steering wheel. Backseat climate control, etc.

- Alexia G

Best one. Great car and good design.

My car is the best one. Its model and performance as good as a rocket. This car have the most beautiful wheel and best reliability. Comfort is the main feature of this model of BMW.You can buy this car as your first choice. It has the feature of great architecture.

- Daniel P

Fully loaded SUV with premium package.

My vehicle is very reliable. I haven't had any major issues with it so far. It burns a lot of oil fast but that is because it is a v8. It is very comfortable and it is fully loaded. I really like the backup camera feature a lot as well as the satellite radio.

- Qiana M

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is very reliable and easy to maintain.

It is a very comfortable vehicle I haven't had any problems with it as long as I've had it I can store a lot of items in the trunk which helps when I go shopping at BJ's for our child care center

- Siera L

The car is very reliable and a good car to have.

I like the way it ride on the highway. It is a nice looking vehicle. I do not like the high cost of tune gasoline. It has a nice stereo system, I love the moonroof.

- Di-meta H

Drives beautifully. Love the mode for freeway merging.

Too small. Ready for something a little larger with more seating. Prefer a white SUV like a Denali or the new jaguar SUV that is out.

- Sarah M

Great smooth drive but isn't too big.

None at all. Love the smoothness of the drive. It also looks good driving. I don't regret buying my vehicle.

- Darlene C

A reliable, comfortable, good performance car

I like my car, very reliable, comfortable, lots of memories. Performs well, speed up very fast, stops fast

- fang w

It is an excellent luxury family vehicle. However, be ready to pay a lot for service and gas.

I like the luxury of my vehicle. I enjoy driving a bigger vehicle. Repair costs and gas are expensive.

- derrick b

It is a high quality car with lots of good features

It is a high quality SUV. Very powerful. Very comfortable and safe

- fang w