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The BMW X5 3.5 SAV Comfort, Quality and all you need out of a mid size SUV.

2011 BMW X5 35i

My X5 has slightly more than 50,000 miles. It contains all the features available at the time of manufacture including built in voice-activated GPS, Bluetooth, radio selection, XM Satellite receiver, remote entry and hatch open and close. The run-flat tires add a harshness to the ride and are expensive to replace. Gas mileage is typically 18 MPG combined highway and city. The car has never required any repairs other than air bag recalls, and doing the recommended maintenance is easy to accomplish with just a few tools.

- Edward C

The Saturn ION, Old Reliable

2011 BMW X5 50i

My Saturn ion is a very reliable machine, what it lacks in style it makes up for indestructibility. The car has none of the bells and whistles including manual window cranks but it serves as a positive aspect because nothing breaks on it. The ride is surprisingly smooth on the highway unless it is windy. Watch out for no ABS brakes because it'll take you by surprise the first time. Overall a decent car for a first car or a temporary car.

- Spencer G

It's the cream of the crop, ultimate luxury look and feel while driving or riding as a passenger. High quality and dependability

2011 BMW X5

My BMW X5 is the ultimate vehicle, it can handle any types of weather and road conditions. It's the most comfortable car to ride in and drive that I've ever owned, the only drawback that I have found is that you must have the right mechanic or garage to work on your car, they must know what they're doing and that can be costly.

- Diana S

Diesel BMW X5 review for the Realist

2011 BMW X5 35d

I love the overall look of my car. I feel safe in it, and it's good looking. The maintenance however it very costly. I would definitely not buy this car in the future, unless I had endless amounts of money. It has had a few issues along the way, but hasn't been a lemon. I would just prefer maintenance at a much lower cost.

- Gretchen M

The double roof top BMW X5

2011 BMW X5 35i Premium

the light engine came on as soon as we left the dealership, my boyfriend has also BMW, has the same problem, mechanic said it's a common sensor problem. Car is reliable and comfortable. It has two DVD screens built in the seats. I wish it has 3 row seats.

- Hana D

BMW X5 Excellent performance vehicle yet multipurpose for leisure or for work.

2011 BMW X5 35i Premium

I love my X5. It is a great car and excellent value. This car is very powerful as an SUV but sporty enough like a car. I loved it and shopped around to get the best value. The performance is excellent and I would not change ever buying this vehicle.

- Andrea B

An SUV that handles like a sports car! This BMW is a dream to drive, both long and short trips. And it looks fabulous!

2011 BMW X5

I love my BMW SUV! It looks great, and it drives like a sports car. So much power, and great handling. Only dislikes are that parts/labor is really expensive at the dealer; but luckily I haven't had too many problems with it.

- Barbara H

It drives very well and is enjoyable. You will look forward to getting into this type of car and driving it to wherever your destination.

2011 BMW X5

I love my vehicle. It is silver color so it does not look as dirty and I can go longer without washing it. I love the way that it drives and the different features it provides. I have no complaints.

- Jennifer B

Overall it is a nice suv. Fairly reliable even at nearly 150000 miles.

2011 BMW X5

It is very reliable. The Diesel engine itself rarely gives me any problems however the exhaust sensor seems to malfunction great often. It's is a very enjoyable ride as well as easy to drive.

- Kyle H

For a Ford, it is very upscale, more like a luxury vehicle.

2011 BMW X5

Too expensive to repair, always has something wrong. I love the color, inside and out. Its comfortable to drive and when its not breaking down I feel safe. If is a solid car.

- Nikki S

Bmw x5 review. Bought it used. Love my car.

2011 BMW X5

Love how it handles. One thing to know is how much tires cost. These are specialty vehicles and therefore tires are speciland costly. Comfortable ride and lots of room.

- Monna M

It's diesel so it cannot use regular gas. that can be a problem when people borrow it.

2011 BMW X5

I love that it has some pep and drives well. It's very responsive. It has good mileage and I like the styling. No complaints except it's expensive to maintain.

- Irene L

It offers a very smooth ride.

2011 BMW X5

The BMW x5 gives a very smooth ride. It has lots of legroom and space for a comfortable ride. My one complaint is that the steering wheel is a tad heavy.

- Patrick A

It's expensive to do any repairs on it and things have broken a lot in the 3 years I have had it

2011 BMW X5

I like how it looks and how it drives, I dislike how complicated it is to get anything fixed, and it costs a lot to get fixed when I do have to

- Stephanie G

It's a BMW and it is really fun and nice to drive.

2011 BMW X5

I like the look of it. I like that it has a large storage area in the back. I like that it has leather seats.

- Susan R

It probably cost more than your car and it goes really fast Down the highway

2011 BMW X5

It is a great car if you have the money to spend it has heating for all the seats and if performs really well

- Rishab K

It's bad ass! everybody should drive the ultimate driving machine

2011 BMW X5

it is a very good looking vehicle. it has been very reliable and i would definitely buy another bmw


Reliable, Comfortable, great features and Great Gas Mileage

2011 BMW X5

I like my vehicle. It is comfortable, good on gas, and has lots of great features.

- Christina P

It is the ultimate driving machine

2011 BMW X5

Excellent performance the only thing I dislike is the price of supreme gas

- Diana J

I think that it's comfortable and good for long trips.

2011 BMW X5

It's comfortable, big, family size. Need maintenance regularly.

- Maddy S