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BMW X5 - Features and Benefits of an SUV with a drive like a sedan.

The BMW X5 is an SUV that drives more like a sedan. It is a solid vehicle that also handles well in the snow. The luxury leather interior is comfortable, smooth and classy. All preferences can be programmed on each driver's key fob - temperature and climate controls, seat position, dashboard lights, etc. Features like seat warmers, heated steering wheel, electric headrest controls all ways, automatic windshield wipers and more that add to the luxury feel. It is a reliable vehicle that hasn't needed any major repairs.

- Sara A

Reliable luxury family vehicle.

I love this vehicle. It is very reliable. Well made. It is sturdy and feels safe. The exterior is not flimsy like most vehicles these days. Solid exterior. The interior is comfortable. It has tons of features to keep you connected to today's technology without losing focus while driving. While having tons of features it is also easy to maintain and keep clean and looking good. It is easy to drive and park yet has plenty of room for my family and storage room for large grocery purchase etc.

- Marcy B

Great luxury sports car like SUV

Love how the X5 drives and handles. Like a sports car but with more room! I have the sport and premium package. There is a built in DVD player for the backseat so it keeps my kids busy and not whiny. I also have the 3rd row seating, it's very small but a great option for extra passengers when needed. I have cooled and heated seats and they work great. Have an issue now with the automatic trunk closing button not working, the trunk door is very heavy to close without the button working.

- Cody B

One-piece active kidney grille and trapezoidal exhaust finishers of the x5.

I really love my car which is pretty powerful. When you buy a car, you must check the car status and pricing. Talking about the pricing with dealer, which you can get the better deal. Make sure you get the clear title and good status for the car. Then, if you want to lease a car, you need to take care about the par and loan rate for your car. Make sure you get the lowest rate for your car loan or lease.

- Martin M

Best car ever to drive! Terrible for maintenance course.

This is the second x5 I have owned. The first was not the big twin turbo engine. I absolutely love the car however I have had a significant amount of issues with this 2012 including requiring a new engine. Total maintenance costs that have been done under the BMW certified pre owned program is over $49,000. That does not include routine maintenance of tires and brakes etc.

- Kristen S

Very good car with nice performances.

Reliable on the road. Fast accelerator. Lots of space inside. Not big money spender. Pretty much very safe car. Only problem there is with tail lights, condensation is killing them. You can drive it almost same off road, as on road. Were comfortable vehicle with excellent performances. Normal service and auto parts are in reasonable amount for this type of vehicle.

- Goran D

The BMW x5 is a great vehicle to drive!

The x5 xdrive35d has been a great vehicle in the almost years time that I have had it. I haven't had any issues with it. I perform my own maintenance and it has been fairly easy to wrench on. Oils changes are a breeze! The ride and handling are great. It even has the sport package so you can push the sport button for better handling/stability.

- Angela G

X5 interior frame between doors is peeling and flaking.

The BMW x5 is a very comfortable, practical, and reliable SUV. I have had my x5 for 3 years now. One strange thing I noticed is that the interior front door frame leather/material is like starting to flake and peel off. Other than this I the vehicle is holding up very well, with regular maintenance and weekly car wash!

- Eric C

Amazing speed. Smooth. Powerful.

I am a big fan of BMW ever since I was a little kid. I yearn to drive in that luxury car and watch as people’s eyes widen at what I drive. Great control and the speed is just superb. It offers a lot of what you expect for a $100, 000 car. Comfort, smooth ride. Cannot really feel the bumps at all.

- Blake S

BMW x5 is just great. Leather seats.

The BMW x5 is great. I have no problems with it, its very easy to drive great for all weather. Not only is the car great but the dealership to get it maintained is very good. Service is excellent. They always get what you want done. The car itself is luxuries. Everything about it I just find great.

- Sophia A

Great car, minor issues, repairs are costly though

Creature comforts are fantastic. Vehicle performs wonderfully. Issues encountered have been with the cooling system, namely the overflow tank cracking twice. Car has a terrible time with my iPod at times. Some cosmetic stuff on the inside (silk screens I believe) have worn off too easily.

- David S

Comfortable, hybrid and for every day situations.

I like that my vehicle is big and that made me comfortable while I am driving. Also it is hybrid so I do not waste so much money and protect the nature. It is almost new even though I had for 5 years, and I think I will use it for some more years. It is good for everyday and for trips.

- L E

Unbeatable driving machine.

I luv my x5! No problems. Just high maintenance upkeep, but worth every dime I put into it. Very reliable & good highway mileage. Seats are very comfy & roomy, just what I have always wanted! AWD, AUX what I use the most to play music from my phone. Smooth drive always!

- Carla G

Comfortable and reliable.

It has no current problems. It's very reliable on gas, I use the most expensive gas but drive 450mls! And very comfortable to drive. It has a lot of safety features. The only negative thing that I could say about this cry is that it's very expensive to fix problems.

- Gina T

Even though the car is fun to drive we feel that it is safe for my family.

Twin turbo engine makes driving fun and satisfying. Also, we feel very safe in this car- the brakes are quick, it handles great in bad weather, and car feels like a tank. Repairs are a little costly, but manageable.

- Sandy S

Everything is proprietary, even things like floor mats - read EXPENSIVE!

I like my BMW X5 because it's a nice size - big enough to do road trips but not so big that it's hard to take around town. I like the "bells and whistles" but I don't like the fact that they are so fragile.

- Stacy c

I used for it 16 years and it still works well.

The vehicle tends to have many mechanical issues and certain physical features such as knobs for the stereo generally break and are damaged easily along with normal wear and tear.

- Kelly H

It has great gas mileage since it's a diesel, and it will last a long time since I can put a lot of miles on it.

I love that my vehicle is a diesel, it gets great gas mileage for a SUV. It's comfortable, fast, and drives so well. I can't say that there is anything I dislike about it.

- Natalie M

My model is the 35d (Diesel). It is a quiet diesel and has a nice firm grip at the steering wheel. This is a solid vehicle. About the only complaints are that there are no backseat cup holders (not even in the doors) and there are no seat belt adjusters. As a petite woman, the seat belt cuts into my neck, so I put a seatbelt pad on and it's great. The vehicle itself is otherwise one of the very best I have ever owned (if not THE best)! My model year is the 2012 which sits higher than the newer models and I LOVE this. The steering on the newer models is "loose". I prefer the firm grip!

GREAT driving vehicle! Firm and Solid! Attractive in appearance and has been very reliable. There is a common problem with them ... which is the oil level sensor.

- Rachel M

It's a great make of car to buy. It costs more but you get the best product and service available. It is safe and worth the extra cost. It is good value for money.

I love that my car is reliable and tough. It does what I need and is also luxurious. It has comfortable, has room for all of my family, and my errands and tasks.

- Andi L

One feature I love is the button on trunk to close the hatch! So handy!

I love my car! It handles very well and is reliable. I like that I am driving a solid car. I feel safe. The body of the car is beautiful.

- Katie M

It is dependable and great gas mileage. BMW service is exceptional.

The way it handles I really love. It is comfortable when my family travels short and long distances. I do not like the maintenance cost.

- Natasha W

It's a strong, highly functional car and not so much high maintenance as people commonly believe

I like the sleek design, the prestigious look and feel of it. However I'm not so psyched about it's overall fuel consumption

- Essienawan E

Great SUV for small families.

Great fit for a family. The seating fits the need for children. There is plenty of leg room and storage for a household.

- Tiffany H

bmw 2012 x5 soccer mom sporty vehicle

no problems with this vehicle. fun to drive, sporty mom car, great performance, not great in snow but manageable

- mom m

it requires very little maintenance.

this is a grat vehicle. it handles very well. i get little road vibration. the economy is reasonable.

- cecil D

It is fun to drive and great for road trips and mountain trips.

Fun to drive. Good for road trips and the mountains. Has good power. Could have more back seat room.

- Sue M

It is generally reliable and is a nice, comfortable car.

Overall the car runs well. It is comfortable for most riders. Wish there was a third row.

- Karen A

Test drivers were impressed with the BMW X5 incredibly sporty handling, potent engines and composed ride

Athletic handling Powerful engines Diesel model's great fuel economy

- jack D

So reliable, comfortable because it is a luxury, runs great and never fails. The gas has to be premium.

It's luxury, leather seats, heated seats, has amazing features.

- Heather M

No problems after six years. still looks like new still drives like new. Performance excellent comfort excellent

Best Luxury SUV on the market. Drives like a sports car.

- Peter B

I love my car and I plan on driving it until it dies !

It's very reliable. It is a very smooth ride! It's safe.

- Susan P

Luxury is always a great way to travel! Extra always

Love it! Would buy another in a later year! All the

- K Y