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Comfort and performance for my BMW, it so amazing.

The x5's cargo area is not cavernous, given the exterior dimensions, but it is appropriate for the segment. The rear hatch is split into two halves — a hatch and a short tailgate. There's a reasonable amount of interior storage space for your personal items. The cabin appointments are first-rate, and the x5 comports itself well on the road. Few faults to be found apart from some extraneous noise, which is likely a consequence of the run-flat tires.

- Ivan Z

Not a good year for the model.

After went over 50k miles 2 warning lights came on for issues with the passenger restraint system and airbags which were not covered under warranty. Also issues with the tire pressure warning system not resetting properly. Multiple issues with the computer systems with this model that I did not have with my previous BMW.

- Shay M

This car does handle well in the snow.

We bought it as a dealer driven car. We have had nothing but problems with it. Random things which should not be wrong at this stage. We have had other BMWs in the past and never had this problem. Overall I don't think BMW should be an SUV. It's very sterile and not comfortable for a car we use mostly for longer rides.

- Ann B

Good and bad - costly repairs when needed

maintenance is costly - I've found preventative maintenance is the key. I love the way this vehicle drives. The seats are comfortable and the ambiance lighting is neat according to my kids. I love the app the goes along with BMW. It's also easy to use. Problems again are costly especially if you are out of warranty

- Caroline C

BMW x5 serves as a benchmark for the modern luxury performance crossover SUV.

BMW x5 serves as a benchmark for the modern luxury performance crossover SUV. It impressively combines the attributes you normally associate with a BMW sedan and then adds true utility. A wide range of engine choices and trim packages ensures buyers can find the right configuration for their needs.

- Alexa G

X5 is a good and reliable car

low stability, when peed feels vibrating, when you stop you can feel the vibration of the brakes. Use low gas. Sound music is perfect, sound is clear and accurate. Space is good and it accommodates six people. It is very comfortable, specially if it has leather seats. warranty coverage is good.

- Gustavo T

BMW very nice to drive, however may have issues depending on weather conditions

It drives very nicely and is easy to maneuver, however it has issues such as the air conditioner not working, the paint seems to be getting old looking (might be from the heat) and the seats are not very comfortable when you sit for a while. I do love driving the car despite the issues it has.

- Natalia G

The driving modes can be altered to your liking. You have comfort, sport, eco.

I love the interior, really slick and modern. The only thing I dislike about it is the lighting in the car. It is hard to turn on and very dim. It also didn't have the feature I was looking for, heated seats. But other than that, great car. I love the driving modes, so neat to have.

- Eldridge D

Love the big tires and the rims I have on the car and the led lighting insides.

Drives well, amazing stereo, handles well in bad weather, nice accents and details. Great handling, love the sunroof. Great speed, has fast response to pickup. Looks amazing, quality is noticeable. Love all the options,comfortable drive. Great turing radio is feel safe. Driving.

- Christine C

The good and bad of the x5.

I love how large it is. I do not like that the screen is not touch screen. Haven't had many issues so far and maint is free which is nice. It is not made for short people for me at 5 ft so a little uncomfortable at times. Love that speed is digital. Very spacious and nice.

- Heidi H

BMW Sport Utility Reviews

Very reliable. Drive is very stable. I feel like I'm hugging the road. It's very luxurious and comfortable. I love the display on the dash. The steering wheel gets so nice and toasty with the cold weather package as do the seats. And I love how large the trunk space is.

- Patty F

The size of my SUV is what I really love. It is not too big and not too small.

This is a good size SUV. The car provides a very smooth ride and I look forward to driving it every day. The keyless entry is very convenient and it offers a third row seating. The seats are very comfortable and it offers seat warmers. The backup camera is very helpful.

- Katerina F

The touchscreen radio , etc.

I absolutely love my car, I am always comfortable and safe in my BMW ! It don't get no problems at all , I'm so in love. The features are totally amazing it has touch screen base and have a camera at the back of the car to see when you are reversing your vehicle

- Shelby V

The body is slick and smooth, the engine is strong, acceleration is great!

Amazing car, can do anything you need it to do! I've been driving this car about a year now and I have absolutely no complaints. I love the car there's nothing I would improve! The wheels are perfect for all terrains and the engine is an absolute beast !

- Angel Y

My car is perfect if you like the idea of an SUV,

I've had problems with the steering and with the brakes the brake sensor continued to go bad and kept saying brakes were low or needs to be replaced. Other than that I have experienced not problems of significance.

- Jeanette S

In addition to the elegance of the model and the brand, I really liked the power of the model, being behind the wheel feels that I could get anywhere with it.

without a doubt the brand is one of the best and this model in particular has enchanted me, has a very nice design and as soon as its performance I have no complaints, it has fulfilled all my expectations

- Gabriel M

The high quality and attention to detail result in very little maintenance costs other than routine preventative maintenance.

Am a devoted BMW customer. I lurve my X5 because it is FUN to drive, looks fabulous and is made of very high quality and attention to detail. Worth every penny. It's a special treat to own a BMW.

- Patti J

The car is very comfortable and have great cargo space.

The car is pretty smooth and very comfortable. I have run flat tires so there is extra room in the cargo area where the spare tire should be at. That is great for our annual beach trip.

- Emily L

Very well built vehicle. I have had a wonderful 4 years owning this vehicle.

I enjoy driving this truck. My first BMW and I have no complaints about it. Service department is excellent when I have a scheduled maintenance. I would recommend it to everyone.

- Kathy D

Vehicles have high MPG and fuel economy ratings

Vehicles have high safety and crash test ratings,more powerful and efficient engines, dual climate control, GPS system, internet-connected.

- Clarence D

BMW X% is a great family vehicle

Good overall vehicle. Oil changes are a hassle, but no problems so far. If I had to get a new vehicle, I might get another X5

- Adam H

Very durable and reliable.

So far, a very reliable source of transportation. Great on mileage usage and fuel efficiency. Prompt ahead if service needed.

- Shantol G

Another great sporty SUV.

Great vehicle, sporty, comfortable, and drives well. Have had no issues and this is the 4th x5 I have owned. Great vehicle.

- David R

Run flat tires so if your tire pops it won't go down.

My car is super stylish and drives very smooth on the road. I don't feel any bumps as I drive which is something I love.

- luba v

The way it drives. It is smooth and quiet.

Most comfortable driving car I have ever had. I love everything about my car and would highly recommend it to anyone!

- Kelley C

Comfortable luxurious smooth ride

Car is perfect size to park but comfortable as well. It has many luxury features. The ride is smooth. It looks nice.

- Lisa M

the car is so comfortable and has a nice look to it.

i love the way my car looks, the comfort, and technology. It is a quality vehicle that should last me a long time.

- kate b

Bmw x5 the car you need for anything

My car has good performance under any weather condition, it has gps build in. Bmw has good customer services

- tom y

They should know that my car is luxury and utility all in one.

I like the passenger room, which is quite roomy. Also, I like the style and overall look and feel of it.

- Marika Y

smooth ride, great look, wish the navigation system worked better

The trim keeps breaking. For an expensive car it should not be so cheap.

- Melissa N

Speed and performance Speed and performance

Speed and performance Speed and performance

- Mike C