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Holds the road and feels safe.

2016 BMW X5

Very smooth drive. Love how it takes corners. At 65 mph feels like 30 mph. Love the color. Love the leather interior. It's so comfortable. It's a bit high to get into, so if you are short not the best choice. It's tight on the road. No engine noise. Love how it has sport and comfort ride zones. Love heated seats and steering wheel. Love the moon roof. It's a great car. It is the only car I have ever driven where I feel like I am the safest and the safety rating is very high. I have a secure feeling when driving the car. It has GPS built in, so I never feel like i'll get lost in the car. It is already at 77, 000 miles and I have only owned it two years. Just put about $300 into it with this recent oil change, as it needed new brake fluid and new air filter. BMW service is very high end service and I am very happy with the service dealer I deal with. I am likely never going to buy another car that is not BMW.

- Kristen B

I give my 2016 BMW X5 10/10

2016 BMW X5 xDrive35i

I love my car. The ease of the drive, the performance, the reliability, the quietness inside the vehicle and the comfort all make for an amazing car. It took me two years to choose this vehicle as my last vehicle was also an x5, but it was a 2011 and the suspension was so tight and hard to manage that I was hesitant on getting another BMW. I wouldn't want to drive any other car, and hope that I can always afford to drive such a safe a luxurious car as this as I feel safe behind the wheel as well as confident knowing I'm in such a reliable vehicle.

- Kim C

One interesting detail I like is the heated steering wheel.

2016 BMW X5 xDrive50i

I am a loyal BMW driver. We have now owned 5 BMWs. One reason we love BMW is because it is the ultimate driving machine. I love the performance of my car. I feel very safe in my car. BMW does a great job with its safety features. I drive a little faster when my kids are not in the car with me and I love BMW's suspension. I like the features that my x5 have. The 360 degree camera feature. It helps me park better. When I purchase another car in the future, I am pretty sure it will be a BMW.

- Michelle E

My BMW car has good points and some not so good points!

2016 BMW X5

I like my BMW x5 but I do not love it. I really expected more from a pricey car with power. I do like how it accelerates on an instant. I guess that is why it is called a Bavarian motor works car. It can fly! The things I do not like are that you cannot close the hatch from the inside of the car. You cannot crank the car from the fob to preheat it in cold weather and it has no room for things like phone, books, etc.

- Cee J

Run flat tires should be available on other cars. But they are not.

2016 BMW X5

This is the third one I have owned, so I really like them. The car is reliable, roomy, anode comfortable. Great sound system and other features. A very important feature is the run-flat tires that give you the ability to dry with a flat, for a safe distance. I often drive by myself, sometimes at night, on a two to three hour trip. I feel much safer in this car.

- Gwen W

Just my opinion is my car BMW 2016 x5.

2016 BMW X5 Base

If you need a luxury midsize SUV that seats up to seven, but you still want to enjoy your time behind the wheel, consider the BMW x5. It has powerful engines, engaging driving dynamics, and comfortable seats in the first two rows. Performance is best & also best comfortable, features high quality. Overall BMW is the then other cars.

- James L

Great car that inspires confidence while driving.

2016 BMW X5 xDrive35d

Very comfortable driving experience. The seat is easily adjustable and great to sit in, console is easy to use and navigate. Plenty of legroom for passengers and enough storage for road trips and vacations. Looks great and makes you feel confident and in control while driving. It handles well in all conditions.

- Ryan H

Family friendly, quick, nice luv!

2016 BMW X5

BMW x5 is great! Awesome comfort, perfect size for hauling kids around with all their sporting equipment or taking families around to look at homes in the real estate world. The gas mileage is not as good as I was expecting based on what was advertised, but it is not terrible for being a crossover luv.

- Eryn R

Amazing everyday luxury car

2016 BMW X5 Base

My vehicle is reliable and comfortable also convenient for my children. The performance of my car is very well. There is a lot of space.v the engine is still at top performance. The interior is also up to date like the first day I bought it overall I love my car it provides for all of my daily needs.

- Vanessa B

2016 BMW is the BEST there is

2016 BMW X5 xDrive50i

So comfortable. So roomy. Everything is nice and sleek. Give the car a more professional look. Heated seats, Bluetooth, and six cord abilities. The sunroof is probably my favorite part! The car drives extremely smooth. I get pretty good miles per gallon, making gas not too much of a hassle.

- Michaela A

Leather seats, moonroof, sporty wheels

2016 BMW X5 Base

Great car. Love taking it ok long trips. Rides so smoothly and very comfortable. There is plenty of room for the family the pets and all the luggage. It is excellent on gas and has some great features like leather seats and a sunroof. The wheels are very nice looking. Gives it a sporty look

- Jill E

it is very well made with the highest quality materials, and is equipped with lots of safety features.

2016 BMW X5

i love the styling of my car both inside and out. i love the power that my car has. most of all, i love all the safety features that my car is equipped with that makes driving easier and safer. there is nothing that i dislike about my car.

- nancy K

It is very well made and handles beautifully.

2016 BMW X5

I love the styling of my vehicle, inside and out. I love the power my car has, and the fact that the ride is extremely smooth at high speeds. Lastly, I love all the safety features that my car has.

- Nancy D

unique and unsurpassed machine I love

2016 BMW X5

I am happy with my vehicle is a great brand model color, lights, performance, unique, pure speed alone that sometimes overheats the engine a bit and it makes me a little worried.

- tristan r

It's a great vehicle to use daily and has all the space you need for a small family. Very reliable.

2016 BMW X5

I love the space in this vehicle, especially with a young child. It gets a surprisingly good gas mileage and comfortable to ride in. Love the look and get so many compliments.

- ashley B

This bus is a good road trip

2016 BMW X5

The engine is good and relatively quiet, but the fuel consumption is relatively high. This car has large space. Although it is an suv, its handling performance is still good

- Bob S

My vehicle looks great inside and outside.

2016 BMW X5

This car is safe and comfortable. I like it. It doesn't really matter how fast the car is the only thing that matters is that i can use it for what i need it.

- Yasmine J

i love my car I love my car

2016 BMW X5

i love my car I love my car I love my car I love my car I love my car I love my car I love my car I love my car I love my car I love my car I love my car

- Junior J

That it can beat your car in a street race. It's got a plush interior.

2016 BMW X5

It's at taxi cab yellow amazing piece of driving technology that is the slickest thing on four wheels. I love it like family. Gets great gas mileage.

- Dean V

It is safe and comfortable to drive. If you like bmws but need a sporty family car then the X5 is the way to go.

2016 BMW X5

I like that it drives like a sports car, not an suv. I wish it had an easy to use 3rd row. I wish there were air vents on the side in the back.

- Tran H

It has a lot more power than you expect from a plug in hybrid and it is phenomenal on trips.

2016 BMW X5

I have a 2016 BMW that is a plug in hybrid. It is very good on gas. I can currently only get 22 miles on battery so it would nice to have more.

- Patricia D

Vehicles have high MPG and fuel economy ratings

2016 BMW X5

Have latest technology to improve performance and latest technology for convenience and comfort. e.g., more powerful and efficient engines

- Jeremiah C

It is extremely comfortable.

2016 BMW X5

I like the smooth drive. I like that you cannot hear the motor. I like how safe it makes me feel. I like how small but spacious it is.

- Any M

It is a great car and is high off the ground.

2016 BMW X5

It is a great car. It has a big display which is great. It also has comfortable seats. It is very quiet and has good acceleration.

- Brad S

It has several safety features.

2016 BMW X5

I like the style. I like run flat tires. I like the cargo space. I like having free services for four years. I dislike the price.

- Paul O

It is very safe, comfortable and easy to drive.

2016 BMW X5

I lie all the technology. I like the comfortable drive. I like the acceleration. I like the interior colors and materials.

- Erin P

It is a great drive and a comfortable piece of machinery.

2016 BMW X5

I like the size of the car. I like the power and performance of the car. I like the color. I have no complaints.

- Rosh S

What’s important is that it is a safe car especially since we have little one.

2016 BMW X5

Just wish it was bigger need more space since we are adding to our family of 4 we are becoming family of 5.

- Lina B

My car is amazing and have an amazing color inside, so cool, modern and demanding

2016 BMW X5

well my car is running very well because I like the speed, the nice comfort and the quality of the tires

- Clarence M

It has all wheel drive and great handling.

2016 BMW X5

I like the all wheel drive. I also like the automated features. Also like the display.

- Trevor S

Like It's uniqueness and Its properties. Like It's uniqueness and Its properties.

2016 BMW X5

Like It's uniqueness and Its properties. Like It's uniqueness and Its properties.

- Melody F

It's a well made performance, luxury car.

2016 BMW X5

Very well made vehicle. Very reliable. A pleasure to drive. No complaints.

- Taylor K

It is on the top of the technology chain.

2016 BMW X5

I love my vehicle. It is fun to drive. It has enhanced technology

- Shawn d