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High safety levels. Great performance. Solid vehicle!

2017 BMW X5

Love this vehicle and the brand itself. Have owned BMW since 1990. Love the safety. The controls are effortless. Response is great. Feels good to drive. Reasonable gas mileage. Very well built. A solid vehicle. I have considered others when I am car shopping, but they do not compare. I would love to buy American. Still a long way before American cars reach the level of BMW. If you keep your car for longer than a few years, your car starts to fail. Sad.

- Dana C

BMW x5 2017 - a luxury SUV worth the price.

2017 BMW X5

It is an excellent luxury suv, drives great, no problems so far. It is really fun to drive. It is very spacious. It is an SUV but handles like a sports car. Great for long trips with family, especially with the entertainment system in the back with two separate screens that is if you have kids. A little heavy on gas, but if you can afford it, gas would be the least of your worries.

- Muhammad S

Very light, precise control, strong back pushing, sports suit is great.

2017 BMW X5

Driving experience is really good. Seats are comfortable. Requiring lots of gas. Nice looking on the outside. Sometimes a bit noisy when on highway or concrete roads. Automatic catch is really nice that you almost do not feel it. Brilliant space inside with lots of room, interior needs to be more luxury compare to the price. Overall, it is a highly cost effective car.

- Wei L

Feel alive drive a BMW x5.

2017 BMW X5

When upscaling from my Honda pilot we knew we wanted a BMW. The x5 still has enough room for 7 passengers, though not as much, and I also still have storage space. It drives very smoothly and has a lot of power too. It is luxury for sure yet not over stated. I highly recommend it. Go to a dealership and at least test drive one and see for yourself.

- Star M

Good looking and safety, the exterior of a car is important so is the safety.

2017 BMW X5

The BMW x5 may please consumers looking for a luxurious SUV with a choice of many engines options, including a diesel and plug-in hybrid. It is also extremely good looking and you will not feel there is a bumpy ride. The safety score is high too as there are a number of airbags.

- Tan M

BMW x 5 is worth all the money�s.

2017 BMW X5 xDrive35i

I really do not have any problems with my car. It is more than 2 years and I love it. It is my second in a row and I plan to take one more this year. I like all the features I have and may be missing one that I need on long trips. The best feature is a heads up displays.

- Eugene G

Nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say.

2017 BMW X5

Nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say nothing to say.

- Forrest G

It is a great car! Premium ride would recommend anyone looking for a capable SUV.

2017 BMW X5

It is great car. Has good performance no serious issues and premium ride experience. Handles tough rides with ease and cabin is quiet and pickup is great. Definitely would 10/10 recommend for everything and comes with all technology advancements that you would expect.

- Eli A

Expensive to maintain vehicle.

2017 BMW X5

Like: room, engine, solid vehicle.. Do not like: a/c vents are too small and do not adjust well, trim tends to wear easily, do not like the run flat tires as they have to be replaced every 20,000 miles and are expensive, servicing a BMW is too expensive..

- Ronald S

Maintenance of the car can be a hassle,

2017 BMW X5

The car is beautiful; it is extremely comfortable and looks great, inside and out. I love that there are three different settings for the car so you can really control how you want to drive it. I don't really have any complaints on the car.

- Martha T

It has integrated smart technology that helps it connect to my phone and house.

2017 BMW X5

I love all the features it has. It has a built in smart system so it connects to my house and I can control everything in it. It also has self diagnosis and digital gauges that I can switch to different data points.

- james g

My BMW is stylish and safe and has room for the kids while having everything an adult would want.

2017 BMW X5

I love that it has every feature possible. Best features are back up camera, heated seated and great entertainment console. It has a big tank so I only fill up once a week and the inside is roomy and spacious

- Stacy E

It is a fine luxury car and I have not lost any passenger space. I can accomodate 5 comfortably and two small kids in the rear two jumper seats.

2017 BMW X5

This is a new vehicle to me. I was driving a Honda Pilot before it. This is a big improvement. Smooth clean ride in luxury. It is new so no complaints.

- starla m

I average about 1000 miles per tank of gas thanks to my hybrid model!

2017 BMW X5

My SUV is a hybrid model, so I get great gas mileage! The transition from gas to electric while driving is smooth, so the car drives really well.

- Tracy J

Powerful but usable on an everyday basis.

2017 BMW X5

Its a strong, fast, and powerful car. Yet it is expensive, and the brakes sound like a bus. It's a good family car and the sound system is ok.

- Kyle B

It has won safety awards great fuel mileage has front and back cameras

2017 BMW X5

It has great safety features it's comfortable and very stylish it's sporty has awards it's a automatic goes fast has front and rear camera

- Serena H

It really is an ultimate driving machine.

2017 BMW X5

I love the comfort and power of my vehicle. It has great steering, a sunroof and vented seats. My only complaint is how expensive it was.

- Tara H

The BMW X5 is a leader in the luxury class. It offers a smooth ride and handles extremely well.

2017 BMW X5

There are many blind spots. I miss having keyless entry and some other features. I also wish there were rear temperature controls.

- Liz B

it can be oil change like other simple things

2017 BMW X5

I really like my car I do not see any problem especially in an excellent car, for now I have no complaints I like the brand bmw

- jose A

Nice riding, very good on gas, very good looking and safe car.

2017 BMW X5

I love the gas mileage. I love the maintenance plan. I love how it looks. It is a great vehicle, very comfortable and clean.

- John M

Like how smooth the ride is and the new technology in the car. Sometimes the seat doesn't adjust to the driver when creating settings.

2017 BMW X5

The BMW has a lot of features. One would say that the ride is very smooth and is also a stylish car driving on the streets.

- Ramal Y

Dependable car with great warranty and roadside service.

2017 BMW X5

The features such as overhead camera views, dashboard/window displaying speed. Only complaint is not having seat coolers.

- Amy H

Style as I have chosen a specific color also the ride is so awesome

2017 BMW X5

I like bmw a lot they have sporty ride. Definitely not for one who loves smooth ride. Like x3 more due to trunk setup

- Abhishek A

Very luxurious ride. But has plenty of power and bad weather capabilities

2017 BMW X5

no problems. Comfortable ride, great in snow. Large cargo area. Xdrive system is top notch. quick acceleration

- Andrew C

it is a very nice car i really enjoy it

2017 BMW X5

my car is a very fast and easy to drive, it has a very good performance and it is very comfortable and reliable

- james j

Heated steering wheel- heavy ride, quite & smooth.

2017 BMW X5

None! Love this car- no problems yet. Had owned older models in the past and eventually repairs can be costly.

- Hannah H

It is very fast and has very nice models

2017 BMW X5

the car is very elbow has a lot of speed and is easier to handle I recommend it for people who like the speed

- Brian E

it's a car connected to the internet, it makes trips more entertaining

2017 BMW X5

I like it because it is modern, safe, from a recognized brand, it makes my daily life a bit easier

- Paige S

Safety and power and great performance.

2017 BMW X5

It is safe and powerful. It's color is very good. It causes a little noise when driving.

- Jonathan K

Best choice if you want a fun luxurious sports car

2017 BMW X5

The design is amazing and drives well. Handles beautifully and the torque is incredible

- Stella S

Available in electric hybrid, which increases gas mileage above most comparable SUVs.

2017 BMW X5

Great ride. Upgraded interior is beautiful. Electric hybrid is good for gas mileage.

- Jen W

The fuel efficiency of this hybrid model is excellent.

2017 BMW X5

Great style. View of the road is excellent. Quiet ride. Comfortable seats.

- Jay G

It is very innovative and fast,and it is also a very comfortable car

2017 BMW X5

I like how it looks and it is very nice driving it on the road

- Peter S

style and precision and luxury

2017 BMW X5

great style and precision in driving, lot of safety features


They security Is they mostró important. Because Is very amazing and very powerful

2017 BMW X5

Is very amazing me very comfortable. Nothing dislike.

- Patrick M

It's very spacious and has lots of trunk space

2017 BMW X5

I love it because it's so roomy. Fits all my needs

- Yen C