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The 2018 BMW X6 is a fastback SUV in three main configurations

The 2018 BMW X6 features a standard rearview camera and an updated iDrive system. The rest of the vehicle remains the same. The 2018 BMW X6 is a fastback SUV in three main configurations. The X6 sDrive35i has a turbocharged six-cylinder engine (300 horsepower, 300 pound-feet of torque) and rear-wheel drive. The xDrive35i has the same engine but with all-wheel drive. At the top of the range is the all-wheel-drive xDrive50i and its turbocharged V8 (445 hp, 480 lb-ft). Standard equipment is similar on each, and a variety of option packages are available to further deck out the X6. Engine and transmission performance are big positives for the X6. It's pretty quick for the class, and the engine and transmission are smooth operators. Unfortunately, the steering communicates little back to the driver.

- Johnny S

The X6 comes standard with stability control

The X6 largely shares the X5's dashboard and control layout. That's a good thing. The digital instrument cluster is crisp and comprehensive, with a rapid refresh rate that enables the needles to keep up no matter how quickly the vehicle is accelerating. BMW has created a vaguely coupelike feel with the X6's slightly lower seating position, but there's still a commanding view of the road, along with world-class comfort and support with the available multicontour front seats. The iDrive infotainment system has improved steadily over the years. The X6 gets the top grade, with a beautiful widescreen display, navigation, hard-drive music storage and an advanced controller with touchpad functionality.

- William W

The top perks of BMW x6 and more.

The vehicle runs very smoothly and has the ability to accelerate when needed. The car also has the ability to turn into convertible when the weather turns nice outside. This allows my family and I to enjoy the nice weather when it is nice and have a closed car when it is not nice. . In addition, the cars interior design is flawless and keeps the rider entertained, focused and uses the most updated technology to enhance all safety features for optimal reliability. I would drive this car everyday to work for about 30 minutes each way and have never had a problem at all.

- Daniel H

BMW the perfect power car.

I love my, I love the sound of the engine, the smooth ride. I have 3 kids, so I need something roomy and spacious but also powerful because I am a heavy foot driver. It has all the bells and whistles from heated and massaging seats, to a gorgeous panoramic roof, that make night drives through the city so much fun. The entertainment and Audio system is to die far, it feels like I am in the theatre the sounds is crisp and clear with a lot of bass. The rear seats recline, and the truck area is spacious.

- Andrea C

Done excellent good very good done excellent good very good done excellent good.

Done excellent good very good done excellent good very good done excellent good very good done excellent good very good done excellent good very good done excellent good very good done excellent good very good done excellent good very good done excellent good very good done excellent good very good done excellent good very good done excellent good very good done excellent good very good done excellent good very good.

- Cesar R

White x6 is fun to drive!

Interior color fades fast. There is a high gas usage. Very comfortable and very reliable. Fast and fun to drive. Can't always get phone calls but live where there is bad service. I don't really know what else to review, I have not had the car for very long. Only a few months. When she is clean boy does she shine nicely though.

- Lucas L

Nice car but little breathing space.

The car overall is nice. It does fit 6 people but my biggest issue is that even though it can fit 6 people, there's no space. You still feel cramped inside. Other than that, it's fine. I like that there's a camera to help you back up and see if you're too close to a vehicle or if there's a car nearby.

- Cassandra C

Just a little about my BMW x6.

I just got the car 2 weeks ago it only had 15k miles on it. My BMW x6 is fully loaded with custom interior. So far I have nothing but love for my x6 it is spacious for my two kids and fits all of my equipment it the back comfortably. If I start having issues or problem I will add it into the comments.

- Juan F

Driving BMW’s all year long baby.

Everything is great about my car! I love my car I have always dream of having this car. Now that I have this car I'll always keep up with it the performance is great everything I dreamed off.

- I B

Pretty conformable design and comfort

Very comfortable and attractive van to be in the city or make family trips, I quite like the design I would not exchange it for anything just for the following year I would buy a newer one

- Ronald R

It is a luxury car but I worked my butt off before I retired so that I could treat myself and my husband well.

I love the styling of this car. It is Black and the sport version. It was my dream car and my husband made that dream a reality! since it is a 2018, no complaints as of yet!

- Deanna O

It is comfortable and feels good to drive.

It works awesome, like new! The interior is lovely, though it'd be nice if it had better ac. The GPS, rear camera, and other features are the best part though. Hands down.

- Royce S

Family car, can buy use..

The space inside the car is large, the space behind the car is also large, the power is abundant, the fuel consumption is not high, the appearance is good-looking.

- Anil P

Most safest car in this generation with its technology

My vehicle is safe to use. It has an automated system that detects things in front and back of the vehicle. Most safest vehicle, critics and people say.

- Alvin S

is good car, is beautiful machine, fast and secure

nothing problems , is a good vehicle but expensive maintenance. have good comfort , good features, good performance, any problems but no to dead

- adam p

my car is the best I would have the same

My car is the best model that I could have obtained it is fantastic, comfortable, unique and the company gives me guarantee when buying it

- francisco f

Gas mileage & ease of use.

Love it great car a lot of space smooth drive great features a lot of space for my kids no problems with the car.

- Diane D

White, clean, and a very good car.

I love the looks and color of my beautiful vehicle. I love the size and the inside of it. Its my dream car.

- Ariel B

The sports car that is not for everyone,

The BMW x6 is not the car for everyone. It handles very well and accelerates nicely. Great for cruising.

- Bob F