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A beautiful ultimate driving machine!

2003 BMW Z4 2.5i

The z-4 is a great automobile to drive. The reliability is good although when servicing is required it is pricey. This car is a dream to drive for long distances. It is very comfortable. The tires are run flats eliminating any fear of being stranded due to flat tires. Replacing the tires is expensive. The engine is considered 'bulletproof ', I haven't had any issues with the engine. Gas mileage is good at 25 mpg/city and 32 mpg/highway. This car is definitely a 'summer 'car. The car has traction and stability management systems that make travel on snowy/icy roads hazardous. The anti lock brakes are very effective when needed. The convertible top is easy to operate. I had a little issue with other drivers who wanted to race. The road handling on dry or wet pavement is fantastic. There is a reason that it is said that BMW the ultimate driving machine! The scenes where you see this car doing burnouts or otherwise smoking the tires are false. The engine management system will not allow this. The car has plenty of power but it is controlled. It has a very nice ride and is very quiet..

- George A

Fast, agile and totally hedonistic.

2003 BMW Z4

The BMW z4 is not as expensive as you might think. I dare I say, you can probably afford a BMW z4. I'll start with the whole cost situation. The BMW z4, which is a fairly modern rear-wheel-drive 2-seat roadster manufactured by a company that knows a thing or two about driving, first went on sale in 2003. If you go on auto trader and search for a 2003-2006 model, you'll find the average asking price is just $10, 700. Cap your search at just the first two years and that figure falls to $9, 700. A sharp-handling, sporty, fun-to-drive BMW roadster, $9, 700 is a steal. The z4 is very attractive.

- Joseph S

Older car with very few miles

2003 BMW Z4 2.5i

My vehicle has a lot of issues since it's an older car. The front windows are not able to open and close properly, and one of them is stuck open. There is also an issue with the gas gauge, and there is a light that is permanently on that says to service the engine. The locks are also a bit of an issue, the key doesn't exactly work.

- Maya S

BMW Z4 great and fun car. Drives like a dream team.

2003 BMW Z4

My BMW Z4 has been very reliable. I bought it new and in 15 years I have only changed brakes and tires, my starter went out after 14 years as well. I highly recommend it for performance and reliability.

- Todd B

Adorable to look at, top goes up and down very easily. It does take bumps hard, which keeps me from doing a lot of highway driving.

2003 BMW Z4

I love my car. Only drawbacks are it is an older model, but I wanted it because of the merlot color. Found one with very low mileage. The suspension is rather stiff though.

- Jennifer N

It is a stick shift, and a lot of people cannot drive my car.

2003 BMW Z4

Not good when I go shopping need more room in the trunk... I love to drive it because it is fast and it is a convertible. On cool days I let the top down and ride..

- Anita C

It has a lot of room, bigger storages areas

2003 BMW Z4

Bad breaks, bad transmission, bad gas milages, the shocks go out all the time, needs a lot of work done, not worth the money i've paid

- Aspyn E

She's wonderful and dependable. So very much fun to drive

2003 BMW Z4

My little car is fun to drive and handles like a dream. She is very cute. And has little maintenance requirements

- Cat W

Beautiful and timeless shape

2003 BMW Z4

I love my BMW Z4's style, shape, performance and sportiness.

- Jean b