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Excellent car for small family.

This vehicle has been a great starter car for our growing little family. I purchased it from an older lady who took excellent care of it as well. I have had no major issues with it. The mileage is excellent, a plus as I spend most of my time driving throughout our country for work. Although, it is a little smaller than I'd like, but we only have one child at the moment. I accidentally neglected the oil level at one time, and it started to run a little rough, but was quickly resolved with an oil change. The only issue I have really experienced is that low tire light will not shut off, even if I have the tires aired up to the needed levels. My vehicle has well over 180,000 miles on it and I believe it has a lot of life left in it. The strong brakes are ideal for quick and frequent stops in small-town driving.

- Sabrina S

My vehicle is a gold 2000 Buick Century with tan fabric seats.

Considering my car is nineteen years old and has passed through the hands of many owners, I have to say that I'm impressed it still runs. The car itself is nothing fancy and the air conditioning needs to be charged about once a year but it gets decent gas mileage and the engine runs. As a broke college student, what more could I ask for? It gets me where I need to go. It's the perfect 'first car.' I wouldn't recommend buying it off the lot. I got mine as a gift from my grandparents. There also isn't a CD player in the car, so that's kind of a bummer. But overall, it's a very reliable car and I'm glad to have it.

- Name R

Me and my Buick and what a great value for the money it is.

Buick is a good value for the money, dependable, cost efficient. Lots of extra features. It gets great gas mileage. The interior is very easy to keep clean. The seats are very comfortable which makes a long trip very enjoyable. It has lots of legroom, the car comfortably seats 6 people with room to spare which is very important to us. It has been a very dependable form of transportation and we would definitely buy another Buick. In today's economy it is extremely rare to find a vehicle that is comfortable, dependable with great gas mileage and that will last you longer than the payments does.

- Diane B

00 Buick Century; My favorite vehicle.

I love my Buick Century. It's an older, big bodied vehicle, and it's a great family car. I had another one previously, and rebuilt the front end, so I know how to fix it should it break down. It's a very reliable vehicle, however. I got it for only a few hundred dollars from a private seller, and it's never left me stranded. I love driving it when I do drive, and it's proven to be a comfortable, quiet and safe ride for my son and I. My husband also enjoys driving it from time to time.

- Jessica B

Big and roomy. Drives nice and smooth.

I really like my vehicle. I bought it at a used car lot. It has been very reliable so far. With the age of the car it is starting to now rust. The rear struts broke while I was driving it and it also needs rocker panels to pass inspection. I also think it will need brakes and rotors. I imagine as a new car it was great. It would've been a car I would have bought new. I like bigger cars because they get around in the winter months easier.

- Bonnie M

It is comfy and smooth riding. It does have some problems.

It is quite old. It runs well inside of city limits. Very comfortable and smooth riding. It does need a new engine and transmission. The tires should be updated as well. There is no muffler on but it does give the car a rougher masculine sound and feel to it. I love the car and do not want to get rid of it but however parts for this car are not made anymore and it is hard to get it fixed.

- Gregory L

It gets great gas mileage, and it isn't rare, which means they're easy to find to buy one and even easy to find parts for it when it needs fixed.

I have an older model Buick that I definitely love. It is my first car, so I'm not actually picky about it anyway. Overall though it is a great car. It gets exceptional gas mileage and is nice and roomy. It has had a few problems, but it wasn't taken very good care of until I got it, and it also is almost 20 years old. I would definitely recommend this type of vehicle to someone else.

- Evan N

Buick century: reliability and performance.

It has been a really reliable vehicle..Lasted a long time with minimal problems. As. Long you keep up the maintenance..I.E...The oil changed etc then it'll last a good long time. It is pretty comfortable also and fairly good on gas. The seats don't get hot in the Texas sun.. The lights come on automatically when the sun goes down so you can't forget. It's really a good car.

- Nicholas G

: when everyone else's car will not start on a cold winter day, mine will.

Runs well for its age. Problems are mostly electrical or that of age. One window does not go up and the heating and air conditioning are hinky. It gets average mileage and it dependable. Which makes it a gem. We have taken quite a few trips and it has never broken down. As previously stated, the electrical problems are more of an inconvenience than anything else.

- Loretta L

Reliable car, good gas mileage, fun to drive

I love this car because it's very reliable. Even at almost 20 years old it's still going strong. I have never had issues with power features, air, heat, radio, engine, etc. On top of all of that it gets pretty good gas mileage for a car of its size. I generally enjoy SUV's over cars, but the size of this car is big enough to satisfy.

- Alyssa A

Buick�s are all around great cars.

This has been one of the most reliable vehicles I've ever owned. In less than 6 months, I have driven it over 30,000 miles and had little to no problems. The main issue that I've come across is that the control switch for the windows is faulty and the seats are uncomfortable, but that's all due to the car being almost 20 years old.

- Hali W

It's a overall good car to get.

It is very comfortable and it pretty reliable it has ok features its kind of an older car I really don't have and problem with the car I think it's a very good car to get around and for a person just starting to drive it's a good car to fit people in the inside is big it a fast car for its style its ok on gas not the best though.

- Joshua P

The Buick century is a good vehicle reliable but no bells and whistles.

The vehicle runs well and writes well. All the features have held up well except that cassette player which has not worked for sometime. There is hardly any rust for each year. Pretty happy with the undercoating. Parts for replacement are reasonably priced and we are overall very satisfied with Buick in this model.

- Tim M

An awesome ride that never fails you.

I love driving my Buick century. It is so comfortable for my back as I have had surgery. This is my 3rd Buick century, it is a very reliable car, great gas mileage & just plain comfortable out on the road. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an affordable vehicle to drive that is reliable & dependable.

- Evelyn C

Good gas mileage, drives and rides good.

Drives very well. It is comfortable to travel in. It does not use much gas. We have gotten good service with this car. My only problem would be the power steering pump is a bit noisy and we were told that the gm products sometimes are that way. I would definitely check that out before buying another gm product.

- Kathy B

Its an awesome car for only paying $500 dollars for it.

For an older vehicle, its a dependable car it is just that my serpentine belt needs replaced and all of my fluids need changed and drained out, so I can put all new antifreeze and oil in my car. Other than that, it is a great car and a steal for only $500 with one owner, couldn't ask for a more dependable car.

- Angela R

All vehicles need repairs

My vehicle is older and has many problems I give repairs pretty often my vehicle is pretty reliable though for the most part and I'm used to it I know my car and don't like change so I do appreciate it all cars need live some more than other but it is all truly how you take care of them and how you drive them

- Ashleigh S

Ethel ruth is what my husband calls her.

So far reliable. It needs new tie rods. Once done it will be fine. It is old. My daughter does not want to drive it when she is legal to drive. It will be replaced when possible. I hope that it continues to be reliable once the tie rods are fixed. It was an old lady car that was parked for 3-5 years or so.

- Janet G

2000 Buick Century review

Reliable vehicle but 2 window motors have been replaced. Currently the anti lock brake system is not working. Gas mileage is fairly good. No engine or transmission problems. Car has a basic radio in it. Wish it had come with CD or cassette player. Driver's seat is not the most comfortable on long drives.

- Moira S

Although there is bit problem. it's worth your money.

The brand i can trust. Everything is just fine. it holds up well, however, it appears that this year model was plagued with power window problems. The electrical seems to have evolved, now the left rear door is always locked, no power to the locking motor and the odometer area bulb operates occasionally.

- Kenneth K

Very reliable, comfortable and safe.

It is a very reliable vehicle. It is very comfortable and can accommodate my wild children. I have rarely had problems with this vehicle and if so they were very easily fixed by myself or my husband. It is a very safe vehicle built strong and no. Issues through the years except for regular maintenance.

- Ashley H

This is a very reliable car!

Although my car is older with many miles. It is still very reliable. The size and comfort in the vehicle compliments how well it runs. The check engine light is on resulting from having been issues in the past with the fuel pump. It takes about $40 to fill the tank from e depending on gas prices.

- Yasmin H

That it gets good gas mileage.

No complaints I feel it is a very nice and dependable older model car it runs well I do not dislike my car and this question is very extensive my car is great and I am glad to have a very dependable old classic Buick car I really love it I have put some rims on it and also painted it myself.

- Jacoby B

Comfortable and Low Maintenance

Buicks are extremely comfortable cars to drive. The inside is room and its smooth driving even on rough roads. There hasn't been any major issues. Things have been replaced over time, like belts and plugs, but that's just made it run longer. It might be old but it'll go much longer.

- Amy G

The car that keeps on going. Runs great for an older car. I'm happy with it.

It runs pretty well. There are a few problems with it right now. The biggest one I think is that the key sometimes doesn't work to start the car because it has a security device with the starter that is getting loose. Other than that, it's a very reliable car for how old it is.

- Ashley L

Comfortable, fits five, and drives smooth.

This car is very great quality for as old as it is. It has very comfortable seats and fits five people in it with ease. It has leather seats and the driver and the passenger can control the temperature of their side of the air vents separately. It drives very quiet and smooth.

- Abby A

My car is pretty resilient.

I bought my car used. Unfortunately the seller was not honest about all that was wrong with it. But luckily parts for Buicks are not as expensive. It has a lot of seating space. Plus the trunk can fit quite a bit. I love my car. But more so once I can get it working better.

- Ashley C

Hate my Buick way too much. Not worth your money

Even though the car is really good on gas, I've had multiple problems with the battery. I can't count how many times I've been stranded with this vehicle. I got the car as I needed one at the time and it sucks. At least the seats are comfortable and the heater world amazing


Great motor and great on gas.

Very reliable car motor is strong good on gas runs great on highway and city streets. I wouldn't trade this car for anything. I recommend to anyone that is in need of a car the Buick century is a outstanding and reliable car to invest in. One of the best cars I have had.

- Eric B

It's great on gas. Tinted windows and detailed color of Chevy blue

It runs pretty good just love the a.c it's great in gas and travels far miles and just all around a great car. Love my tinted windows and the radio of course laugh out loud but I don't like the leather seats it's just when it's hot I hate getting into my vehicle for sure

- Ashley T

Great Traveling Car: Great Gas Mileage!

Excellent gas mileage. Power windows have issues for time to time. Smooth ride in the city and on the highway. Ceiling doesn't last long. It is beginning to droop, compared to other cars. Otherwise, It is a great vehicle to purchase. Maintenance is not too expensive.

- Monica H

Summarize your vehicle or highlight an interesting detail.

We are always having to change the breaks and it is just an older car in general. Also it is very squeaky and the transmitter is always getting overheated. The battery has to be changed quite often also. But it's a car and it gets me places so I'll leave it at that.

- Sierra R

The shape and performance.

It is very reliable roomy very comfortable seats performance is great I like the looks of it and the gas mileage I would buy another one the paint on it is very goodie has a very good design for the body of the car the lights seem to be just where they should be.

- Ida R

She's Ready for Eternal Rest

My car is 20 years old and worn out, bless her heart. She needs new brakes; she leaks power steering and brake fluids; the driver-side front window won't roll up; her tires are almost bald; the turn signals don't work. And I won't even mention body damage.

- Jan B

2000 Gold Buick century. Sedan Great car for as long as I've had it.

Egr Valve and tires need a front end alignment bad. Tires are awful on it. But I love that car it's built bulky so to me that would help some in the event of an accident. It's been a really great car though. Take care of em they'll last forever That's about it.

- Amber M

Awesome Buick with awesome gas.

My Buick is a very nice car I bought it back in 2000 so it is 19 yrs old it is great on gas and the mileage is only 44,000. I have traveled to Florida to the beach 5 times and back home. My car is great. I would buy Buick any day because they are awesome cars.

- Tina B

There is nothing at all interesting about it.

My car is unreliable because of it is age and has been costly in the past and will probably be just as costly in the future. Maybe when it was new it ran better but now you never know what might happen. I do not drive it very often because of it is problems.

- Kathleen M

My favorite thing about the car is that it has dual climate controls.

Well, this vehicle is 18 years old. So it is got obvious problems. Needs new struts cause its "floaty". Something wrong with the motor that is causing lack of power and severe problems with using too much gas. This car was nice back in the day though.

- Jessica T

It is not the newest out there but it drives great.

Great reliability. Kind of rusty but it has a lot of scoot and drive to it. My grandma left it for me when she passed and it has been a blessing. It drives great. No real problems to it. We named it pearl & it is a girl car haha.

- Maggie W

This car runs like a champ with lots of room for a growing family!

The only thing I dislike is that it is getting old & I'll have to replace it. I love how big it is. It can fit a carseat & has a huge truck without feeling too big. It has also ran great with minimal repairs & issues. Great car.

- Abby W

The Buick Century has been super reliable and has passed every state inspection with minimal regular maintenance.

The Buick Century has been a very reliable family car for the last 18 years. It continues to get good gas mileage and the air conditioning and heater all function as intended. It is recommended for any family.

- Cathy S

Check gas and oil frequently.

I love the comfort of the leather seats. Usually in a vehicle the back seats are uncomfortable and not spacious, but the century is quite the opposite. I do though wish it had better gas mileage.

- Rachel H

The window motors go out often and they will not roll up or down.

I like that for a big car it gets fairly hood gas mileage. I like that it is heavy duty and has a large trunk. It is old now, needs lots of repairs, and has high miles on it these things I hate.

- Tammie A

It was a good car in Its prime. Buick makes pretty decent vehicles.

I am sure when this car came out it was a great car. But it is now 18 years old and has a lot of issues. Paint has worn off the hood and it has a bad problem with overheating and don't know why.

- Jessica T

It's completely paid for and does get reasonable gas mileage.

I like the comfortable ride when hitting bumps in the road. I don't like the maintenance cost which seems to be getting higher because of its age. I do like the body style which is a four door.

- earl N

That it is sturdy and reliable and not made of plastic.

Only complaint is the quality of the brake lines. It's very comfortable and roomy. Plenty of horsepower at my command. Not overly complicated, don't need an engineering degree to use the thing.

- Andrew S

It runs well and is reliable. I'd recommend to anyone

My car has over 225,000 miles and it's still running strong. It has been very reliable. It's good on gas and runs very smoothly. I'd definitely consider buying again if they opportunity arises

- Nathan F

My buick as old as it is it has not been a money pit like m y previous car.

I have had this car for three years it has been my most reliable car all i have had to do is change the oil, however a minor shortage on the power windows this car has been very good.

- tori b

It is very reliable no major problems.

Was free, and everything works on car. Needs new tires and is very safe for my children and I to drive in. Can go long distances without the worry of something's going to break.

- Natalie A

Gas mileage how many miles per gallon you will get.

It rides smoothly it's a little rough on gas its space in side. The car is great for trips good for passengers comfortable parts are cheap for fixing any problems.

- Josh P

Great all around all purpose car

Smooth comfortable ride, roomy up front, large trunk for storage space, very strong engine and transmission, decent on gas not too good city good mileage highway

- Mike M

It is a 20 yrs. old car and it run better than some the new car.

I have had this car since 2008 and I have little with, it run good. The air condition is cold. Other than change the oil and have tune up it still running good.

- Rosetta T

It is just so great It's the best car I have had in many years.

It's a great reliable car, never had any problems and I love it so much. It is pretty decent. Runs great. I bought it full cash for a decent price.

- Kristen W

It has a lack of power, but it does have a very nice smooth ride.

I like the a/c . I can't stand the lack of power and the window motors burn up often. The gas mileage is fare but it looks like old people cars..

- Daniel D

It is roomy comfortable and runs good.

I like that my car has air and heat the wipers are to big for the car it runs well and is quiet runs good I would keep this car for a long time.

- Debbie V

Nothing really. It's good transportation, reliable. It doesn't get great mileage around town but my son recently got about 24 MPG on a road trip.

My parents bought the vehicle new in 2000. I inherited it in 2012. My wire drove it for the first year or so then my son has driven it since.

- Douglas L

The gas mileage on it is lacking for the city and not having a window wiper for the rear window is a bit annoying

The car was in excellent condition when I purchased it and besides sitting and having low tires it didn't have any immediate problems

- kelly b

Its an old car, but it runs and gets you where you are going.

Rusty, old, everything is starting is starting to break, it is very reliable though, sway bar is broken, brand new wheel bearings.

- Kate B

It looks good and run quickly.

I like my car, it is good for me. when I first note it , it is blue and make me interested to it .when I touch it , I like it .

- Cristina T

It has good gas mileage and the body on it is great for it being a 2000

I love my vehicle because I feel safe in it. It is a bigger car and I love it. It only has 68,000 miles on it and is garage kept.

- Philomena T

I have never had an accident in it. Very reliable.

There's only one complaint I have and that my car is really old and for as old as it is it is still a good running car.

- Abbie A

Bench seats, low mileage, runs great

Great car 68,000 miles some cosmetic damage but runs great! Needs tune up and new water pump but those are easy fixes.

- Megan D

If can take care of it and can afford repairs once in a while, it would probably last a relatively long.

It gets me where I need to go. I love how quickly it accelerates and how reliable and precise the cruise control is.

- Andrew W

I have taken two long road trips in my automobile and was amazed at its performance and low gas mileage.

It has been a very dependable car. It is a comfortable ride and gets very good gas mileage. I have no complaints!

- Cynthia B

If you have a big family like me it has a lot of room.

Gets me where I need to go. It have 6 seats which is good for a family like mine and just live the leather seats.

- Heather S

Beautiful maroon with a silver stripping me.

Beautiful car, easy to drive. Nice ride. She no gets good gas mileage. The interior is very nice and comfortable.

- Susan H

It is a smooth and reliable ride.

It is a comfortable ride. It has decent gas mileage. The heat and air work well. However there is lots of rust.

- Stacy P

It gets me where I need to go.

I like Buick. I've had 3 Centuries. It's a decent car, but it's getting old and I can't afford the maintenance.

- Tabitha s

It is an old person's car- looks outdated but is reliable

I don't like the color- its white. And I don't like the fact it looks like an old person's car. It rides fine

- Laura M

Good gas mileage and easy ride.

I like the good gas mileage. Its has a good color. A very smooth ride that has little to no feel of the road.

- Taylor S

It is excellent on gas and rides smoothly over many different terrains

hard to get in and out of with a bad neck, seats do not sit well. I do like the looks and the gas mileage

- Marjorie O

Its old fashioned looking and boring.

It's a ok car, good on mileage and have only had a few issues with small normal maintenance and repairs.

- Sandra R

Runs great, even with high mileage. Buicks are built to last

I like that it is roomy and good on gas and easy to repair. Don't like that it is as old as it is.

- pauline d

The reliability with few repairs; very durable and makes you feel safe in case of accidents

It has been very reliable and not a lot or major repairs. It is a comfortable riding vehicle

- Linda M

It's dependable, great on gas and get ya anywhere

It's a dependable car. It's good on gas. Great family car and nothing I don't like about it

- Jade M

It's a good driving car. and it has auto start. You can roll down windows.

It is a nice driving car. I don't have air condition. But my steering wheel is tight.

- Marie W

It's dependable. I like it. It's not good on gas mileage.

It's dependable. Gets me from point A to point B and that's all that matters to me.

- Mary M

Always keep oil changed regularly

Like my car reliable dislike windshield wipers quit working

- Hope l

love the design of my car sleek and sassy easy on the eye

dependable easy driving no complaints easy to get into

- shirlene s

good mileage, nice construction, low maintenance, color is pretty, red

no complaints just love it all runs well good on gas

- Lee S