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It's reliable for a good decade or more, however, you will find that little problems may crop up after that point, none that will render the car unusable but some minor annoyances and quirks.

The car has not only served me well, it served my parents well too. It still runs fantastically to this day. The small problems I have with it have to usually do with maintenance, but two specific problems are ones I have tried and failed to fix. One, the check engine light is on perpetually, the car has been worked on many times from different shops to alleviate this, I've been told to ignore it and so I do, however it comes with the downside that I don't know when I will actually be running into some kind of engine problem. The second, the fuel gauge is broken, not the indicator itself, the mechanism that detects how much fuel is left in the car. I have had this fixed and it has broken multiple times, I've just gotten used to filling the car up full every time and since I know how much mileage I can get out of a full tank I just refill to full after every 200+ miles.

- Brad G

2003 Buick Century: A Good Quality, Reliable Vehicle

My Buick is a reliable car. It gets decent gas mileage, and runs well. I have the luxury model, and I love the leather seats. The heat/a.c. feature works wonderfully,and the sound quality of the speakers is good. It is an older year of car, which means it comes with some small issues. I had to have the exhaust pipe welded back together, but it was an easy repair, and since then it's been fine. My rear driver's side window motor broke, and I had to have it fixed, but again, it was a small, easy repair. Overall, my car has been very good, and I forsee using it for at least 3-5 more years.

- Erin T

Awesome car for Minnesota winters!

I love this car! I moved last fall and no longer have an underground heated garage and was worried it wouldn�t start last winter but it started every time. It also plows right through the snow. It is a great car for Minnesota winters! It has needed little work other than the usual maintenance things. It is so roomy and has a huge trunk. It is comfortable to drive and I love the dual climate controls as I am always hot so I can keep my side nice and cool. It has a large engine, which means great acceleration. All in all this is my favorite out of all the cars I have owned.

- Patti S

Very reliable, great overall car!

Great, reliable car! I am at over 60, 000 miles and haven't had too many issues. Both back windows and driver's side window broke, (something to do with a small piece attaching wiring to window motor), which I have heard is common with this vehicle. Replaced broken piece without too much difficulty or money. Besides that, a great car! Comfortable to take long drives in, fits up to six with middle front seat. Seats are not leather. My particular vehicle has a remote starter great for hot or cold days. Trunk space is also fairly decent for a car. Again, overall great vehicle.

- Nicole R

Dependable, good gas mileage. Cruise control, 360 window view, low blind spots.

The 2003 Buick century is a comfortable car. It has wide windows to see 360 degrees with low blind spots. It is a heavy safer and dependable car. It is a perfect car for a first time driver. Insurance rates on this type of car are affordable and costs to repair are also fair. The only recurrent problem with older Buicks is the need to have the ac recharged and the headliner tend to get old and fall down after a few years. Gas mileage is great for this car. I would recommend this car to anyone because it just cruises.

- Crystal J

Comfortable and dependable.

My Buick runs beautiful and is very comfortable for me and others who are with me enjoy being in it. I do not have any problems with the motor and it drives smoothly. The only issue is after all these years two of my windows do not work and I have to get them fixed. I live in a hot area and the air conditioner works quickly and keeps the car very comfortable in very hot temperatures, the heater also keeps me warm in the winter. I really enjoy this car and would get another Buick when the time comes.

- Barbara H

A smooth ride in a luxury feeling car that's convenient on gas and roomy.

The car itself has been very reliable. I have had ro do regular maintenance and very little repair so far. It looks like with 90000 miles on it the time has come to replace an oil gasket on the engine. Other than that very little maintenance. I have noticed that the adhesive glue they use on the trim inside of the car and a little bit on the fabric is starting to fail but nothing some spray adhesive won't fix. All in all I am fairly satisfied with this vehicle for the amount paid.

- Jeremy P

The 2003 Buick century automobile.

My 2003 Buick century is a good car. It gets ok gas mileage but is very slow starting of at lights which is a little frustrating. The ride is smooth and comfortable. All the instruments work and the motor starts and runs great. It is a dependable daily driver. Haven't had any major repairs even with it having high miles. Just do oil changes and general maintenance. It has large trunk space and can fit 3 adult in the back seat.

- John G

Custom wood interior makes it look above and beyond.

It is really reliable and has really good gas mileage. In the past 6 months I have very few problems with it. My only concern is my front blinkers go out every month or so. This has happened about 5 times in the last 6 months. One other small thing is that there are no cupholders in the vehicle, it is small but really can be annoying. Other then that I love my Buick.

- Rex B

Great for your child's first car!

My car has been a champ the last 4 years I've had it! It's good on Gas mileage and is just a reliable car all around. The only issues I've had was the Started going out 3 times but with warranty the last 2 times were free(besides labor costs). Right now my Transmission is slipping pretty badly but I've definitely got good use of this vehicle over the years.

- Ashley J

Comfortable old man car with serious getup.

The car has great torque and pick-up. It can get up to speed rather quickly and gets good gas mileage for its age. The leather interior looks great. Both back windows stopped going up around the same time. It seems the actuator is the problem. The car has a very low clearance and bottoms out frequently. However, it is a smooth ride and looks great.

- Olivia S

An always dignified looking car with unbelievable durability.

This model Buick was purchased by me, an elderly person, primarily for comfort; however it has also proven to be a reliable vehicle and has required very little maintenance. Although it is out of style and a little larger than newer cars, it is still a very impressive vehicle. The paint is like new and I have spent very little on maintenance.

- Maxine C

It was driven by both me and my deceased dad.

The vehicle is in excellent shape, I do not drive much its a comfortable good riding car and the model is no longer made. I do have a few things wrong with it that have to be fixed the automatic window in the passenger rear does not work and I am having problems with the vent for ac and heat on the passenger side. The car also needs struts.

- Claudia K

2003 Buick century, a solid ride.

The Buick century is a pretty good car. It handles well and as long as you keep it maintained, it is fairly unkillable. I personally have around 150,000 miles on mine and it still runs very well. You might, however, need to get some work done with the heater after that long, because the fan on mine is either on or off, nothing in between.

- Kevin W

Spacious, comfortable, reliable.

Very comfortable, like riding a couch down the highway. It runs really well, never really bring it into the shop except for routine maintenance. I had a brake problem a couple months ago, but it works well now. The knobs for the ac and heating system are kind of cheap -- they keep falling off, but easy to repair. Trunk has ample storage!

- Julia D

She's a piece of junk but I love her.

I mean she gets me from point A to B. It is a four door silver grandma car. She has a lot of problems, the passenger window does not go up if others are going up at the same time. The floater in the gas tank is broken so I can never tell how much gas I have, I have to go by mileage and sometimes that varies. She's a mess I tell you what.

- Amie T

Buick century 2003: faithful first (used) car lasting + 8 years.

170,000 miles currently on my 2003 Buick century. Very reliable car with decent gas mileage; ~30 mi/gal (highway). Comfortable interior. Seats 6 with middle front bench seat. Good trunk space. 2 prior accidents. Major issues include antifreeze leak, tire bearing requiring replacement multiple times (accident area), broken gas gauge.

- Taylor K

A interesting detail is that the cars heat and air works like a charm.

Haven't had any problems with this car it is a beast of a machine. It is reliable, heat and air conditioning works good. I had gotten into a car accident last year and the damage wasn't even bad it was just the hood was smashed. I would say the safety of the car also is excellent. I would recommend this car to anyone young or old.

- Anton A

Tan, comfortable, reliable.

My vehicle is comfortable and reliable. It gets me from point a to point b. I purchased this car in high school and I plan to drive it as long as I can. It is tan and has many settings on the inside. I just recently replaced and updated the speakers and stereo. It may be an old ugly car, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Skyler A

What a good car. My vehicle is gray and it operates really well.

No major problems with this make and model of a car, it rides great. This Buick is very comfortable and reliable. Buick cars are very reliable and comfortable to travel in. I purchase my vehicle several years ago. This vehicle has taken me to college to obtain my associate degree and my continues taking, me to work everyday.

- there's a V

Overall the engine is great just little minor stuff to get done nothing to major.

This is a good car just have a few problems with power steering line transmission line outer tie rod and control arms check engine light due to gas cap issue power steering hoses leak front brake wear can cause pulsation but other then that this is a pretty good car with the engine as long as you keep the maintenance up.

- Renee R

The Buick is the best car I have ever owned.

It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned in my life. I would highly recommend to anybody that a Buick is one of the most reliable cars and comfortable cars that I have ever had. It drives really well, I have had minimal problems and I have over three hundred thousand miles on this vehicle at this point.

- Dustin M

The boat in all its glory.

It has very comfy chairs which is great for long car rides, sometimes moves slower then I would like and upon acceleration sometimes stalls. And is hard to park due to how long it is. It has newer features such as a radio with CD slot and Bluetooth capability the radio also changes colors which is pretty cool.

- Randy S

Comfortable, it has all the bells and whistles.

I bought this car with only 6,000 miles on it and I keep up the maintenance. It has treated me very well and I cannot complain since it is a 2003 and it still purrs like a kitten and I still drive it. I stick to a strict schedule and have always have the oil changed and the tires rotated on a firm schedule.

- Alice B

It is large enough to accommodate 4 large people easily. It has a smooth ride and handles easily.

My Buick Century has ample seating room for all passengers. The driver's seat adjusts to the driver's needs with a motorized switch to the height, angle of seat and leg length to have a more comfortable position. It is fairly efficient on highway on gas mileage and is still a pleasure to take a trip in.

- Bev D

2003 Buick century is a great car.

Great gas mileage, comfortable, was cheap, when the required repair was made it turned out to be a great car. Has been reliable, always starts in the winter, nice handling on crappy roads. The newest vehicle I have owned. Power seats, windows, automatic transmission, remote door, trunk locks on key fob.

- Bonnie S

I like that my car is comfortable. Buick centuries drive nice, and they carry well.

My vehicle is a mid size sedan and I like that. I like it because it keeps my car relatively small, but it feels roomy. I also like that it seats up to six people. However it only has two cup holders and if you have to have three people in the front seat it has zero cup holders, so i don't like that.

- Cassandra T

It is an olive green colored vehicle and is wider than most compact cars.

It is a reliable vehicle, lots of room and open space. Great mileage and comfortable to be in. I have never had any issues with this car and it drives really well for being over 10 years old. I got mine in really good condition and I love it. I use a tape player for my AUX and the sound is amazing.

- Katie K

Beauty of the car lots of nice things my car has. .

Very few problems runs good very dependable CD radio smooth running car ac speakers play good power brakes work good the seats r real nice the color of my car is a lt. Gold nice I have power windows large trunk plenty of room cruise control my car is a special addition I love my fully loaded car.

- Karen R

Buick century, a dependable and comfortable car.

My Buick century is a well made, dependable car equipped with upholstered interior, cigarette lighter radio, ac and lots of room for its size. Regarding complaints, the car does suffer from transmission problems after a decade of regular use. This can be alleviated with regular mechanic checkups.

- Fred W

I love my 2003 Buick century!!

I like it for the year of what the car is, a 2003, in the current year as it is..2019. It runs like a champ. And with regular maintenance, it will be a great car for you. I have the usual old car type problems with windows, or whatnot. But the motor is sound, and the car has done me very well!!

- Jennifer C

I love my vehicle. And I hope you will also.

I love my car I have only had it a couple months but it is perfect. I have heard of other problems with the same model but I haven't had any issues and I also have the vehicle history and it has not had too many bad problems. I hope this car last me for a couple years without any problems.

- Kevin A

My first car, and also my favorite car.

Very good car lasted me a very long time. A few alignment issues but other than that very good car. It has been in my family forever, was my grandfathers and got passed to my brother who drives it now. Very good car definitely reliable and satisfactory with what I need in day to day life.

- Nick G

A Buick century is a good family vehicle.

Electrical issues but all around a reliable vehicle. Gets good gas mileage. The inside of the vehicle is very spacious. A good family vehicle. On our vehicle we have almost 200, 000 miles and as long as you maintain and change the fluids when recommended your vehicle will last longer.

- Brittany T

A great all round car for a working mom.

It was very reliable. Large trunk. Comfortable ride. Good suspension. Many people drive these. Easy to drive. Low cost for the many miles. I have 190, 000 miles on the vehicle. Repair cost is lower than many of the other higher prices cars. I enjoy the ride and the features are easy.

- Doreen S

The headlights are really bright.

I like the car a lot it has many good qualities like good high power a/c. It also has a sound system and makes the music sound better. It has lots a space to fit lots of items like groceries and other household items. It has great visual and power windows to see all around you.

- Grayson G

Beige 2003 Buick, smooth ride and great mileage.

It is conveniently size and rides very smoothly. It is a manual and has great cruise control. The only things to be aware of is it is such a smooth drive you may be speeding faster than you think and gas is still good but have to get a good amount for it to not eat up quickly.

- Imani C

The car us on 03 and still has low miles.

My car is great. It full power. Radio works great. Has enough power. Its a 6 cylinder engine. No problems to speak of as of yet. It has great gas mileage. The only thing I've had to do to it is fix the air conditioning one time. For its age the car still runs like it was new.

- Anthony B

Buick 2003 century white 4 door sedan.

Problem with axles and rims and front driver side tire always going flat. And problem with driver side electric window going down sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't like a short in wiring. And always has check engine light on no matter what I have serviced or reset.

- Tara Q

Good car. It is 15 years old and has been a very dependable vehicle.

We have owned this car for about 8 years.We bought it from my in laws who could no longer drive. It has had only one major problem, it needed a new radiator a few years ago. Otherwise, no problems, good mileage (28-30 hwy) and is a comfortable car to drive.

- Myron E

Comfortable and kid friendly.

It gets me to point A to point B. The odometer went out and my husband has spent a lot in fixing parts. Including radiator, Cadillac converter, water leakage is bad. But once fixed or works great for the kids. I wouldn't mind getting a newer model one day.

- Lauren B

They need to be aware of the suspension problem that could occur.

I like the way the car handles most of the time. Unfortunately, the car tends to have a real problem with the suspension. We are always having to get it repaired. Our mechanic says it is common with this make and model. It does get good gas mileage though.

- Lois J

It may look spacious from the outside but once the 2 front seats get situated the people in back have not much leg room.

I do not like the Buick century. It sits so low to the ground that I feel like a grandma trying to get out of the car because it's such a struggle. I absolutely hate that my car only has a tape deck and radio. Who owns cassette tapes these days seriously??

- Lori P

The title of my review summarized it's a great running car and is reliable.

Ever since I've had my Buick I have no problems with it. Performance is great. Reliability is fantastic, it's so comfortable, . I just wish I had a CD player in it and a sunroof. But other than that it's a great car. Lots of room for the kids to grow.

- Jamie H

A smooth ride, that will freeze you.

I love my car, it runs cool and during the summer I end up having to turn my air conditioner off because it turns my car into an icebox. Gas mileage is great. I use my car every day to get to school and work and it has served me well for 15 years.

- Kevin C

The 2003 Buick century is a great and spacious car.

My vehicle is great. However, it is very big for me, it is kind of like a boat. Also the rocker panels rust very easily, yet you can buy covers for this model so that people do not know the car is rusted. Also, it is kind of a gas guzzler.

- Rachel S

This make and model has issues that are unique to it.

I bought this vehicle used. Since I've had it, it has done pretty well, but have noted it has issues, that by googling it seems to be common to this car's make and model. I do like the car, and think it's age is the bigger problem.

- Patricia M

I love My vehicle. It gets good gas mileage and has lots of trunk space and a roomy backseat.

I have Had some problems with the rocker panel in my car. Some of the rods have needed replaced. Much of the repairs on my car have been general repairs due to the age of the vehicle such as fuel and brake lines, plugs, wires, etc.

- Heather B

Toyota has a very good reputation.

My car is safe because it is older and older cars are heavier which is nice. As it gets older parts inside the car are starting to break off. Such as the air conditioning pressure dial, not sure what it is called, and a mirror.

- Katie R

It is a very dependable car!

I have had no major issues with my car. I have had it for 10 years and I still enjoy it very much. The only one problem that I have had, is the knobs on the dash are plastic and they are cheap. I have had to replace them twice!

- Mary W

It drives very smoothly which is great for long rides.

I like the visibility at night of my car. I also like the mpg and turning ability that the car has. I do not like the cloth seats of the car and it is a bit too small for my taste. I also dislike the speakers for the radio.

- Rusty K

It overheats quickly, needs new tires, new radio & its expensive.

I don't like it because there is $2000 dollars worth of damage. It is a very unreliable cart to get from A to B, without having a breakdown. The car has failed me many time and has left me stranded on the side of the road.

- Samantha B

it has been a very dependable vehicle

Love my car although it is getting to show Its age. It has given us many years of good service and comfortable transportation. There was and still nothing to dislike about my car although It's parts are showing their age


It is very reliable and comfortable

It's lasted a very long time with basically no issues. It is comfortable. It is a 4-door car but still fits 6 people because of a middle seat in the front, very convenient. It's a little small for my needs right now.

- Cecilia F

If there's any serious issues that need to be addressed to. Which no.

Have some here and there. Just had to get tires put on. Need alignment. Normal things like gas and oil change but something is wrong electronically or may have a fuse issue. Cannot read empty or full, speedometer.

- Courtney T

Needs a new ac compressor.

It is an older vehicle and has ac problems but other than that with routine maintained has had very few problems. It is very dependable with a strong motor and great for a work vehicle and has never let me down.

- Kay G

The lights automatically turn on and off with the car.

I like that it is nice and roomy with a bench seat. It has low miles for the age of it. It runs really smooth like glides across the streets. The one thing I don't like is that it sits low to the ground.

- Jill C

Excellent vehicle best driving car I've ever drove.

Excellent car had for three years now never had to do any work too it so far change battery and tires gets great gas mileage rides smooth driving it on trips would buy another one just like it.

- Kristina Y

It's reliable and fits my family's needs

It's very comfortable, only issues I have had with it is the switch for the ac/heater is it gets stuck on heat on driver side of car, and the odometer doesn't work, due to a short in the panel

- Nancy S

I am the only one who drives it!

My car is very reliable and roomy. It is very good on gas. I have had to replace the alternator. I have maintained regular oil changes and tire rotations. It has been a very dependable car.

- Michelle P

It didn't cost very much to get and you can tell. It works but it's

My car is actually not a very nice car it works it does overheat sometimes to prevent this I have to turn on the heater. Every once in awhile I can tell I need a flush and it does a lot.

- Diana W

It is an amazing car... I'd recommend it to anyone in the market for an amazing, reliable vehicle

It is so reliable. For an older and less expensive car, it always gets us where we need to go. The maintenance on this model of car is not too intensive. I have absolutely no complaints!

- Nicole H

The car is really balanced when it comes to Mpg and use of electricity. It's very comfortable due to the size of the vehicle, and is not the fastest vehicle out there.

I love how much space the vehicle has both for people and for compartment space. The vehicle is a little long so if your not use to driving something bigger you might find it awkward.

- Ivan M

It's always been very dependable and easy to drive.

Very spacious. It has an extra seat in the front as well. The trunk is large for storage. Great on gas mileage. My problem is with the headlights they get glazed over and are dim.

- Meghan D

Gets me where I need to go, never had any breakdowns, Buick's seem to be good automobiles,

Older car, but still reliable,takes me where I need to go. Body is getting a little old looking but still shines bright after a good clean. Clothes seats,I would prefer leather.

- Charlotte D

Excellent car I would get the same kind again.

No complaints good on gas never had a problem with it. Got for a good price with low miles. I do not have no big car payment and this car gets me where I need to go love it.

- Kristina L

it is dependable and always runs - even thru the worst winter great gas mileage

i love how it is very dependable . even in the worst winter it still starts - even tho it isn't kept in a garage i wish it had a few more bells and whistles like a gps

- judy h

Make sure there is nothing wrong with the car.

It's not that bad of a vehicle but it go on a decent seed and gas is not bad I got to say if you need a vehicle get one that is kinda like this and you should be good.

- Bob V

Smooth driver and love the size.

I love how smooth it feels while driving on bumpy roads. It handles nicely. I like the large trunk. The backseat has plenty of space and legroom for my growing kids.

- Christy H

My car is names Elsie and she is a good friend to get me to the places I want to go.

I like the fact that my vehicle has been dependable and generally a good car. My least favorite thing is that it scrapes the ground often because it is so low.

- Terri K

It drives smoothly, and looks clean. It has decent gas mileage.

Car is attractive to look at...It has a comfortable ride, with four doors for easy entrance and exit. It has low mileage.. And it is paid for.. No complaints..

- Lucille M

It has a smooth ride. It saves on gas, has good gas mileage. And roomy

I have a Buick century. It rides well and smooth. I don't like the shape of it. I also don't like how big it is. Yet the space comes in handy for traveling.

- Leah L

Although it looks like a car for old ladies, it is the best car you could ever ask for

I love this car. It is very reliable and is very good on gas. I feel safe in the car as well as comfortable. I would recommend this type of car to anyone.

- christina C

This make is very reliable and a very good investment.

Performs good. Is very reliable and is very comfortable it has very good features. I will certainly consider buying this make when I buy my next car. .

- Roberto R

It gets me where I need to go and it's comfortable.

It's dependable and pretty good on fuel. It's a little big but the price was right. It is comfortable on the inside for both he driver and passengers.

- Kim W

People should know that Buick Centurys' can get you from one point to another. It also has a lot of room.

My vehicle is a 2003 Buick Century and I have had it for 3 years. It has a lot of room and gets me to where I need to go. It has great A/C.

- Megan J

Fun to drive and gets amazing mileage.

Safe car that rides well and can take the miles I drive to work on a daily basis. I dislike that the car is older and will not last long.

- Lana M

Unpredictable issues will keep you on your toes.

This particular model has pretty predictable problems I've found on googling issues. Wish they had got the kinks out before production.

- Patricia L

That it doesn't have as much room as it looks. It's quite a "boat" and difficult to park.

It feels very safe because its large. But that has its downside too. It is difficult to park. It also hasn't aged well. It easily rusts

- Samantha Z

That as long as its taken care of, it can be a really reliable car.

It was not very well taken care of or maintained when I bought it. Continuous problems. Leaks all over and windows do not work anymore.

- Sara B

it has got me a lot long distance to see my parents in the nursing home very important to me

i like i am comfortable driving it little enough makes it easy to park i don't like sometimes it breaks down and cost a lot to fix it

- patricia t

The air in the car only works on high.

I enjoy how comfortable and reliable my car is. My car's engine is great and can go for another 5 years. I dislike how old it is.

- Kain A

The Buick Century is both dependable and versatile.

I like my Buick because it is dependable. It is also versatile whether for errands, vacation or commutes. I highly recommend it.

- Fred W

It's very dependable.It is very well made & can last for years if taken care of.

My buick is dependable, comfortable & reliable. It has been in an accident but there was no damage to it. It is very well made.

- Barbara B

That it is my car and that it runs and that I am thankful for having it.

I like that it runs and that it gets me where I need to go without any problems. But it is big and looks like a grandma's car.

- Jessica B

Comfortable and good to drive.

Really comfortable but while going in bumps moves a lot up and down but going on the streets is really a nice car to drive.

- Hugo S

It's old but still runs well

It is old and bulky but it still runs well. It's gas mileage isn't great anymore and the lights in car don't work anymore

- Angelia H

Looks good. Comfortable for me. Probably not for very large or very tall.

My car is a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am. It is very reliable and comfortable. It has had to have brakes and anti-lock brakes.

- Michelle H

It is old and dirty but keeps on kicking

It has lasted for 15 years, but we have had to replace the transmission several times. It has almost 300,000 miles on it.

- MaKayla M

If you want a dependable midsize car this is perfect for you.

Never had any major issues in 3 years and it was a 15 year old car when purchased. Only some small rust spots to body.

- Nicole O

It comfortable for long car rides.

I like how comfy the seats are. I like the newer radio installed. I dislike how long the car is and the gas mileage.

- Randy S

Highlight the looks and model.

I am very happy. With my Buick there is nothing wr9ng runs great seats r comfy smooth ride lots if room Buicks rock.

- Cassandra B

Never buy or purchase one!

Sits Low to the ground. Mostly it has very uncomfortable seats. The windows and electronics have too many problems.

- John C

That is starts up every morning and is very reliable.

This car is so awful. The color is so ugly and it is a gas hog. The car is getting really old and I need a new one.

- Nick W

It has an engine that will last a long time and I know I can count on it.

It is comfortable to ride in or drive. I feel safe in my car. I know that it is dependable. No complaints.

- faith k

If you take care of it, it'll take care of you.

I like the comfort of the bigger car and the way it runs but just hate the age and constant small repairs.

- Herbert S

The car is reliable and spacious.

It is very comfortable. Very spacious.. I do not like the wiring is all jacked up and tail lights wiring.

- Brittany K

Great performance, comfortable.

My car is very comfortable, has great trunk space, and has had very little engine or performance issues.

- Emory V

Buicks are very reliable and dependable.

It's a very reliable vehicle. Never had any mechanical problems with it. I love the style of the 4 door.

- James M

Good engine. Runs great. I love it

It's a good running car it gets me to school and work everyday! I am happy I have this car very much!

- Kylie H

The car and powertrain are among the more reliable in transportation.

The car is reliable. The ride is comfortable. The parts to fix it are readily available for purchase.

- Aaron P

I like that it's a smooth ride. It's roomy without being too big. Fairly good on gas. It's been a good car.

It's comfortable to ride in whether you're in the front or back seat and it has a roomy trunk.

- Holly M

It is always reliable. The beater with a heater will get you where you need to go

It's reliable. It's old and rusty. Gets me where I need to go and I don't have car payments

- Damon H

Great gas mileage and very fast....great pick up speed

Really is a Pontiac but you did not list ….great car...wish they were still making them

- Robert B

It's bigger than it looks, so be careful with parking

It does the job of getting me to and from school and the store. It has a loud engine

- Mack B

I would really prefer a newer car. It is old enough that there seems to be something always needing to get fixed. I do like the amount of room inside. The seats are comfortable..

It's getting old and it is a gas hog. It only gets about 16 miles per gallon.

- Cherry S

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that is it is good on gas.

It drives good. It's good on gas. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Cindy H

My Buick Century is really good on gas mileage. It's a smooth ride. My Buick Century is spacious with a large trunk and plenty of room for passengers.

My Buick Century has a smooth running engine and is good on gas mileage.

- Terry T

It's reliable and it has always been user friendly. It's easy to operate.

It has been a truly reliable vehicle. It's good on gas. It's very roomy.

- James S

I love my car it is pretty good on gas no major problems so far. It's reliable big enough for my whole family.

They are very spacious and smooth riding cars. They also get good mpgs

- Nathaniel B

That it gets good mileage. It is well made. It has a nice body.

It gets Good mileage in town. It is easy to drive. It has good legroom

- Linda R

It runs well and is dependable to get me to work. It may be old but it is paid for and relatively cheap to drive.

It gets me to and from work. Very reliable car. I like the size of it.

- Jean B

That it may not be new or look pretty but it is reliable.

It is a very reliable car but getting old. It is rusting really bad.

- Stacy D

My car is an older car but it still runs great and

I like how it rides. I like the seats. I don't like the gas mileage.

- Randi J

Good size and power. OK ride. Bad longevity as they all rust on the sideboards.

It gets very rusty over time on the sideboards and underneath.

- keith p

safe & Comfortable Smooth Riding With a great sound system

You float down the road in the air conditioned luxury vehicle

- Greg c

it works and it gets me to where i am going.

very reliable. cost efficient. Not stylish. Basic looking.

- Raymond P

power windows all defective

it is too low, it is really uncomfortable, bad visibility

- DiAnna M

150,000 mile on this car and still is reliable

very reliable, great pick up, great gas mileage

- Robert R

Good quality car safe reliable

Looks good. Rides ok. Handle fairly well

- Bill S