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Backup camera. Heated seats.

I like the extra features - heated seats, excellent backup camera, sunroof, leather seats. Can adjust temp on each side (driver, passenger) and in back. Has separate back seat radio. It was a used car when purchases and did have an electrical and was determined to be a replacement window that was leaking. Water would travel down and drip at one of the electrical boxes. Does have a leak when it rains very hard, water fills in the space under radio, dealer cannot find anything. The other thing with this year is possible timing belt. Have not been able to narrow down if the issue for slow acceleration at times. Had to have transmission replaced at 167000 miles. Front bumper has the paint sealer coming off in spots, not sure if due to a past accident and was replaced or just a bad paint job originally, to fix would cost 500. 00. Front headlight went out and to replace it cost 90. 00 for the bulb and had to had to take to auto repair place to replace it. Some of the replacement parts are expensive. Over all is not a bad car, does ride nice on long distances, I just wish a little less issues since I still owe on it for another two years.

- Maggie P

The Prestigious Family Ride

The vehicle is considered a crossover. I enjoy the size and feel of the ride. It seems like a different environment when I am in there. The dash interior is nicely crafted although the buttons on the radio dash and environment controls are peeling. The heated seats are a wonderful addition as well as dual moon roofs. The vehicle handles very well in troubled weather and has a turbo accelerator which I would have never thought for gaining quick speed for the size of the vehicle. Seats are fully automatic once programmed. Reverse tilt mirrors and the extremely helpful reverse mirror in tight parking situations. The negative on the vehicle is the cost of repair. Take care of all regularly scheduled maintenance and your Buick will take care of you.

- Tara P

All the bells and whistles but beware

The Buick enclave had a lot of great features such as front and back air conditioning, sunroof, moonroof, built in DVD player, built in navigation and seat coolers/warmers. However with all these bells and whistles come some issues. The rear driver tail light has glitches and doesn't work and has to be replaced constantly. The sensors go bad quickly. The computer is throwing out a code saying the catalytic converter is bad and it's not. So again, while he has some wonderful features you have to take the good with the bad.

- Lora T

It fits a family of five to seven very comfortably and safely.

I like that it has seven seats to fit my family of five with extra room. I like that it has side airbags, which my previous car did not have, so I feel my family is safer in case of a crash. I dislike that the car seems to have a lot of mechanical problems, even though we've poured a lot of money into repairing as much as we can figure out what is causing weird noises, jerky steering wheel, delayed acceleration, air conditioning going out, etc.

- Cynthia H

2009 Buick enclave - overall, a good vehicle, despite power steering issues.

I recently experienced problems with the power steering. The rack and pinion had to be replaced at the cost of almost $1300. After doing some research online, I discovered this is a common problem with the 2009 Buick enclave. Many people complained of having the same issue with low mileage. I even discovered a lawsuit against GMC relating to similar issues. Despite being a known problem, GMC never issued a recall.

- Jordan S

Black, Shiny, Mom car, with amazing seats

I would consider it a very reliable vehicle. It gets the job done and is great for a busy lifestyle. I never worry about it not being able to handle a trip because it has taken everything like a champ. If my soulmate was a car it would be this one for sure. I will probably not ever get another kind of vehicle. Buick Enclaves are the most reliable, comfortable, best vehicles ever. 10/10 recommend for sure!

- Abby S

Good mileage and comfort and made in the usa.

A very comfortable car with lots of room. Is very reliable and has pretty good gas mileage with the 6 cylinder. Its convenient with a lot of the controls on the steering wheel. Mine is a 2009 and the leather seats in the front seem to have lost their cush, the padding seems to have squished down. I do wish it had the GPS in it though, but I bought it used. I would buy another one of these cars.

- Rose E

2009 Buick Enclave has been a good, reliable vehicle.

I have enjoyed our Buick Enclave. We bought it used in 2012 and have had minimal issues with it. We did have to replace the rack and pinion which is a bit of a common issue with our year model. Other than that it has mainly just been preventative maintenance that we've had to do. We have a CXL model and I enjoy having heated seats for the winter time and the backup camera is a nice feature too.

- Kristen S

Overall great vehicle. Comfortable ride and easy handling.

Overall good vehicle. Rolls backwards slightly at stops. Climate controls overly complicated. Decent gas mileage. Very comfortable ride. Handles easily. Lots of cup holders. It would be nice if the interior lighting were a bit brighter but no big deal. I like the spacious glove compartment and storage compartments. Heated and cooled seats are nice. I would buy this car again.

- Angela F

Spacious family car with seating for seven.

It is spacious and can seat as many as a van but it is not fuel efficient at all. The hatchback has very little usable space but the captain chairs in back are nice as well as the seat warmers in front. It also features dual climate control and has a nice sound system. Aesthetically speaking it is a very nice car. Mechanically speaking it needs a lot of improvements.

- Gigi S

All about price and comfort.

The Buick is a tried and trusted brand with everything you want out of a car/SUV/crossover you could possibly want. If you're looking for a cost efficient, reliable vehicle, then this is for you. The Buick offers comfort, luxury and affordability that every American is looking for. This is a awesome family vehicle or a beautiful luxury vehicle to hit the town.

- Robert L

It has a great ride! Lots of room for kids in it! When seats are laid down; can hold lots of things!

As I am 6' 3", the leg room is smaller than I would like it to be if I were to use it for real long trips. But everything else is great about it! However, like many new cars, the battery is under a seat, instead of in the engine compartment - that is stupid to me!! I have always been able to replace the battery - why would you put it under a passenger seat!?

- Andy C

This vehicle is great for long road trips.

The engine light is always on. Tires are very expensive to replace. The door handle broke and costs 500 to fix so that is not happening. Sometimes I feel like it's possessed. The rear view mirror moves by itself, then I have to adjust it when I get into the car. Sometimes the back up sensor goes off without any thing in the way.

- Kelly S

Best SUV of 2009. Buick did it again. Beats any others that came out that year.

This vehicle is well worth every dime. This is 2019 it is 10 years old and has 150,000 miles and still drives just as if it came off the showroom floor. It has plenty of room for tall people to be comfortable in front or back. Plenty of cargo space. I like the captains chairs in the front and 2nd row and bench in the back.

- Pamela K

It's a great family car with lots of room to store all your family gear.

The Buick Enclave is a satisfactory car. It's roomy, with seating for 7 people and plenty of storage in the trunk. We've had to replace the entire catalytic converter system, though. And it's still giving us some problems with the air engine flow. Gas mileage leaves a little to be desired but otherwise, we've enjoyed it.

- Sarah I

Interior is great but buy with less than 100k miles.

I purchased this vehicle used in may 2018. It is outside of it is warranty and I didn't get extended warranty. I have had to replace the crankshaft and the timing belt in 5 months and it does not like to go in reverse. I have to turn the SUV on and off a few times or put it in drive for an inch then shift to reverse.

- Tiffany A

A great large family car!

We are a family of 6 and it fits us all comfortably. We have twins so having storage room in the trunk is essential. Overall the performance is amazing. We have driven it off road, on long trips, and as our everyday vehicle. The only problem we have had is the catalytic converters needing to be replaced.

- Heather V

Great for family, very roomy.

I love my SUV. It seats up to 7 people and is a luxury vehicle. I love all the cool stuff on it and I love all the features. It rides so smooth. I will say there is quite a few things that I have had issues with and when we have to fix things it's always more expensive than a regular vehicle.

- Ashley D

Love the back up camera and view.

No problems, very comfortable reliable and roomy. Like the backup feature and great performance! Love the color and leather seats, great air system and heated and cooled seats.. No need to adjust seats as lots of room inside and leg room. Easy to clean leather seats and no stain carpet.

- Carol S

Comfortable heated leather seats, back-up camera with alert, roomy, great ride.

No major problems and has 92, 000 miles in it so far. This vehicle is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned and there’s room for family. It has never left me stranded and get great gas mileage for a vehicle it is size. It has a lot of acceleration for its motor vs weight.

- Shirley H

Two sunroofs ride nice and quite.

I love this car because it has 7 seats roomy.. The sound system is great.. Its starts nice and quite and rides smooth. And the woodgrain is a plus. And it has to sunroofs but only one opens. Gas is ok but it like filling up a truck. Its takes about 50 depending on the gas prices.

- Maurice P

The length of the car meets the need for 7 passengers with comfort

I love my Buick Enclave. It is comfortable, drives well in the city and highways. I have had to only change the oil and the tires. No major problem with the engine or other car parts. I find the price is right for this 7 passenger car. I plan on buying another one in a few years.

- Carolyn T

Cons of the 2009 Buick enclave.

We have had a lot of trouble with it since we bought it. Have replaced the transmission, drive chain, all of the coil packs (some more than once), all 3 catalytic converters, o2 sensor, struts, and the lift gate has been worked on twice and still does not work properly.

- Denise B

The Buick Enclave is jaw dropping SUV with luxury appeal

Issues with shocks and axel before 100k miles. Nice speed and good sound system on the cx AWD. Comes with the power liftgate. Easy to navigate steering wheel mounted controls. 7 passengers fit comfortably. A lot of storage in the trunk space. Can fit 3 large suitcases

- Theodore B

Reliable vehicle and great for large families.

Large SUV. I love having bucket seats in the middle row. It is great with kids. Some down sides I would say would be mpg and the lack of truck space. The seats in the third row do go down so that does help when I need to get groceries. It is really good in the snow.

- April L

Great family vehicle for those who don't want to go for the typical minivan

I love the way the car looks both on the inside and outside. The ride is smooth and has mileage is not bad for a vehicle this size. It also has a high safety rating which is a plus for anyone with kids. Only complaint would maybe be for more trunk space.

- Mr G

My back up camera has really been and asset to me.

My Buick is a very comfortable car to ride in and travel in. I have not had any mechanical problems so far other than a few recalls. I have a lot of extras on my car. I have owned it 4 and half years and get compliments from everyone who rides in it.

- Anne G

Nice car overall. But due to the performance issues, I would not recommend.

It is roomy and comfortable. There are built in DVD players on the back of the headrests. There is a backup camera. We have had issues with a drainage on the battery which has been a common problem for this year of Enclaves.

- Mindy M

I don't believe that it is a very long lasting vehicle

I like the way it drives and the shape of the car. I feel like it is not as reliable as I would like it to be though. It is a smooth ride, but I have had some problems with it and had to have repairs.

- Lisa J

Roomy SUV with all the features of high end vehicles.

The enclave is a great car. Gets good gas mileage for a SUV. It has had recalls for airbag sensor on the passenger side and the back hatch had a recall as well. Room for 6 to travel and use daily.

- Jessica C

My Buick Enclave takes care of my family of 6!

I love my Enclave. It is comfortable and takes care of my family of 6. It is reliable and performs well. The only problems we've had is the normal wear and tear of a 150,000 mile vehicle.

- Kurtis M

Great vehicle for the price.

The Buick enclave is a very economical vehicle. It is spacious and very roomy for the whole family. I could not be any happier to own the enclave. It is a must purchase vehicle.

- Scott C

Don't buy a Buick! Lots of repair costs for a nice vehicle it is not worth the money.

When we first got the vehicle it was great for hauling the family however, we have had loads of issues and repairs. I will not be purchasing a Buick or any GM vehicle again.

- Brad D

Review of the family car.

We just bought the car, so we have not really become fully familiar with all of its problems, but aside from somewhat low gas mileage it runs reasonably well.

- Nolan B

It's a reflection of me. It is luxurious but affordable.

It is the cxl model. I love the roominess of the interior. The leather is comfortable. It runs well but currently needs the back brakes done. Strong engine.

- Miranda S

I love the ride, but the back windows need to go straight across instead of going up. You can't really see when you want to get back in your lane.

The only problem I have with my vehicle are the windows in the back. You can't really see the cars you are passing when you look back to move over.

- Gwen J

It is easy to drive and very comfortable.

I love the way it handles, I love the comfort of it. I love that it is not to low. On the ground. I also love the heated seats and air conditioning.

- Darlene B

People should know that while I normally want a new car after 5 years, I've had this one for 9 and I still love it.

I love the features of my car - feels high end. Love the three rows, and how it has ample trunk space. I just wish it got better gas mileage.

- Jayme N

It has a third row of seats so it sits 7, and has TV's in the middle row. That's pretty cool.

The only real issue I have with the vehicle is that it drains gas pretty darn fast. I usually have to refill it at least twice a week.

- Jason C

The engine and transmission are limited to about 90,000 miles.

I like the space and safety. The bells and whistles on the vehicle are great. I do not like the maintenance issues we have had.

- Laurie S

It is versatile and safe. It's seating has options.

I love that it seats multiple people comfortably. I love that it is versatile. I appreciate that it is safe and classy.

- Tanya V

Lots of space to haul kids, groceries, dogs and more!

Due to the high miles, I have encountered problems with transmission, etc. I love the space that it has inside though!

- Amy C

It drives well and very comfortable.

I like the room.. I like the comfort... I like hatchback.. I like the brakes... I like the tires.. I like Bluetooth..

- Sonya G

Fog lights. Are cool feature

Struts on the vehicle always seem to go bad tires as well. Wipers. And it's loud nowadays ready for a new one soon

- Corey H

Smooth ride and comfort for all.

No problems. The navigation DVD to upgrade is too expensive. And the screen is too small. The ride is smooth.

- So G

It is very dependable. Stop making me add unnecessary words.

The blind spots are big. Ride good and looks good. Xm radio large storage area auto start heated seats.

- Katherine H

They should know that this vehicle is that it is very dependable

Gets me to where I need to be. It has a good sized gas tank but it doesn't have very good gas mileage.

- Joel S

It is spacey with a lot of room. It has automatic everything.

It has a factory default with the fog lamps. I like the space and the features it has. Good on gas.

- Dominique G

Safe to drive. Fun to drive.pretty to look at too.

Easy to drive . I like to sit up high. But the side mirror blocks to much of the view.

- Debbie A

it feels safe. safety is important makes you feel comfortable

I have no complaints at all. I love it. There is not one bad thing to say about it.

- jodi g

Upkeep is very expensive. Starts hard in cooler weather. Traction control alert is always flashing

Very roomy. Has a lot of maintenance problems. Too many alerts for little things

- Lynn M

Very comfortable seating. Air conditioning unit very strong. Great high mileage.

Very smooth riding car. Good visibility all the way around. Good gas mileage.

- John E

Luxury SUV worth the price. Not great gas mileage.

I bought the vehicle used. I have had a ton of problems.

- John G

very nice car it will last a long time we have 200,000 on ours

very quiet ride doors close well the ride is very nice

- sandra b