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Buick enclave 2010 safety.

I bought this vehicle approximately two and a half years ago. So far, the only problem I have had was a minor issue with the thermostat. The dealer I bought it from fixed the issue as the vehicle was still under warranty. I have had two “fender bender” type accidents both at approximately 15 mph impact. The accident damaging the rear of the car I did not even feel and it warranted a new bumper from the local body shop. The second impacted the front and warranted three parts replaced and left no injuries. The total cost was around $1000. I feel very safe in this vehicle.

- Meghan H

Large and comfortable enough to fit a family of 8 with plenty of cargo space.

I love this vehicle because of its quality of ride, classy appointments, passenger and cargo space, control of gadgets(gives driver a lot of control but also requires a learning curve). This vehicle wants to get up and go, one has to be careful of the speed limit (you do not realize how fast you are going). This vehicle is the more nicely appointed relative the of the Chevrolet traverse. Cons; do not expect great gas mileage, but one shouldn't when they buy this size and performance vehicle. It is large, make sure it fits into your garage without problems.

- Cynthia C

2010 white Buick Enclave - previously owned.

I really have enjoyed this car. I has aided in many far trips, carrying a car full of people and cargo. My car was previously owned, so I bought it knowing it was not in its prime condition. I have had some issues with tire air loss but I do not think that is a model issue. This car has been used for years and over long trips so I knew there would come issues. They are no issues that put me in danger. The comfort of the car is great, I think it is the best comfort in a car that my family has owned. I highly recommend the Buick Enclave to others.

- Eva L

Great family vehicle but lots of repairs.

I have a love/hate relationship with my vehicle. I will start with the positives. It is very comfortable and is a very smooth ride. The third row seat is great for transporting extra passengers while still having enough trunk space. Flipping the third row seats down is very easy and provides a lot if trunk space. Unfortunately, I have had so many issues with this car. Every time I bring it in I spend a couple thousand dollars in repairs. I absolutely love the car but would buy a newer version.

- Tricia S

Purrs like a kitten, drives great, love the interior, and body style, very roomy.

Loaded, leather, heated seats, electric seats, windows, alloy wheels, drives smooth, engine runs great, no problems whatsoever. Automatic doors, lift gate. Love the size, it is big holds 7 passengers. Interior is pretty, wood grain trim, seats are comfortable, lots of legroom, love the car, looks good, runs good, would recommend one to anyone and will buy another one more than likely. Great car, love it recommend it.

- Kim O

Will never purchase another Buick

I have had 4 recalls. I have taken this car in for warranty repair 5 times, and 3 of the 5 times, Buick dealership gave me difficulties in correcting these issues. What is the purpose of a warranty? To date, I have paid $1500 out of pocket for air conditioning issues, that still can not be resolved. I will never buy another Buick because they have not honored their warranty and do not respect customer service.

- Denise C

2010 Buick enclave still running over 100,000 miles.

I am well over 100,000 miles now and my Buick is still going strong. There have been no major issues other than the air conditioning which was still covered under warranty and fixed easily. Being in Florida, the a/c in my car is run almost year round so this problem wasn't a surprise. I love the roominess and comfort my Buick provides - plenty of room for kids, their friends, and all of their belongings.

- Beverly B

Amazing car for my little family.

I love my car. It is perfect for my little family. Just enough space but not to small. The kids love the DVD player on long trips. I personally love the reverse cameras and the heated seats. The GPS is amazing on trips instead of looking at your phone the whole time. My favorite feature is the USB plug in on the middle console which connects to the radios to play music.

- Brittany W

My Buick enclave is amazing and so glad to have found it.

Need to use top tier fuel. This will help your engine and give you better gas mileage. Love so many things about the function of my enclave. Car seats for the grandkids are easily installed and uninstalled. Second row seats lay flat helping with cargo loading and unloading. The heated/cooled front seats are great year around. They help with long road trips as well.

- Beverly C

My family and I absolutely love our Buick enclave!

I love my enclave! It has a dual moonroof, navigation, 2nd row bucket seats, 3rd row bench seat, folding mirrors, XM radio, the headlights turn when you turn the steering wheel and it is very comfortable! It is a very safe vehicle as well! My kids love it because it has a built in DVD player with headphones. It is also all when drive! It is great on gas!

- Nicole E

Love the room inside but too many problems. Many repairs have had to be done.

I bought this car 3 years ago and have spent over $10000 in repairs. Every time we spend a tremendous amount of money getting it fixed, something else breaks. It has 119000 miles on it and it's starting to have transmission problems. I have never been so disappointed. The only thing I can say I love about it is the massive amount of room inside.

- Kelly G

Safe and smooth ride for a family of four and a big dog.

Vehicle is amazing, rides comfortable and seats the family perfect with enough space for the family pet and other necessities. Haven't had any problems with this vehicle. Very reliable, gets my family place to place with no issues. Also decent on gas for the size of the vehicle. It is a smooth and safe ride and couldn't ask for anything better.

- Chris C

Functionable vehicle with a stately, impressive appearance.

The color if the vehicle is a very pretty brown. It has been reliable starting up in the cold winter days. It fits 6 to 7 passengers comfortably. The seats are leather and heat up which feels really good on colder days. It has very roomy storage capacity..The vehicle is very functional with a stately and impressive look to it.

- Kathleen C

very nice and reliable vehicle

only problem has been the air conditioning. vehicle is easy to get in and out of. is very comfortable and easy to drive. very good for hauling stuff. back seats can be up or down to make room for what you need to haul. like the back up camera and buzzer that warns that something or someone is behind the vehicle


It really holds up against the odds when it comes to your safety.

This vehicle is a very good car. I have been in a car accident and it held up and protected me very well...when I first got it, the sensor for the air was messed up but we got it fix and it has been good but you really have to keep an I on the sensors because it can really mess up your time in the vehicle.

- Sylvia G

Love being able to get a large object inside easily.

Have not had any problems at all! Very comfortable to drive and has plenty of get up and go. Love the room and the extras like heated seats. Have had the room to do craft shows with easy to fold down seats and still is good for the day to day driving. Mileage is acceptable for as big of a car as this is.

- Gail C

Family Focused SUV with plenty of room for cargo and passengers.

This car has plenty of room for our family. We live the captains chair feature, the entertainment system and the automatic lift gate. We feel we get great gas mileage for the model year and size of the vehicle. There have been some recalls on the vehicle, but Buick has notified us and covers the cost!

- Carolyn R

Luxury vehicle. Mainstream price.

Best vehicle ever. Roomy. Reliable. Attractive. Love it. Would buy another in a minute. Smooth ride. Tons of cargo space. Seats six people easily and comfortably. Great style. Best deal in class. Why buy Mercedes or BMW crossover when this looks and feels like a luxury vehicle for far less money.

- L F

Leather Seats, Smooth Ride

I really enjoy my car because of all it's features. It has leather seats, very smooth ride. Enough room for all my family and other reasons. Buicks in my opinion are very reliable vehicles and last a long time. They go into great effort to make sure your car is smooth, sleek, and affordable.

- Christie S

2010 Buick enclave: fun but deteriorating car.

Comfortable car with great leather seats. Performance is highly adequate with an enjoyable driving experience but, as it is a few years old the reliability is declining. I received this vehicle used and my previous owner took good care of it though so it should last me a good few more years.

- Andrew A

Captain seats available for easy access to third row!

Burns through gas SO quickly. Small trunk space when all three rows are in use. I love the leather seats and adjustable attributes. I love the captain chairs in the middle row, which allow easy access to the third row. Love that it is pretty spacious, even though it isn't a full size SUV.

- Sasha C

Buick enclave is a dependable, spacious awesome car!

My enclave has been a wonderful family car for us! The only things I have had trouble with is that the battery is behind the passenger seat and I didn't know that.. With buttons on the bottom part of the dash causes them to get pushed without meaning to. I love it though!

- Jessica G

Great car if you like the heat

Thou the vehicle is spacious and has minimal issues. Enclaves tend to have air conditioning problems. The ac on front passenger side is stuck on heater and had been fixed 3 times before it gave out again this time no idea why it's only affecting passenger front seat

- Alicia P

I think it has a stylish look and comfortable to ride in.

Very dependable vehicle, never have had any mechanical issues. Comfortable ride, easily accommodates a family of four. Features are adequate. Interior is nice and roomy. Drives and turns smoothly. Performs excellent. Again, never have had any issues with this vehicle.

- Lindsey G

It goes fast and the sound system is very good.

It drives well. It is good on gas. I love the room it has. Very durable. People like it. The color is nice. Got it for a good price. Tires. Fast. Good in snow. Nice ac and heat. Comes in good colors. Good for family. The mileage is fantastic and is not a gas guzzler.

- Dee F

I love the luxe details that Buick puts into their cars.

It is a comfortable, moderately luxe vehicle. The all-wheel drive and moderate size make it a nice year-round vehicle in the varied Midwest weather. It is a great first car for me; it has enough bulk for safety. The only problem is that it is not very gas-efficient.

- Kennedy K

It is red and it has a 3 row seater, it is really spacious and I overall like it.

It has the check engine light on and it goes on and off but has passed all checks on engine, it takes about 50 plus dollars just to fill up the tank. The car scratches easy and does not take fast enough. The sun roof in the back does not open up like the front one.

- Julianna W

comfortable and performs well

Have had issues with the HVAC but nothing major. Car is quick and I like the interior configuration. The blind spots between front seat windows and the front window is really challenging. The worst of any car I've been in. the car does not handle snow or ice well

- jill K

Functional family car/reliable

A Buick Enclave with captains chairs is the perfect family car. It is the perfect balance between room and functionality. It is reliable and safe. It is a good option for a buyer looking for something bigger than a small SUV with the room/space of a larger van.

- Laura M

2010 Buick enclave my favorite car.

It is been an awesome vehicle, easy to own- but at eight year old things are starting to break- like the controls on the dashboard. It is been well cared for and still looks new inside except when the ac control and headlight control fall out of the dashboard.

- Scarlett B

Very stylish with wood grain look on the dash, high end type vehicle with a very comfortable ride

I love the styling of the Buick Enclave inside and out. It seats 7, but the rear seats can be put down for more carrying capacity. The only thing I would change is making the side mirrors lower, because I'm short, they are in my line of vision too much.

- Cheryl R

Captains chairs. Easy access getting in and out of 3rd row.

Great for a family of 5. Versatile with captains chairs in 2nd row. Wish DVD player had come standard and was not an aftermarket install. The auto open back is a great feature when my hands are full. I am short but it fits my 5ft even height just fine.

- Jade P

A wonderfully comfortable ride

This Buick is very comfortable and has lots of room to haul items. The all wheel drive is wonderful and it handles very well in snow and ice during our Minnesota winters. Gas mileage is good and we like the look of this vehicle. We enjoy the sun roofs

- Laurie N

In love with my Buick enclave

I love the luxury that Buick includes with their vehicles. I also love the added items in my enclave such as heated/cooled seats, dual moonroof, DVD player, backup cam, etc. We have had this vehicle for 3 years and it has only needed minor repairs.

- Jill C

Other people should know that it does fit 7 people and it rides nicely.

I like the size of the vehicle. I previously drove a Suburban but was not ready for a 4 door car. I like the hatch bag is just push a button but it doesn't always open if I push the button on my key fob. I like that it can fit 7 people.

- Carolyn D

I believe it is a safe vehicle. That's the most important of any car

It is roomy and comfortable. It easily fit my family of long-legged boys. It is elegant looking on the outside and nice looking on the inside. It's dependable Dislike: Had a few recurring service issues in the last year

- Rhonda D

It is attractive and reliable.

The best feature about this vehicle is how roomy it is. It also provides a smooth and comfortable ride. It has Dual seat warmers which is an extra plus in frigid temperatures. I always feel safe when riding in this vehicle.

- Laura D

The headlights turn. There is heating and cooling in the front seats.

It probably would be a nice vehicle if it was not bought used from a crappy car dealer. When bought the check engine light was on and it took them two months to fix it only for it to come back on a couple months later.

- Holly R

Unfortunate Lemon Soon to be Replaced

Multiple issues throughout the past several year. Mechanics charge extra to work on it because it is so difficult to get to everything. The transmission is failing and will have to be replaced literally any day now.

- Ashley R

The most important thing is the mileage per gas your going to get.

I like the car overall, however it's hard to pick up speed for me and the interior damages easily. I don't like the fact that the second sunroof doesn't open or it doesn't connect to Bluetooth to my phone for music.

- Julianna W

That the enclave has third row seating and is very comfortable to ride in.

I like the interior and the look of the vehicle on the outside. The enclave gets good gas mileage for an SUV. The enclave has a comfortable ride. The only dislike is the lack of storage in the back.

- Dennis R

Great comfort in a great design - Rides like a dream

It has a comfortable ride and a great design. The upgrades, including the Bose sound system are wonderful. I purchased it used, so there were a few problems that needed to be taken care of.

- Laura O

It's roomy and very classy inside with the faux wood on the dash.

I love the exterior styling. I like the size and capacity. I dislike where the side mirrors are. I'm short so they are a bit in my way when trying to see things to the side.


It's very comfortable but failed miserably this year

I had been happy until this year. All of the major computers on board have needed to be replaced in the last 6 months. When it started failing it failed in a major way

- Rhonda D

The most important thing is that it's a reflection upon me. It says a lot about who I am.

I love my Buick Enclave because of its affordable luxury. It has almost all of the key features I was looking for. It is very spacious and roomy as it seats 7 people.

- Miranda S

Outstanding vehicle with loads of room.

This is the third enclave I have owned but the oldest. I find the vehicle difficult to park as the front end is completely out of vision. But overall love the car.

- Dianne A

Is very good on gas very good on mileage so very good family car I love it

It's a nice running car it gave me from playing a to be just have a lot of electric problems on the car other than that and give me around and I'm happy about that

- Shaun G

It is very roomy and a great family car if you want to expand your family and still have room.

It's a great car and very easy to drive. It also is very roomy for passengers and you can also put the seats down to put big items in it for travel.

- Kristi F

It's very sturdy and reliable with lots of room and comfortable seats.

It drives smoothly and has very comfortable seats. I love how much room there is override the vehicle. I also really love the third row seating.

- Maegen S

Stylish, good looking vehicle, yet is reliable and easy to handle.

It's a stylish vehicle, comfortable, easy to handle and seats 7. Backing up for me is the hardest thing. It's been a reliable vehicle for us.

- Janet H

Reliable and comfortable has plenty of room for family.

I like that it's roomy. I like that it drives well. I don't like the fact that it doesn't have any phone chargers in it, my last one did.

- Phyllis B

It has a lot of legroom , the middle seats recline and slide forward and back

Love that it has 3rd row seating, sunroof and a moonroof. Very family friendly. Can get the kids in and out easily. Lots of legroom

- Amy W

Smooth ride, luxury look!

My car is really nice and sophisticated. Its fairly new to me so I haven't ran into many problems. It's a smooth comfortable ride.

- Trinicka H

It is very versatile and has lots of options for travel or every day use

I love the 3rd seat option yet I can put it down for travel and shopping. It is pretty good on gas mileage for a larger vehicle.

- Amy M

It has been very dependable.

It is very comfortable, gives a good view of the road, had had very few minor problems, is spacious and can hold large items.

- Michelle K

Great for a family that travels. Lots of room and a smooth ride!

I love the size of my vehicle. It has captain seats for the 2nd row and a third row. It is perfect fo a family that travels!

- Staci C

It has 4 wheel drive and that's a must in winter.

It has a nice smooth ride. I have not had any complications. Free oil changes and very comfortable to sit in for road trips.

- Trisha A

That it is a great car sans a few dings

I like the size, three rows can throw a lot in there. The leather interior makes it luxury. Driving is smooth.

- Cathy L

It is very powerful and well made. We have never had car trouble, since we bought it.

Like how quietly it rides and how we have never had car trouble since we bought it and it still looks stylish.

- Donna B

It's luxurious and very well fitted for a family

I love the interior of the vehicle. Also the space available for a family and traveling is great.

- Andrew e

I love the third row. I love the bucket seats. I love the quiet ride.

This car is very spacious, it fits 2 adult kids and an 11 yo with grocery. I love my car!!

- Latoya M

Has three rows of seats that seat eight people.

Lots of room, sits 8, rides smoothly, good performance, decent gas mileage.

- Les L

The air conditioner really doesn't cool until it's driving (moving at a speed faster than 15 mph or so.

It's too big, seats aren't very comfortable, air isn't cool until driving

- Stacey S

7 passenger full 3rd row with 3 seats and 2 captains chairs for the 2nd row

I love the seating for 7 and the set up. I don't like the blind spots.

- Allyssa L

When it was newer it felt like floating on air. Now that is it older, starting to have issues with shocks, tires, electrical, etc.

The Buick Enclave is very comfortable and roomy with a 3rd row seat.

- Sam S

Handles well. Comfortable on a long trip.

Good looking. Handles well. Large inside. Comfortable.

- Timothy E