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Spacious, take off is slow, great to take road trips.

My vehicle is spacious. I carpool so it a 7 seater. It's a beautiful car. Performance wise to take off its not good. I had an mdx and the mdx was better with that. It's not really good in a lot of rain or snow. On descent days the car work fine. I drive about 45 minutes to work. It's been reliable. I've been on a few road trips. It worked out for me cause I have three children. It has a lot of space for groceries. It has space for two children's bikes and an adult bike. You're still able to utilize three seats with the bikes in the car. To get an oil change is not to costly. You can use just regular gas. The problem is to replace the light in the front cost me $500. Also it was exclusive to GMC. No mom or pop mechanic or chain place could order it. You had to do it at the dealership.

- Melinda V

2013 Buick enclave-my best vehicle to date.

Love the 3rd row seating. Lots of cupholders in the back 2 rows, which is good for kids. 3rd row is easy to fold seats down for extra storage. Leather seats are comfortable and heated seats in front seats is a plus. The ride is comfortable. Engine performance is good, but not as peppy as some other vehicles. My vehicle does not have Bluetooth capability, which is the only feature that I wanted that it did not have. The only downfall that I have noticed is the blind spot from the posts around the windshield. I am a short person, so blind spots are always a challenge for me. The backup camera is awesome, as I am always worried about not being able to see if one of my kids is behind the vehicle.

- Abbie T

It is very stylish and comfortable to ride in and it has a real nice look.

Rides very smooth, love all the extras that are in it. Bluetooth, CD player premium radio. I really like the enclave because I wanted seats in the second row and a bench seat in the back. It is very convenient when I have all my grandchildren. Everyone has their own seat. It makes for a nice ride. The kids can control the air so that they can control the air if they get cold. I love the automatic lift in the back and that I can lay one side of the bench seat down to carry large items. It is just a; great car.

- Debby B

Buick enclave is a good investment.

I love this vehicle because it is so nice and has ran great for years. It is a nice car and a very good investment, I love the interior of my Buick enclave and I love the sound quality of the radio I also love the customer service of the people who work for Buick and how nicely they treat their customers and how helpful they were when it comes to investing in a nice car. It shines, it is very roomy, and can fit as much as our pilot but with less bulk/boxy.

- Lucy K

I love how people are surprised at how spacious the inside of my vehicle is.

I love my Enclave! We purchased it brand new in 2013 and haven't had a single issue. I am the mom who refuses to buy a van and I believe this is the closest thing to a van without it actually being one. It is huge inside and having captain seats has made it so easy to get my kids in and out of the car. There’s lots of storage and multiple USB ports. More than anything, I love how safe I feel in my car.

- Ryan D

2013 Buick enclave - roomy and comfortable.

My enclave is very roomy. I really like the captains chairs. The features are adequate. I like that it has blind spot and cross traffic alerts. I do not like the power; it is quite slow. I like the style of the vehicle. I also like that it has an easy entry/exit system for the driver’s seat. My vehicle does make an unidentified noise.

- Ginger G

For 1-2 people, there is plenty of space and the vehicle is comfortable to use.

My model is a buick, which was purchased in 2013 and rarely saves money on fuel consumption.It's a small vehicle that can take five people, but it's no bigger than an SUV, but there's plenty of space.Reliable performance, fast acceleration, easy to walk on the road.The trunk can hold many things and operate smoothly.

- kimberly j

It gets great gas mileage.

Dislike- I didn't get the a/c seats and b/c they are leather and I live in Texas it gets extremely hot in the summer! It is so hot that even with the windows tinted and sitting in shade, my legs stick to the seats, and I hate that. I actually love the interior look/feel of my car. I feel it is very luxurious.

- Kristin R

I highly suggest that no one purchases the Buick Enclave unless you want to go to a mechanic at least once a month and spend thousands of dollars a year just to maintain it.

I like how many people it can fit. It has three rows of seating. My biggest complaint with the car is that this specific make and model breaks down alot. We are not the only family that has had it in the shop so many times with the exact same issues. We had to purchase a new car because it was so faulty.

- Rachel C

Solid car with a few minor complaints.

Sometimes it feels like the engine is not adequately equipped to accelerate quickly, but other than that, it has a solid amount of trunk space and very comfortable leather seats which are easy to clean. Very back row of seats (the one usually left folded down) is not comfortable, but is rarely used.

- Aaron L

Big car lots of room nice ride.

It is a very comfortable car to ride in. It is very roomy with three seat for lots of passengers, or fold the seats for lots of room for hauling your things. I don't like the chrome on the dashboard because the sun reflect off it and can be blinding but like the car over all.

- Laura C

Love the three row seats that fold down.

It rides very comfortably it is very roomy with three rows of seats for lots of passengers or fold them down for room to haul all kinds of things. I don't like the chrome on the dashboard because it catches the sunlight and can glare in my eyes but I like it a lot.

- Laura C

Very comfortable ride. It handles very good.

It has a very smooth and comfortable ride. It handles really good on the highway. Does not get really good gas mileage is my only complaint. It has plenty of legroom. It also has a lot of room in the back to haul things in. I would definitely purchase another one.

- Connie S

Has two fuel pumps known to break. Great on gas mileage.

Love the features, style, the amount of space and gas mileage. We use this car for our family of six great for traveling. I do not like some of the things known to break and the cost such as sunroof, shocks on the trunk and a/c and fuel pump apparently it has two.

- Amber T

A great vehicle for a family or oneself.

No problems so far, it is very comfortable, lots of room especially in the back seats with lots of legroom, two sunroofs, a third row seat which gives lots of room to haul stuff if needed as well, live the safety features also such as blind spot indicator.

- Cloud C

Roomy enough to sleep in.

Absolutely love my vehicle so comfortable and roomy. The only problem is everything is really expensive to fix. The third row seating is awesome. We have also let the seats down to use it as a tent and fit a full-size mattress in the back for sleeping.

- Melissa B

Buick Enclave: Not as Reliable as Advertised

Very comfortable and quiet. Good space for family and cargo. Transmission is clunky. Have had transmission rebuilt, replaced power steering pump and hoses, and electrical issues already - surprisingly unreliable given reputation and reviews.

- James A

luxury and roomy all at the same time, third row seating

I don't have any complaints at all about my vehicle. I have loved everything about it. It is very comfortable and drives smooth. I love the 7 passenger seating option and the option to lay all the seats down for carrying big loads or moving.


Lots of room for a family and luggage and a large pup

Love my Buick and would definitely buy another one. Lots of run. Fun to drive. The drive is smooth. Feel safe driving by myself from Florida to NY and never felt that way with any other vehicle. Never had any issues with the vehicle.

- Donna K

It's a luxury car at a commoner's price.

I love my Enclave. The ride is great. The features and technology are very useful. The seats are comfortable and heated. My only complaint is that I wish it had the drive lever on the steering wheel to give more space in the console.

- Dee B

Comfort and power all in one

It is extremely comfortable to ride in and powerful when needed. I like the OnStar feature that allows me to lock/unlock the doors from my phone. The third row folds/unfolds easily making it a breeze to take extra passengers.

- Stacey A

It drives like a car, no truck suspension.

I have a noise coming from front end and no one can figure out how to fix. I have replaced struts and repaired leak on rack and pinion. It only has 45,000 miles. I do love the way the car drives and the seating arrangement.

- Melody M

Very roomy and nice looking.

I love my enclave. It's very roomy. Love 3rd row and bucket seats. 3 children and all fit very comfortably with plenty of room. Nice leather interior. Drives very smooth. Good gas mileage. Very nice looking exterior also.

- Kelly L

Pretty good gas mileage for an SUV.

Pros: Easy to drive, love the backup camera, push button tailgate open and close is very convenient. Cons: Motor had to be replaced at 100k, very disappointing to the point I have lost confidence in the Buick name.

- Pam B

It rides like a dream and is pretty quite even five years into owning the car.

I am amazed about how amazing the vehicle has run for five years. The car gets regular maintenance and still runs well. The biggest dislike I have of the car is the head rest. The headrest is very uncomfortable.

- Amber R

The Buick Enclave has the third row seats which allows for extra passengers or luggage.

The Buick Enclave is ideal for me. It is roomy and has leather seats with heating options. I use my Buick for Uber/Lyft and I get compliments all time about how it rides and ambient lighting.

- Rhonda R

Great car. Comfortable. Need the AWD model in winter.

I love the interior. . . And leather seats are very comfortable. Great sound system. Plenty of legroom. Easy to operate rear seats. Would not recommend driving the non AWD model in winter.

- Carrie D

Its comfortable but sunroof leakage is a problem. Radio in front and back.

The Buick definitely is comfortable to be driving around in. Have had a problem before with sunroof leakage so I wouldn't get one with a sunroof other than that It's an amazing vehicle.

- Makayla S

It is very roomy and comfortable.

I like that my vehicle has a lot of room because I have a big family. It is powerful and fun to drive. I also like the way my vehicle looks. I think it is a good looking vehicle.

- Jacqueline D

It has a high safety rating.

My previous vehicle had a rain sensor and I miss that. I love the backup camera. The radio signal seems to be weaker than other vehicles. I like having the second row captain seats.

- Cathy H

My Beautiful Buick Enclave

I love my Buick. It is on the expensive side when it comes to maintaining it. However, its reliable, very comfortable and gives all the space and useful needed for my household

- Kourtney L

high upkeep cost.plastic parts break and cost a lot.

fully equip with nice little things.remembers seat position. inside amber lighting cost is to high for headlights . had to replace both. one $450.00 and one over$600.00.

- frederick S

Dependable,smooth luxurious ride, but still has the tow capabilities and room that our family needs!

This car is the ULTIMATE American made SUV.. it hall's kids, groceries, OUR Boat and so much more! Drives like a dream!!! Probably the best car that I've ever owned!

- Kerry M

Handles well. Good steering. Good for kids.

Very comfortable car. Works well for children. Easy to drive with little issues handling. Accelerates evenly. Truly a smooth and lovely ride with a really nice car.

- Megan K

It is safe and drives very well.

I like the smooth ride, it is quiet from road noise, it is roomy seating, it has great add ons and it is so pretty. The only thing I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Karla N

A good looking, comfortable ride! Luxury meets practicality.

I really like this car. It is comfortable and has been very reliable, have only had to do one repair on the ac system. A part had to be replaced to the rear ac.

- Ginger F

Its extremely reliable and great on gas. I do not have any problems with it.

I love the features inside my Enclave. I love how smooth it rides. I extremely love how reliable it is. I will get another when it's time to get a new vehicle.

- Kimberly M

The comfortable ride when on a long trip and the fuel economy for its size.

It is a very comfortable ride. It is great looking and gets good gas mileage for Its size. it is black and I love the color. It has many luxury features.

- Kim W

I feel like it needs a bigger engine for the adequate amount of power.

We like the fact that we have 3rd row seating. We also like that it rides very smoothly. We also like the leather seats and the wood finish edition.

- Donald P

A car I am proud to drive

i love that the Buick Enclave drives as smooth as a car. It is sleek looking. I don't like that there is not much storage room with our family of 6.

- Amme A

Fits a family well. It has good storage and gets good gas mileage.

I really like my car but I feel like it could be better. It is a good value for the price. I wish the electronics were a little more user friendly.

- Jayme H

Buick enclave is a good family car for the price.

This car is very comfortable to drive. No blind spots and is easy to drive. Plenty of space for family and friends. Large cargo area in the back.

- Sharon J

Great family vehicle in almost every way

Very comfortable, nice size for our family, back seats fold easily to make room for people or cargo depending on need, attractive, rides well

- Kim H

It's a great family vehicle! There is room for the whole family and whatever else you need to take with you

I love how roomy it is. I love that my whole family plus some can fit in it. I also love the extra features for my kids and how safe it is

- Lindsey C

For the money, you cannot find a SUV with the high end options that are actually standard in this vehicle.

I love the high end interior, the leather seats and wood grain. The inside is extremely spacious. The Sirius xm and onstar capabilities

- Baileigh W

Reliable and spacious SUV.

Very reliable SUV. Never had any issues to fix since I bought it 4 years ago. Quiet ride abs lots of space for kids and their friends.

- Bra S

Reliability & comfort. I love it.

Awesome. Especially if you are already a Buick lover. Could be a bit bigger in width. If it was I would then give it a perfect rating.

- Kerry S

It is super roomy. You can fit many people in it and be comfortable.

I love the size of the car. It is easy to drive and park. It is a little more expensive to get it fixed when there is a problem.

- Dana Y

I really like my Buick Enclave. Hands off!

I don't dislike anything about my Enclave. I like the ride and the cargo/passenger capacity. The fuel economy is satisfactory.

- Dwight b

It is a very reliable vehicle.

It has a month ride. It has all the bells and whistles I need. Love the lights in side mirrors to show blind spot.

- Beth W

So far it seems reliable.

It is a beautiful car with very high-end finishes! Drives great and fits my family and our needs comfortably.

- Robin M

It does not hold value and is not in demand.

We like the ride. Do not like the height. Fragile seats that are cracking. It vibrates a little at 70 mph.

- Larry J

It's low mileage, mechanically good but the seating construction is poorly designed

The car is great however the seat construction disappoints me because the framing (plastic) is cracking

- Larry H

Fits 7 people, 6 comfortably, better than a minivan on gas, and with seats laid down you can fit a lot of stuff in the back.

Comfy, relatively durable, roomy for my 6 person family, great features, really like the seat warmers

- Brandi B

Lots of space in the backseat and trunk area

Love how big it is. We got it used so we have the base model. I wish it had more features.

- Katie H

The main thing I like about my car is that it is paid for. I also love driving it. We can take all our grandkids with us because it is roomy.

I like that it's roomy and very comfortable to drive. I also feel very safe in my car.

- sara h

my vehicle has a very good ride

I love the ride of my vehicle. It holds a good amount of cargo and 7 persons

- Carleen b

It's a luxury vehicle with a lot of bells and whistles.

had an electrical issue with water. Otherwise no other issues and we love it.

- Brandon G

safety, easy to handle, easy got spare parts, have abs and airbag

fully loaded, comfortable, and very roomy, big power and has bright light

- pierre t

There have been no problems with it It has great gas mileage

It's room he drives nicely and very quiet and the interior

- Jane N

the settings are very important to me

i love my vehicle, it fits my needs, and my family needs

- Kate y

The seating is very comfortable with cooling and heating capabilities.

Drives very easily and is roomy enough for the family.

- D m

It is very easy to drive and it has plenty of room

Love the look and love the way it drives

- Sara G