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Great family car! Plenty of room for a family of 5 and with 2 in car seats!

I have absolutely loved my enclave! The pros are comfort, smooth drive, speed, gas mileage, a/c, sound system and the length of the car. Cons are sometimes I cannot see the corner of the car (windshield and drivers side) so when people are walking across is sometimes are to get a good visual as I feel the car itself blocks the view, the bucket seats are not quite car seat friendly and the automatic lights (not sure if you can turn off that feature). I have a family of 5 and we fit comfortably except sometimes it is tough for my oldest to climb over the car seats to get to the back row and with the buckets seats (2nd row) is pushed all the way it not as spacious for the back row riders. I love my car and very happy with my purchase. I bought it brand new in 2014 and only have 35k miles. Gas mileage seems to be pretty good!

- Robin H

Amazing family vehicle with great gas mileage

I love my Enclave. It seats 7 which is great for my family of 5, it has a ton of room and the leather seats are easy to clean. It has 3 USB ports as well as 3 cigarette lighter ports for additional charging ports to be plugged in. The touch screen is large and user friendly. The steering wheel controls are simple to use as well and very easy to understand. The gas mileage is great and I don't have to fill up the tank as often when I go on long trips. It has dual climate controls, which is wonderful because I can choose my own temperature on my side while my husband has his on a completely different setting. The back seats have their own climate control as well. The front seats are power and have heat for those cold winter days. Overall I would have to say, this is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

- Gabrielle C

2014 Buick enclave leather seats.

This vehicle has a very large interior which is great for families who like to take trips or just someone who needs extra room to haul items. While driving it is quiet and I do not hear much noise even while driving on the highway. It is a safe vehicle that has many airbags. It has a great crash rating. I have not had any issues with reliability and performance which gives me peace of mind. I like how the interior looks classy. There are great features including heated seats, sunroof, controls on steering wheel, cruise control, Bluetooth, XM and Pandora service, power seats and windows, memory seat placement, heat/air controls in back seat, on star service, camera, sensors, traction control. Great car overall and very happy with my purchase.

- Alicia H

Review of the 2014 Buick Enclave by a mom of two boys

This vehicle is perfect for our family. There's plenty of space for the 2 large car seats we have and all the shopping I need to do. The leather seats are easy to clean, and the front seats are heated/cooled as well which is amazing. The back-up camera is also great, especially with kids. The DVD player is nice for the kids when on long trips. It rides and drives smoothly. The only problem I have with it, and it's not really a problem so much as an inconvenience, is the gas mileage. It has a decent range, but not as efficient as I would like, but that's expected with a vehicle of this size.

- Elizabeth C

Great car. Get extra warranty!

Overall, I really like the way the Buick Enclave performs. I believe it is a very reliable car. It's is super comfortable to ride in and I love all the features available (GPS, DVD player, wireless headphones). There have been a few problems. Currently, there is about 58,000 miles on it. There is a Hole where the Power steering fluid goes. This, causing a leak of fluid. The air conditioner compressor leaks water inside the car and makes a swishing noise when you turn left. The front headlight went out. We were quoted by a dealership around $500 to replace it.

- Amy R

Family Vehicle Comfy as a Minivan

The seats are very comfortable, even on long drives. The blind spots are significant and you need to really look to make sure no other car is in them. The third row has a decent amount of room, especially if its children sitting there. When the third row is in use, there isn't a lot of room for storage in the back, at least not like what you have in a minivan. The size is perfect when it comes to parking and such. It has heated and cooling seats, which I love.

- Tina R

I feel very safe in it and safety is very important with 4 children including an infant.

Great room for the family and all the kids. Have 90k+ miles on it already bc drive 300 miles a week for work, no significant issues. One problem since day one is bucking in the engine when going about 18 miles and hour, especially when on an incline. Took it to dealership multiple times to get fixed and finally told It's a software issue and no fix. Had a loaner car same make and model in different year and did the same thing.

- Kris w

Love my Buick and I bet you will love yours too!

I love my car, rides very smooth, lots of legroom, third seat folds down nice and flat. It is been a great car! It is strange that the battery is behind the passenger seat under the floor. Buick does hide a lot when it comes to their engine so that can be pain when you have to fix something they sometimes have to take the engine apart to get to what they need to fix. But overall the car drives very nice.

- Kelly H

Air flow, amenities, aesthetics.

The extra room that is in the back when third row seats are down allows you to have plenty of room for hauling things when needed. Seats are comfortable and all rows have plenty of legroom. The second row passenger can adjust air when needed allowing front passengers to stay comfortable. Air vents in all rows. Bluetooth capabilities, hands free dialing, on-star services and XM radio are all bonuses.

- Amy S

The Buick enclave is for the family and technology savvy person.

I will start with all of the pros and things that I love about my car. 1 remote start. 2 cooling/heated seats. 3 back up camera. 4 blind side detectors. 5 Bluetooth capabilities. 6 remote hatch opener. 7 OnStar capable. Cons. 1 sometimes it jumps when switching gears. 2 had some issues with air bag light coming on, although the dealership seems to have fixed this issue after 2 visits.

- Susan B

A great crossover with lots of storage even with seven passengers.

I love the comfort of the vehicle. I am very pleased with the cargo space with the third row seat up. The only issues I have would be with the tire traction. Even with new tries they tend to slip on wet roads. I think it could use a large gas tank or improve the mpg as it does not get 400 miles to a tank. Over all I really like my Buick enclave and I often recommend it to others.

- Michelle M

It holds up to 7 people and if very comfortable to drive.

Overall I've been very happy with my vehicle. It drives nice, is very comfortable, and I've had minimal maintenance issues. The biggest problem I had was the air conditioner went out at around 3 year and 45k miles. But luckily the factory warranty covered me for 4 years or 50k miles. My biggest complaint is I feel like the entertainment system isn't as advanced as other brands.

- Veronica M

Heated seats keep you warm in the middle of winter!

This car is very reliable and comfortable. It runs great and has many added features for comfort such as heated seats and side monitoring for vehicles in the blind spot. The only downside to this vehicle is that its gas mileage is not the greatest due to it being an all- wheel drive. It holds many people and has good legroom, but gas mileage is not a good performance.

- Chris S

Buick Enclave is a good buy for an affordable luxury SUV

Love my vehicle. I do have two complaints. When it rains the traction control and abs lights come on and my mechanic can't figure out why. Every time I get it in to him the light goes back out. It doesn't completely affect my vehicle, just drives a little rough sometimes when that happens. Also I wish it was a little better on gas. But otherwise an excellent vehicle

- Kayla P

The ruby red Buick enclave.

This Buick enclave is great for the average mother, elder or even single person. It has all the bells and whistles including a sun roof, ac and heating, stereo system, outside bumpers, cruise control, and smooth driving. It can seat up to 7 people at a time including trunk space for traveling. It is great for big families or carpooling around town.

- Amanda T

When driving at night, a blue light is set throughout the vehicle.

The performance of my vehicle is amazing, great on gas, super smooth when driving. It has a GPS, satellite radio and fantastic reception. It has several charge stations throughout the car. It fits seven people and plenty of luggage room. The ac is amazing and passengers can control their settings if they're sitting in the middle or far back.

- David M

A touch of class and luxury

It is a very smooth ride on the highway. It really is a luxury SUV. It has plenty of space and room especially for long trips. Even with the 3rd row up there is plenty of storage space behind the 3rd row to place luggage and other items. I but the 3rd row down when I needed extra room to haul items like furniture and moving boxes.

- Tanya C

Roomy for multiple passengers

The Buick Enclave is the perfect family car. The second row captain's seats allow for another adult, a child's car seat and another car seat in the third row. The rear air controls also allow for the second and third row passengers to be comfortable. The front row navigation system is easy to follow and a good size for drivers.

- Erin P

It is a very safe and reliable vehicle that I trust. My kids feel safe in it and love to travel.

I love the fact that it is big enough for my entire family to travel. I also like the bucket seats in the middle row because it makes it easier to get to the third row. I love that there is still enough space behind the third row to put luggage and sports bags. The third row goes down and back up so easily and effortlessly!

- Brenda S

Excellent luxury SUV, if only you didn't have to drive it everywhere.

Overall comfort is fantastic, and the features (from sound to environmental controls, moveable seats, shaded moon/sunroof) are high quality luxury linings of the car. However, the reliability of the vehicle is questionable. Every week, I drive with paranoia, wondering what small, but pricey, part will fail next.

- Jonathan B

LUXURY, leather comfortable seats with LEGROOM for all

I love the luxury feel of it, I love the smooth ride, I love the champagne color! The only thing I dislike is the trunk is often small; however I don't think i would change that because one thing I love is that 7 full adults can actually ride in it, and have leg room, I will take the leg room over trunk space.

- Jennifer H

We like the big tires a great deal! They are increased in size.

We love this car! There are not enough cup holders and nowhere to put my purse and kleenex. Other than that we love it. The wheels are big, and we love that. The increased size makes the car drive like a Cadillac. It only needs to be serviced every four to five months. We like the wood not the steering wheel.

- Kathryn M

I�d purchase again, after I checked out the mechanics with a fine toothed comb.

Comfort is off the charts. Mechanics need some improvement. The leather interior is top notch and seats are the best. Mechanically though, I've had problems. I've had to replace a lot of parts and now my motor has started stuttering. And the DVD player catches so it's near impossible to change out a movie.

- Amanda M

It has room for all the grandkids with no problem. The seats are roomy.

I love the ease of driving and the comfort. Have had no major issues with the car. I can fit all my crafts and groceries into the car with ease. Get compliments on how it looks all the time. It gets very good gas mileage. I can do my errands on a tank of gas a week. The ride is very smooth. I love it.

- Alma B

Dark navy blue, white on the outside and dark blue on the inside of the car.

My car has a nice reliability and it can last long on gas. I have a Buick and I bought it in 2014 which was the best day I ever had because that was my first car I bought in my entire life. I really love this car because it runs long on gas. I encourage people to get a Buick because it is great!

- Renee M

No one believes I am driving a Buick!

My vehicle feels like a luxury vehicle but not at a luxury price! My favorite feature is remote start. I also love my keyless entry and Bluetooth. Everyone who rides in it says it is a smooth ride and cannot believe it is a Buick. I get nothing but compliments when people see it or ride in it.

- Jennifer C

Buick Enclave Provides Roominess and Comfortable Drive

Our Buick Enclave was purchased used and to have as a family car for us. We really like how much room we have in the SUV as it has two captain chairs and a third-row seating that seats three. We like the size of the vehicle and feel safe driving it in, both on local roads and the freeway.

- Sarah M

The dependability of this vehicle.

Deciding to buy this car was not difficult. After doing my research on it, I could tell the reviews were real and test driving it just confirmed it all. There is plenty of space, it drives smoothly, extremely reliable and it is beautiful. This is a car I can stick with for years to come.

- Sydney M

Buick enclave review. I absolutely love my Buick.

The enclave is comfortable for long trips. It has plenty of room even with the third row. The safety features are great. I do wish it had auto windshield wipers. I also wish the traction was better when starting up from a stop on wet roads. I often have the tires slip even when new.

- Michelle M

Love my Buick Enclave always

It runs great. Love the look the ride have never had a problem with it. Would buy another one in a heartbeat. Very comfortable have taken it on a 4000 miles road trip and had no issues. Worked well in the mountains. Love the space your seat setting and the seat warmers and coolers

- Krystal H

Comfortable and quiet ride!

Buick enclave: quiet, smooth ride; comfortable and adjustable seats; very nice, soft leather interior. Fully loaded vehicle package with air conditioning, heated and cooled seats (comfortable in all seasons - heated in spring, fall, and winter and cooled in the hot summer months).

- Lori J

I am amazed how much storage.

I have had no real issues with my Enclave. The normal routine maintenance. It drives very smooth and handles very well. We have taken it on many vacations and have been able to pack a lot of items in the back. Lots of storage and very spacious. I would definitely buy another one.

- Melanie P

Drives wonderful and is a very comfortable vehicle

Nice vehicle drives wonderful the gas mileage could be better but overall we love it quite inside and great sound system drives with ease love the third row seating also can put down all the back seats to haul large items I would recommend this vehicle to families with children

- Tammy B

It highlight all amazing details and interest that I look for in a vehicle.

I love it, very spacious 7 passengers TVs included rear camera and very spacious back with plenty of room for stroller coolers and more. Leather seats great ac and heating system! Heating and cooling seats!! 😍 touch screen radio truly a beauty!! Perfect for road trips!!

- Laura L

Buick’s are the best value for your money.

No issues with this car. We have had more issues with the service department. Car is so comfortable and fits all of our needs. I like the bucket seats in the middle that can fall down and lay completely flat! I also love that all of the storage features that the car has.

- Mia R

It is better than most out there. The drive is excellent.

My vehicle is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I will be happy if I can get another just like it again, I love it and I love the way it drives and handles and I will always have a place in my heart for it no matter what I do or where I go from here on out.

- David T

I like the car but do not love it. Refer to the other one.

I think the car is okay, I like certain features but not all features I might recommend the car to a friend if they do not have a large family or haul a lot, as the car is very tight and sometimes can be crowded in the back seat. Overall I do not love Buick's quality.

- Dana T

This is a great car! Highly recommended.

I have not had any issues. It is a great car. It is super spacious as well as great gas mileages. I can travel on a 8 hour road trip and only fill up 1 time. All of the seats fold down completely flat giving the storage I need when moving. It can also fit 7 people

- Wait H

Great buy go for it. Make sure it is what you're looking for.

I love my vehicle thus far. The only thing I'd look at would be the gas mileage I get. There isn't much room in the back for luggage. But the car is comfortable and it is great for traveling. It is reliable I haven't had issues with it mechanically knock on wood.

- Cristina S

We love our Buick enclave very much.

We really love our Buick enclave! We love the moon roof and leather interior. We're so glad we have the third row seats to haul grandkids or fold down for cargo. We also love the towing package for that occasional need. Very comfortable and versatile vehicle.

- Mark H

Red, woodgrain luxurious Buick

I like how its specious. My family has grown and the leather seats are helpful for kids. And the car drives so smoothly. It's a Gas saver and so luxurious front the inside from the wood grain. It also has an amazing red color and a back up camera installed.

- Melissa A

Interior and air conditioning.

Only issue I have had is the air conditioning system. For the last 2 years, I have had to get it reset. Overall, the truck is awesome. Drives beautifully and has a ton of space. The third row is a true 3rd row. It is almost like a minivan interior in an SUV.

- Allison B

Good interior design and roominess for a small family, the backseat like most vehicles can be tight for taller people.

I like the size of it. It has had numerous repairs and considering I don't even have 40k miles on it and have been driving it for five years seems problematic. It also struggles when increasing speed to get on highway etc, it has a jerk to the acceleration.

- Stacy M

The back up sensor and camera is a must, probably the most important feature.

It is a great vehicle. I love the features like Bluetooth and the DVD player. Also, the back up camera and sensor is a must. It is been having a recurring issue with the door locks keep locking and unlocking. However it drives very smooth and handles well.

- Craig E

Comfort and space without the feel of a bulky SUV.

It drives great with no blind spots. Plenty of space without feeling bulky. I wish there was a little more room in front passenger when a car seat is installed behind the seat. Same on driver side. Very user friendly to figure out controls. Great mirrors.

- Megan M

Comfort and reliability is the most important.

Comfort, looks, reliability, gas mileage. Had a 2112 before this one. Would consider another one in the future. Do not really have any negatives about it. Passengers enjoy the comfort and convenience. Plenty of room for seven people as well as baggage.

- Tom N

Almost 100,000 miles and minimal maintenance required.

The only problems I have had were the front headlamps needing to be replaced, and I had some sort of sensor replaced. The fan kept running and it appeared that the vehicle was running hot even though the car was just started and engine was still cool.

- Sandra Z

Comfortable and high performance.

The enclave is comfortable, spacious, high performance, and classy. It has two sunroofs. The only issue I have had is a noise in my steering wheel. Had it checked out and mechanic said not a safety issue. Something may be rubbing against each other.

- Lori A

Great to drive, safe car with added features, looks and feels great,

I like that it rides very smoothly. I like that there are a lot of safety features (rear view camera, blind spot indicators on mirrors, etc) I like the way it looks. I feel proud to drive it. There really isn't anything I don't like about it.

- Emily V

It takes a lot to fill the tank.

I like the amount of space it has. I do not like how fast it goes through gas. I do not like how much it cost to fill the gas tank. I do not like how expensive the parts for this car are. I like the look of the body of the car.

- Kaitlyn G

The space is great, best car for a family and with third row seating.

I love my car, it has so much room and great for kids. It had a perfect setup for a busy mom with lots of space for everything I or the kids need. Also great for ball season and friends staying the night, room for everything.

- Brooke I

Buick Enclave a reliable and comfortable SUV at an economical price

Reliable and comfortable with ample room for passengers. No problems experienced with relatively low maintenance. Back up camera is an essential feature with a vehicle this size. Sighs lines could be better but not too bad.

- Joe T

It is a really good car for a growing or established family.

The Buick enclave is very reliable and has very good longevity. It has leather seats with the front seats being heated. Bluetooth and steering wheel controls. It is a good size for a large family and has captain seating.

- Nate B

It gets decent gas mileage for the size. The backup camera is a nice feature. Sofar, it has been a good vehicle for us with minimal problems.

It is the size we were looking for our family of 4. We got a good deal on it. We purchased it used with about 44K miles on it. So far we are pleased with it, and it still get a decent mileage for the size of vehicle.

- Kerri W

How comfortable and room it is on the inside with the 3rd row of seats.

I love that it is a 3rd row vehicle so I can accommodate all of my children and they still have room to be comfortable. I also love the quality and that it is a well made car. I have no complaints about my Enclave.

- Brittany G

It is a beautiful Champagne Silver color.

It has tons of cargo space because we're snowbirds and go South for 2.5 months. It is a Buick which our last car was, too. Gas mileage is good for an SUV. The only thing I don't care for is the dark brown interior.

- Susan S

It is dependable and comfortable. The car is quiet and has a smooth drive

I have not had any issues with my car. I wish I had purchased one with more bells and whistles but it is so much more comfortable than the Chevrolet Traverse I had first. Very comfortable and reliable

- Tracie P

It is fun to drive, great on gasoline and it can seat 5.. People..

I find it very easy to handle, it is fully loaded, it shows you what is behind you when you are backing up. Great on gas! Has terrific get up and go!.. I wish it was in a unique color!.

- Terri H

My Buick enclave is an excellent vehicle to own for a large family.

I did have to replace electronic brake sensor which cost around $500 but other than that I love it. It has plenty of room with the third row. My family couldn't be happier with it.

- Laura W

It has a very comfortable ride. The seats are very comfortable but also the way the vehicle drives it's very smooth. It also is a very sharp looking vehicle. I get a lot of compliments on it.

I don't have any complaints. Actually this is my second Buick enclave purchase. We purchased a 2008 Buick enclave 5 years ago and loved it so much, that we purchased a newer model.

- Baltazar A

The suspension system makes rough roads feel smooth.

I love all of the features included in my Buick. It has a built in navigation system. I also really like the air conditioned seats. They make summer driving much more comfortable.

- Connie O

It has a wonderful, quiet ride. It is a great car for our long road trips!

It has a smooth ride. It's quiet on the road. It has plenty of room for travelling. Only complaint is price - only way we could afford it was to buy a used one with lots of miles.

- Kathy H

It is a very comfortable car to travel in!

One thing I really like, is it is smooth to drive in. Steering is super good and plus has a rear view camera which is great! I dislike it's a little high since I am very short.

- Sara G

The most interesting feature about my Buick is the OnStar system.

My Buick is very reliable the ride is comfortable. The dealership where I purchased my vehicle are very polite, and courteous. In my opinion Buick is the best car around.

- Rosalind T

Very safe, very roomy, nice interior.

Very comfortable lots of room, easy to handle, very reliable, great for a road trip, has all the. Bells and whistles. Like the lane notification and the vehicle alert.

- Donna F

It is very quiet and comfortable. It has great convenience features.

My enclave is perfect because it is small enough to park easily, yet has plenty of room for my kids and their friends. It drives smooth and comfortably and looks nice.

- Stacy M

Car is stylish and comfortable.

The enclave is roomy like a full-size SUV but drives like a car. Gas mileage is adequate but good be better. No mechanical problems but for issue with rear ac motor.

- Stacey K

it's easy to handle and seats well. great on gas. wonderful seating.

after driving a great car for 22 yrs. this replaced my chrysler Town and country minivan easily. i love the style. i love the make of the buick engine and the body.

- Edna K

That is a very safe well built car and it's a great family car for long road trips

It's a smooth ride has very good pick up and I drive 30 miles to work and then home. 30 more. I fill the tank on Sunday and refill on Sunday. Gas mileage is good

- Deborah O

The Buick Enclave is a good family car.

I love my Enclave. The seats are very comfortable for travel. There is plenty of room for shopping. It is four years old and we have had no big problems with it.

- Sherry S

Vehicle has abundant space, seven seater &. Easy access to third row.

Car was purchased as a used vehicle, it has been certified so the one slight problem we had was corrected under the warranty. Vehicle has been very reliable.

- Teresa B

Overall good vehicle with good mileage and comfort.

the Buick enclave is an awesome car. excellent ride....good interior space...we have two 100 lbs dogs. So far only routine maintenance...good gas mileage

- Jim H

Luxurious and great to drive

It's a very smooth ride and feels luxurious. I wish it had more trunk space and you wouldn't have to have a special model to be able to tow with it.

- Jen k

Haven't had any major issues. Love the theater lighting inside.

Love this vehicle. Wish the bumpers and sides of the vehicle were not plastic. Handles well in show. Rugged. No major issues with maintenance.

- Carla S

It's a good car it has no problems and It's good on gas mileage

my car is a good size and It's blue in color I love it cause it rides smooth and the ac blows snow very cold I really don't have any dislikes

- robbie H

It is not as good on gas as some of the smaller SUVs.

I love the room it has. I do wish it were a little better on gas. Fun to take trips in and especially if you have a large family or children.

- Lisa H

Big Bold and Beautiful...It's a Buick!

Perfectly roomy, dependable and stylish. Comfortable leather seats and large storage area in the back. 3rd row seating is comfortable too.

- Jessi O

That the ride is so smooth.

I need to adjust side mirrors every time motor is turned off. Love the car. Would have liked to have found a cream white colored one though.

- Vicki P

It's a long wheel base and wide tires and stance for a smoother ride.

Not new enough to have some sensors. Other than that it is a great vehicle. No maintenance problems. No drive train or steering problems.

- Marvin S

My car has a smooth comfortable ride and can accommodate 6 adults or 4 adults and lots of luggage.

One of the things I like most about my 2014 Buick Enclave is the ride. It's very smooth and comfortable. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Leigh C

Smooth ride and brakes well.

Drives and rides smooth. Warranty work was not honored" some of the engineering aspects did not compare well to my previous owned vehicles!

- Jon P

It is very safe and dependable.

I love everything about my vehicle. I wouldn't trade it for anything. It has served me very well. I also think Buick is a very good brand.

- William H

For the most part the car is amazing and has a lot of space if that is what you're looking for.

I really like the Style of the car and how it looks. I don't like how much it takes to fill the tank and how fast it goes through gas

- Kaitlyn G

The mist portent is that ur is Dependable.

The service I receive at the dealership keeps my car in good working order, it is dependable and reliable. And it will s comfortable.

- Barbara j

Comfortable and luxurious interior, smooth ride, great sound and handles great.

Good size and still fits 7 people comfortably. Decent on gas for local driving and on the highway. Love that it's all wheel drive.

- Karla P

This car has everything you could want in a vehicle and is affordable.

This is probably the best car that I have ever owned. It has a great feeling ride, plenty of cargo room and comfortable seats.

- Patrick N

Very roomy and comfortable great for trips and shopping

I like the roomy interior. It has heated seats which is a plus for me in cold weather. It has a very nice comfortable ride.

- Kay A

It's a perfect size for my husband and I, especially when we travel.

I like most everything about it. I live down a gravel road so it would be better if it was a little higher off the road.

- Glenda A

Best car for my whole family to enjoy.

This car is so comfortable to ride in and drive . All the safety features make me love taking my grandkids with me .

- Tina J

I like how the sound changes without you having to touch the volume setting of the radio. it automatically turns down when the car is stopping and it turns up

there is nothing wrong with the car, its performance is good. I like it a lot. I might be buying the newest version.

- Daniela A

There is so much space in it.

My enclave is very roomy. We have enough space for all of us. It is very comfortable and I love the look of it.

- Jacqueline N

They do have a few recalls.

I like all the modern features. I like Bluetooth and the DVD player. Also the back up camera is so convenient.

- Craig A

Very nice ride. Roomy interior. Good cargo space in the back.

Very nice ride. Roomy interior with third row seats. Dislike sight lines. Mpg could be better but not too bad.

- Mike W

My car is an expression of my personality, and it is fun to drive.

I love the body style. I love the exterior and interior colors. It is comfortable. And it fits my personality.

- Debby I

That it is a Buick but it does not look like your average Buick

It is a very good vehicle the only thing I had to replace was the starter. It is very fast and easy to drive

- Bernadette R

The 3 rows work well for our family

I love the space it has its perfect for my family. The back end trunk space could be bigger for what we use.

- Sally P

That it's been very reliable, easy to maintain and economical.

Car is comfortable, economical and dependable. Ride is nice and smooth. Love all the bells and whistles.

- Lisa K

The automobile is reliable and rides very comfortably.

Comfortable and quiet ride. Looks good. Gets reasonable gas mileage. Has room for people and luggage.

- Don G

I feel really safe when driving my car.

Very comfortable. Has lots of room. Love that I can play pandora. Hands free phone option. Heated seats.

- Grace O

It is a good car and it is comfortable.

It is comfortable. It is reasonable. I love it. I think it is a great car to buy. The gas is also cheap.

- Kate W

It is paid for and is a beautiful looking vehicle.

Like that it stands out in a crowd. Dislike that it does not have more features than it already does.

- Marlene D

Comfortable and roomy. You do not feel closed in. Plenty of room to stretch.

Lots of room for driver and passenger. Storage space in back for long trips. Low maintenance costs.

- Terry B

It is reliable and easy to maintain.

The vehicle is reliable. It is not the coolest looking car. It gets okay gas mileage.

- desmond C

It is a good car that drive and holds up. Good for a family that wants a reliable car.

It is a classy car that is not that expensive. It is easy to drive and is reliable.

- Diana G

It looks good, rides smooth and is a very reliable vehicle.

I love the size of it. It makes me feel safe and comfortable when I drive it.

- Beth D

has room for 7 people and cargo and is easy to keep clean

large and roomy, can seat 7 gets good gas mileage, is easy to keep clean

- james s

Drives well, low maintenance. Ok gas mileage Looks nice.

No complaints. drives well, ok gas mileage, very comfortable

- Carmen D

The safety of the Buick the comfort of the car. This is my 2nd Buick Enclave and I love it.

I love the roominess and comfort. I dislike the gas mileage

- Sheila C

Very nice ride and comfortable interior. Very roomy with the third row seats

Like ride & comfort. Dislike sight lines. Dislike mpg

- M W