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Best purchase of a vehicle.

The 2015 Buick enclave is exceptional! For a family of four it has enough space for comfort level and even has enough room for extra which is always a plus when having children in sports. So far, the reliability has been great, my vehicle has taken us on trips with no problems and the smoothness of the ride has been pleasant. The GPS and the extras features like the details of the vehicle have been a great advantage especially as a parent that travels alone for events and needs to be accurate on locations and getting there and any awareness of anything going wrong with vehicle especially low pressure on tires and things of that sort. The leather interior and light color paint on vehicle itself has been very easy to maintain and keep up with. The safety features of the vehicle gives me peace of mind especially when carrying precious cargo known as children. As a person who has never owned a luxury vehicle, this so far, has been one of my best purchases.

- Melissa B

Merits of a the Buick enclave. Good ride and handling qualities.

Performance, excellent, ride and handling excellent, Would have preferred 4 wheel drive, some warranty items were required, rear air conditioner Freon line had a pinhole leak and after several recharges, dealer had to do extensive troubleshooting, only real quality problem. One other dislike no engine oil pressure gauge. GPS does not have but 5 memory slots for storing locations, use my own Garmin that has large memory and you can update data online. Do not waste your money on a gm installed GPS. Even with rear TV camera visibility is poor and must rely on senor warning of obstacles,

- Gene M

Captains chairs for second row is great for kids to move from second to third.

Reliable vehicle. Very few repairs made in the time that we have had the car. We have had the car for 4 years now and will most likely keep it for another few years. Feels more like a car than an SUV. Drives very smooth. Only issue is that the service airbag light keeps coming on. We have taken the car into the dealer for service to be told it was a recall. But the issue keeps happening. I wish they could fix it once and for all. Driving the car with kids in it, and this warning light coming on makes my feel unsafe.

- Stacie B

It has 8 seatbelts and a driver that will enforce the rule that all passengers must wear one

I just bought it and in the first week of owning this vehicle, I really love it. The gas mileage is reasonable and can fit the whole family (wife, daughter, 2 dogs), which also helps when I'm driving for Uber and Lyft. Some very nice features including remote start, leather seats, and a GREAT a/c - which is mandatory in Texas. I really like the 3rd row as it gives my daughter a chance to sit in the 'trunk' and allow her a new perspective while travelling

- Jason S

Like my Buick. It�s been a great car so far.

Great car. Was disappointed that I just had to have a sensor replaced and a line to the steering wheel but have really liked the car besides that. It seems that items should not already be breaking. Plenty of room to haul stuff. Very comfortable to ride in. We have the buckets seats. The bucket seats make it easy to get in and out of the last row. We don't have people ride there very often but it is nice to have the extra seats if needed

- Beth K

I give my Buick enclave an a+.

I just got the car about 2-3 weeks ago in march 2019. So far everything is great. It drives very smooth, it is reliable, I really like the color too. It is a light cream or off white. The inside is very spacious. It's only my parents and I but she's and a wheelchair and it is hard for him getting on now that he's 85. We just need more room. And hey the car looks good inside, with a lot of modern, tech stuff.

- Anna G

The inside is beautiful at night and lights up in a unique way.

The size of the vehicle is ideal. It drives well, parks well, gets average gas mileage. Not sure the price matches the quality of the products. Several pieces and parts are failing or broken inside with an average use. The transmission seems to be slipping somewhat also. Meanwhile I still have 3 more years left of payments. If I had to make the decision I am not sure I would purchase the vehicle again.

- Jennifer P

Love my 2015 Buick enclave.

Large enough for my big family. I love the fact that when we vacation or go on long rides there's enough space for our legs and we do not have to be crowded or bunched up. Not too bad on gas mileage. Smooth driving automatic. Car is approximately four years old no problems or recalls as of this date. Affordable, spacious, absolutely love the evertor that readily wipes clean.

- Shirley B

It tells you if there is weight on your back seat so you don't forget your child

The enclave is a super Smooth ride, comfortable, quiet, interior is beautiful. I drove at 100 miles a day so this is very important. I am getting 20.8 mpg as well which is a lot better than my previous SUV's It is Spacious! I love the hand free features, the leather with heated seats, The remote start along with the ability to open the back with your fob is so convenient!

- Crystal G

The car has amazing storage space and provides flexible storage options to work in a variety of situations.

I like the interior space, dvd player, gas mileage, trunk space, the back row folding down in two piece to provide flexibility. I strongly dislike the front passenger headrests and seats. They shift forward with the slightest pressure from behind. When on long drive, the front passenger is unable to sleep due to the seat being extremely uncomfortable when reclined.

- Christine S

It is suspension system makes it feel like you are riding on air.

Great ride, comfortable, excellent performance, roomy. It handles three car seats and the suspension system handles even the roughest roads. It take minimum effort power steering and both the braking process and acceleration is awesome. The body of the vehicle is classy and the color choices are great. It handles like a dream. Designed for any age and family.

- Eleanor C

I love the accessibility of this car. The seats fold down easy.

Absolutely love the luxury features like the heated steering wheel and the remote start. I purchased the car used and my only complaint is that the passenger side does not seem to seal properly so air leaks, and the ac went out. Otherwise it drives great and the back row of seats can easily be put up and down. Great for all the kids and for camping trips!

- Tori B

It's a very reliable car that makes driving fun as it has a smooth ride. Perfect for long drives in the car!

I have had 2 2015 Buick Enclaves. Both of them I got when it was around 20k miles. I drove that for 2 years with no issues, now my brother drives that car. The one I drive now is the same year and drives smooth and has great handling. I can easily fit my 3 kids in the back and it is a great vehicle to take vacations in. I absolutely love my car!

- Matt C

Final impressions: I bet the redesigned 2018 Buick enclave will be a huge hit.

Aside from interior materials that clearly do not reflect the price point and a questionable structuring of safety technologies, Buick has built a credible competitor to the likes of the Acura mdx, Infiniti qx60, and Lexus rx 350l. If you like the look, if you like the drive, and if you like the price, you are going to like this Buick.

- Brooke M

Beautiful, spacious, comfortable,

I love the look and style and there is so much space for me and my family. It really is nice to take on vacation. Ride is comfortable. The kids love the DVD player, keeps them occupied for the long rides. We went to a couple concerts and my car was used because it had the most seating and space for everyone.

- Ruby P

Smooth, sleek, quiet and roomy.

I love my Buick enclave. It rides smooth, . It is quiet. There's enough room in it for a family vacation and my grandkids. We drove it to south Carolina from Michigan to move in our youngest son in college and was able to fit all of his belongings in it and we still had plenty room for such a long drive.

- Terri C

It is a very great reliable car.

The Buick enclave is a great car. It is very reliable, is very comfy for long car rides, especially great for vacations for the family. Very spacious car nobody feels crammed in the car when we take it for vacation. Rides very easy and not bumpy on the roads very easy to sleep in for a long car ride.

- Lindsey N

The ride of a Cadillac with the cost of a Buick.

Smooth ride and easy to handle for a large SUV. The third row of sears is handy for extended family travel. Road worthy in winter and extended trips. The travel assists are important to me in highway and traffic congestion. The bells and buzzers are as ample as my Cadillac escalade that I traded.

- John R

Buick enclave, perfect family car.

This is our second enclave. Love it. Very spacious, has comfort and it is extremely quiet. We do a few road trips a year and this is the perfect vehicle for the job. Haven't had any issues. Would buy another one. Buick’s are not just for the elderly. It is a great family functioning vehicle.

- Laura R

It is a all around great car.

The Buick enclave is a great car. It is great for family vacations or just long car rides in general. It is a very spacious car and has plenty of room for all the kids and all of their stuff. It is great to take to the beach with all of the room and all the space for your luggage and the kids.

- Lindsey M

There is room for anything you may need.

No problems. Very comfortable ride and drives great. Gas mileage is not great but gets better on long trips. Very roomy. Only problem I have had is the windshield squirter had to be replaced. Seats recline where you can lay back and rest with ease. Very easy to get kids in and out of vehicle.

- Rhonda W

Love my enclave and so does my family!

I love it. Rides comfortably and goes down the road nice. Gas mileage could be better, I get about 18. I had another enclave before this one and my daughter drives one also. So I guess we have been pretty satisfied! The 3rd seats fold down, I love that feature. I am hauling stuff often.

- Becky B

The Buick Enclave Leather has excellent performance with the V-6 engine

Smooth ride and excellent handling qualities. Easy to Maintain, Excellent finish and interior. Due to body design some blind spots that are covered by sensors to give warning of obstacles or approaching vehicle or pedestrians, some difficulty in acquiring obstacles or moving objects.

- Gene M

Update on 2015 Buick Enclave.

The challenge with the 2015 Buick Enclave is the poor gas mileage. Good road car. Good leather and good interior. The GPS should automatically be updated, but it has not been. I inquired at the dealership and they told me the update would be $200.00 to $250.00, seems excessive!

- John W

The world best American made car.

My Buick is very comfortable. I have a lot of space to move around. The car rides very smooth and low on mtc cost. The leather seats are luxurious with a rich feeling while driving. My teenage daughter and friends love to take a ride in my vehicle. The entire family love the car.

- Tra W

Great family crossover vehicle

It has a lot of upgrades. Especially nice is multiple USB plugs. The ambiance lighting is nice too. It has a good amount of pickup. Gas mileage is ok. Not great. It holds 7 people, which is convenient. It has a decently sized cargo area for storage. Great family vehicle.

- Tracy W

Perfect minivan alternative.

My Buick enclave is comfortable and versatile. I can carry several passengers or arrange the seats to carry lots of cargo. The crossover SUV style is more sporty than a typical minivan. I would highly recommend the Buick enclave for a family of any size or a person of any age.

- April G

Comfortable and convenient family vehicle.

It is great. It has plenty of room for the kids, dogs and groceries. It is very comfortable on road trips. The handsfree features making calling friends and family safe and easy. However, my favorite feature is the heated and cooled seats. We have never had a problem with it.

- Tera J

Buick enclaves make a great family car.

Love my Buick enclave. It is appearance is sleek and it drives so quietly and smooth. Buick’s are not just for the elderly. My family loves taking trips in our Buick enclave. We would buy another one of these vehicles. It definitely does the job for us as a family of four.

- Laura F

Great car with tons of space.

Just bought this vehicle about two weeks ago. Needed more seating with a third row for the kids. Gas consumption it ok. Goes through more gas then I thought. Runs nice and smooth. Rear view is very limited sight which makes the blind spot sensor come in real handy at times.

- Amanda A

Rides nicely, comfortable, and good features

So far, we haven't had any problems with our car. It has been very reliable. We love the backup camera, blind spot monitors, and the 2 memory seat function. We wish this model had the 360 camera as it is can be hard to park. It rides very quietly and is very comfortable.

- Mindy T

Reliable SUV for your money.

Our Buick is reliable, comfortable, rear entertainment is a plus. The trunk space is great with the third row in use. Steps on a dime when needed we travel frequently with two dogs and two children- we have plenty of room for everyone and everything in our Buick enclave.

- Angela K

Smooth ride and great on gas.

Good on gas, very comfortable and to roomy and spacious. Car is very comfortable and spacious. Otherwise is extremely expensive to get lights replaced on the Buick enclave. OnStar is a nice option to have installed in case of any wrecks or I have used it for directions.

- Joe M

Third row seating is fantastic

love the comfort of the seating, heated seats and steering wheel, loved the DVD for kids. stabilitrak for traction control does have some problems dual sunroof is a favorite, drives well in all types of weather, convenient access to third row seating, lacks trunk space

- Jodi S

Luxury SUV with third row and spacious.

My vehicle is terrific for a family looking for a third row. We bought it for when we have our third child. The bucket seats make it very easy to get to the back to the children. The car is very spacious and comfortable. It drives very smooth and is a very nice vehicle.

- Richard M

My baby Buick the best oh yes

I am so in love with my Buick Enclave is the greatest car that I've had ever the handling is great the size is great I have lots of legroom just the best ride very luxurious. I have always loved Buick the brand never lets me down. My next car will probably be a Buick

- L M

Roomy and comfortable car that drives smoothly.

This car is very roomy and comfortable, and it rides very smoothly compared to my past SUVs. I love that the middle row is bucket seats. My only complaint is that it does consume a lot of gas, but that would be expected of a large SUV. I feel very safe in this car!

- Jessica C

Leather seats that are also heated for winter travel and air conditioned seats.

It is a solid vehicle and rides and drives like a Lexus. I just love the way it handles the road. It is fully equipped with everything you can imagine. Also has a TV in it, which is great for a long ride or have children. I especially love the GPS system in it.

- Dorothy V

One important thing others should know about my car is that it is easy to handle and drives smoothly.

There is a piece of molding between the windshield and the passenger side window that makes it difficult to look out. There is a glare when the sun is shining from the bar that lights up on the dashboard. The car drives smoothly and has a quiet cabin.

- Debbie L

This car rides very smooth and is very comfortable.

I like the leather seats and technology features. I like the space on the inside with third row seating. I seats many adults comfortably. I do not like how small the trunk area is with the third row up. I do not like the outside look and style.

- Crystal B

I never skidded out in the winter with the all wheel drive, anti-slip function.

I like three rows of seating & versatile trunk space. SUV has been very dependable & drives like a car. I dislike the onboard computer system to control radio, etc. . . It has a lot of limitations & could be improved quite easily.

- Maria M

I think the one most important thing is the price the car is very affordable for all the luxury you receive.

I like the wonderful ride > Driving this car is like setting in an easy chair watching T.V. I also like the roominess, we travel in the winter and take a lot of things in the car and we have plenty of room for all of it.

- Ronald H

Roomy and comfortable riding with lots of legroom. We can seat 7 passengers

Purchased a pre owned Buick Enclave two months ago, we were looking for a vehicle that had 3rd row seating so we didn't have to take two cars if we wanted to travel. I am pleased with the decision to purchase the Buick

- Patrice K

Upgrades package with leather seats

Love the upgrades in my Enclave. The heated seats, windows and steering wheel are super great during cold winters. It's very roomy for a family and added sports gear and/or friends and offers a very smooth ride.

- Jessica S

It is an excellent family vehicle that will not make you feel broke paying for the gas and still feel safe driving in.

I like that I can fit a lot of people in it without it feeling extremely huge. The decent gas mileage it's also a plus. My only complaint is that it has been burning oil excessively and no one can figure out why

- Thomas w

A great overall family car that is useable all four seasons without problems.

I really like that my car has a nice ride, third row of seats and AWD. I do not like that it has certain blind spots for the driver. I like all the nice features. I wish that it had a sunroof or a moon roof.

- Jan L

It drives like a dream and I don't feel confined when I am sitting in it

I love everything about it from how it looks to the amount of room it has. It has plenty of legroom and holds 7 people easily. When the back lays down there is room to pack everything I want in it

- Tammy C

Does not work the same as a minivan even though it has the same number of seats. The space is a lot less.

The car drives great. We have no problems with mechanics. The seats are comfortable. It has been a reliable vehicle. Downside is little trunk space and difficult to access the back seats.

- Sarah N

The alarm goes off if you open the door with the key instead of the fob or if you try to open the liftgate while the car is locked.

My car is very comfortable and has significant room. The features are easy to work, including adjusting the third row. I would like to have more options on the Intellilink to reply to texts.

- Brandi B

Even though it's a Buick, it's comparable to any luxury make.

The Enclave is great. Good size, luxurious, drives well, good technology. Looks good too. However it's not great on gas, and hesitates a bit when accelerating. Good car though- check it out.

- Scott S

it's a good brand and has safety items on it to help with driving

it will hold seven people for traveling the gas mileage is quite good for a larger vehicle. I don't like the blind spot where the windshield come together with the side of the car

- debbie v

It is perfect for when you need a minivan, but hate the idea of driving a minivan.

I love my enclave! Great lines, comfortable, fits my busy family perfectly. Only con is that small things get caught down in tracks of back seats because kids tend to drop things.

- Kay M

The mileage is okay, could be a bit better.

Very comfortable to be in. Car is very nice on the interior. Has decent gas mileage. I don't have to many problems with it. I love the color to. The heated seats are very nice.

- Ann N

The dealership has taken really good care of me and at reasonable prices.

I love the way it looks inside and out and how it feels to sit in and drive. I dislike that 2nd row heated seats were not an option and that the gas mileage is not good.

- Rebecca H

It is very comfortable. It is a beautiful car. It drives like a dream.

We are now driving our third Buick Enclave. We love it. It performs wonderfully, gets good gas mileage and it one of the most comfortable cars I have ever ridden in!

- Marsha M

It's common for the air conditioning to break...a huge inconvenience during the hot summer months!

I love the look of it. I also appreciated the captain chairs in the second row for my children's car seats. I dislike the fact that it uses so much gasoline.

- Pam C

It's been a very dependable vehicle and plenty of room for the kids and dog.

It is black and has very low miles. It's big so it doesn't get the best gas mileage. It gets around pretty good in the snow. It's a nice looking vehicle.

- LIz B

Great Walk through. It is hard to find a car that has the option of a walk through to back seat. Having five grandchildren, I love this feature.

I love my Buick Enclave. Great car with walk through for young children in back. I would look for more storage area in front seat on my next purchase.

- Brenda G

Its safety features are top notch.

I love the smooth way it drives. It is very luxurious. I also like the roominess of the trunk. It is great for trips. Plenty of room for your luggage.

- Carol B

Great cargo space for storage and groceries. I can fit a stroller and groceries

I like the size of the cargo area for storage. It is very roomy and fits my car seats well for my kids. It is a very comfortable car for long trips

- Aja G

it is a buick and they are made to last for years to come. very safe to drive.

i love that my car looks really cool. it drives really nice but it is really hard on gas. also parts for it is very hi . bu it has lots of room.

- sandy e

Very nice 2015 Buick Enclave SUV, fully loaded

I love my Buick Enclave, it is fully loaded, all leather, electric, sunroof, etc. It is a very comfortable vehicle, have never had any problems.

- Tonia D

It's very comfortable and roomy. Perfect family vehicle for those with pets and kids.

I love the leather seats and all the features it offers. It's nice and roomy for my children and I love the 2 bucket seats for the middle row!

- crystal j

Good value for a every day midsize suv

Really enjoy the look and feel of interior. Good size for a small suv. Wish it had a little better city mpg, but overall enjoy the vehicle.

- Grant W

a sound and secure vehicle

the ride is very smooth. the seats are comfortable. it is a very sturdy can that I have used for long road trips with complete comfort

- patricia w

Buick Enclave is classy SUV

Nice smooth ride. Very roomy. Nice back storage. Only issue is side mirrors are very large and at times present a "blind spot" issue

- Kathryn M

I love American made except in cars.

Great body and interiors design. AC noisy. Transmission shifts very hard. Satellite reception very spotty compared to my other car.

- Louis M

The car has excellent space inside you can fit full-size adult in the back seat.

No complaints. Love the leather interior and leg room. Has great pickup, good gas mileage for engine size. Seats 7 comfortably.

- Helen V

Not your grandma's Buick. Buick is for everyone and you'll enjoy the comforts.

Great handling and performance. Decent fuel mileage. Very comfortable to travel in, with plenty of room for the whole family.

- Melissa R

Pearl white is my 4th car...stays looking the cleanest.

Hatch back too big & black interior....love it drives like a caddy....all the bells and whistle sometimes are intimidating.

- Kathy P

Family car for 5 or more that is roomy and easy to carry groceries

I am a new owner of a Buick Enclave and I am loving it's room and performance. I have found it has many desirable features

- Patricia T

It is awesome! Reliable and fun to drive.Comfortable and rich feeling.

I love the color of my Enclave, the roomy interior and the luxurious feel. It drives well. It is a very comfortable car.

- Della D

It's always a good, smooth ride. I never have concerns when driving.

I feel safe when driving my car. I sit up higher and I know that the safety features are good. It's always a smooth ride.

- Amy T

Ride is very smooth on highway.

Car is very comfortable. We were in a bad wreck in one and were not hurt so we feel like it is very safe. No complaints.

- Paula G

It Rides smoothly and quiet when traveling long distance

I like the interior, style, cargo space. It's a little high to get into. No 110 outlet, little storage space front seat

- Diane M

Dependable for long miles rides and and always check your mileage range ..

Soft riding dependable noise reduction nice equip on safety comfortable riding 7 persons seating all with great space .

- Florentino C

Great overall vehicle that never leaves you down

Buick Enclave is a very reliable vehicle. I am happy with all of the attributes and would buy it again if I have to.

- Scott C

It will pull a travel trailer. It gets decent gas mileage.

It is very dependable. The sound system is really good. It will sit up to eight people in it. It drives really good.

- Debra S

It's fairly expensive and is more of a luxury ride.

I like the bluetooth capability. I like the smooth ride but what I do not like is how high the monthly payment is.

- Amy C

you can't even find a SUV in Its price range

to me it is the best SUV on the market.it drives like a dream there is nothing in It's price range that can compete

- Kevin G

It rides like a luxury car.

It is extremely comfortable, handle well, smooth ride. Also has lots of legroom md feels very safe when driving.

- Pam S

Comfort in ride when traveling and room to carry a lot of cargo.

Awesome car for traveling back and forth to Arizona from Iowa. Comfortable ride and lots of bells and whistles.


Nice blue car and tinted windows

No problems it gets me from point a to b and it has satellite radio and is great on gas, it's a really nice car

- Sharina S

It's inn8vqtive and has the capabilities that keep up with me

My car has given me no problems as long as I've had it. I make sure that it rides at a high speed at all times

- Alex H

It's the most comfortable car I've ever driven.

I love the way it looks. Most of all, it drives very smooth and comfortably. No complaints!! I love my car.

- Amy S

The attention to detail put into the luxury design is incomparable

I like the luxury style at a reasonable price. I like the storage room even when all the seating is utilized.

- Katherine G

Wonderful and comfortable SUV.

I have no problems with my car. It gets through snow very good, very comfortable for traveling distant trips.

- Sherry M

The enclave is great bang for the buck. Nice vehicle with options and comfortable

The Buick Enclave is fully equipped with leather and heated and cooled seats. I enjoy riding and driving it.

- Brian L

The adjustable seats make the car spacious when going in long trips.

It's very convenient and has enough space for the members in my family. The mileage per gas is also great.

- G G

Smooth ride, good features, nice interior, third row seat folds flat

Drives nice, lots of room, wish it got a little better gas mileage. The electronic features fit my needs

- Michelle B

It's good on gas. Not a lot of trunk space.

Its very spacious. DVD player. Great air conditioning, 2 sunroofs, camera for backing up and sensors.

- Amy G

That it has a very nice and comfortable ride.

I like the ride and comfort of my vehicle and the options that it has. I dislike the low gas mileage

- William H

It is comfortable to drive and I enjoy driving the vehicle. Not sure why this thing is telling me there is an error

I like the size. It is comfortable to drive, get in and out of. It manages well on the road.

- Juli R

Not your grandma's Buick!

Rides like a dream. Have not had any issues with it at all. Sporty, not your grandma's buick.

- Jarod w

It has a lot of safety features and is very reliable

It's a very nice vehicle. It has lots of nice features. I like the size and the interior.

- Jerod O

I purchased the vehicle in May of 2018. So far it's been great! It's a little hard on gas but it has a peppy engine, many features and a lot of room!

It is very comfortable. The seats are leather and power. There is lots of room.

- David A

Very happy all around. Have no complaints, love everything about it

Inside is Very comfy...rides nicely. Has many extras, great size for us

- Lynn H

Great safety features with very high quality design and style

great safety features with quality design. love everything about my car

- Babatope A

Very reliable and looks amazing

It is very classy and beautiful and has a lot of cool extras

- Darren f

it is dependable all the time that it is in use for me

like everything. I do not dislike anything. No complaints

- Barbara R

It is a very smooth ride compared to other GM cars.

I like the size, the way it drives, and its reliability.

- Mandi N

I like the smoothness of the driving. I like the 3rd row. I dislike how narrow the car is, do even though the 3rd row has 3 seats, it's basically only 2.

The safety rating was good. Buick's hold there value.

- karen v

I have no complaints about my car.It is a great car

It's rides extremely well.Good on gas.Lots of room.

- Anne W

it seats seven people comfortably and seats can be lowered for extra cargo space

Spacious interior and comfortable for longer trips

- david h

2 major issues with 2013 Buick enclave.

- Jennifer K