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Buick enclave: great SUV. Great looking vehicle. Travels well, good gas mileage.

It drives very smooth and the gas mileage is very good. It has very nice details inside which include passenger bucket seats as well as a third bench row. All of these seats fold down which makes carrying items of varying sizes much easier. My model includes air conditioned seats and rear air for passengers as well. I enjoy the safety feature of the navigation, you are unable to use it if the car is in drive. Causing the driver to have to safely pull over to load the navigation or set it up before leaving for your destination. The roominess of the enclave make it a great vehicle for all size families. It is comfort for travel is impeccable with enough room to enjoy your short or long road trips. There is also luggage storage included on the roof of the vehicle leaving additional space within the cabin. There is plenty of room for long legs as well, so if you are tall do not worry, this SUV even has room enough for you. My exterior has chrome trim which gives it a classier look. Black wood grain interior with dark gray leather seats allows my vehicle to stand out even among other luxury vehicles. However, the maintenance cost is exponentially lower than these. So if you are looking for a solid, good looking SUV that is luxurious and seats seven, do not overlook the Buick enclave. You will be happy with what you find.

- Kathy T

Family luxury vehicle. The 2016 Buick enclave is an all around great investment!

I haven't experienced any problems with my Buick enclave. It is extremely roomy and comfortable. Rides and drives smoothly. Great for families with 3 or more passengers. Gets good mileage on the interstate. Great for road trips! Easy access to radio, air condition and heat, defrost all both in front and back. Everything is electronic. Provides me with OnStar and XM radio. Plenty of outlets to charge your phones, tablets or laptops. Has 2 sunroofs one opens electronically. Large hatchback with more than enough room to call large appliances, groceries etc. Plenty of cup holders and storage. Accommodates luxury infant and child car seats. Plenty of arm and leg room. Has a built in GPS system that stores addresses for you. Tinted windows, electric mirrors and seats. All and all a great car to invest in!

- Tiffany M

Safest car on the road - so important with new baby!

The Buick Enclave is a fantastic car. It feels luxurious, with high end finishes. It is extremely quiet on the road and handles well. I love the third row that can be used for seating or folded down for a large cargo area. It is especially helpful both for carrying all the items needed for a new baby as well as carrying extra grandparents when they are in town! I love the entertainment system and stereo. It is a very reliable car, I've never had any issues with mine. I do think there could be more storage in the car (as in small bins or pockets) but overall there is a lot of storage space.

- Ginger G

The automatic truck lift and the SUV height.

My vehicle is very comfort, I love the three row seating because I have 5 grandkids and it is very roomy. I recently had the oil change and had them put it on the machine to check for problems and it came back that it has no issues. The backup feature is the best invention ever. Having the ability to receive phone call through the stereo is great too. The two hatch room roofs with the sunscreens on them I love them. Seats are extra comfortable also.

- Linda T

Buick Enclave is sleek, smart, and practical.

I enjoy this vehicle because it is comfortable and able to seat a good number of people. Additionally, I have used my car to load a lot of work materials because when seats are folded down, there is a tremendous amount of room. The only downside to the car is the amount of fuel it consumes and the front doors are very heavy and too often swing closed on passengers.

- Carol S

Classy sophistication with room for everyone and all of their stuff.

I like the style of the vehicle. I also love the cargo room is has. The third row seating it great when I bring extra kids with us. I don't like that the battery died within 4 months, and the plastic under my seat broke very quickly as well. I have heard that my model and year have had a lot of problems, so I'm kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop with it.

- Andrea B

Safety and comfortable for travel and running around after grandchildren.

This is the 3rd enclave we have had. We have been very pleased with this vehicle. Very comfortable and quiet. We have not had any problems with it is reliability or performance. We like having the OnStar feature and the navigation feature. We use it when we travel. The only negative things I can think of is the price and I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Beverly W

Great for a family of five on the go.

The enclave is very comfortable and works very well for our family who is always on the go. The seats fold down easily to make room. We have never had a performance issue in the 3 plus years we have had it. The only real issue is getting the tracks cleaned out for the sliding bucket seats. The get full of food and small toys and things within three kids.

- Jessica K

Luxury look and feel without a luxury price

I like the look of the vehicle; its an SUV but it looks like a luxury vehicle not a truck. I like that it has great interior features like the dash controls and lighting. Love the heated seats and steering feel. It also has great pick up speed and maneuverability and great gas mileage. Also only have to do regular maintenance every 5,000 miles.

- Tonya K

The enclave is a 7 seater but with 3 car seats it really only sits 6 comfortably.

I love my enclave because it is big enough for our family of five (3 car seats). We can ride in comfortably with room for another passenger. My daughters love the fact that they have their own sunroof in the back. The enclave drives very smoothly. I do wish that it got better gas mileage and the trunk area was a little bigger.

- Amanda W

The ride is very smooth. Plenty of legroom.

I do not care for where the car battery is, doors will bounce back on you, gas gauge does not show correct mileage to empty you can not rely on the ding telling you have either 25 or 50 miles. You may find yourself completely out of gas. What we do like about the car is the ride, very smooth, plenty of cargo and passenger space.

- Nancy Y

Phenomenal family vehicle!

I love this car! The spacious interior is perfect for my family. All of the bells and whistles make the vehicle feel so luxurious! The versatile cargo area lets me haul large loads or access a third row of seating. The only thing that would make this vehicle better is an in vehicle entertainment system and better gas mileage.

- Nicki B

2016 Buick enclave review.

I really like my vehicle, haven't had any problems so for, owned for just about a year. I got a really good deal on a used model, my only gripe with the vehicle is the interior color (considered peanut butter). The engine runs smooth, I have to commute across the state a lot by myself and has been very reliable.

- Michael G

A luxury car at a reasonable price.

Reliable. Good-looking, technologically advanced. The drive is comfortable but exciting. Ample amount of room for storage. The back seat allows for additional passengers. The added features are welcomed. It has a luxury appeal. Maintenance is low but also the dealership allows flexibility.

- Andrew P

My vehicle is red and has like gray leather interior on the inside.

I like my car because it has nice leather interior and drives real well. Not only that but it can detect when your driving to fast or your about to have a rack. I like the feel of driving this car because if your tired the car can just remind you to Focus better so no accident occurs.

- Patrick M

My vehicle is sleek and spacious. There is room for the whole family.

Heavy to drive, otherwise it is fabulous! I like how it has a thin green light all the way around on the inside. I wish the back moonroof was a sunroof though. I really love the leather interior and how it has a mesh cover for the sunroof so the sun does not get so hot on your skin.

- Stacy W

Very satisfied, love the features!

I have been very satisfied with my Enclave. It is a comfortable, smooth ride. Love the heated & cooling seats and hands free texting feature. I also like the lane change alarms. The alarm on the front for approaching too fast is not as reliable unfortunately, but still helpful.

- Kyle R

Love the ride. And the sunroof is a plus.

Heated seats are a plus in the winter. Love the 3rd row seats for when we go on vacations and take other people with. Or lower the seats for hauling larger things. Only issue I've seen is by the hood, the rust is starting bubbling under the paint. But it's been a great vehicle.

- Jason B

Interior lightening of a pretty green.

Very comfortable, 3 rows of seats plenty of storage. Heated seats and steering wheel. Sunroof for driver and another top window for passengers. Excellent stereo system. Would have liked on screen navigation system so you can see the maps. Love the color of car, excellent ride.

- Nancy Y

When you need a bigger size SUV but do not want to go full size or minivan route.

Very comfortable. I find the back row seating to be very flexible whether the captain's chairs are in normal position of folded up for access to the back row bench seating. Back has a ton of room to transport a lot. Rides very comfortably. Feel very safe driving in the snow.

- Kacey S

The enclave exceeds our expectations in comfort, reliability, and style.

Our enclave is the best car we have purchased. It is comfortable, reliable, and we are very pleased with our purchase. It is easy to drive and maneuver. It is large enough for 3 couples, but not too big for day to day driving. We will buy another when this one wears out.

- Kim B

The vehicle has high safety ratings.

The car is reliable most of the time our only issue has risen recently and its a problem with the power steering. The steering wheel keeps turning really hard like it doesn't want to turn and it has to be forced, other than that the vehicle is extremely reliable.

- Brenda S

Smart SUV with an app to let you know your gas mileage and tire pressure.

2016 Buick enclave is fully loaded with leather seats, heated steering wheel, heated seats. The SUV has onstar and Wifi. The only downfall is that it is a gas guzzler. It is a v6 however, it drinks gas like a v8. Smooth driving vehicle with blind spot detection.

- Ashley L

Family-oriented vehicle with great peace/quay ratio.

Very reliable family oriented vehicle. A lot of space, third row. Love capitan seats. Had several engine problems, but were fixed in the shop under the warranty. Uses a little bit more gas that I was used to. Very good price/quality ratio. Comfortable for kids.

- Maria S

Perfect for mine and my families needs.

I love my vehicle. It meets all mine and my family needs and has plenty of room for us. We use the vehicle when we go on our family trips and is very reliable. It has enough room to carry all of our luggage and supplies. I will not purchase another vehicle.

- Ma G

All wheel drive is a great feature and works very efficiently

Enjoy the comfortable seats and the features like navigation, hands free phone, and our sirius radio. The ability to change the interior seats in the back for either storage room or having guests. Would like a bigger storage spot for a cell phone

- Diane L

It comfortably fits my family especially when taking road trips with lots of gear.

My favorite features of my Enclave are the 3rd row seat, back up camera and Bluetooth capability. The ride is smooth and comfortable, not choppy. My only con is that the navigation system is cumbersome to use. I always use my iPhone instead.

- Danielle P

My Enclave is so comfortable, quiet and drives smoothly. It can pick up speed very well.

i had a leak in my a/c and had to push for them to fix it. we were going to Florida for vacation and I told them if I go and my a/c doesn't work I will come back furious. they did a detailed search and found a pinhole leak.

- leslie t

Great room and gas mileage. Does everything you need in one vehicle and gives comfort while doing it.

I love my vehicle. It has great gas mileage, I can fit my whole family in it for when we need to go places. There are a lot of room not just for the kids sports stuff, but the family dogs etc. I just love this car.

- karen P

The performance of this type of vehicle is very good, and the luxury in this finish make me feel a valued customer

The buick encore is a comfortable vehicule, the design is beautiful modern and futuristic, the capacity on off road give the tranquility to go out and take the rough roads, and in the city is soft and versatil

- Donald W

It is a nice car with a good stereo and the breaks work well.

Well my car tends to stall, one time I was driving to get food, and I go by the drive thru and it stops. It also tends to sort of jerk while its driving, like you can feel it sort of struggle to go.

- Alvaro G

It is extremely comfortable

I love this most comfortable vehicle. It has plenty of room for passengers and no one is cramped in any seat. There a lot of great extra features and I feel very safe driving and riding in it!

- Lori P

Rides smoothly and comfortably. Gets reasonable gas mileage in town.

I love the roomy interior with the bucket seats in the 2nd row and flip up 3rd row bench seat. It's spacious enough for a toddler car seat, tall teenage boy and the 2 of us up front.

- Julie W

How safe it is. You can safely fit a family in there.

I love how roomy it is. I can put my baby's car seat in it and still fit other people. I like the XM radio. I like the back up camera. Wish there was built in NAV system.

- Kristin W

It is considered a luxury SUV and it drives like one.

I like the look of it, how it and how it drives-rides. Buick is a quality automobile. I have owned it for 2 years and and have no problems and am very happy with it.

- Patricia S

It is full size but can be fun to drive as well.

My enclave is lacking the safety feature with camera in front bumper and that would be very helpful when parking. Other than that, the enclave is a good reliable auto.

- Janet B

Reliable and compact, however spacious and comfortable.

This vehicle is extremely reliable, comfortable, and has great features. There are several people in my family and my vehicle fits all of us extremely comfortably.

- Allie W

It is terrific for families as it is very comfortable and safe.

I like the flexibility my vehicle has to move car seats and change configurations golf seating. I also love it's safety features. It is a terrific family vehicle.

- Megan D

The luxury vehicle that the Buick is.

The Buick is so comfortable and easy to drive. I love the added features that the Buick has. This is my 3rd Buick and they keep getting better with each one.

- Rorey P

that it seats up to seven people and up to four people very comfortably

i like that the vehicle is on a car frame, but still seats up to seven people. i like that everything is automatic and there is a sunroom and a moonroof

- be C

Reliable, comfortable, stylish.

This is my second enclave and it has been flawless as was the first. Great trip car. First American vehicle in a long time and I have been thrilled.

- Barnes K

I always feel safe in this car with the side detectors and the safety features built in.

This has been my favorite vehicle- enough room for family and friends, easy to drive, sporty looking, and feels like luxury SUV at affordable price.

- Jaime M

It is a very smooth riding SUV.

Love all the features and how well it drives. Dislike how the floor mats do not stay in the tabs to keep them from moving. They come undone easily.

- Ashley S

It rides beautifully and last through-out 4 kids and 2 college students.

It drives so smooth and I have not had to do any major repairs. It always starts, holds my family and rides like I drove it off showroom floor.

- Kelly H

Buick Enclave: the smoothest ride

I love my car. It can fit 8 people, which is wonderful when I want to go out. It's also a super smooth ride, and very comfortable.

- Ashley C

Buick enclave with 3 rows and room for 7

Great ride, comfortable. Reliability has been very good with over 60k miles. I hate the radio and this has been my biggest issue

- James B

It is a great family car has lots of room for everyone in the family

A very roomie vehicle that has great gas mileage. Have not had any mechanical problems. I great vehicle is great for a family

- James r

Great looking SUV. Class lines large tires.

Poor gas mileage no storage in front poor control in settings. Great ride very good turning radius. Neg spare tire under car.

- Larry W

Great results the price is kinda high

It runs smooth and clam. It has a nice sound boost In the car. It has great milled on the car. I love the color as well

- Latundra O

It's a great running car, it has a lot of new parts on it and it was give to me.

I love that I have 3 row seats. I love the leather interior. And I love the fact that is good on gas for a SUV.

- Tia Z

It is very comfortable to drive. It also had very high safety ratings.

My vehicle is very nice. It has almost all the features that I like. I wish it had cooled seats and a sunroof.

- Jacob A


I like the big suv, the luxury of this buick. Great looking -- good on gas. I have no dislikes of it at all.

- kathy c

drives well without any issues

no problems - great performance drives well and handles well and rides well without any problems at this time

- judy h

It's very dependable and rarely break down.

I don't really have any dislikes, but if I had to pick, it's that the interior is pretty difficult to clean.

- Lewis D

How comfortable the seats are.

Love all of it. Hate none of it. Do not know what else to say. No complaints about this fabulous automobile.

- Bill C

Safe SUV which a lot of comfort to driving it! I highly suggest.

I love our Buick Enclave. It seats our family of 4 comfortably and we like taking road trips in it too.

- Kristina g

We can take several people with us comfortably. Seems to get good gas mileage.

We love it for travel as the seats can go down for luggage and items we purchase. Nothing to dislike

- Marilyn E

Comfortable ride, easy to get in and out, large enough to feel safe

Nice ride, quiet ride, comfortable, big enough to carry a lot, sits seven, easy to get in and out off

- Jeanne S

Interior has lots of bells and whistles

Details to the inside are very nice, seems more expensive that it is. Not happy with the gas mileage

- Nikki F

A great driving experience with all the bells and whistles

Love it has 3 seats Love the styling and fold down seats for more cargo space Hate the high price

- Lyn E

Gets better gas mileage for its size. Is very comfortable.

It is very comfortable on long rides with the kids, and that is why I like it so much.

- Kristin S

It's durable. It is a smooth ride. It's a luxurious car without the luxurious price.

No complaints about the vehicle. This car is so luxurious. The drive is very smooth.

- David C

You get a good bass mileage with plenty of room inside and a big trunk

Good gas mileage. American made. median sized with plenty of room and a big trunk

- Jeanette J

This car is a crossover SUV car. And this car has three row seats.

It is a safe and comfortable car. The size is just right. And I love the style.

- Hiroko G

Very comfortable ride. I enjoy driving it. Feels like a luxury car.

Comfortable ride. Very quiet. Wonderful features. Good room for the family.

- Jennifer S

not cheap mediocre gas mileage; easily adjustable interior

roomy; good visibility; safer; interior well laid out; needs clearer backup

- tom h

Stability, dependability, reliability

The Enclave really is my dream car. Love the room, the feel, and the look.

- James L

Large roomy interior with 3rd row seating. Cargo room.

Roomy interior. comfortable ride. Features. Could have more features

- Karla B

I really like my car. It's performance and appearance are my favorites

I really like my car. It's performance and appearance are my favorites

- Michelle N

the seats move up and in mirrors are adjustable

nothing bad about it easy to drive and has onstar for I don't lost.

- Debra L

The suspension on this car is great. It has beautiful details.

I love the suspension. I like the blue tooth. Seats uncomfortable.

- Emily S

I love it and wouldn't trade it for any other car. I wish I could have 2 of them

Its my dream car and I love it. Love the color. Love all the extras

- Diana g

It's one of the best vehicles on the market.

I very much love my Buick. It's very comfortable and reliable.

- Bob H

handles great with car full of passengers. Smooth ride. Very quiet driving .

great car . Comfortable ride. good fuel mileage. lots of room.

- darrell w

You can use it for dress up or fun

I like the room and size the deal I got when I bought

- Doug C

That it is really stylish

I like all of it because it is really really good

- Bill B