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My vehicle has great space for my family, is reliable. It has great gas mileage.

I have had the car for 3 yrs now and the only problem is the accelerator which is covered under warranty. That problem just started a few months ago. The dealership didn't hesitate to fix if. It drives smooth. I feel very safe in the car. It has airbags in every corner even in the drivers seats. It is a small SUV for people who have a small family and a spacious trunk so hold all my groceries or luggage. Great gas mileage. If is all wheel drive so very controlled when the road is wet from rain or snow. Which really helps because people do not like to drive in the snow. It has a CD changer included. Now of days people do not listen to many CD's but it's great it comes with one. It also has a reverse camera screen in the front. That is the best feature of all I feel because it sees 180 degrees. So even if you cannot see behind you the camera can. There are a few blind spots in the back where you may not be able to see people walking or a car parked. Or even if the car next to you is parked out too far and the only way you can see is by backing up blind. But with the camera you can see all around. I trust the reverse camera very much. The car also comes with Bluetooth which I love as well. It is convenient for hands free talking on the phone. Plus it works with YouTube and Pandora for more music options. All in all I love the car.

- Brittany M

Off to a great start This is such a great car it has a lot of style yet compact.

I love my car, very dependable and I drive an hour there and an our back 3 days a week for an 12 hour day. Of course I keep up on all maintenance and repairs hoping to make it last as long as I can and will probably invest in another one also. In the winter it has always held up pretty well it makes it through all the sleet and snow and I live by the lake so we get dumped on frequently. As far as comfort it's an easy drive with many extra heated seats all wheel drive and sky window. Cruise control, all controls are close to fingertips. I can cart many things with the lay down seats but yet easy enough to accommodate 2 baby car seats for the grandkids. Or enough room for 4 adults. A few extra light up on the front board will give you a hint as to what may be going on like low pressure in your tires has happened to me before and I was able to get to a gas station to fix that problem. I feel it has a smooth ride, and the gas mileage is not real bad but I do drive an awful lot, and gas prices is not cheap. As far as problem s go I really have not had to many to even complain about it has got me every place I needed to be so all and all I am very pleased and it will be my next car also... Thank you.

- Karen M

It is a glorious vehicle inside and out.

2013 Buick encore: the interior is a tri-color beauty with brown, tan and cream colored leather interior with beautiful wood grain accents. There is plenty enough leg and head room in the forward compartment for individuals to 6' tall without issue. There is very little to no leg room from the back seat area although the seats are comfortable. The interior cargo area is considerable for the size of the vehicle. The exterior is called bronze. In the shade it looks brown, in the sun you can see the gold speckles shining and it does look like a very pretty bronze. Also when in the sun and looked at from different angles, one can detect a fabulous underlying deep purple color. An unexpected bonus. The vehicle is used. In the extreme climates of WI. Thus far I have not had any issues with the car not starting. The heat and a/c work like a champ.

- Ms Phil W

Easy to drive, and good on gas.

Overall, I like driving our Encore but there are some issues I have with it. Out of all the cars I've owned, I feel like this one has needed the most maintenance. We've put a lot of money into this car, and I honestly don't see it lasting as long as others. Also, the passenger side is not overly comfortable. I do however, feel that it is a smooth and easy car to drive. It's also pretty good on gas. When I fill up my tank, it usually costs between $35-$40. It has a camera for the rear, however it does not make any noise when you get close to something. It's not the worst car I've owned, but not the best either.

- Christina G

Pros and Cons of Chrysler 200 2013 version

The slippery when wet caution light always comes on and starts messing up the tires. Takes too much gas and also burns too much gas. It's too much money to fix any parts of the car. It heats up and have you thinking the car is going to catch on fire. A good thing about Chrysler 200 is it runs pretty smooth and is designed for men because the speed of the car is a race car form in a way. It has leather heated seats which is amazing, you can't really get that with other cars. Heat works amazing right along with air so in that are you will have no problems cooling or heating.

- Ashley A

Beautiful vehicle - probably not worth the price in the long run

I love my vehicle and the comfort and luxury that it offers. I love the way that it drives. It's easy to drive in unpredictable traffic and it parks like a dream. The downfall is after 3 years small things in it began to either wear away or fall apart. The AC doesn't work despite the compressor already being replaced, the chrome accents on the interior are flaking away and the radio volume knob is melting.

- Jae M

Good Car, but needs fixing to a minimum

My vehicle is very comfortable. The problem I have with it is that it jumps when I switch from first, second, and third gear. It is very reliable on transportation. It gets me very far whenever I want to go somewhere. The features are wonderful. I would like the color of the car to change and I would like the changing of gears to stop.

- Bernard R

Buick Encore is the car for you if you want a reliable car for all weather

driving the Buick in any weather is wonderful and reliable when driving I am not worried of the car spinning off road or going out of control. It is especially great in the snow. However it is rather small on space. As a mom of two young children I would rather have a car that I can expand the space and store the stroller.

- Joanna M

It is very comfortable for someone who cannot get in and out of low vehicle or who cannot get into a higher vehicle without difficulty.

I love the way it fits me as I am disabled and must have a vehicle that sits at the right height for me. I love the gas mileage. I love the noise reduction and Bose speakers. Normally it is the perfect size for me and my husband plus cargo. Only when my two grandsons are with us does it become too small for travel.

- Laurel S

Practicality, It's fuel efficient, safe, and easy to maintain.

My vehicle is very basic is idea and purpose. It gets me from A to B while be economical and safe, and can handle most of life's cargo needs. It is a slower vehicle on the highway, but has an amazing turning radius which makes city driving a breeze. All in all I would recommend my vehicle for the common person.

- David C

Amazing small family vehicle.

This is a great small family vehicle. It runs well, decent gas mileage. Not a lot of cargo area. Have had no issues since we bought it. The best car we have ever had. Handles great on the interstate. Drives smooth. Would definitely purchase another. Would recommend to others. Very happy with this vehicle!

- Leigh Ann S

Great medium size vehicle with room for car seats and trunk space.

Car is everything I hoped for except it is not 4 wheel drive. It has leather heated seats, heated steering wheel, tilt steering as well as telescoping, XM Sirius stereo with CD player, OnStar capability, rear view camera, tilt mirrors, cruise control, a v6 motor, great gas mileage and plenty of legroom.

- Troy H

Fantastic and reliable car.

Wish it had a little more power. There is also no passenger armrest which can cause issues on longer trips. I haven't had any issues with the car or dealership. Great family car. Has plenty of room for smaller family. Love the ease with which the seats fold down to accommodate larger items.

- Heather C

My car is very clean and it is the perfect size for me.

The only thing that I do not like about my car is sometimes the radio goes in and out. Sometimes the USB connection does not work. Sometimes the Bluetooth connection in my car does not work either. My seats are very comfortable. Also I do wish my car was a 6 cylinder instead of a 4 cylinder.

- Harley H

This is the best car I have ever driven in my whole life!

This is the best car I have ever had the great pleasure of owning and driving. I hardly have any problems with it, and it is so easy to manage and take care of. It has smooth braking and I just feel the sweet glide when I drive it anywhere I go. It really has had a huge impact on my life.

- George Q

The Buick Encore is a small but mighty SUV

I bought my car used with about 70,000 miles on it after my other car was totaled. While I do love the make of the Buick Encore, the car is not good on gas. It burns through a tank faster than any other car I've ever owned. The car is easy to drive through and very nice on the eyes.

- Marty G

Compact near luxury compact SUV.

The only problem with this car is it needs better tires for snow it can also be a little delayed on acceleration. Very comfortable and love the heated front seats and steering wheel. Would love to have heated back seats too. This is the perfect compact sub get around town vehicle.

- Deb V

A nice comfortable automobile.

All in all I really enjoy my encore. It is very comfortable and handles well. There are a couple of things that have gone wrong. The paint has peeled from my driver side mirror for no reason. Some of the trim inside has bubbled as well. Have had a couple of heating issues as well.

- Patrick N

My Buick encore is another member of my family.

This car has been an overall good experience. It is a smooth ride and everything generally works great. All of the features seem a little bit overwhelming at first. Love this car and I have made a lot of good memories with it with my family. Strange placement of back seat belts.

- Mike S

My car has All-Wheel Drive with a turbo-charged engine, which makes it a great car for Minnesota winters.

My Buick Encore is very practical. It is small, yet has lots of interior room and versatility. I also need its All-Wheel Drive for our hill in the winter. I really like it's cocoa-silver color with the saddle interior. It has been reliable and comfortable to drive.

- Janet L

Car is fun and exciting to have.

It is nice car with great features. It handles well. It is safe. It is good in snow. It is easy to maintain of. It does not give me any problems. It gives a comfortable rifle. We take this everywhere, long and close. Everyone enjoys to drive this car in our family.

- Jennifer O

It gets great gas mileage.

The Encore is a compact crossover/SUV. It is the same vehicle as the Opel Mona. I love how easy it is to park and the excellent gas mileage. My main complaint is the front passenger does not have a left armrest, and the width is just a couple of 8nches too narrow.

- Candace B

Comfortable and I feel safe in my car.

I like the features of the back cam, that helps me see others behind me or an object. Like how every function is on the wheel. It also lets me know the condition of the roads and what my car might need such as gas, low tires, door ajar and many other futures.

- Donna L

This is one of the best vehicles I have owned. It is comfortable, economical.

I have had very few problems with my Buick. It drives nicely, performs well in all weather, and road trips are a pleasure. It is very reliable, and comfortable for driver and passengers. It has many features not found in other vehicles. I like it very much.

- Janet P

It's loaded with all the comforts one would want.

I love the fact that It's a compact small suv (crossover) which has plenty room for my grandkids but also saves on gas. It's very comfortable with leather seating. Also has many other nice features. Navigation, rear camera and memory seat settings.

- Loutessa F

It is a great little car. It is important to know that oil is a synthetic blend and therefore the oil changes are a little more expensive.

I love how sporty it is. I enjoy the gas mileage that it gets. I love the features (remote start, sunroof, feel of the leather). My only dislike is how small the vehicle is with respect to fitting an infant seat in the back seat.

- Mary R

It has good highway mileage.

It performs amazing but I wish I would have looked more closely but I think I have the basic model. I don't have heated seats and parking sensors, however I do have a backup cam. The car is perfect for a small family.

- Dana S

It's very compact and reliable.

I like the style and feel of the vehicle. The size is just too small. I wish I had purchased a bigger vehicle but I didn't think it was too small at the time. Other than that, I like my vehicle.

- Brayde D

The most important thing about my car is the space it has.

I like that the encore is versatile. It is perfect for someone who has a couple children and for a person who has no children. I like that the encore has not only two compartments but three.

- Mattison M

It is a quality, small, comfortable car.

Just the perfect size for my wife and I. We find that the quality is great. We service it regularly and have had no problems with it. It is very comfortable and gets good gas mileage. (28)

- George f

An Encore is a great car if you are looking for a compact SUV.

It is a compact sport utility vehicle that does not have a big trunk, but the seats can be put down for extra storage. I like the fog lights and other features such as Bluetooth radio.

- Sarah F

It is compact and efficient. It also includes many convenient features.

I love the size of it. It is fairly good on gas. It has been reliable. It also has many things that come in handy such as navigation, Bluetooth, heated seats, remote start...etc.

- Ebony K

Very reliable and it just such a cute care. It's the right size for me.

I love the size of the car it drives very smoothly. I love the interior of the car. I love the camera when you backup, still getting used to that.

- Queen L

I gets good gas mileage. I do not spend a lot of money on gas.

I like the size of the vehicle. I like the gas mileage. I dislike that it doesn't pick up speed quickly. I dislike the armrest on the driver's seat.

- latoya t

Everything about the vehicle is great. My only wish is for a push button.

There is no problems. I do not have any issue with the my Buick. The seat are the best. I love the way that is look. The comfort is great.

- Kimberly P

Recommend the Buick Enclave - perfect for family trips and commuting to work.

The Buick Enclave has a smooth ride. It's comfortable for the driver and the passengers. It has great acceleration. The sound system A+.

- Patricia T

It is not as roomie as I originally thought. It is cute and gets great mileage. It heated seats.

The car could use more trunk space. The tires are an irregular size making them more expensive. I like that it gets good mileage.

- Melissa W

Durability and gas mileage is great.

Gas mileage is good, room is good, don't like the suspension. The sunroof is nice. I would change the color. Great for long trips.

- Jack R

It is reliable and will suit basic utility needs.

The gas mileage may be a little high sometimes. My wallet can not stand to drive it long ways. I still love the color though..

- Drew T

The only downside for me is that oil changes cost around $95.

I love the gas mileage and the look of the car. The storage space is awesome. I love the remote start and power everything!

- Melissa C

Very nice, good radio. Leather seats, easy to clean.

The vehicle is great. Runs smoothly, I own a grey one, it is sparkly too which I thought was cool. Beautiful leather seats.

- Autumn P

The Buick Encore car has a smooth and comfortable ride

Gas pedal is a little sensitive and I wish the GPS had a touch screen but otherwise, it drives pretty smoothly. I like it.

- Gayle R

Do not buy one you will be pissing away your money on junk.

It is a piece junk breaks down all the time and am selling it to a junkyard. I will buy a decent vehicle like a Chevy.

- Donald L

It is a safe and comfortable car.

Size and handling on the road. A pleasure to drive. Visibility is great for driving. Well constructed and comfortable.

- Jean W

It's a very comfortable ride vehicle that has always been reliable and has never broke down on me for last five years.

My vehicle is very reliable and has never let me down. I love how it looks I love how it runs and I love how it drives

- Matt K

Comfortable ride - smooth and quite with decent gas mileage.

The vehicle hasn't had any major performance problems. It has over 100,000 miles on it and has provided a smooth ride.

- Ezra J

The warranty always read the fine print with extended warranty.

Takes up to much gas and the performance could be better. The trunk space is a little smaller if you have a family.

- Rachael S

Roomy and small at the same time.. Love the back-up camera and the fine finishes

Horrible Pick-up - it is slow and hesitates. Pretty and cute and a nice small size - lots of features. Love it.

- Beth R

My friends always ask me to go on roadtrips

Great mpg, love the seating space, good heating and cooling. My friends love it and always ask to go on roadtrips

- Jose J

Great new model, still going strong after 5 years

Never had any problems, it's not big enough a lot of the time, otherwise we have been very happy with it

- Susan C

Dependability: Has been a dependable, good gas mileage vehicle since we bought it. Have done nothing to vehicle, regular maintenance.

Have had the vehicle since 2015, have had no problems of any sort with it. Good looking, dependable.

- Rodger B

Luxury car for less than luxury price.

Like how compact it is. Like the style of the vehicle. Like gas efficiency. Dislike backup camera.

- Megan H

I really like the gas mileage it gets. It's not to small or too big. I wish it had a little more storage room in the back for travel.

It's cost efficient because it's cheaper to fill the tank and can go about 400 miles per tank.

- Charlye B

My car is comfortable and fun to drive.

I did really like my vehicle. I don't really like it now since the check engine light is on.

- karen k

Easy access, great gas mileage, it is the appropriate size

It's designed to allow easy access for me. It has great gas mileage. It is the perfect size.

- Rich M

It is a crossover car and it is very cute. I bought as a new first model.

I want assist drive and lane warning, plus hand rest for passengers. I love the car a lot.

- Misa H

The hesitation issue can be dangerous and was told it cannot be fixed

Love the size and has all the upgrades . Has a hesitation when stepping on the gas

- Debbie D

it has a smooth ride and looks really nice. It is a very nice vehicle.

The car has a Smooth ride. Parts are affordable. Car payment are very high.

- Sophia R

It is a safe vehicle and it is great on gas and it looks great

I like the color. It runs great and safe.it doesn't use too much gas.

- Mary W

The armrest sucks. Not spacious enough for driver and the passenger

My vehicle seats are very uncomfortable. I don't like the armrest.

- T G

Windows don't work well. Hate the seat belts lock up too much

Breaks work. Battery will start. Gets me from point a to point b

- Leena C

Everything breaks down on it

I dislike everything about this car. I'm ready for a new one

- David B

That is stylish and modern

I like the fact that is gas saver and looks good

- Nancy Y

Safe, size, and computer add on provides safety.

- Rita C