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Buick encore: the good vs the wishful summary.

I love my Buick encore. It has a smooth comfortable ride. I can't say enough how much the big view backup camera and the alerts on both side mirrors which detect cars in lanes next to me. Awesome gas mileage. Menu on large screen shows gas stations near me and other info about movies etc, comes in very handy. OnStar equipped with ability through an app to unlock doors if I accidentally lock my keys inside. Alert available if I crash to locate n report through paid subscription. Ability to Bluetooth and ability to subscribe to Wi-Fi. Downsides: not a lot of room if you have a big family but perfect for 2 when traveling. Only wish the crash alert was provided free of charge. And the OnStar & internet service for unlimited data was cheaper rate. (data is used up quickly).

- Linda F

Smaller, but reliable car.

I really like the comfort of the car. It drives really well and great on gas. It fits two car seat comfortably however, you can not for three car seat across. The back compartment is also small. It is hard to fit a stroller in the back without putting one of the seats down. My car is not a four wheel drive so it does not do the best in snow or other areas of driving. I also have a hard time seeing my blind spots as the structure of the car seems to be in the way. I bought the car on a impulse decision. It was pretty and in the middle of the showroom. It is a safe reliable car in my opinion as far as driving. I would just change some of the features. The air conditioning is really good. Cools off fast.

- Summer M

My Buick encore experience.

So far I have had my car for 3 weeks. I bought it pre-certified but have not had any issues at all. I really love the interior of the car such as the leather seats, which are heated as well as the different controls to move the seats electronically. I also love the various tools on the dashboard such as the camera and navigation screen. I also find the sensors on the side mirrors are extremely helpful to alert you whenever there is someone in your blindsight. This car is very easy on gas and drives very well and makes you feel as though you have a high brand/luxury car for a small price.

- Cherish F

The Buick encore is very quiet, comfortable,and roomy.

My Buick encore airbags are front and side. The music has the capability to sink with your phone so you can have hands free placing calls, listen to texts and review your voicemail as well as listen to music apps and also CDs. Also has a backup camera. Lane departure warnings, and bendable side mirror. The driving and riding in the car has the experience to be very silent and very comfortable. The seat can be moved in multiple directions so you can be comfortable. Underneath the hood is clean and quiet as well. The encore is the best I have driven and rode in!

- Debbie P

Comfortable and does the job.

The Buick encore is extremely comfortable. It is a smooth drive and *knock on wood* have had no problems with it. I live in a state where there's a lot of black ice and snow, and my car handles well. The backup camera is great, as is the alert when a car is moving near you. I wish it had an alert while backing up if you get too close to the vehicle behind you. Mine has a sunroof, which I absolutely love. The speakers could be a little bit louder. And the trunk space could be a tiny bit bigger.

- Zee H

An interesting detail of my car is that it comes with Wi-Fi.

I really like my car. It is extremely easy to drive and it is small enough I can fit into tight spaces, but also big enough that it does not feel cramped when I have people driving with me. I enjoy the features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and many more. The radio system is easy to use, and the dash is easy to understand. I like seeing my speed numerically and not just on the speedometer. I also like seeing my tire pressure and when I need to get an oil change.

- Rebecca N

Overall I am really happy with my Buick encore 2016.

I love my new Buick encore, its a 2016 model. Very reliable and it is great on gas. The look is very clean and I love the lights of the dashboard. I travel often with my husband and son who is 6 months old. There's enough room for his car seat and all the baby stuff that we have to take with us when we travel which is usually quite a bit. One thing I should mention is that I've had the car for only 2 years and already had to buy a battery for $150.

- Katrina C

Beauty in a medium size package.

It rides very smoothly. It is the perfect size for those that do not need a ton of room like a typical SUV but love more room than a car. I love the leather seats and the interior design is beautiful. The only parts I am not a fan of are the motorized seats and the leg room in the back - the seat moves back when you turn the car off but if your backseat passenger is not out they get a bit squished.

- Lyndsey A

This vehicle is the perfect size between sedan and SUV.

I love the size of this vehicle. It is not as big as an SUV but the trunk space and backseat space is larger than that of a sedan. The only thing I dislike about this vehicle is that the air conditioning turns off when you are on a Bluetooth phone call and when you are stopped at a stoplight. In the Florida summer heat it can get really hot really quickly and this makes the vehicle uncomfortable.

- Miranda F

It gets real good gas mileage, and has a really smooth ride.

What I don't like about my car is when I have the windows down a 45 mph I get a funny vibrating noise from the hatchback trunk. I am not sure if Its just my car, but it hurts my ears. I love that my car is a small SUV, I am not a big person. I have enough room, but not to much. I wish I had a little more trunk space, but when I put the back seats down I can fit way more than you would thing!

- Jamie G

A good SUV to have is you have a small family.

This has been a good car for us. I love sitting up more in a SUV vs. Car. It drives well, and I love the safety feature package. It shows you when a car is in your blind spot. We leased the vehicle for 32 months and the only problem was we had to replace the battery one time. The cons are the air conditioner is not as strong as I would like. The audio is not as good as others I have had.

- Debbie E

A great car for a single person who usually has one passenger and travels a lot.

I absolutely love my little car. It is a great size to get around some of the tougher terrain without being bulky. The turning radius is amazing as well and the amount of small parking I can fit in is nice. I love the lights under the trim during the night. The only thing is the tires are super shallow and they will burst if you hit a pothole too hard or a curb.

- Crystal D

Great Small SUV with room for 5

I really enjoy my Buick Encore. It has been very reliable and gets good gas mileage. I like that it is a smaller SUV. I do wish that it had a bit more storage and leg room in the back seat. There is plenty of legroom in the front. I also like that the backseat lay down so you can transport something that is longer than would fit in the traditional cargo area.

- Susie H

Review of the 2016 Buick encore.

The Buick encore is a very nice SUV. It's very reliable and has many features that help remind you for basic maintenance and warnings. The Buick encore has a lot of room for a smaller SUV. With retracting seats and a stylish interior. The beautiful alloy wheels give it a lot of character and the color scheme of the interior lights are very gentle on the eyes.

- Philip R

Buick encore has great fuel economy.

My Buick encore has great fuel economy, a comfortable ride, and holds up great in an automobile accident. My husband and I were involved in an accident where we were hit from behind. The only damage was to the bumper and we both were perfectly fine. Great quality for the price. Only drawback to this vehicle is a small trunk space.

- Christy S

It has the best safety features.

I love the fuel economy. I love that it's roomy enough for our family of 3 plus our great Dane but is still compact enough that I can maneuver in the city easily and park in tight city parking easily. I love the safety features and feel secure driving my 3 year old around. There isn't anything that I've found yet that I dislike.

- Kathryn O

Great vehicle with everything that I was looking for in my first car purchase.

It is great! Back up camera comes standard. A mixture between pleather and cloth interior. Bluetooth, CD player, XM radio. Small enough that it handles like car, but more spacious. Back seats fold down to hold bigger items. Variety of color options. There was a recall on something that was taken care of quickly by a dealer.

- Jennifer B

Buick encore- feels big for a smaller SUV.

Love how it drives and layout inside. Very comfortable from all seats. I wish the passenger side had a arm rest. Great gas mileage, safety ratings and plenty of storage. You can put all the seats down to lay flat for more transportation. Wish I could fit golf clubs in the back- but having the roof rack is critical as well.

- Kaitlyn V

Compact but very spacious!

I have yet to experience any problems with my encore (knock on wood). I love the car it is the perfect size - small exterior appearance but is actually very spacious, I was able to move a fully assembled dresser in the back once I folded the seats down. Great gas mileage! I would definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Isabella R

It has it is downfalls for being small.

If you are expecting to put a rear facing car seat in the back it is very tight. Unless you are shorter and sit closer to the steering wheel, it might not fit. There also is not a sufficing way to get air to the back seat so I find myself having to crank the air up all the way, which then sounds like a jet engine.

- Lauren E

Lacking amenities. I trust u could get them. Costs too much for what you get.

The car handles well and gets decent mpg. It is small. Mine is lacking many amenities I had in previous vehicle. I do utilize OnStar. I like the car taking phone calls and reading texts. I do not like that things a locked on screen that ate not on vehicle. Arm rest is too low to be useful. Lumbar support nice.

- Linda M

Fabulous great running good looking Buick great on gas miles.

I do not have any problem my car runs well I have had it for a little over one year and very satisfied with it very good on gas with theses gas prices going up. Over all it runs well first time having a Buick and really happy with easy to drive never had a automatic car before so it is different but I like it.

- Teresa G

My encore, it has a touch screen radio which is so cool!

I like my SUV, it is small but big enough if that makes any sense, reliable and gets me from point A to B, I lease it which I like cause I get to turn it in and get a new one and that I do like, it fits all my 10 year olds stuff and my groceries, I work 10 mins away from home and it is great in the snow.

- Rachel B

Good gas mileage-minor issues.

The battery died unexpectedly while on the road before the second year anniversary of ownership. The exterior lights didn't turn off when I turned the car off. This base model has slow acceleration. Very good gas mileage. Ample storage space in rear and trunk areas. I like that the rear seats fold flat.

- Wanda W

Comfort and room of an SUV but handles with ease like a sedan.

The trunk is more narrow than I am used to. I usually need to put the back seats down to haul anything of above average size (for example, my golf clubs) overall, it is very comfortable to drive and has a roomy back seat for passengers. On star diagnostics help keep maintenance a breeze with reminders.

- Amy B

It is a nice car for driving locally.

The trunk is too small and it is too low to the ground. The car was a gift. I would not have picked this car for me. I prefer a SUV. I like to be higher up when I drive and I like room to transport antiques. I like good mileage reliable transportation. I travel a lot and need lots of room in a vehicle.

- Fran C

I like my little grey Buick.

I like the car because it has awesome gas mileage. The color is perfect and the size isn't to bade either. I don't like the trunk space it's pretty small. I can almost fill it up with 2 suitcases. I had to replace all 4 tires and had not even owned it for a year. On a scale from 1 to 10 it's about a 5.

- Toni A

Comfort, drivability, styling and gas mileage.

My encore is small enough to drive comfortably in city streets yet has enough cargo space to haul reasonably large objects. I like the styling of my encore and its controls are easy to maneuver. The ride is very comfortable for a small SUV. My encore gets over 33 mpg on the hwy and 25 mpg in the city.

- Edward E

Reliable, small and efficient.

Very reliable but I was disappointed at the fact that its too small in the inside it needs more passenger space you hit elbows with the driver. I think that this car is good for a younger person with no kids. It is very reliable like I said it just needs more space it drives great on long trips.

- Carmen F

And interesting detail is that it has backup camera and Bluetooth.

My vehicle performs very well, the gas on this type of vehicle is very good and this vehicle comes with a lot of cool technologies to it such as back up camera and stuff. I love the color and engine inside of the vehicle and it fits me and my style very well, I get a lot of compliments.

- Kathy T

Comfort, reliable, affordable.

Extremely comfortable both driver and passenger seats. Drives smoothly, with enough room for our lifestyle. Very good looking car with some nice features. We lease from an extremely reliable Buick dealership and will continue to deal with them. My next lease will be encore or envision.

- Joann G

Extremely easy to maneuver.

My Buick encore is very small, not a lot of trunk space. I wouldn't recommend it for large people. It is very easy to maneuver, very reliable. I have only had one issue with a battery going bad. I love the Bluetooth phone and backup camera features! It is a breeze to parallel park.

- Laurie S

Wonderful blue Buick encore.

It is a mid size SUV. It has a 4 cylinder engine, it gets 33 miles to the gallon. It has great get up and go in traffic. It handles well in traffic, I can pass, change lanes and keep up with traffic. It has extras, like leather, dual climate control rear camera, blind spot warning.

- Alan S

The perfect vehicle for anyone!

Absolutely love this SUV! So many different features and rides like a dream! I can not believe all the safety features. This is a very attractive vehicle! The price was excellent and other features can be added at our convenience! This is a dream vehicle for anyone with children.

- Patricia W

Great car for older people or singles.

This car has a nice ride and easy to get in and out. The only drawback is gas mileage, seems like it should be better for the size. It handles good. And Buick is a great brand. It has good cargo space. For older person I would recommend. . It is all you need for your auto needs.

- Teresa B

Enjoyable to drive, but small.

Great visibility when driving; minimal blind spots. Three seats in back, but it is a tight fit for three adults or car seat w/ two adults. Front center console is inconvenient: small armrest that is only usable for one w/ no arm rest on passenger's left side. Good gas mileage.

- Olivia B

Buick encore. If your looking for a great smaller running SUV.

Have had no issues up to date. Not enough power if there was something to complain about. Runs very comfortable. The stop and start engine takes some getting used too. maintenance is very easy. Could have a little more leg room. Trunk space is ok and engine is easy to get too.

- Ronald E

Small comfortable crossover that is way under powered.

Needs more power - which the 2017 got and I want. I can add a chip for $300. 00 to help it speed up a bit. Can probably have the turbo adjusted to put out more horsepower. Comfort is fine. Windshield cracked 2 weeks after purchase. . No charge replacement insurance thankfully.

- Mitchell S

I like the looks of car. It is small but sporty.

Car has little power when entering highway. Car seats in back are tight and uncomfortable. Back seats getting little cool air when air conditioner is on. Trunk space is poor when there are passengers in back seats. Everything else is pretty good and I have no complaints.

- Pat K

The shape & color hello has done oh done simpler okay stop. Safe. Jejej.

My vehicle is very well designed but has had many problems in the past month nevertheless it is still running love the stereo & feel of the car drives very well need a couple of things replaced. Do wish it had some Bluetooth capability as it is sometimes irritating.

- Jose F

A bright blue hatchback with tons of personality!

My vehicle is one of the safest cars I have ever owned. I have driven through winter snow storms, floods, and black ice without getting a single dent or scratch on the paint because it handles so well. On top of that, it is great for the harsh winters of the Midwest.

- Sydney P

2016 Buick encore--fun on the road.

Fun, well built, reliable vehicle. Very economical. Hardly any maintenance necessary. Has a little zip to it that makes it fun to drive. Very comfortable, supportive seating. Excellent infotainment system. Fairly smooth ride, and quiet shifting transmission.

- Pierre A

Always get the latest model year to get the most up to date features.

I love most things about the car. The things I dislike are that the Infotainment screen is not a touch screen like most cars and the bluetooth does not work properly. I wish I had not let myself be talked into getting a 2016 when I really wanted a 2017.

- Loretta E

Has a lot of plus items, but the trunk release is an issue.

The mirrors on the side provide great side views when driving on the expressway. Has a backup view that alerts you if someone is behind you and you can see when backing into a parking spot. Only thing I wish it had would be a pop-up button for the trunk.

- Sharon H

Trouble free, dependable car.

It gets very good gas mileage. It has been trouble free mechanically. It might be a little too small to carry anything big but it is big enough for my needs. The only thing I do not like about it is that it does not have an adequate center console. .

- Donna D

Feel safe when driving this vehicle.

The vehicle runs smoothly. It is great on gas. I like the automatic lock feature when you put your car in gear. Great safety feature. Only thing I wish it had was an automatic trunk release. The Audio also could be changed on the radio/phone feature.

- Sharon H

Makes getting through the winter a breeze.

This vehicle is very reliable. It has all wheel drive and gets me through the Michigan winter. It does really well in the snow. It feels safe and it is comfortable. It is easy to maneuver and park. It is visually appealing. I really enjoy driving it.

- Barbara H

It handles REALLY well in the winter.

My vehicle is a white 2016 Buick Encore. I love how well it handles winter driving. I also really like how the instrument panel gives info such as how many more miles you can get out of your gas tank. One of my favorite features is the back- up cam.

- Angela M

Gas efficient, great for commuting.

I like that it is a mid size and pretty roomy interior. I love that it is comfortable and great in gas mileage. I feel like the battery goes out quickly and I have had bad luck with the tires but all in all I love the car.

- Julia S

Very dependable car - always starts.

My vehicle has never had any problems in the 2 years that I have owned it. I like the windshield wiper in the back. Tires are still good. Seats are comfortable. If I get a new car, it will probably be a Buick encore again.

- Diane B

Easy to drive and park very good gas mileage.

Small easy to drive vehicle park in a snap. Very good gas mileage. So far maintenance free. Only complaint the interior is a little close. Overall we are satisfied with the vehicle and glad we purchased this vehicle.

- Barbara A

The rear deck can store significant items

It is a smaller SUV with a turbocharged engine. It gets great mpg and handles very well. The layout of the instrument cluster could be more efficient. The rear view mirror interferes with The sattel light box.

- Larry M

My car is safe and reliable. It's affordable and fun to drive. It is stylish and good on gas.

I like my SUV because I sit up higher and can see farther. It is great on gas and I can haul groceries, sports equipment and people comfortably. I feel safe driving my car and it is comfortable on long trips.


Not a super durable car, if you have kids expect scratches on the interior

I would like a bit more room for the back seat passengers. Also the plastic material used on the dash scratches too easily. For the price I paid it is a decent car for around town. Not something for long trips.

- jackie m

It ranks very high for safety!

My 2016 Buick encore is an excellent vehicle for my needs. This vehicle has a lot of wonderful safety features, it is very attractive in design, both inside and out, and I feel grateful for having chosen it!

- Frances K

It is a very reliable vehicle to drive!.

No complaints, I love my Buick! From now on, that is all I will drive. It is economical, quiet and relaxing to drive! It is the perfect size for me and the heated leather seats are wonderful in the winter!.

- Cindy S

It is a great car and one of the best cars anyone in my family has ever had.

I love the way it looks and the size of it. It isn't too big or too small like my last car. I love that I can hook up my ipod or a flashdrive to listen to music. I am very happy it still has a CD player.

- Amanda R

it handles great in the snow, i was surprised at how well it did last year

i like that it comes with so much standard, comes with 18 inch rims tinted windows, wood grain, screen, leather wrapped steering, power windows, seats. and much more, handles great to, decent gas mileage

- deanna h

It get great gas mileage like a car, but it sits a little bit higher than a car.

It's a crossover vehicle. I like that it's really small and that it gets good gas mileage like a car. I don't like the fact that it doesn't have a lot of storage and the radio console isn't touch screen.

- Dan B

It is reliable. It is comfortable.

Like the style. Easy to get in not to high. Good on gas. Limited storage space behind backseat. Does not have a great pickup for getting on the high. Backup camera is not clear during rainy weather.

- Denise M

It gets good gas mileage. I have never had any mechanical issues with my car.

I love the size of my car its not too big or too small, I feel safe. I love the backup camera it is pretty good quality and helps me a lot. Feels semi luxurious inside with price tag of luxe car.

- Marie v

That It's a nice looking and sleek small compact suv type vehicle that comes with some nice standard features and has a decent price tag. I've not had many problems with this vehicle, I think it's great!

I like all the features that came equipped with the vehicle. I love the size and look of the vehicle and the only thing I don't care for is that it didn't come with a gps as a standard feature.

- Rita E

It is quiet, and comfortable, which is a definite plus.

I like the heated seats in the winter, and it easy to get in and out of. However, there are quite a few "blind" "spots when driving, and storage space for groceries, luggage etc is minimal.

- Cindy H

It's nice size and not to small or to big like a SUV small one.

I which it had a bigger middle console to put your things in but in all the car great on gas miles and the rear seats can be pushed down to make room they fold down for even more back space.

- Gerri A

Being an suv it has a greater risk for rollover accidents if turning at high speeds.

This is my first crossover/suv. I like that when I'm driving I am up higher as opposed to when I was driving a sedan. It gets decent gas mileage. I don't have any complaints about it really.

- Katie B

The car has decent gas mileage and surprisingly handles well in all weather conditions.

I like the gas mileage. I don't like the armrest. I don't like that you can only remote start the car 2 times. If there is s significant ice event (2) 10 minute cycles are not enough time.

- Nancy M

Good bargain, nice features for price

Cute, small, storage space, easy to drive, safety features all like. Dislike battery died at 20k, parking sensors don't automatically come on, except in reverse, crash sensor is way off.

- Kathy h

it looks and acts like a luxury SUV. The grill work on the outside makes it look more expensive then it is and the paint job is top notch

I like the size of the SUV. It's very compact and handles well on the road. Has luxury for a start up price. Great size tires. I don't like the fact the passenger side seat is manual

- chris w

It is great for the size, compact but off the ground.

I like that it is compact yet high off the ground with a large trunk. Drives great. The actual seating area is just a bit too snug. Wish there was more room in the backseat for legs.

- Veronica E

Great gas mileage and space whether you're single or you have children.

It gets great gas mileage and has all of the features I could want. Small enough for me but has plenty of space. Takes a while for it to get going (horsepower) is the only negative.

- Kasey P

my satisfaction with my ride

it's surprising but i've never had any problems just regular maintenance oil change dtc change windshield wipers passes every yearly inspection runs smooth nothing to complain about

- xavier b

The Encore has great lease deals at Buick dealers and is so comfortable to drive in. I love that it has a true outlet in the back seat which is so much faster and more convenient for charging.

This is a super affordable car that is very comfortable to drive and feels more luxurious than the price point. I love the way it looks and how much it holds without being too big!

- Kelly K

So far it has been very reliable. Performs well in inclement weather.

It sits high which I like. There is only an armrest on the drivers seat not on the passenger seat. A little smaller inside that I would like. I like the way it drives and handles.

- Douglas B

An SUV With Great Looks and Great Mileage

I like this vehicle because it is a compact SUV. My household is composed of two people and this car has all the space we need. It is very comfortable and quiet and looks great.


Comfort, gas mileage, easy to drive, and plenty of bells and whistles.

Compact SUV, great gas mpg, easy to maneuver in city traffic. Great comfort and very easy to operate electronics. Could have a little more cargo and hauling capacity.

- Edward E

Good family car and very safe.

When turning in the air on high there is a noise sounding like a loose fan or belt. Not exactly what I was looking for. A little longer that I thought when we bought.

- Nikki F

It is overpriced for the quality.

The car does not have enough power pulling out on highway. There is inadequate trunk space. Car tends to be noisy. The air conditioning does not cool back seat area.

- Pat K

I love how my vehicle handles, however it doesn't always do great going up big hills if I'm going slowly. I also have a built-in NAV system which is amazing! My only complaint about that is that the computer system sometimes doesn't boot up correctly, and you need to restart the car to reset the system. But overall the car is amazing!

It is the perfect size for a small SUV. You feel like you are driving an SUV but it gets good gas mileage and isn't like driving a boat like some of the bigger SUVs.

- Emm G

it is very affordable and gets great mileage. it's also very comfortable for a small car.

I really enjoy driving my car. I have no issues with it, it runs just fine, starts every time. it is on the small side, so it gets good mileage and is easy to park.

- Joshua B

It's a sturdy reliable car.

It's the perfect size for me to go to work or run errands. It's easy to load groceries in the back. I enjoy the smooth ride it gives and the gas mileage is great.

- Janet m

The perfect crossover suv

I am on my second Encore. This car has all the perks of an SUV while handling like a car. The car feels like a luxury automobile but without the heavy price tag.

- Brienne D

Wonderful Mid-size Car!!!

It is a great size. Easy to park. Good gas mileage. Nice design. The color is a pretty mocha and the leather interior is gorgeous. Dark green and tan interior.

- Sandy S

It can last for up to 5 years and it is very durable.

I like/love the color of my car. I feel scary about the way it moves currently but It's not a real problem. It's got damaged badly in the past but works fine.

- Gred C

It is very easy to drive and has plenty of room.

The look and interior are good and comfortable, and Buick is a great name and quality is good, my dislike is the gas mileage, seems like it should be better.

- Teresa B

Comfortable, reliable and fancy.

It is very comfortable and reliable. The only issue is when you connect a device through the USB port, it disconnects the Bluetooth access to music and such.

- Mah M

Not enough horses under the hood

I like my Encore so far. Nice interior with lots of standard features,user-friendly infotainment system. Cons: Underpowered base engine and higher base price

- Mihail M

The brakes squeak, It is just the way it is on this model.

I love my Buick. There is many safety items on the SUV but not controlling. I am still the driver. Also the deal I got was much better than any other make.,

- Robert M

Great looking, very sporty.

I love my car, great gas mileage, rides like a luxury car. It is very sporty looking. Very comfortable on a long trip. Easy to navigate in heavy traffic.


The Buick Encore is fun to drive.

It is easy to drive and maneuver. Even though a 4 cyl, it has great acceleration due to overdrive. It has very good gas economy. I have no complaints.

- Craig R

It is a great car except for the blind spots.

I love my car but it has several blind spots that worry me. These blind spots make driving dangerous. Also the car i-say little small in the front seat.

- Lucy Q

I can park it anywhere and it gets great fuel mileage.

The turbo sometimes doesn't kick in right away when taking off from a light. The room between seats is very narrow. Other than that I enjoy the vehicle.

- Harry G

The lights work amazing. It turns night into day.

I really like my care because it puts safety first. That is the number one priority for my family. It also is a very comfy ride with amazing features.

- Jenson F

It is really fun to drive.

Love the backup camera, the easy to use console, the OnStar, the gas mileage, the peppiness. Hate the gas-saving turning itself off when sitting.

- Kathy P

The 2016 Buick encore is a small two-row crossover that slots below the larger.

The 2016 Buick encore is a small two-row crossover that slots below the larger enclave and is available in front- or all-wheel-drive configurations.

- Nina N

very good fuel mileage and easy parking and has backup lights

good ride very comfortable good performance very reliable the only problem was the air quit cooling and they repaired it very good automobile.

- patty j

It's sleek and versatile. Very little car problems.

I love the color it is a burnt orange/gold that is very modern, adult, and fun. I love that the car looks like it will age well. It is timeless.

- Sam T

It is a convertible that works very well.

I like the reliability and comfort of my vehicle. I also like that it is a very easy to drive and the miles per gallon is very favorable to me.

- Ronnie S

The roof rack really makes it look like an SUV

It's super sporty looking with the roof rack. It looks like an SUV but it feels smaller than that when I drive it. I feel totally in control!

- Emily L

The gas mileage and seating size of the car.

I love the look of the car. Also the interior set up is great. I get great gas mileage. This is my first luxury car and I love driving it.

- Carolyn W

Small but mighty in the winter

Great small SUV and good gas mileage. My kids are still youngish so they have plenty of room. And best of all handles great in winter!

- Anna A

It gets great gas mileage on the highway and in regular traffic.

My Buick Encore has been extremely reliable. The ride is comfortable, gas mileage is amazing, and is just the right size for my family.

- Ashley S

Safety is the primary reason, economical, and fun to drive.

I love that my car is compact. It is excellent in gas. Drives very well in the snow. It is comfortable and roomy. I have no complaints.

- Erica C

My Buick Encore is simply a great car

Is a very smart car with no problems runs great nice features great style and its fun to drive. won't be trading it for a long time.

- Lisa G

It gets great gas mileage for being an SUV so it's a great transition car when you're considering something bigger than a car.

I love it's appearance and the way it drives. It's small like a car but sits up higher like an SUV and gives you more trunk storage.

- Katie K

I believe it's a pretty good vehicle overall and the features are great for the price.

I like the style and I also like the features and price of my vehicle. What I don't like is that it didn't come equipped with a GPS

- Yolanda E

It looks small, but it feels like you're driving a larger SUV.

I like the size and the color. It's a fun vehicle to drive. Smooth, quiet and comfortable with plenty of legroom for passengers.

- Beverly D

A very economical vehicle.

The small SUV style and the looks. I like the keyless start and backup mirror. Love the interior. Really enjoy the audio system.

- Michelle H

Good gas mileage comes with this car. The highway mpg are great.

A very comfortable ride and have not had any issues with it. Good on gas and comfortable to drive. Bought it previously leased.

- Nick B

Not a good fit for small children because of rear facing car seat and trunk space

I like the extra features it has like auto start from your phone etc. I hate that it is too small now that I have another child

- dina m

Great driving experience!

No problems! Great driving vehicle excellent mpg and rear view camera with easy backup. Stereo is awesome. Just love my encore

- Janet P

It is trouble free and gets good gas mileage.

It is very peppy and gets really great gas mileage. It was reasonably priced. I like the dealership. It is low maintenance.

- Donna L

it gets good gas mileage/ do not like the dash steering wheel controls

I like the color of the car, i like the gas mileage. I just do not like the style of the car, not a fan of small econo cars.

- Jason M

Has all latest tech toys one needs. , such as Bluetooth. Navigation tools etc.

Compact size. Easy to maneuver in city traffic. Comfort not as good as it could be. Rides a little hard, could be smoother.

- Ed B

It has great gas mileage and performance ratings. It is newer, so not as many people have them around.

I like the speed and performance. I feel I do not have as much room as I would like. Also, items are glued onto the car.

- Kaylee R

The biggest asset of this caris the fantastic gas mileage.

I dislike the small size of this car. But the car fits into almost any parking place. And the gas mileage is terrific.

- Jim W

The car runs and drives smooth.

Very comfortable, and drives clean. It is taking me a while to get used to the “blind spots”. Definitely recommend.

- Sara H

It is very great to be, no problems, it is cheap a great gas runner and great.

It is fine an runs on gas very great, I recommend to anyone looking to buy in the department, I had no problems lately.

- The E

that it is a really good car for the money and that everyone should try it out

easy on gas. easy to park there is nothing that I dislike about it and plan on getting another one when my lease it up

- buddy f

Safety features during a crash test.

Handling space gas mileage safety features as well back up camera and tailgate. Radio controls are easy to figure out.

- John D

The design is flawless and sleek.

I love the ride of this car. The trim of it is also spectacular. Could be better on the highway as far as gas mileage.

- Mark L

This vehicle makes me feel very safe.

I love the navigation for locations. It has great has free for the phone. Only with it had a button to open the trunk.

- Charon H

auto stop stinks. and not reliable. in shop a few times

rides nice but i hate the auto stop. trunk is a little small. engine blown and had to be replaced before 24K miles

- sue k

It is a fully loaded, has leather seats power windows and Bluetooth.

I do not like how small my car is. I also do not like the color. Also my note is too high. My car has to many miles.

- Kimberly L

The Buick Encore is a safe vehicle with many advanced features.

I love my vehicle. It is a compact SUV so it has good gas mileage but it feels like a big SUV. I have no complaints.

- Ashley R

It has a lot of head room and legroom for the driver, which I really appreciate.

My vehicle is a SUV. I really enjoy this vehicle. This vehicle is my first new car. I absolutely love this vehicle.

- Charles E

It is compact but roomy. Trunk space is limited.

It gets excellent gas mileage it is the perfect size for one or two people I really do not have any big complaints.

- Kathleen A

Very easy handling and terrific gas mileage. Lots of techno amenities as well.

I LOVE the ride and great gas mileage. I DON'T like the limited cargo space and terrific number of "blind spots!"

- Greg C

Fantastic gas mileage! Very comfortable ride.

Quiet, easy to drive, excellent gas mileage. Rear storage is great. Back seats very comfortable. I will buy again.

- Sandie J

It's the reincarnation of my 2002 Saturn.

Its smooth and roomy. Its pretty. I can carry luggage and people. I love Buick encores and the whole Buick family.

- Candy J

This is a luxury vehicle for a fraction of the price of others.

I love the leather seats. It drives fantastic. I love the color and it handles very well. Very spacious backseat.

- Lisa M

The back seats fold down to make more room if necessary.

Small enough to maneuver easily, great miles per gallon and large enough for 5 adults and a couple of suitcases.

- Terri C

Functioning, if not exactly the best with AC

It runs well, but it does have an issue with the AC system. Other than that, no complaints as it does It's job.

- Lsia W

It's compact but can fit a lot more than you think into it

It's small and compact but can haul lots of stuff and It's AWD which I love. I like the features of it as well.

- Ashley C

Block out the world on your ride home from work

Roomy without being to big, goodon gas, sporty with a classy look and feel. Affordable and good on insurance.

- Leslie S

I was hit by another driver and their car had a lot more damage than my car.

It's kind of small but has great gas mileage. It's still roomy enough to carry my equipment. I.e...Speakers.

- Toni A

Comfortable, economical car.

Reliable, comfortable, all wheel drive, nice looking, economical, good on gas, compact,drives nice, quiet.

- Ray H

Great price and also wonderful gas mileage. This is a nice smooth quiet ride.

Great commuter car! Wonderful gas mileage and very reliable. Not great if you have a car seat in the back.

- Carol E

Comfortable driving, meets expectations.

Drives smoothly, would like more storage space. Very comfortable drivers seat. Meets all my expectations.

- Joann G

It's very good on gas mileage and it's very modern in it's design.

I love the since of luxury. I love the questions of what kind of car is this. I wish it was a bit bigger.

- Kenneth H

this vehicle has exceptional gas and oil mileage life to it.

Small little SUV style. we call it the roller skate. It is excellent on gas mileage, and runs fantastic

- Lisa A

My small SUV has lots of space inside. The back seats fold flat which allows me to transports lots of items.

My vehicle is the right size for me. It is easy to handle on the road. I wish it was a 6 or 8 cylinder.

- Wanzer H

It is paid for and I haven't had any problems with my vehicle

I like my vehicle because I was able to pay cash when I bought it, It drives good. I have no complaints

- Margie m

Rides very smooth. Great seating. Perfect for a couple without kids.

I love the height of the car. It feels like an an SUV but not so big. I wish it have apple carplay.

- Becky J

The Best of Buick to drive

It is very spacey, very easy to drive, safe and comfortable. Good body built. It has GPS and sunroof.

- Karen C

Seats very comfortable with features you get in a more expensive model.

This is my second encore. It has a big car feel, great on gas, no model issues at all. Very reliable.

- Joan S

The good deal that I got for my car, and I have never had a maintenance problems since I had my car.

I like the reliability and the ease of driving. I also like the favorable miles per gallon it has

- Ronnie S

It is small and efficient turns really well

it is low gas mileage and turns well, very cute in appearance. It has very little storage space

- kate O

The roomy interior for the driver.

I like the room and the way it stays in control on snowy roads. I also love the Gas mileage

- Charles A

The Buick Encore gets great gas mileage, both on the highway and around town.

I love the styling of the Encore. It drives especially well. Lots of room for a small suv

- Brenda D

30 mpg average, with up to 35 mpg when driving only on highway!

Like: Great gas mileage (30 mpg average) Dislike: Small capacity to carry items

- Larry W

It's fun to drive and affordable. It's a compact SUV.

I like it for fuel economy. It's just the right size for me It looks sporty.

- Bonnie L

It is a smooth, quiet ride that steers like a dream.

It is a smooth, quiet ride. It has a lot of room. I love the rear view camera!

- Jenniffer D

trouble free with great maneuverability and great gas mileage

comfortable ride with great gas mileage while stylish, quiet all wheel drive

- steve l

Good gas mileage and it has backup camera and has on call.

It is a small SUV with backup camera and phone calls through car speakers

- Rita D

I love it. It gets an average of 22-25 miles per gallon.

Perfect compact SUV. extra features included as standard. Great mileage.

- Joy P

The safety of the car is the most important, followed by the engine.

The safety of the car is the most important, followed by the engine

- Ana Porco P

Small SUV with plenty of power. Comfortable ride. Quality interior. Fuel economy is quite good. Plenty of room for a smaller SUV.

This vehicle has very modern features and is great fuel economy.

- Jean L

It gets good mileage, easy to drive, seats are higher than a car's seats so the oncoming headlights do not shine in my eyes.

I love that the seats are higher than car seats. No complaints.

- Elaine R

Buick encore is a very efficient vehicle and is good on gas miles

It's very efficient. It runs smoothly. It's a bit small inside.

- Jessica L

It's great, i would recommend it to everybody. Love it!

It's great, good looking, perfect for the family and very safe.

- Silvana B

I like how it drives smooth, and has great gas mileage. It also has great options. What I dislike is the size. Way to small! The trunk area is to tiny.

At not even 8000 miles it needed a completely new engine.

- Kellie G

The Buick Encore is very good on gas and is very reliable.

I love the Buick Encore, but I wish it was more spacious.

- Jennifer T

Handles great. Super efficient on fuel. Love the style. Only complaint is it's a tad small for luggage/storage in the rear.

It's fuel efficient and still quite sporty and stylish.

- Chris M

safety is the most important thing to know about any car.

It has nice steering. It's nice looking. It is mine.

- Arurel P

Great to drive you are higher than cars can see around a lot of vehicles

Only thing I hate is reaching for the hatch in back

- Carol C