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Why we love our Buick encore!

We leased our Buick encore after our Rainer was totaled by a semi last summer (2017). Even totaled, we Escaped injury because the rainier was so well built! We chose the encore, which is Buick’s smallest SUV, because we are retired and want a vehicle we could rely upon without any concerns about its reliability or safety. I haven't driven very often in the past few years, but I have found our encore to drive smoothly and comfortably. Our gas mileage is great - 28+ mpg average. We have only taken 1 longer trip (3-1/2 hours) since we leased it and the gas mileage was even better!

- Joyce H

Buick encore Perfect size for everything we want to do Classy and fun.

This is just the right size for us to use around town for errands, dinner, visiting and church. There is plenty of room for everything when we go on vacation. It's just the perfect size for anything we want to do. It has the luxury of a Buick and drives exceptionally well. The turn radius makes it perfect to fit in small or difficult spaces. Plus we moved up to a Buick as both of our parents did. But this is a trendy, super nice vehicle but not our parents. So very nice and lots of fun to drive and travel in it. We love our new Buick - for the young or young at heart.

- Carol C

Nice little SUV, good gas mileage.

Great little SUV. Gets 30-34 mpg which is great. Pretty small though. My 2 kids in car seats are a tight fit. Storage in back is small can't fit a double stroller. AWD does great in the winter. Looks nice. Has keyless engine which is new to me but works fine. Just have to remember where I out my keys when I want to lock it. Nice little SUV. My next SUV will be bigger as I miss the storage capability especially in the back. Going to Costco is a challenge. No CD player but it does have Bluetooth which is very convenient to talk and drive. Sound is very clear.

- Stephanie R

It's very easy to drive, and parking is a breeze.

It gets very good gas mileage, it's a small SUV 4dr, has leather/cloth seats, has a GPS built in, Bluetooth system, a screen for music, GPS, and rear view backing camera. Very easy to get in and out of. Its a 4 cylinder engine with a turbo, manual transmission and/or put in gear and go. It also supports OnStar and roadside assistance. Power everything, from electric start to power seats, and widows. Has a great ac system and heating system.

- Missy L

Trendy, little car, with a SUV, sporty feel.

Very reliable, and has been great in the snow and other severe weather conditions. Love how roomy it is, even though it still feels like a more compact car - if you fold down the seats you can easily fit a bike or two! I have received many compliments on how great the Bluetooth connectivity and microphone are when making phone calls through the car - the hands-free system is really a plus! Great gas mileage!

- Kirsten N

SOOO comfortable to drive for long distances - I have a long commute and often take long trips, passengers (front) agree.

Second Encore that I've owned. Small but extremely comfortable with great leg room in the front, good gas mileage, good mechanical history, beautiful interior, great ride. Only complaint would be that I have to move the driver seat forward to an uncomfortable position if I want to put the rear seats down (I'm 6' tall) and I would love a little more room to take better advantage of the cargo area.

- Eve T

Buick encore is a great car.

I love the gas mileage with my 2017 Buick encore. It is the perfect size for my family of four. It is sporty. It is a smooth, quiet drive. I never hear road noise while driving it. The features are easy to use and just enough. It has navigation and a touch screen. There is ample trust k space in my encore. I have had multiple positive comments on the black cherry paint color.

- Melissa Y

Great car, but small for us!

Great car! Love just about every feature, except the keyless start. The fob seems to be forever settling the horn off while in my hubby’s pocket & horn blows while I am in car if he goes out. It is also too small for us. There’s not enough cargo room for us to do grocery shopping if we have anything back there and not enough legroom for my hubby who is 6 feet 1 inch tall!

- Lynn S

Sporty and cute little Buick SUV.

It is too small. No cargo area. There’s no armrest for front seat passenger. Does not very good pickup when entering a highway. Passing is also area where pickup is lacking. Gas mileage is not as good as I thought it might be. The car is fun to drive. The front seats are comfortable. The river rock color is great because it does not show the dirt like other colors.

- Pamela M

The total package in my Buick encore.

Great ride, good gas mileage. Clear viewing navigation system. 4 seats, comfort. Nice interior like set up. Steers great. On longer trips good legroom for driver, mirrors offer great view of sides and rear. Buick lease program is number 1. Gm finance easy to pay online, can get points for use buying or leasing another vehicle. Locking system and alarm a-1.

- Sophia C

I love my black cherry Buick encore.

I love this car. It maneuvers well, is the right size and the gas mileage is great. I like the trunk and the backseat folding down is a good size. I usually have 2 car seats in the back for a 4 and 6 year old. The backseat seat belt buckles at the back of the seat slide back into the seat crack so the children have trouble connecting the belts.

- Pat G

My 2017 Buick encore review.

I have had no issues at all. The gas mileage is amazing. The Bluetooth was easy to set up and use for my phone. The backup camera is an awesome feature. The radio speakers are average but there is no issue with the sound. It sometimes takes a bit for the heat and when it is extremely cold, I sometimes feel like there is not enough heat.

- Pamela H

I can start the car from inside and during this time the car is warming up.

The hatchback does not close automatically. After I have a long day of shopping I am short and the continuous opening and closing my arm really hurts. It should have an automatic switch to close. I basically like the rest of the car. I can park the car easily because it is midsize. I would buy it again. I just wish it had a CD player.

- Donna M

Rain water stays in the door.

I wanted a small vehicle when I purchased the encore. I believe if I was purchasing knowing what I now know I would have gone one size larger. Also the 4 cylinder sometimes does not have the pick up I am used to. When it rains water pours out the bottom of the doors when I open the door I think down the road I may have rust issues.

- Donna W

The gas mileage is so good around 31 miles to 35 miles to the gallon.

I love my Buick. I am a widow and my car is the perfect size for me. It is great on gas and it has many great features like a back up camera. The seats are heated in the winter which we have lots of. It is easy to park and has lots of get up and go. This summer has been so hot and the air conditioning has kept me sane.

- Sharon B

Overall it's a good vehicle.

I like the car. I wish it were a little wider; it is difficult for my dog to move from the back seat to the front seat. I like that the car is SUV-ish. The backup camera is very nice. The radio is easy to manipulate. The hands free on the wheel is nice so I can change the volume without taking my hands off the wheel.

- Claire L

My car has blind side lights on the side mirrors.

I love that my car can connect to my phone through car play so that when I am on maps I can see it on the screen attached to the car instead on my phone. This will help prevent wrecks. I also enjoy that my car is small, but big enough for passengers. My car drives so smoothly and all around I have no complaints.

- Katherine P

My vehicle Buick is the best of the best.

The car is pleasing to me. I like the fully loaded features and the color black really set it off. The tires sit up high. This vehicle is good on gas and travels well on the highway. I like the leather seats the heating feature is a plus. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone that was shopping in the market.

- Helen M

Smooth riding. Drives and rides like a Cadillac.

Hesitates when air conditioning is on. Nice riding vehicle. Easy to handle easy to keep clean sharp-looking good gas mileage 30 miles to gallon and it is in the city. It is the Cadillac of all Chevy and it is affordable. Finally for a car is almost 2 years old and only had six thousand miles on it.

- Pauline G

Big luxury in a small package!

I love my Encore, this is the 3rd one I've leased. The size is perfect, it is great on gas and easy to maneuver, perfect for a lot of city driving. Inside it feels very luxurious and has all the amenities to make me feel like I am in a luxury vehicle. It is pretty affordable for how nice it is.

- Debbie D

My second vehicle is driving by my older granddaughter to school and back.

I love my car, it is black and cloth and leather on the inside. It has enough room to carry my grandkids. It drives great, it is good on gas. I have OnStar, speakers are great. It has a rear view camera, I can connect my phone to the car, so it is better than holding my phone when I am driving.

- Lucy L

Has a lot of great features and is very nice to drive and is a great size.

I love the size of my vehicle. It is not too big nor too small, it's a perfect first car for sure. I love the white color for a Buick encore, and I love the features it comes with such as the backup camera. It is a very comfortable car to drive an the gas mileage on it is very good as well.

- Katie D

The size is about the size of a midsize sedan with the room and height of an SUV.

Buick encores are the perfect size for millennials. I love driving a fuel efficient SUV that fits perfectly in the city but has plenty of room for road trips and friends! The stunning interior and design is sleek and stylish, while still having the charm of a Buick; quiet and comfortable!

- Haley T

Buick badge. German (Opel platform), made in South Korea. A global car of outstanding quality.

Visually appealing. Excellent build quality, fit, finish, paint. Great motor and transmission offering sufficient power around town and on the freeway. Most comfortable driver's seat ever. Upscale interior. Great gas mileage. Reliable. Outstanding price to lease or purchase.

- krim A

The Buick encore is very modern.

I really like my Buick. It is stylish and has a lot of modern devices such as Bluetooth Wi-Fi and OnStar. I also like that it is luxurious for a good price. The vehicle drives very smooth and all the miles are displayed digitally. The car cam with XM radio as well and I love that.

- Sarah R

Small compact car, big difference!

Great economy gas fuel and protection. The vehicle has 4 airbags, for both passenger and driver. Safety award winning model. The Buick is also very roomy for size of vehicle. There are many other vehicles that are not as small but offer less feet space for taller individuals.

- Sara I

In love with my Buick encore!!

I love the size, and look of the encore. She gets great gas mileage! High tech and comfortable. She drives well and is very reliable. I feel safe and secure. I currently lease but am thinking about buying the car at the end of my lease. I highly recommend the Buick encore.

- Emily P

Spacious. My husband does not like small cars, he just puts the seat back.

I have a Buick encore which I love. It is small, but roomier than it looks. I love the back up camera and navigation. It is easy to park. I can turn it on while in the house and defrost the windows and warm up the car. This is my second encore, I had a 2014, I love them.

- Jan K

Small size but offers big comfort

It hesitates slightly at times. May be due to a computer adjustment issue. Otherwise, I love it. It has rainsense wipers and heated steering wheel, both of which are VERY convenient. Great LED headlights, drives very nicely. Does well when slippery too. I really like it.

- Timothy C

Sporty SUV with great gas mileage.

Great sporty SUV, smaller gas tank 12 gallons which makes it cheaper on the budget. Smooth, comfortable ride. Love the backup camera. Back seats fold down to make a bigger bed for carrying larger items. Cover over trunk area so people do not see what is back there.

- Tammy L

I like it but she does not.

Buick encore drives & rides very good & we get good mileage, about 30 mpg. My wife is short, 5 foot tall & she has difficulty getting in & getting out. The lower part of the door opening seems to be higher than the Chevy Equinox we had before causing the problem.

- Don B

The back seats fold down very flat. I previously had a Terrain and the seats were at an angle when folded down.

The size of the vehicle is perfect for my needs. I do a lot of crafting and haul wood and other supplies around often. I have had some issues with it. I have already had to replace the windshield wiper motor and the radio/entire display is currently not working.

- Kristina B

Buick encores are great cars.

I absolutely love my Buick encore. I have had it for a year now with no problems. It runs smoothly and is great on gas. It is also not as small as a car and not as big as a SUV so perfect for me. The seats are very comfortable and it has a great backup camera.

- Crystal R

My highlight was the first time I got the car I didn't crash.

Its so durable. It's a very good car I always trust my safety when I am cruising down the street. I would suggest it to anyone who asked if its good on gas I'd say no not as much but it does get the job done. I would buy again even if the price was inequality.

- Kyle M

It has a nice technology package.

My car is great on gas, it fits great in little spaces, also it has a android app that you can download to your phone and use while in your car that I love!!.. And all the safety features are a big plus for me.. I do not have any dislikes, I love my Buick.

- Christina H

A car with a small car feel but a suv size

The 2019 Buick Encore ranks among the top subcompact SUVs. It has one of the nicest interiors in its class and an impressive list of standard features. Though its performance is not lively, the Encore has a comfortable ride and composed handling.

- Charles O

I am very happy I bought my car, it has great features and is very reliable.

It's super cute and very reliable. I've received so many compliments on it. There is plenty of room when I have passengers and it's very easy to put groceries in the back. I love the cover in the back so whatever is back there isn't' on display.

- Karen C

The Buick Encore is very reliable and rides smoothly. Also, it's great on gas.

The Buick Encore has a very smooth ride/drive. My favorite feature are the seat warmers which I love, especially on a chilly day. I wish it were just a big bigger (although they have other models) and an arm rest on the passenger side.

- Christal J

The Buick Encore is a fun vehicle to drive anyone would love it as much as I do.

This vehicle is my first SUV and I love it. It is a safe vehicle and has all sorts of wonderful options. Sirius XM and Bluetooth connections allow me to enjoy music. The handsfree use for the phones adds to the safety for driving.

- Julie H

Why you should buy a Buick

This car is worth every bit of your money. It is a small, affordable, SUV that is small enough to be fuel-efficient, but big enough to not make me feel cramped. It also has luxurious features such as Apple Carplay that help a lot.

- Adelynn V

Buick Encore a small vehicle that feels like so much more.

I love my Buick Encore. It's small but still feels like an SUV because I sit up higher than a car. I also have AWD which I love for getting through the snow. Great gas mileage and the size makes it easy to drive and park.

- Tracy P

Very comfortable and fun to drive.

I have had no problems. Love the backup camera, display is clear and easy to read. Gets about 25 mpg in the city. Handles extremely well on the highway. 6 way power seat with lumbar support makes long trips very comfortable.

- Jan P

Not caused me any problems, gas mileage adequate but never as high as advertised.

Thankfully, no problems incurred in the year and a half since I got it. This is the smallest SUV I have ever had and I have to think about that next time. Other than that, I like my dealership, and I have used them before.

- Valerie D

It offers better performance than most 4 cylinder cars/SUVs

The vehicle is built with quality and style/design. It offers a very quiet and smooth ride while not sacrificing performance. It provides all of the latest "tech" enhancements, and delivers on excellent fuel economy.

- Joel C

That it's a car that's great for one or two people. It's not really a family car. I love it though and would buy again. It's light on gas and easy to park

I love the driver's seat. It's super comfortable and can be adjusted in lots of ways. I like the back up camera and the dashboard. I don't like that there are a lot of blind spots and the backseat and trunk are small.

- Ann B

The Buick enclave is a comfortable car.

My Buick encore handles really well and is really fun to drive. The seats are really comfortable for long car rides and the DVD players in the back are nice for the kids. This car is a really good family car.

- Jacob S

If you are more than one person, and you carry ANYTHING around, this is just too small.

It's much smaller than I realized when I got it. The transmission is weak, and it doesn't get as good gas mileage as I think it should for so small a vehicle. I do really like the infotainment system though.

- Meridith S

The standard features are ample and greater than most other manufacturers outside of the GM family

I have the performance 2 model and it seems very basic. I don't love that the hood does not stay up on its own. No heated seats. No storage. No CD player. (USB only) I don't love the touch screen either.

- Valerie W

Buick Encore, Reliable and safe

The car does everything I need it to, it is very reliable when I need it to be. There are a few small things I don't love about it, chairs are a bit stiff after long rides and the trunk space is small.

- James K

It gets great gas mileage and fits a lot of groceries. It will not fit a wheelchair in the trunk without lowering the back seat.

It is a small luxury suv. It gets great gas mileage. It should have two arm rests in the front seat. Both seats should be fully electronic. It should have more charging plugs for cell phones.

- Jan L

my vehicle gets good gas mileage

I really like the color black cherry. I like that it gets good gas mileage especially since do mostly drive in city. Having issues with the airbag system so have to take it to be serviced again.

- joan f

This vehicles is small, but it's heavy and drives very smoothly. It is easy to drive and it handles very smoothly.

I much prefer driving smaller vehicles and this is the perfect size for me. It drives and handles great. I love that it is all wheel drive and I love all the bells and whistles that it has.

- Jan C

Loads of power in a small package

I love the modern styling and the room that the car has inside. the engine has a lot of power for a 4 cylinder and uses very little gas. I like the features it has and how comfortable it is

- Chris M

It's a great car for a great price.

I love that I average 30 miles per gallon in my new Buick. It looks like a luxury vehicle and has great interior. The only thing I don't like is that it's too small inside for passengers.

- Patricia M

like the Bluetooth technology that is in car. One issue it is 2 speakers when talking on Bluetooth sometimes you hear an echo.

smaller crossover car handles great on road and quiet ride. plenty of legroom for taller individuals. the back seat is very comfortable . Can fit four adults comfortable. Good gas mileage.

- Annmarie F

Great utility for my driving needs.

I like the size and economy, while still having an upscale appearance. It could have a little more power. I also like my maintenance free lease agreement. No real complaints with the car.

- James F

Great mileage, and good convertible trunk space, but the high center of gravity doesn't respond well to wind and the seats don't feel like they hold you well enough.

I don't like how the seats feel like they don't support you enough and so you jiggle around in the car too much. Maybe if there were cross support X style seat belts it would be better.

- Matt K

It is a very comfortable car to sit in. You don't have to climb up or step down to get into it.

It gets very good gas mileage and I like the extra features Features are: if somebody passing or coming from either direction when backing up. I have no complaints with this vehicle!

- Sharon W

Very comfortable to drive, a smaller SUV but it handles very well in the rain .

Nice, smaller SUV. Gets wonderful gas mileage. Very comfortable to drive, and affordable. I have owned it for a little over a year and I have not experienced any problems.

- Lori D

It is not for larger families, but perfect for a single person or small family.

Smooth ride. Great fuel efficiency for a small SUV. Very reasonably priced. High safety rating. Not the most powerful for accelerating but handles very well in the winter.

- Eric J

My favorite vehicle is a SUV.

My car is o k if people like small vehicles. I prefer a larger car with more room in it. I also like the higher cars such as an s u v. I feel I can see better.

- Alice T

Love the heated seats and steering wheel!

Love the heated seats and steering wheel. Quiet drive and comfortable. I love the sunroof too. I would recommend this car to anyone that wants a smaller suv.

- Lori J

The car handles well. It is easy to park with the rear view camera.

The car is easy to handle. The size is perfect for me. The thing I don't like is that it doesn't seem to have enough power while traveling in the mountains.

- Lorraine D

for me,it was comfortable on a road trip with a convenient and wide beverage rest.

it's my son's vehicle. i have mobility issues and it's hard for me to lift my left leg onto the mat. the grab bar doesn't help with that leg.i like the car.

- elayne c

It has great gas mileage.

It is compact and easily maneuverable. The back seats fold down to hold more cargo. It has very little truck space. It is fully equipped at a great price.

- Delores C

It is fast and reliable. It has a very large camera screen.

I really like the Apple Play feature. I like that it is push to start. It has features that I think would cost a lot more money, but it was affordable.

- Angela G

I like that I have Apple carplay

I've had no problems so far. I've had it for a little over a year and I love it. I have not had any problems except a flat tire but that was my fault.

- Makayla T

Buicks are great reliable cars.

I dislike that they do not put cd players in the new cars. I do like the back up camera. I like the hatchback, I do not like that it's not automatic.

- Mindy R

The Buick Encore is a reliable vehicle that gets you from point A to B in style and with luxurious features.

I love the keyless entry and start feature, and I love that it has Carplay as well! It's a great small SUV that rides more like a car than an SUV.

- Ashley F

It has the latest car technology.

It is small and gets good gas mileage. It doesn't have much room for storage. It is stylish with low horsepower. It has the latest technology.

- t W

The car has great features inside including that it will connect iPhones through apple carplay.

I love the size of the encore. I like the carplay feature and the hands free phone options. Only complaint is no front passenger side armrest.

- C C

37 mpg and it will run forever.

It is okay I do not love or hate it. It could be a bit nicer on the inside but I had to stick to a budget because I am a broke college student.

- Tammy G

All wheel drive is great it is an SUV but mini so good on gas

Bought the car a year ago it is a mini suv perfect to get you to point a to point b it's all wheel drive so good in the winter and poor weather

- Darion J

It has great pick-up and handles very well on the road.

I love my Buick Encore. It has great pick up and for a compact SUV it is very roomy. Leg room is great and also room for extra passengers.

- Diane K

it is slower to accelerate than other cars so it cannot vamp up as fast.

i love my car. sometimes i wish it would accelerate faster but it is okay for now. i love how the seats fold down and there's so much room.

- lauren w

Very small SUV. Not much room in the backseat.

Vehicle is a smaller SUV. Although there is plenty of comfort in front seats the back is very tiny. Hard to fit 3 grown adults comfortably.

- Sara L

Good reliable car, can depend on it and good gas mileage.

Good gas mileage, reliable, design. I have no dislikes. I love the color, easy to operate, easy to backup, I really like the backup camera.

- Lynda L

It has great safety features, it is a smooth ride, and great gas mileage.

I love that it is great on gas, it is easy to drive and park. I do not like that it's so small and only sits five. I still love it though.

- Marsha L

Little compact sleek spaceship.

Great size and features. The speakers that come in the car are really loud and the car has good speed. The interior is freshly designed.

- Kyra J

The 2017 Buick truck review

my new truck has been great so far. So far I have had it for 2 years and its performance is great. The engine is still running perfectly

- mike g

Supports new technology for this real estate agent!

It's a compact SUV but has plenty of space. The built-in Nav and the android auto app are lifesavers. It's very spacious and luxurious.

- Jeannine K

Drives well, comfortable, love the turn by turn directions with onstar

I have had no issues with this vehicle as of yet.. my only complaint so far, is there is no lumbar support in the front passenger seat..

- Marlene N

It is roomy for taller passengers.

I like how smooth it drives. Gas mileage is decent. Good amount of space for a small SUV. Do not like that back seats do not fold down.

- Shannon W

the it gets great gas mileage and that the cab is higher than a sedan

the SUV I have has a higher carb than a sedan and gets get gas mileage. the dealer was willing to allow me to finance if I wanted to

- Darlene H

It gets good gas mileage and has plenty of room inside for a compact SUV.

I love the size and how cute it is- compact SUV so it has height and space but isn't too large. I get compliments on it all the time!

- Stephanie T

It has a chance of rollover in high speed turns, and it has great gas mileage.

The only thing I dislike about the Encore, is the lack of trunk space.It is a great car,otherwise. The Encore gets great gas mileage.

- william s

It has been very dependable, no problems in 15000 miles.

Gives us good mileage, and is comfortable to ride in but is hard for my wife to get into as she is short and the seat is fairly high.

- Donald B

Its reliable and very trustworthy.

I love my encore, because it is adorable. It also has plenty of room in it, especially for a smaller car. It gets great gas mileage!.

- Shannon K

The gas saving engine. It lets your gas go farther plus good gas mileage

It is higher up. It stops when you break, the engine stops then restarts when you press the gas. Good mileage. Sun roof. Great car

- George D

Great value for a great car. Drive well, rides well and spacious for a smaller suv.

Drives smoothly, love the fold down back seats as I need the space. Love the back up cam - don't know what I ever did without one!

- Robin M

Great ride with good MPG.

MG about 29 combined. can get 40 on trips. Only one front arm rest that takes time to get used to. quiet steady ride. good pick up.

- Joe C

Easy and fun to drive. Easy parking, great heater. Does well in snow.

Perfect car for me. Good performance, good gas mileage, easy and fun to drive. Great single lady car. I would recommend to anyone.

- Susan I

It is compact for easy downtown parking but still fits a lot of stuff in it.

I like the size and it is comfortable to drive. Gets good mileage. All 4 of my dog's fit for road trips. Have had no major issues.

- Andrea T

The color and comfort. Cruise control works good.

Good performance, good reliability, very comfortable, nice features. The back opens up and folds down. Windshield wipers are nice.

- Terri G

Great mileage and travels well.

I love the size, interior being two toned, the bose sound system. But I absolutely love the apple CarPlay. I dislike the payment.

- Samantha h

It gets great gas mileage.

My car is small but reliable. It gets me were I need to go and has great gas mileage. There is not a lot of space for passengers.

- Reed L

good value and good performance. Great looking suv.

looks, performance good gas mileage heated seats good storage good custom wheels great back up camera easy to handle good value

- al W

Reliable vehicle. Great to drive. Solid going down the road with enough zip.

Good looking. Good handling. Quality interior. Love the safety features. Luxury items are great for such a small price and car.

- Mike D

Cozy and comfortable but still spacious. Nice look.

Good handling. Little cramped for all 5 people but if only up to 4 good space. Trunk is good size for monthly grocery shopping.

- Arianna F

I like the fact that it beeps if someone is behind me. I would like the camera to go farther out to the side.

It's a little small, but I'm short, so I needed a car that I could easily get into. A car is too low, so I needed a small SUV.

- Sandy H

It works and has great mileage.

Nothing at all. There is nothing at all that I dislike about my Buick. I love everything about it. It is beautiful and clean.

- Jessica R

Road dependability is outstanding all good.

Roa stability is amazing mpg is 30 one annoyance the seating is not totally comfortable nevertheless I would purchase again.

- Jeanne R

It is looks little but is very big in the inside.

There is nothing wrong with that car. I love it very much and will purchase another one. I do not dislike nothing about it.

- Kim H

Luxury ride for average cost

Very reliable car, extremely comfortable. Luxury feel for average price. High quality craftsmanship in interior features.

- irving f

Buick Encore, What's not to like!

Love my encore! Smooth ride, dependable, good on gas and has great options. Comfortable seating and love the remote start!

- Joanne H

It handles great and for a car of this size I find it very useful.

I love the way the car dives. All the features make it driver friendly. I find there is nothing to dislike about the car.

- Harry M

It is extremely fuel efficient while still providing enough power

It is a compact cuv which means I have room to haul stuff and I still get excellent gas mileage. It is affordable as well

- Michael N

Gas mileage and performance for such a small engine.

Gas mileage. Looks, fun to drive. I have no complaints about it. Its small but roomy enough for me. I would buy another.

- Roger B

Nice looking but not meant for quick speed

Sluggish but it looks nice and is comfortable to drive. Good gas mileage - average around 30 to 35 miles per gallon

- Tiffany C

Buick Encore a lot of bang for the buck

It's a compact SUV would have preferred a 6 cylinder it's a great value for the cost. I like that it is easy on gas

- Lori G

Our car is great for seniors, as it provides easy access.

It is easy to enter and exit. The car is more economical than we thought it would be. Only complaint is narrow seat.

- Albert T

Engine shuts off when you stop but restarts when the gas is pressed

Car is high off ground. Lots of space in trunk as back seats fold down. Sunroof is good. All gadgets in car helpful

- George C

Buick makes a very safe, comfortable and stylish car.

I love how the car drives. I love the body style and comfort. I like sitting up higher. I like the safety features.

- Cheryl M

My vehicle is most reliable

It is fuel efficient, and has great space and seating. It's fast and doesn't run out of gas for an extra 50 miles.

- Chris L

It is a great value for the price of the vehicle. Great maintenance program from GM!

Great compact SUV. It is a very comfortable ride. Get great gas mileage, Sirius XM, and is wonderful in the snow.

- John M

It is wonderful on gas, it is cute still has an amazing amount of seating area.

Like the accessories, gas mileage and height. Do not like the black interior, rough ride or the customer service.

- Valerie E

easy to drive when I go around.

Buick is the best car I have used, it is very easy to drive and the price is good, no problems for long driving.

- Joe S

My review of a Buick encore

Great gas mileage, plenty of room for both driver and passengers large screen display on dashboard. Comfortable

- Ryan N

The dependability. Good gas mileage. It is a great looking car.

My Buick encore is wonderful. It handles great. It is a nice looking car. I get compliments on how cute it is.

- Rebecca D

It is nice to drive and the interior is incredible. All of the latest features. And, it doesn't look like a Buick!

I love that is has the latest technology and makes me feel safe. I dislike the size of the trunk and backseat.

- Maria B

Ride like your in a rolls Royce. . .

Nice and comfortable ride, roomy, feels. Nice due to sitting up high, no mechanical issues, good gas mileage.

- Nadine W

It is great on gas miles.

I wish the back door opened by remote. I like everything else about my car. It's just the right size for me.

- Maria M

sporty and fun to drive,roomy even though it is small

good gas mileage,sporty,fun car to drive.handles very well and i like the way it looks.no problems so far.

- roger b

Perfect size and great gas mileage

There's nothing wrong with this vehicle. It is perfect. Great gas mileage and I love the rear-view camera.

- Ryan P

Buick Encore has smooth ride and gets great gas mileage

Rides great and gets wonderful gas mileage, it could have a little more room but we are enjoying the ride

- carol A

good price and easy to drive.

I have the car for 1 year and I have drove it for 3000 miles, has no problem, I like it, it is very good

- Jack M

Not a ton of power, but will get you where you need to go.

Wipers cannot be lifted off windshield to clear snow and ice. Cargo space with folding seats is great.

- Dawn C

It is a great reliable car with lots of miles to the gallon.

I love the features. The headrests really suck, they force your head to jut forward uncomfortably.

- Morgan M

Love the blue tooth and the back up earning feature and the onstar. Good gas mileage.

It's AWD and good in the snow. Good gas mileage. Great smaller car for a single person or a couple.

- Sherry F

reliable, it is easy to take care of. it is good on gas mileage

good size for a large man. high off the ground, for easy in and out. very good on gas mileage.

- ed g

It is silver and have leather seats and have too many good options

It is very fast and doesn't take too much gas The only thing that I dislike it is small

- Rasha N

Small hatchback trunk. But good car. It gets around well and gets good mileage. No issues to report. Looks sharp too.

I wish the trunk was larger. But I love the overall handling of the car and the design.

- Vincent P

It functions well I like to drive it and it works for my situation

I honestly don't think there are any complaints about my vehicle that I personally have

- Kathryn W




It has great fuel mileage.

I love the way my car handles. I like the fuel mileage. I don't like the color.

- john s

THe most important thing people should know about my car is that it does not have a lot of storage space

It is a small SUV. It just is missing a couple of features that I wish it had.

- Shannon V




I'm 6'4 and 275 lbs and it's plenty big enough for me.

Great gas mileage. Wife likes it. Always owned GM vehicles, very reliable.

- Terry U

Up to date on all electronics, and bluetooth along with apple carplay

Compact SUV. Love that it is American made. Not too big for a first SUV.

- Annie M

I like the way the car looks. It fits my family just right. The only thing I hate is that I didn't get all the options

That's it's a great family vehicle. And I got a really good deal on it

- Rachel Y

It's fancy. It feels like a higher class model car.

I like apple carplay. I like the leather. I like the space and mpg.

- Brian G

comfortable ride, luxurious interior, attractive looking and handles well

Smooth & quiet ride . $G available. Navigation included, plus 4WD

- suri s

Easy to get in and out of on passenger side and back seat.

Right size for me. Easy handling. Roomy and comfortable for 5.

- Sharon C

Very comfortable and spacious interior that is surprising for the class of car

It is compact but has all the features of a larger luxury SUV

- Sandi E

It has CarPlay available and was not expensive to purchase.

I like airplay. It drives nice. It has good gas mileage.

- Joanne P

It rides great and has really efficient gas mileage

Great gas mileage. Smooth ride. Classy compact vehicle.

- Ann K

Reliable transportation. The vehicle gets really good gas mileage. Enjoy the extra space for hauling things.

Good gas mileage. Roomy interior. Smooth handling.

- George E

It's sleek,and very easy to handle

Best vehicle I have ever owned. Beautiful, sleek.

- Shawna F

Has many technical accessories.

Like the fuel economy. Dislike the size.

- Clay M