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Medium size vehicle. Larger than a car but smaller than an SUV.

I love the smart features like Bluetooth and backup cameras. I love the size- in between a car and SUV. I do have a child on the way and wasn't able to try the car seat in the car before purchasing and when I got home realized there wasn't quite enough room behind the front seats for the car seat. The passenger is cramped because of the car seat behind it. I love the look of the car, the interior, the automatic lights and safety features.

- Taylor D

I love my 2019 Buick Encore!

I really love my brand new 2019 Buick Encore. I just got the base model when I purchased it because it was so beautiful I didn't even notice it was supposed to be the 'boring' option or the 'cheap' option. I think that the backup camera and the Wi-Fi are my favorite features. The performance is wonderful, no issues at all! As for comfort it has a lumbar support to help your back which is very helpful on longer drives!

- Sarah W

Excellent car! Good mileage and a very comfortable car to sit in and to drive.

This is my second Buick encore. It is a very comfortable car to sit in and to drive. It gets good mileage and has not needed service. I had a leased Buick for three years and did nothing but change the oil three times and two were free. The backup camera is very good and I have the warning lights on the side door and passenger mirrors. They function well.

- paula K

It drives incredibly smoothly and produces very little sounds while driving.

I like the car because it feels and drives safely. It is very smooth and enjoyable however, the car is very small and not comfortable. Whenever I have to drive five hours to my home I am in pain afterwards. The look of the car and the interior is very nice but is not made nicely for multiple people. Having passengers in the back seat is very difficult.

- Katharine M

Back up camera allows me to the confidence that I will not hit someone.

Love the smooth ride it gives, the sound system in the vehicle is strong and clear and love the hatch back feature. While it is an SUV, it is small enough to handle. I love the fact that I sit higher than a normal vehicle and it is very easy to get in and out of based on the fact that I have had a knee and hip replacement in the last year.

- Connie O

a great car for families and looks like a luxury vehicle without the price tag.

It's very comfortable and roomy in the front. The drive on it is smooth and very quiet. It looks amazing and is great for driving everyday the only thing I would change about it is trunk space it doesn't hold too much and the space between the front and back seats. Other than that it's a great car for families.

- Judi Z

It is a small car but great on gas

I like it great car if you have a little family but the problem I have with it is it's so small. It's great on gas to and I love the screen it has. It's sometimes difficult to use to with the android auto. And the seats are automatic on the drivers side. I do recommend this car if you don't have a huge family .

- Sam S

The 2019 Buick Encore is Phenomenal!

I just purchased the car in April 2019, and so far, my experience has been amazing! The vehicle drives smooth and it has a very quiet cabin. The technology is advanced and the built-in Wi-Fi feature is a must have!! I would definitely recommend this car to all who are looking for a semi-luxury compact SUV!

- Emily T

2019 Buick encore - great purchase, very reliable and luxurious.

I love this car! It looks super sleek and luxurious on the outside and the inside. Great gas mileage, 29 highway which is what I mainly use. Easy to drive, super reliable, and safe. Love the smart technology, backup cam, and remote start. Vehicle also has cruise control and touch screen technology.

- Megan M

Perfect car for small family

Performance is great the ride is so smooth it comfortably fits 5 passengers nice trunk space perfect for a small family great on gas so trips are a plus it includes Wifi for your on the go needs and Sirius XM radio my phone connects right when I get in a start it up has a backup camera.

- Nicole C

Buick Encore Preferred review.

Very quiet, good power and comfortable. The car is very attractive. It is very roomy in front and back. The storage area in back is very adequate. The interactive screen has a backup mirror for safety and there are many apps to choose from. The Wi-Fi is easy to set up and works great.

- Greg J

So many details that I love. I absolutely love the keyless entry.

Spacious. Great gas mileage. Apple play. Fold down back seat and passenger front seat. Equipped with trunk storage lid for covering items. Sound system is excellent. Hands free calls and texting. USB port so you can play your favorite music. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Marcia B

Good car- nice features. Happy with the purchase.

Does well on the interstate and highways. Gets great gas mileage. Small for an SUV- not much trunk space. Interior is vase but very nice. A smooth ride, no bumps on the road. One downside is that there is no CD player available with this model. Radio sounds good, but not great.

- Daniel C

Buick encore = great tiny car!

I really like the cuteness of the car and the tech that comes with just the base model is amazing. Especially for driving my friends and family around it gets the job done. The mileage could be better but other than that it is exactly what I wanted. I suggest the red color.

- Raquel G

Buick encore 2019, on the small side but great for a single person.

Drives nice, trunk area a bit too small and width of the car is small also, would have loved a CD player, back seat headrests are a bit large, great interior, small back seat, not enough leg room for adults, doors sound hollow, absolutely love the color deep azure blue.

- Karen W

Great multi-use vehicle for individuals

My Buick Encore is perfect for daily drives and road trips. The back seat lays down to fit a ton in the cargo area and the gas mileage is fantastic. I love that I can use CarPlay and the tech is perfect for me. In addition, the interior is sleek and always looks great.

- Samantha K

Unique shape and touch screen features.

Screen navigation, Bluetooth, leather/cloth interior, electric seats, back and front windshield wipers, long oil life, tire pressure display, reliable, compact size, fits 5 people, comfortable, nice looking, all wheel drive, new, well liked by others, spacious inside.

- Alyssa W

The Smooth Riding Reliable Encore

This Buick is great. It has smooth handling. It's only problem is frequent tire problems-low pressure. Otherwise it has been a very reliable vehicle. It has low servicing needs, lots of room, great features inside the car, and just overall great performance.

- Elizabeth W

The Buick Encore, a compact crossover large enough for a family of five!

For a family of five, my Buick Encore is enough space. It's reliable and has a nice little engine that allows you to easily maneuver. I however wish the USB ports were more accessible, though I like that the Preferred comes standard with two ports.

- Kathryn F

Although it is a midsize car the trunk is very small.

I love everything about this car other than it does not get very good gas mileage. But it is very safe and reliable.

- Stephanie P