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Sold! Buick lover for life!

I have owned my Buick for 5 years and it just hit 108,000 moles. The car still runs great. Such a smooth & quiet ride. Starts great, even this winter when the wind chill was -40 my car started right up each and every time. Good gas mileage as well. Only complaint would be that the chrome trim started coming off this last year and is not real cheap to replace. Otherwise, not 1 complaint. I would buy another lacrosse in a second.

- Heidi M

It has a 6 disc CD player 9 speakers and a amp and it sounds great.

It is a very nice car great speed with luxury and great gas mileage for a v8 it gets 30 miles to a gallon it has great sound system and the inside is quite and it has a very smooth ride I would buy it again because Buick is a great car. And it has all the luxuries you can think of heated seats and power everything and auto start automatic lights cruise control all controls for stereo and cruise control are on steering wheel.

- Paul G

Very limited maintenance has been needed. Smooth riding and dependable.

My 2008 super lacrosse was purchased in 2007. First owner. The performance is adequate. Very limited maintenance is required. I have had no serious problems. Oil changes are done as needed. Only tires had to be purchased. I take care of my car and the body is in great condition too. I keep getting requests to obtain my car but I will not trade it in. This is the best! No more super lacrosse are around.

- Pamela W

Heated seats come in handy for the long cold winters.

I have only been driving it for a couple of months now but the car has not been bad for me, it's extremely comfortable and reliable for day to day commuting to my job. It is a little old so it has had normal wear and tear on it. We've had to send it to the shop a couple of times now, nothing drastic just normal maintenance. Some of the features are a moon roof as well as heated seats for the winter.

- Aaron R

The ignition key recall and the headlight module recall. They're both potentially dangerous and could cause fatalities if either one goes out on the highway.

I like its size. I like its comfort and heated seats. Its had some headlight module controller problems and an ignition key issue that has never fully been resolved. They have only done a temporary fix until they can come up with a permanent fix. Or maybe that was the headlight problem. Can't remember which recall they never fully fixed. It's been over 4 years now.

- Rebecca S

The front end causes excessive expenses on minor repairs.

This car started off ok. Now, the remote start doesn't work. Small details and parts (such as vents, trim, plastic) break easily. I've had to replace many major systems in this car. The whole front end needs to be disassembled to be able to do minor things, such as, change a headlight. This causes high labor costs on minor repairs.

- Roxie B

Nice looking Buick lacrosse.

My vehicle is roomy and it has not given me any problems in the last 6 months. I had to have the catalytic converter replaced twice in 3 months and was charged labor fee which I was not happy about paying. I do like the fact that my car is paid for. I only drive in town on short distances. I put gas in about once a week when I feel up.

- Renee H

Overall a great car for the price do not think there is a better car.

Very good car dependable great gas mileage very roomy great engine has all the features that a person could want fret trunk space handling is great does not cost a four time to up keep parts are not too expensive great radio speaker system is out of this world reasonable tire prices has a lot of motor power get a up and go.

- Wade D

Buick lacrosse -- luxxery and dependability.

The car has a "smooth"ride. The car seats 4 comfortably. The interior is all leather with heated and power seats. It is a great "family" car for long trips or trips just around town. The car has all the "bells and whistles" in a luxxery car. When shopping for cars I always choose a Buick dup to comfort and dependability.

- David O

My Buick lacrosse is a great luxury ride at a very reasonable price.

I love my Buick lacrosse. It is very comfortable and is great on gas mileage. It has some great features with ac temperature control for each side of the car. It also has seat warming. There is a back glass defogger that helps a lot in the morning. I have not experienced any problems with reliability in my vehicle.

- Alison S

Seats are comfortable. Fits big little short or tall people.

Good spacious vehicle. Good on gas mileage. I bought it used so I am having a bit of car trouble. It still gets me where I need to go. I drive for lyft for awhile and all of my passengers complimented me on the quietness and how smooth the ride was. It is a family or single person vehicle.

- Jessica W

Buick lacrosse 2008 review.

I love my Buick. It has always ran great and never had no issues so far. There is a lot of room and the butt warmers are the best part. The style and make of the car are luxury standards. The inside is clean and very spacious. The accessibility to key to the trunk is easy and helpful.

- Rachel L

It is a good vehicle it gets point a and point b and very cheap to maintain.

It's a reliable vehicle helps me get back and forth grade on gas have small issues that is cheap to fix tires last a good long time I rotate them every so often fluids and everything seems to last a lot longer on it and again it last longer a reliable at point A to point B vehicle.

- Anthony F

My 2008 Buick is a dream car.

Sensor problems with tires, abs but overall very reliable.Excellent comfort, love heated seats,gets 22 mpg on road and 18 mpg city. Large trunk comes in handy. Leather seats easy to keep clean. Passengers say very good legroom in rear seats. Steering tracts very well on open road.


Car has paid for itself in reliability, comfort, dependability and maintainist.

No problems, the performance is great, reliability is excellent, comfort is wonderful and the features are very good. I love the automatic start, electric heated seat, power is good mileage is not great but is comparable to our Kia sorento. Over all it has been a great car.

- Sharon P

Its very reliable and its the year that the company made a good motor.

I love my car it runs really good it's wide enough to fit my car seats for my kids. My kids have plenty of room. Love the way it looks on outside and inside. The thing I don't like is how you get an expensive car and the company don't put real rims on it and do hubcaps.

- Jennifer A

Transmission shifting trouble.

The transmission has shifting trouble at times otherwise I like the car but due to transmission trouble I would not buy another one my mother in law has one too and she has same trouble with hers gets good gas mileage and rides smooth we have 173, 000 miles on the car.

- Me L

Dependable gold 08' Buick lacrosse.

I am very happy with my lacrosse. It has provided many years of dependable transportation. I feel safe and comfortable in the Buick. When traveling locally, we enjoy the view and ride the Buick gives. With proper maintenance can give you many years of service also.

- Anthony F

Very dependable car for a luxury vehicle.

Good car, leather interior, 3. 8 liter engine, very dependable vehicle, great heating, a/c, car has tire monitor system that is an occasional problem, needs to be reset> otherwise very few problems, needs regular maintenance, like oil changes, tires, brakes, etc.

- Stephen B

A Look at a 2008 Buick Lacrosse

It is a very good car overall, performance wise. However, it does not have adequate leg room in the back seat for people over 6 feet tall. The trunk space is smaller than I would like: large boxes don't fit, but it does have room for 3-4 large suitcases.

- William C

Great monitor system that updates you with any issues.

Vehicle is fantastic with minimal problems. Lovely seats that are easy to clean. Never had an engine problems. Easy to drive. Great air unit with strong defrost. Sits three passengers in the back seat extremely comfortably. Large amount of trunk space.

- Katie V

It gets great gas mileage.

I love my Buick lacrosse. But actually within the past month I have had to replace my transmission. Then not even a week after doing so I had to replace my ignition control module and 2 coils. My car drives great and gets amazing gas mileage.

- Morgan Y

A Lacrosse tale, through the ages

Structurally speaking, this vehicle can endure a lot. It is a third generation hand me down and has had its fair share of scrapes and dents. However, its long nose can make navigating narrow streets and turns frustrating at times.

- Sidney S

It's a very dependable auto,

My car has a comfortable, quiet ride. It has been very dependable, having owned it for over 10 years with minimal expenses beyond regular upkeep. My only complaint is that I would have preferred higher gas mileage.

- Jan l

That it is a Classy looking car inside and out. It drives like a new car and has no dents and tears on the inside and out

I love the brand and the style. I also like the fact it was manufactured in 2008 it has less than 79000 miles. It also has some advanced technology such as when there is low tire pressure and oil

- Sandra S

My car has a lot of room in the front and is very comfortable if you are traveling in the front seat, especially long distances.

I like the fact that my vehicle has a large trunk in which I can store and haul things. The front seat has a lot of room but the back seats are not comfortable. I wish is got better gas mileage.

- Rebecca U

My 2008 Buick LaCrosse Is OK

Performance & reliability very good. Front tires replaced numerous times, though alignment not a problem. Stuff placed on passenger seat slides around easily (never did in my other cars).

- Dennis R

It is a reliable means of transportation.

Durable and reliable means of transportation. Comfortably fits the entire family, and has all of the right equipment for a smooth nice ride. Performs excellent in sleet, rain, and snow.

- Anna O

I have dad the car for 9 years and I am very satisfied.

It is a nice color. I like the size. It is good on gas. It is also my favorite a four door. I like the front seat because it has a bench seat,i do not care for bucket seats.

- Cathy W

The lacrosse features the trunk pop on the unlock button

Buick lacrosse is a very reliable vehicle. An affordable yet classy car. It is spacious. There has been a known problem with the check engine light coming on for no reason.

- Hannah A

Front seats heat up and high beam are very bright for those very dark roads.

I haven't had any problem with my car it is very rooming drive good it has every from electric doors, windows and seats, front seat heat up for the winter time.

- Lisa H

It has been very reliable with very few mechanical issues

I like that it is very quiet and has lots of driver leg room. I also like all of the technology, like mp3 player and stabilitrak. The styling is nice too.

- James W

I have the Allure which in america is the same as a lacrosse.

Has onstar. Needs a bigger trunk. It needs enough room for 2 toddler seats and be able to fit another adult comfortably in the back seats as well.

- Emily H

Rides like a couch and is very comfortable.

It's a very reliable car with spacious interior and decent gas mileage. I really love my Buick and it does a great job for me as a daily driver.

- Alex K

not much to know an old car that if seen at a low price engines run great

like nits large seize. Electronics in the dash has several issues difficult to repair and fuel mileage could be better. price was right

- rick s

It is a solid dependable ride

I am in the middle of some major repairs, have looked at newer cars , but don't like the ride as much. will pay to keep this ride healthy

- Catherine K

Its uses a lot of gas and that it does not have an auxiliary cord.

I like how reliable my car and the style. I the leather seats and that there are also heated. I don't like it don't have auxiliary cord.

- Brittany T

It is a nice looking car that gets good mileage and runs well.

I like the mileage I get. I dislike that the interior lights will go dim when they think they should dim. It's a nice looking car.

- Janelle S

That my car has a lot of room and the trunk hold a lot of things. I can haul all kinds of things in my car.

I like the roominess of the vehicle. I love the heated seats. I love the space in the truck that I can use to haul things.

- Rebecca U

How well it does on gas mileage.

I like how well it drives. I like the gas mileage it gets. I like the cruise control. I like Sirius am radio channel 84.

- Brian B

Nice looking style of car and easy to handle on the road.

I like the size of the car, it drives smooth, easy to control in traffic and seats adjusts to my comfort when driving.

- Kathryn G

Good Value for the Quality

I love the heated seats. The ride is very comfortable. The gas mileage is decent. The looks of the car is classy.

- Roger b

My car is old and weathered but it can still get you where you need to be.

I love the reliability of the car. I also love the smooth way it rides. I dislike how there are no vents in the back.

- Cassidy C

Over all good car, miss Wi-Fi.

Very comfortable good gas mileage, no problems with it, went on a trip to Wisconsin 2 times from key west Florida.

- Susan G

It's a buick and it does really good on gas.

I like that it has sirius xm. I like that it has cruise control. It takes a while for the AC to get started.

- Brian R

I I like General Motors cars - particularly Buicks - and would recommend them as great luxury sedans.

A very reliable car considering it's age. Would definitely recommend it for performance, cost and comfort.

- Dolores H

The quality and workmanship that leads a good car.

Like: looks, quality, performance, gas mpg for size. I do not have any dislikes of my 2008 Buick lacrosse.

- Ronald H

Buick Lacrosse, grate car with 1 drawback

It is a good, durable, and reliable vehicle with its only negative being a large number of blind spots.

- Cam A

The must keep it clean if they choose to ride.

Comfortable driving with good acceleration. Looks nice with leather seating. Handles well.

- Carol H

A lot of back seat space. and a large trunk. Got luxury interior when we bought it

I do not drive very far,but I do drive everyday. Had a lot of problems at a low mileage

- Mary S

A blessing to us for real. Truly miss the woman who owned it before us

I love our car because it belonged to someone we truly loved who passed away last year

- Lisa M

That it is dependable. Cost effective good on gas. Good looking

I love it, it is very dependable. I have no complaints

- Sandra S