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Used 2009 Buick lacrosse details.

The vehicle was bought used. The body and interior of the vehicle are in great shape. The radio does not have an AUX port but it is still functional. The vehicle has some mechanical issues. The coil packs were messed up causing the spark plugs to misfire. The catalytic converter burned up, and the radiator is bad, resulting in needed to have the water checked daily. The sensors are bad causing a bunch of lights on the dash.

- Megan L

Reliable other than the recall.

The vehicle is very reliable. It had some recall issues a few years back that made the headlights randomly go out. Replacing a headlight is not easy and can only be done by a mechanic as it requires the entire bumper to be removed which is a bit annoying. Other than headlight issue the car has not given me any other mechanical problems. The vehicle is roomy in both front and back seat.

- Melissa T

This is great car, that anyone of any age would enjoy the comfort of.

It is a good car, very smooth, good on gas, and roomy, it just needs a few exterior repairs. I the heat and air works great, it has lots of room in the trunk. I just replaced the battery, other than that it runs like a champ. I would seriously buy another Buick if I were looking for a car. I enjoy the comfort in this car more than anything. Great for families or going on vacation.

- Kacha H

Owner of a Buick. Buick are great vehicle you must maintain the upkeep.

I am the owner of a Buick at this time I have owned the vehicle for 2yrs with no problems. The leather interior is very comfortable it is also very roomy inside. Great performance and has great gas mileage. The sound system is very nice also I love the woodgrain look it adds a real luxury look to the inside of the vehicle. The trunk is very spacious.

- La Rhonda H

Reliable always works. Sturdy never broken down. Runs like a bull I just love it.

Its a old model but its sturdy and reliable. I never had any problem with transmission or motor. I think she runs better than new cars. People have offered to buy her but I will never sale best purchase I made in a long time. Even my family said I be foolish if I sale her.. Buick has always made safe reliable cars and trucks.

- Jackie R

Nice good running car, nice inside and out.

Runs great! The he heat and air works, had bumper replaced. The insides are in good condition and very clean. The mileage is not too high, brand new tires and nice paint. Does not have too many problems, the thermostat was sticking.. Haven't replaced but it's in the trunk. Has a full spare but no jack. All buttons works.

- Trey S

Buick best great car ever.

Works perfect for my little family. Works great during the winter and works amazing in the summer just wish it was a little bit bigger. Buick is a great brand I love it and can't really complaint has the perfect get up and go which is amazing especially with such a busy life.

- Jenny R

It's a really nice riding, comfortable car

I like the fact that it has traction control, which makes it tolerable in the snow. It is a big enough vehicle for someone who is on the tall side to fit into comfortably. I also like that it has a 6 cyl. engine, which you need when you have to drive up a mountain every day.

- mark s

Miles until empty, tire pressure for each tire, voltage of battery and oil life.

Comfortable and plenty of room if you have children. It is a big on the large side for a car but that just means you have more room. Large trunk for groceries. Also, has heated seats, automatic lights and key fob to lock, unlock, set off alarm and open the trunk.

- Kimberly K

Why I like the Buick lacrosse.

It is dependable and reliable. It has good space inside and the trunk. It does not have too much electronics. I have had Buicks for the last 10 years and all of them have been Buick lacrosses. I plan to stay with this Buick unless I change to a Cadillac.

- Stan R

It is a very nice vehicle with 4 doors and a trunk to keep things in.

It runs very well other than taking a while to get cool in az. No other issues have come about with this vehicle. I really like the seats and how they are warm when I sit my butt in them. The car doors are awesome when you open them they let you inside.

- Kevin W

It has lasted a long time without needing much work.

I like how comfortable it rides and the remote start. I wish there was an auxiliary hole for an aux cord so I could hook my phone in for music. Other than that, I really like my vehicle and how spacious it is.

- Ash F

Smooth ride for a great car.

The car drives incredibly smoothly and feels amazing. The features are very nice, and the interior leather is great. Of all the features, the backup system is the best by far. Love how easy it makes parking.

- Lucas S

The Buick Lacrosse has expensive upkeep.

Onstar has never worked correctly. You cannot change headlight bulb yourself, it costs around $100 each time I've had it changed. Plus it's hard to get replacement parts for this vehicle.

- Rachel B

People should know that Buicks are a great combination of dependability and comfort.

I really like the dependability of my Buick. Rarely does it have non-scheduled maintenance issues. Also, the wide body frame allows for a smooth ride and a good safety factor.

- Paul V

Its reliable and comfortable to ride in.

I like my Buick. Other than the locks in the driver side door having to be locked manually as it stopped working a while ago I have no complaints. Its reliable.

- Jane P

Love my sexy roomy buick.

I love my car i can get about 25 highway miles per gallon. She is not a gas guzzler. I only need a oil change like twice a year. She is very roomy..

- Angelica B

It is very dependable at a reasonable cost.

Dependable. Drive good. Has the features I need and want. Good mileage.. This car meets my needs and I will likely get another Buick.

- Stan G

Heated seats so nice in winter separate controls for seats

I have heated seats so nice in winter my I think it is comfortable to drive I have no problems with it it is also good on gas

- Penny C

very comfortable to sit in it is really soft and feels like a new car

i love my buick it feels very prestigious to me it is very comfortable and still looks great even though it is 9 years old

- loretta k

Rides good good on gas and oil.

It rides nice good on gas need cooling seats navigation system I like the side mirrors I like the color it needs a sunroof.

- Renee P

It runs well. Has a large trunk, which is nice for grocery shopping.

I wish it got better gas mileage. I like the fact that it is good in the snow. My husband, who is 6'3'', fits in it nicely.

- mary h

It is very dependable and allows one to have use without a lot of expenses.

I have a very nice vehicle that is very dependable. It is well worth the cost and allows me to have useful transportation

- Stan R

it is easy to drive in all kinds of weather, snow rain cold hot

It give a nice ride for highway driving, with fold down seats in back can carry more in trunk than normal. no complaints

- carla w

It has so much space inside it is unbelievable, far roomier than you would expect.

I love my car, ever since I bought it I would never want another brand. It is safe, reliable, and I love how it looks.

- Krista G


It is very low use. The previous and original owner was a woman over 80 years old. She hardly ever drove it.

- Michael D

Possible flat spot on the starter, that I'm afraid some time it won't start

Like the car very much , although there is a flat spot on the starter. Hasn't let me down yet, but I worry.

- Susan G

Reduced engine power- Buick wont fix.

Great family car. Great on gas low maintenance needs. American made car. First nice car I have ever owned.

- Ernesto A

I don't really have any complaints about the vehicle. I think I just like to compare it to other vehicles that I've driven/owned in the past. I compare gas mileage, looks, practicality, maintenance and things like that.

The gas mileage isn't bad by any means, and it drives pretty smooth. It's also a pretty cute looking car.

- Grace D

It might look like an old person car but it has all the bells and whistles that someone young would enjoy.

I love my car. It's very comfortable and rides really nice. I love the heated mirrors and the Bluetooth.

- James H

Buick is a quality brand and the Lacrosse is a great family sedan.

It is a beautiful car to look at. It drives smoothly and accelerates quickly. It is safe and reliable.

- June P

It has served me well with good maintenance and very little extra repairs.

I like the size and features of this model and price was right when purchased.

- Jane S

I feel safe driving this car. It is a very well built car.

A very comfortable driving car. I feel safe driving this car. No complaints.

- Tom M

It rides and handles nicely.

I do like the way it handles. I don't like the cloth seats in it.

- Raymond W

It is an easy to drive and a very dependable car to own.

It rides nice. It gets good gas mileage.I wish it had a sunroof.

- Karen H

is a king lasting vehicle it lasts and lasts neede

I love that it runs very well it is efficient. ilove

- melissa j