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Comfortable, easy to drive. Looks good setting in the driveway.:).

The car is easy to drive. Dash components are convenient. Dashboard is easy to read and understand. Seat controls are automatic and back support option and heated seats make vehicle very comfortable to drive. . Position of interior lights are nice. Ease of access and entry at night. . Phone was easy to program into the car for hands free talking while driving. . Menu for settings/configurations on car are easy and easily accessible. The windows in the car are smaller and hard to see blind spots and backing is difficult.

- Teresa M

My car has 2 blind spots on each corner of the front window.

I love the look and styling of my 2010 Buick lacrosse. It really performs on the road and is a comfortable ride. I wish it got better gas mileage, I get about 21 mpg. I don't think the a/c cools as quickly as it should as compared to my husbands older model truck. I love the cruise control features, it really helps me to stay within the speed limits as I have a heavy foot and this car really likes to go. It is very sporty yet so luxurious. I have gotten many compliments on the look of the car itself.

- Kelly W

Good on gas, plenty of room, and really good features for summer and winter.

The 2010 Buick lacrosse is the best car I feel like. It runs so smooth and it is good on gas. I love that it has leather seats and a plenty of room and a sun roof. I also love that the seats have heat and air conditioning and the steering wheel also has heat which is plus for the winter since I live in Illinois. I love how the outside looks so nice likes it is a lawyers car and looks very expensive. It is the best car that I have drove and own so far. I would highly recommend this car for anyone.

- Olivia Q

2010 Buick lacrosse comfortable/lots of room.

Never had any major repairs. Decent gas mileage, no road noise, comfortable seats. I am 6’1 and there is plenty of legroom. Plenty of space for my mother’s wheelchair to fit in trunk with room for groceries etc.. Holds the road and corners pretty well for a big car. Stereo speakers not very good has Bluetooth pairs well but does not have carplay. Both front seats have warming features and can reach hot temperatures. And the seats have multiple memory settings. Overall nice car.

- Todd H

Big blue Buick lacrosse. Remote trunk. Remote seats.

It blue and has Bluetooth. . . And comfortable to drive. I cannot hear road noise cause the way it is designed so that is a real plus. The ac and heat controls are easy to use an with in reach. The trunk pop open by the key fob for ease. The seats are heated and adjustable that have memory settings for 2 drivers so switching back and forth is easy, but it is not because I forgot how to use it.

- Peter A

I interesting. Detail is that it is very spacious.

I always need a oil change. I like the vehicle it rides pretty good and smooth. I haven't really had an problems with it. I bought new tires. I got. Tint and everything new on my. Vehicle for a couple thousand so it is not very expensive to. Fix either like many other cars. And even if I cannot get a oil change I go get oil and put it in and it ride exactly the same.

- Erica H

The perks of having the Buick lacrosse sedan.

I do hate that the make and model has 3 Cadillac converters underneath the hood that are almost $400 bucks to replace. And the light texture of color they decided to use on the floorboards of the car also! But the reliability of the car is awesome! Rides very smooth and quiet! I love the remote ignition starter also! That is my favorite I think!

- Tina M

Compact, comfortable and easy to handle.

Forgetting to shut the motor off because it runs so quiet. It is easy to handle and comfortable to travel in. I like that you can control the temperature on each side and the heat or cooling system on the seats. Also being able to program the seat for each driver. Having the car alert you when backing up if you are too close to anything.

- Carol J

Take care of your car!! Consistent oil changes!!

Before buying a car be mindful of how much your insurance takes care of your issues. Performance is beautiful! I enjoy driving the car sometimes the breaks have issues but as long as you keep your car upkeep you'll be in good shape!! Don't forget to change your oil every 2 weeks its better to be proactive as a opposed to reactive.

- Philly C

2010 lacrosse. It has a v6 engine, a panoramic sunroof, heated and cooled seats.

My 2010 Buick lacrosse case is a fantastic car to drive and own. This car is smooth, fast, reliable, comfortable, and very stylish. This car has all the accessories you need in this vehicle. So far since I just got the vehicle. I haven't had any problems or issues with this car. All I can say is that I am happy to have this car.

- Devon B

I think the one most important thing people should know about my car is it is safe and it runs well.

I dislike that there never seems to be enough room for our entire family. We have five people, which includes a baby in a car seat and the car is always cramped when the whole family is in it. That would be my only complaint however because other than that it is a wonderful car that runs well and gets decent miles per gallon.

- Nicole M

Great car to own. Many good features.

I have had almost no problems with my car - just regular maintenance. Tires were expensive to buy. I get a lot of compliments on this vehicle. My only complaint is visibility - changing lane, etc. The view is very limited. Ride is very comfortable. Because of my model and 4-wheel drive, mileage is not really good.

- Mary Ellen W

Comfortable, efficient stylish vehicle.

This model is my favorite design. It is very comfortable and provides a smooth ride. The leather interior and ambient lighting make the inside stylish. There is ample leg room in the front and back, which lend to it is comfort. It is also good on gas, has a great sound system and lots of trunk space.

- Tracy R

Love it. Go get yourself one.

Low maintenance is one of the greatest features of this underrated automobile. It has such a very smooth drive. The cxl edition is pretty much fully loaded. I have just driven it over the 150, 000 mile point. I would have no problem getting a similar car in the future. I really like this car a lot.

- Ryan N

I love the room the car has.

I have had to replace the converter on my car two years later the converter went bad again and there was no warranty! Right after that I have had to have major transmission work done which was very costly. Right now my ignition is going out I start my car with the auto starter because this.

- Tracey T

In a nutshell I would definitely refer the Buick to anyone.

My Buick is an amazing car. It drive great but the only thing is the suspension system keeps giving me problems but other than that I just keep the maintenance up and gas it and go. I have heard that Buicks are excellent vehicles and last a long time if you take care of them.

- Mika J

Great family car that is really pretty and roomy.

It is a really good car. It rides really good, it is comfortable and reliable. It has a ton of space. A huge back seat with a lot of legroom. Large trunk too. It is great for traveling. I have leather seats so that is really nice too. It is a great family car. I love it.

- Jennifer C

Sporty yet sleek. Comfortable and energy efficient.

I haven't had any problems. It rides well and is good on gas. It has lot of room. The seats are comfortable. I love the fact that I can easily adjust the seat for my height. The are no complaints. I would encourage anyone to purchase this model Buick lacrosse. Love it.

- Doris S

It's fun to drive with the heads up display.

It's a really great car with a fantastic stereo. It is so fun to drive with multiple transmission options depending on the type of road your driving. The car is very reliable it has never left us stranded as long as we have been driving it. I would buy it again.

- Todd P

Oil changed regularly the serpentine belt is difficult to replace it yourself.

Ii love my vehicle. The only problems are the power steering pump is failing, some damages in the front end when a car hit me head on and now the alignment is now off and the car pulls majorly to the right. Other than that the interior is roomy and very nice.

- Ashlee M

Not fuel efficient, I expected a small car like it would be but it is not.

It is comfortable, everyone always compliments it when they get in. I can offer complaints about the lock placement and a few other buttons, it's a confusing system. Remote start never works well and is complicated and it has Bluetooth but not for music.

- Charles G

My Buick LaCrosse is a quality vehicle. I would recommend this car to anyone who asked.

This is the best car I have ever purchased. The previous owner took very good care of the car so when I purchased it the condition was excellent. There is nothing I dislike about my car. No complaints. Just seems like it will take forever to pay for it.

- Barbara G

It's beautiful ruby red so I named her Ruby.

I just purchased it and I love it. The only problems were existing brake issues and it needs an alignment. The dealership said they would take of that. That is if I qualify for the financing, they called me today and said I needed a cosigner.

- Samantha L

It is reliable, but can be extremely expensive to repair.

I like the comfortable seats and all of the add-on features. I am tall, so i like that it is roomy. It also feels very safe. What i do not like is that it has become costly to maintain, and has generally been leaky from various components.

- Christen B

It is not used for towing or transporting of items..... Has great gas mileage.

Like that it is an American car. My family has driven gm vehicles for years. Like that it is a midsize sedan. Dislike that it is older. The AC always feels blocked for the driver because of the steering wheel. Needs better vent placement.

- Jenny P

It drives like a dream!! Buick has become one of my top favorites

I love the mpg, the sun roof, it's spacious inside, it has a button for an sun shade for the back window, also love the sleek look as well as the color of the vehicle. Two things I wish my car had, is a backup camera and tinted windows.

- Amber J

The radio had to be change had a lot of trouble very expensive to change.

The car has many blind spots especially the front windows on both left and right sides. It has very comfortable seats all around and it is very roomy. Some claim that it has a small trunk but I would debate that.

- Alex C

it's a solid smooth running car

I have a dark blue 2010 buick lacrosse. it's a solid car, comfortable, and quiet. I haven't had any problems with it so far. i'm not a big car guy, so i'm not really picky and knowledgeable when it comes to cars.

- Tyler P

It has a sunroof, push starts, and is very dependable.

I like my vehicle because it suits me. If I take care of it, it is takes care of me. I am by myself most of the time so I love just walking up to the door and opening it without the key in my hand.

- Patricia F

Very comfortable and dependable.

My car is very roomy runs well. Great on gas. I love being able to start it without coming outside. Great to set climate control. Buick had been around a long time. Well built machine. I love it.

- Doris S

Dependability is very important since I am handicapped and often travel alone.

I like the features with leather interior... The comfort of the seats with heat control is great. Also the dual controls for heating/cooling... But I would like somewhat better fuel economy.

- Margaret T

It drives and breaks very smoothly.

I love that it is unisex and modern for a Buick. The interior is beautiful and spacious and the music is nice and loud. It belonged to my late father so I really love and cherish it ??.

- Shay A

Shut out the chaos around you with superb noise cancelling.

It is a quiet car that completely shuts out outside sounds. It's back seat is a bit smaller than average but it has a large amount of trunk space and the seats golf down easily.

- Valerie V

Road trip friendly! Love my Buick!

My Buick is very reliable. It is roomy and comfortable for the whole family. Long trips are made easier in my Buick. It literally feels as if you are gliding on the road.

- Ashlee S

It tells you if something is wrong.

It is not too big or too small. It is easy to drive and turns in tight spaces. It does not look 8-9 years old because the style is classic. It has electric everything.

- Debra S

Love the lights on the inside!

Haven't had any problems yet! Love love love. Get lots of compliments. When I first seen car I was like that's my dream car. Love all the lights in the interior

- Anastashia J

The gas mileage is not great, the tires are expensive.

In this model the phone is on the steering wheel but not available. The tires are size 17 and much to expensive for a small car, I have lots of engine problems.

- Sheila P

The outward design is very nice. The interior design with the leather and electronics are nice.

Check light coming on for no reason then popping off. False starts and having to turn it off and on while waiting in between for the car to even start, etc.

- Amber P

It is a good mid-line car with a nice interior and for the most part dependable.

I think it is a very nice car but it has a few blind spots and it does not have much get up and go if you need to move quickly otherwise it is pretty good.

- Dana J

Great car for travelers and commuting.

I really enjoy my Lacrosse! I initially wanted an SUV, but was met with a great deal. It rides comfortably for long distances and gets great gas mileage!

- Melanie H

The LaCrosse is the perfect combination of form and function.

It is a very comfortable and stylish sedan. Lots of amenities that I adore: heated seats, satellite radio, panoramic sunroof. Very reliable and safe.

- Karen W

Need to make sure that the engine is good.

It is a great vehicle and smooth to ride. The only thing i dislike is that when something breaks it is expensive to get it fixed. I love the car.

- A H

It's a good reliable car.

I love my Buick. Very few problems with vehicle. Take the car for check-up when due. I find that check=up program very good for car performance.

- Rosemary S

Very sensitive to change.

The car was very sensitive to changes. Inconsistencies in performance. Excellent on the highway. The service department was not knowledgeable.

- Jen B

It was very reasonably priced, fit my budget at the time and is a comfortable ride for long distances. Plus reddy good gas mileage for a midsize.

I love the room for a car. I love all the features. The seats could be a bit higher off the ground. Wish it had rear air controls.

- Lorie R

Others should know that it has heated and cooling seats.

I have not had any problems with y vehicle. It is very reliable and I enjoy having my back up camera. I enjoy my heated seats.

- rita p

This car multiples safety features with this car.

This car drive very good. I love all the extras that this car has. It has plenty of room in it. No complaints about this car.

- Kimberly G

That it is easy to drive and really good on gas.

Comfortable to ride had great technology like back up camera and beeping when someone walks behind the car. Roomy interior.

- Bonnie K

this is a car that if you want good looks, dependability,and a good ride it should be for you.

i like the styling.i like the way it handles. i like the smooth ride it provides. there is nothing about the car i dislike

- chris T

My vehicle is very attractive and has a very smooth ride.

My car is comfortable and has a very smooth ride. It is very poor on mileage and also has some poor visual availability

- Natalie M

it runs beautifully is very easy to maintain and is a well known trusted brand

It has never done me wrong. Is always consistent and sturdy. Have had for long time and nothing majorly bad has happened

- melissa j

It is good for everything,

It is great, amazing, and a awesome car. The car has great air during the hot days and good warm air during the winter.

- Kristen M

Very reliable, very few repairs. Dependable, very well built.

Very comfortable and Reliable, Large and safe, holds the road very well. Sightlines from the mirrors could be better.

- A B

It's a safe car to drive.

I love the look of my Lacrosse. It is a very smooth running vehicle. I haven't had any major issues with it at all.

- Jerald D

It helps me save a lot on gas. It also smells really good inside.

I like that it is smooth when I drive it. It has a lot of space inside. The engine is really quiet.i like the color.

- John M

The Buick LaCrosse, a comfortable and reliable vehicle

The car is very comfortable, very reliable, never any problems but slightly expensive when it comes to gas

- Katie N

The greatest car ice ever owned

Its reliable, has good mileage, smooth ride and the leather inside of the vehicle is extremely comfortable

- Mark R

It has great gas mileage and enough space for a family.

Love driving it.. Love using Bluetooth,.. Love the smooth ride.. Hard to get into sometimes and out of..

- Peter A

My 2010 Buick Lacrosse gets really good gas mileage.

My car is a great car. It gets me where I need to go and it gets good gas mileage. I have no complaints.

- Bryanna I

It needs an alignment. It pulls slightly to the left.

No complaint just not my dream vehicle. It drives good. It does not need much maintenance. It is roomy.

- Ashlee M

It does not have a key entry.

I like that it handles very good. I dislike that the side mirrors start to move down when backing up.

- Carol J

It's very dependable car with modern technology and luxury.

It's a dependable car. The ride is quiet. So far no major repairs, It's worth the money paid for.

- H t

It is a luxury car. Very nice.

This car is the beat car. My next car purchase will be a LaCrosse as well.

- Eric h

looks good, rides good, easy to drive, everything works

no issues comfortable, roomy, low maintenance, an attractive car

- pat p

It is classy and elegant looking.

Quiet ride. Smooth suspension. Dislike is blind spots in front.

- Duke Z

Very comfortable, quiet ride but excellent driver control.

Spacious, very comfortable ride. Low maintenance. Quiet ride.

- Paul A

It is very reliable to operate and gives moderate MPG for a full sized sedan

Very reliable Moderate mpg Starting to be higher maintenance

- Neil R