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Great! This has been the best car I have ever owned.

There is currently no outstanding vehicle problems. The car, prior to my ownership, was taken care of very well. The performance of the car has been great. I have no issues with how it running, and for the past 6 months has been quite reliable. My favorite is the comfort. There is huge cabin space and we were recently able to travel 1,000 miles for vacation very comfortably. My favorite features are the interface for me to play music, but the auxiliary cord outlet is in the middle console armrest. It is not convenient to get to and when using an auxiliary cord, prevents me from closing the console all the way.

- Kyle B

New Buick lacrosse models are not boats.

When I first bought the car, it felt like it pulled to the left while driving. I bought it used and the used sales manager at the dealer was really helpful and even did a free alignment to ease my worries. I still notice that the vehicle pulls, although I have never had to had another alignment. The car is a very luxurious car. I really like the feel of driving it. I love how big it is and how much room we have inside, but it does not feel like a "boat, " like so many of the older Buicks do.

- Jill P

It is a good car if it is maintained properly and timely.

I bought my 2011 lacrosse new. I have kept up with all my repairs and maintenance, which were completed at the dealership near my home. After my car reached 125, 00 miles I could no longer afford the dealership repairs costs, so I found a good mechanic that could maintain my car and keep it in good running condition. As long as my car has been maintained, I have had not major problems. Also, I have never had an accident with my lacrosse. Perhaps that also helps.

- Patsy G

Luxurious and Comfortable

My vehicle is very comfortable and luxurious. It has a ton of features that are beneficial to my winter driving, AWD, heated seats, automatic engine start. The vehicle was affordable when I purchased and is living up to expectations. The only downfall that I have found is gas mileage. With traveling extensive miles daily it would be more beneficial to have a smaller vehicle with better gas mileage. But overall this is a beautiful, dependable vehicle.

- Sara B

Why I Love My Buick A Good Stylish Car

The Buick lacrosse is a awesome car. The style and trim really gives the car a great look. The ride is smooth and car can get up if need. The have heated leather seats blue light in dash boost speaker cup holder in the middle of back seats. My color is pearl white and when it clean it shines in the sunlight. Moon sunroof that reaches from front to back. The interior is grey. Plenty of room in the inside. A great car for out of town trips.

- Brian A

It is a red lacrosse. Comfy and performs the needs necessary for everyday life

The car is super comfortable. I have never had any major repairs on it. I bought it 2 years ago with 5k miles on it. Currently it was 48k miles on it. Runs amazing. Great sound. Safe. Reliable. It's American made so it is cheaper than others to get work done on it. As long as you keep up with your oil changes as recommended it will be kept running well

- Kara P

The car is an overall total buy. It has everything a driver could want in a car

The car drives really well. It's a luxury, it does well in the summertime. Rides smooth and there is a lot of space. The power steering is easy to turn. The car has a navigation system and heat warmers in the seat. The trunk has a lot of space, the heating and cooling in the car allows it to be cool in the summer and nice and cozy in the winter time.

- Kaya R

It's a reliable car that only requires routine maintenance so far.

I have never had a problem with my car other than a flat tire. I love the car. It runs well and everything works as it should. Friends say it's an old person car, but in my opinion anyone who wants a reliable car should purchase a Buick. ''This is the only car I did not purchase new. My last two new cars had issues the first year of ownership.

- Gerry L

Ambient lighting, reliable and cheap to maintain.

Engine had to be replaced at 105000 miles which was super unfortunate. Other than that I have never had any major issues and maintenance has always been cheap, good on oil. Very comfortable, love the ambiance lighting. V6 is a bit slower than you would expect but pretty sure that's due more to the overall large size of the car.

- Ron S

Smooth Ride with Classy Look

Love the interior design - sleek, modern and classy. Easy to read display. Heads-up feature for the driver is wonderful - easy to see my speed. Comfortable seats - love heated seats. Drives very comfortably. Only drawback is a fairly large blind spot, but adding small mirrors help. Would definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Cari S

2011 Buick lacrosse. Nice size standard vehicle for any person.

I love my Buick. The issues was the sunroof. It does close up property. Have a gap and breeze and rain gets in somehow. The head up screen is the best thing to have when you sometime get off track on how fast you driving. Some people think this vehicle is for old folks well it's not and really good size capacity inside.

- David J

I like the night lights on the dash at night.

This car gets great mileage. It is really comfortable. It is a beautiful car and we get a lot of comments and questions about how it performs. There is plenty of legroom front and back. It stays clean looking for a long time. We love our lacrosse and it has not had and problems. We get the oil change as needed.

- Sandy J

Luxurious Maroon Buick lacrosse

This is a very comfortable vehicle. The Buick lacrosse is very luxurious. I wish that it got better gas mileage. Other than that it's a very economical vehicle. I wish it had a sunroof. But I think the new ones are coming out with the sunroof. It's a very reliable vehicle. It's very comfortable.

- Tony A

It is a safe and dependable car.

I love my car, great ride, smooth and comfortable. The features are user friendly and easy to reach. I would recommend this car to a friend or family member if they were considering a Buick. I never thought this would be a car for me but in the future I would consider buying another lacrosse.

- Deborah G

Looking for a safe, reliable and good looking car? Buy this one!

This thing is a boat in a great way! I have never felt more safe, cool and comfortable in any of my vehicles! The rear camera is a great help. Parallel parking is a breeze. Sirius radio capability is also a plus. The sound system in this car is legit! . The drive is quiet and quick.

- Steve L

Big Buick ride good save on. Gas too this day.

It is a good car runs very well save on gas new tires. Nice sound in it tint windows. Good check up every other. Month 4 door car sits well. The car it is self have been. No denes no scratches it a good Buick. Bought new not use at all. And bought it in 2011 and it is. Still in the family.

- Jerome J

One of the best cars Buick has ever made.

It's a very nice car. It's luxury and has features I could not have hoped for. It has a sunroof, heated seats and it has a warning signal when backing up. The side mirrors have little symbols of cars that flash when traffic approaches on your blind side. It is truly a remarkable car.

- Charles B

It is a great vehicle to look at and drive.

Really no problems rides smooth interior is leather and nice heated seats has good engine and it goes fast good traction overall very smooth ride the color is gray it has Sirius radio and CD player headlight are bright and shows the whole road it has power seats and lumbar movement.

- Renee P

Great car but repairs can be costly

We love our Buick lacrosse. All of the features are great such as heated seats, back up camera, back window shade, push button start. Only bad thing so far is the fact that the headlight replacement is very complicated. It requires removing whole front panel. Cost estimate is $500.

- Sharon C

Mpg could be better on 2011 Buick

No real problems however the mpg isn't exceptional. In town around 18 and highway anywhere from 25-28 mpg. The car itself is well built and rides very smoothly. We get a lot of compliments on the car regularly. Would be a lot happier if the mpg was higher than it currently is.

- Jeff T

My car problems and conditions

I haven't really had any problems with my vehicle except the normal such as brakes, tires, oil changes and stuff like that. Other than that I love my car. It drives smooth the leather is still in great condition the body of the car have a few scratches but still looks great

- Crystal M

Buick is for Families on the go

The Buick Lacrosse is a luxury car with great handling and performance. It is the first Buick I have owned and I am very happy with the car. I love the room in the car, it fits everyone very comfortable. It is a great family car and we enjoy taking it on vacations.

- edwin O

I think the most important thing others should know about my car is that, it's not that great on gas but it is very nice and luxurious to drive and it does have some power.

I like that It's a nice, sexy, sleek looking car. I also like that it is very luxurious and roomy. It's very nice and new compared to my older cars, the only complaints I have is that the E Brake is a little button. I think they should've just did a E Brake lever.

- Robert K

A premium audio system with a DVD player and hard drive

I really love of the body style of this car. This car has a smooth ride, lots of legroom and great audio system. The maintenance cost is fairly reasonable. I have had some electrical glitches but not often. Overall this car is a great family car for traveling.

- Thomas D

good on gas, spacious, comfortable

This vehicle is luxurious comfortable sedan, it's spacious, seats 4/5 people, the interior is well designed, the features aren't great but they work, when a car or an item is to close the car warns you, I also like how you get to save your seating preferences.

- Alexia Y

It seems very stable and safe on the road with a smooth ride...and a nice large trunk!

Very comfortable ride; however, the gas mileage is rather dismal. I regret that I don't have built in SatNav, but at the time it wasn't readily available. It has held up very well and is in excellent shape. Not a single rattle or issue with build quality.

- David G

Ups and downs of Buick LaCrosse

This car is big and roomy inside. It rides really smooth. The biggest downfall is that it seems to have many blind spots because of the position of the rear window. It is Equipped with Bluetooth and also OnStar navigation. It also has an aux connection.

- Tina D

The gas consumption is horrible!

My vehicle was the new model with several problems. Fortunately the majority of problems were covered by warranty. I honestly believe we could have got rid of it using the lemon law. However, I loved the body style and just continued to repair the car.

- Kaye B

Best sedan in Buick luxury fleet!

Gold standard in luxury. Nice moonroof. Love heated seats and my Buick app integration. Wonderful wound system. Great speakers. Good leg room for taller folks. V6 engine with excellent highway gas mileage. Hate that Buick is discontinuing this model.

- Christopher A

There is no trunk release on the inside.

It does not have a trunk release on the inside. This is an inconvenience. The air conditioner does not get cold enough. There are blind spots when driving. The body style looks sharp. Gas mileage is pretty good. The ride is smooth.

- Brenda S

It has been a very reliable and dependable car in town and on the highway.

It has been a great car! It has been dependable and reliable in town and on the highway. It is very comfortable and gets over 28 miles per gallon. The body style has not changed much over the years so it looks like a newer car.

- Sam H

The car works fine and gets me from point a to point.

It does not have air conditioning and the speakers are don't sound very good. It also does not have a place to put in the auxiliary cord. Also one of the windows does not go backup when trying to put it up.

- Ian R

It is a fantastic ride! Very smooth handling.

I really like the drivers set-up. It feels very much like a cockpit. Everything is at your fingertips. I like the styling. I love all of the options that it has as well. It could get better gas mileage.

- Dave L

This car drives really smooth and has cause no issues.

My 2011 Buick lacrosse has been extremely reliable. I like having the heated steering wheel in the winter, as well as the heated and leather seats. I am not a big fan of the wood like interior trim.

- Ashley P

It is and economic and safety top rated, top quality vehicle.

No complaints at all. The vehicle handles great on the road, if has all of the luxuries I want in a car, AC seats, heated steering, leather, surround sound, great gas mileage, overall a great car.

- Joe M

It is a smooth ride and its reliable. It has provided me years of good driving.

My vehicle has a great body and it has held up well over the years. My biggest complaint is that although it has bluetooth, I still have to use an AUX cord to listen to music in my phone.

- Jillian W

it is a really good car and i'm considering replacing the engine to give it new life when the time comes vs trading it in

it is really nice for an older car it has a really spacious interior and a lot of features the only complaint is the driver air vents are slightly blocked by the steering wheel

- Rico F

My car is dependable, comfortable, attractive, and fun to drive.

I've had my vehicle 5 years and I have not had any major problems. I get good gas mileage, the performance is good, and it's very comfortable. I'm very satisfied with the car.

- Joe B

Always put your seatbelt on because the beeping sound can really get annoying.

I got to say, I love it and I think I picked the right car. Since I got it I haven't had no problems been two years already. As long as you maintain it. Your in good hands.

- Ashley D

Buick LaCrosse is a comfortable car to drive and ride in

Love the way it drives. Love the comfortable seats. Don't like some of the interior decoration that make it hard to see since I'm short. Wish it got better gas mileage.

- Lorraine M

Car is very safe, has latest technology

I like that it's very comfortable and has current phone and safety technology. I do not like the way front end is curved, it's hard for me to judge distance to curb.

- lee S

It's horrible on gas especially on city driving. Highway driving is better.

I love everything about my vehicle. I have had it for 5 years and have ne'er had any issues. The ride is amazing. The only thing is i wish it was better on gas.

- Val A

Good car especially for the highway.

Needs more power so all of them should be v6 instead of 4 cylinder to carry the weight of the car. Also had to replaced timing at 120,000 miles.

- Tammy D

An interesting detail is that is has a high quality radio system, and usually only takes me to get gas once a week

It's a great car for anybody, especially for new drivers. It's very safe, and is a great car to drive overall. Definitely recommend.

- Marie W

A car that works, but has some problems.

It works but the back window does not go back up. Also the air conditioning is either nothing or full blast. But the car runs well

- ian r

That its clean inside and outside.. And it has low miles.

I like the color and leather seats. I like the sunroof and also the heated seats. I like that there is enough room in the trunk.

- Sherry J

It's very dependable and I know it will always start and run.

It is a very comfy car to drive and ride in. The features are more advanced in it than most cars. It is the perfect size car.

- Christina S

Rides well. Gas mileage is very good in city and highway.

A very good road car It does have a coolant leak by the timing belt.Color is a beautiful silver. Relatively trouble free.

- James K

Buicks make good quality cars. I have never had any issues with it. Decent gas mileage, but could be better.

Not enough head room for husband. No rear camera and no USB ports. Like the style, the comfort and good all around car!

- Tanya P

The blind spots are kind of hard to deal with. You have to be really careful

I love the way it handles. I also like the controls that are in the car. The only problem is that is has blind spots

- June K

It is takes a lot off gas.

My car is nice and spacious. I really do not like the color I wish it was black. I also would love a rear view camera.

- Ashley J

I absolutely love my car!

I am a SUV kind of person. . . But I love my car! It is comfortable to drive and ride in. There is lots of room!

- Lisa B

It is a good car that runs great.

Nothing is wrong with it the car is a good car that is perfect for my family it gets me where I need to be.

- Constance R

Buick LaCrosse Improvements Needed

The seats are uncomfortable and the backend slides in the winter. It needs to be more evenly weighted.

- Pam C

Relatively a good car. Has been dependable.

No problems with this vehicle. I do not put a lot of miles on this car, it currently has 55500 miles.

- Bruce A

Not as fuel efficient as I would like because of 6 cyl.

Rides nice. Comfortable. 4 door. 6 cyl. windshield / drivers side window do not give good vision.

- Herb J

Safe vehicle, good seat adjustments. Good room for storage in trunk.

It's smooth to drive. Has digital speedometer. Good seat adjustments. Good storage.

- Emily W

It's worth every penny and you'll enjoy driving....

It rides like a dream. I feel safe because it's not fiberglass..its stylish.

- Jeanne N

do not buy this car under any circumstances, period

dumb looking car low gas mileage tires bad and rims falling apart

- hector c

its trouble free, fun to drive and I love the body style

love everything about it! have had it 6 years and no problems

- Dot H

Beautiful & dependable Buick lacrosse.

- Liz D