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My War Pony with all its qualities lacks horsepower in its tracks .

I Love my vehicle it's got the best comfort and room you need to enjoy your car ride. Especially the gas mileage and low maintenance work you have to do to it. It's got all the qualities you need for a family of Four or less. And it's riding around in comfort. I recently changed out the censor's on all my tires and I can tell the difference in my driving my car all my lights abs sensor reset without me having to take it to a dealership. My only downside to my car is I live in area when it snows it snowstorms for days sometimes week. And a Buick LaCrosse with only front wheel drive is useless. So I'm saying build a buck sedan with all wheel drive and let driving be a luxury even during the hardest weather.

- Lisa F

Luxury, driving ease and comfort make lacrosse a favorite!

This is the second lacrosse my husband and I have owned. I love the ease of which it handles, the riding comfort and the luxury extras like leather, heated seats, USB port, and Bluetooth capability. The moon roof is also a nice feature as is the automatic starter. This model is also a hybrid. The only disadvantage is that the front corner post on each side of the windshield is too wide, and it is difficult to see around it when pulling out into traffic or driving around a corner. Other than that it is a wonderful car and we plan to keep purchasing a lacrosse.

- Sandy J

2012 Buick lacrosse... My black beauty.

My lacrosse has many features leather, ac / heated seats, privacy screen, v6 engine, DVD player, XM radio. I love that it's a smooth ride. The air conditioner is horrible. Especially in Florida's hot weather. I keep taking it in for service and I am treated unjustly. To change an air cabin filter and connect it to their electronic car issue device. Which states everything is running efficiently. They take my money and send me on my way. The air conditioner continues to blow cold then hot then cold. Mostly hot in 90 degree weather.

- Jean P

A spacious and reliable sedan

This car has been relatively reliable as long as I have kept up on the maintenance. I've got about 180k miles on it and the only major fix has been a transmission. The air conditioning is phenomenal, and I thoroughly enjoy the spacious interior. Truck space is adequate, it's a very roomy car. It is easy to find all the valves/parts when lifting the hood. Most mechanics like working on the car for the simplicity. Overall I've been satisfied what this car has and will give.

- Stephen L

You will definitely get your money's worth! It's mixed with luxury, power and tough.

My 2012 Buick LaCrosse Premium II is a great car. I've had it 4 years and no major problems at all. I had to replace the water pump which was $300, get a new set of tires, new rear brakes and regular oil changes. I'm at 120,000 miles and the car still runs great. It also provides me and my family with great luxury (leather and wood) very reliable and comfortable. My only complaint would be the blind spot that it has but for the price it's an awesome buy.

- Amina W

The indicators, the smooth rides and the roomy space

I've had this car for over a year and it's really the most comfortable car I've had. It's very roomy and has a lot of space in the trunk. The AC is icy cold and the car overall performs very well. It has indicators to let me know anything that the car needs whether it'll be the tire pressure or of the battery is running low. I haven't had any issues so far with this car. I commute long distances everyday and this car has been very reliable.

- Gonzalo S

It has a key hole on the inside of the door to lock the trunk

It's a comfortable hybrid car. It's got a lot of space and easy to drive. Non leather seats. Its year is 2012 and I bought it used with only 120k miles which is very good for being the year is was made. I did have to replace the vacuum hose and put a little love into it as I bought it used after it sat outside for awhile. But it rides smooth and its very comfy and reliable for me and my two children that I have.

- Kylie A

I have a 2014 Buick lacrosse it looks sharp, rides smooth, and comfortable.

I have power heated leather seats all the bells and whistles. I like how comfortable the seats are. I enjoy the great stereo system it had as well as the interior lights around the dash. It is very roomy comfortably seats 5. If I had to buy this vehicle all over again I would. The only thing I do not like is the blind spots and gas mileage. It has great performance and lots of power.

- Sarah S

The future has the bells and whistles my grandma would love!

I have really enjoyed having this luxury vehicle. . Besides the sleek leather interior, it is sporty and fun as well. It has remote start, back up camera, on deck graphics. . You think you are experiencing the future while enjoying the smooth ride. The only problem I have had has been the rear axle light coming mf n the last two weeks. . Just got to find time to get her looked at.

- Sheila L

Get body lines, giving the car a sleek look or elegant look.

I enjoy driving my Buick. The V6 motor has lots of power. It is a smooth riding car with lots of features including: heads up display, heated and cooled leather seats, Moonroof, DVD player, Navigation system, and Harman Kardon speakers, with XM radio. Mileage is what a you would expect from a V6 Sedan, 20-25 miles per Gal on the Highway and 15-20 miles per gal in the city.

- Kevin E

Buick Lacrosse is Fantastic!

The vehicle has caused 0 problems. It has 92000 on the odometer, has spent its entire life outdoors and still looks showroom new. Both the interior and exterior are spotless and still shine. It gets 29 mpg and rides like it's on a cloud. It handles like a sports car and although not lightning quick, it does achieve speed quite effortlessly. Unbelievable car.

- Randy P

Buick LaCrosse � a comfortable ride.

My car is 7 years old and it has never had any repairs. It runs well, and is quite comfortable. I have back problems and this is important for me. The leather seats are quite comfortable. I have XM radio, necessary for the GPS system. I am directionally deficient and love the GPS. I know nothing about mechanics, but I have no problems.

- Judy C

The luxurious Buick lacrosse.

My 2012 Buick lacrosse is very comfortable I love the interior stylings and the technology wrapped up in it. The mix of the two gives the look of sitting in the cockpit of a luxury fighter jet the ride is incredible and with my heads up display you never need to look how fast your going it's always straight ahead and convenient.

- James V

Pros and Cons of the Buick Lacrosse smooth ride, poor gas mileage, small trunk.

This vehicle has a smooth quiet ride. The passenger are could be bigger and the back seat is so small that really only two people can ride comfortable unless they are very small. The gas mileage is not good at all about 21 miles per gallon. The trunk is long and not wide which means it is hard to g e t packages to fit.

- Nita F

Thinking about passing car on to my daughter one day , for her first vehicle.

It runs crappy uses up a lot of gas needs work done to it that I can not afford. Was a good car at first but didn't last long. The parts that I need for it cost way to much money so it continues to stay the way that it is I am thinking about maybe one day soon passing it on to my daughter for her first vehicle.

- Lisa C

Great midsize luxury sedan.

Great performance and comfort. Only downside is it has many blind spots. It does not have backup signal. Sharp looking car. Have not had any problems gas mileage is pretty good for a bigger sedan. Have had many compliments on the vehicles appearance. Would definitely buy another lacrosse. This is my second one.

- Jo H

You will never want to get rid of it. And every other car you look at, will pale in comparison to your Buick

It has heated, leather seats, which makes it very nice in winter and easy clean up with a 6 yr old boy in the back! It's comfortable and spacious. I personally have sat a full grown man, 6'4" in the back behind the passenger seat, and he had plenty of room for his legs, without me having to sit in the glove box

- Katherine M

It is very reliable as well as beautiful.

As far as comfort goes, this car is extremely comfortable and it is beautiful. I always get compliments from strangers on it. However, if there is a problem with a tire, it throws the whole system off and the car jerks like a wadding machine until you either get an appropriate tire or it levels back out again.

- Debra I

It is roomy and it has good visibility for the driver.

I love that it seems elegant. Disappointed that the trim on the console which is chrome has broken and is sharp when I have less than 60, 000 miles on the car. Also, I have had to have it repaired for traction control on 4 different occasions. I now have an appointment because the steering wheel is shaking.

- Elizabeth S

Beautiful cherry red 2012 Buick lacrosse with awesome black leather seating.

Awesome car since 2012. Never any issues with it. Runs real quiet. Beautiful black leather trim. Awesome cherry outside. No rust. Keep it clean. It is a car I would trust for taking a long trip vacation. Excellent dashboard panel. Lights go on automatically when it gets dark enough. Windshield wipers too.

- Ron T

Overall this is an amazing car. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

This is a great car. I haven't had any issues. I like the amount of room there is on the inside. I also get great gas mileage. The negative is you cannot pop the trunk from the inside of the car. Every time you want to access the trunk you have to get out and press the button on the trunk.

- Sa-don B

Stylish and roomy and very worth the money

I bought the car used but it has a great speed performance. I be owned Buick's for 20 years and unfortunately they do have issues with water pumps and gas caps . I've had to just replace my coolant container cause it was a flaw in Buick. I still would recommend it to me it's a great car

- Deb P

I love the Buick Lacrosse!

This car is very comfortable. It is roomy, has all the bells and whistles. It drives smoothly, and fairly quietly. The speaker system is fantastic. The heating cooling system work perfectly. The trunk has a lot of room in it, can hold so much. I absolutely adore this car.

- Zoe T

Beautiful and rides so smooth.

Beautiful inside and outside. It rides very smooth and I really enjoy driving it in town and on the highway. I get many comments on how pretty my car is. I chose a silver/tan color that does not show dirt. I am so glad that I went back to work in order to buy my Buick lacrosse.

- Judy M

My Buick. My Buick is beautiful. It has a slim line and a beautiful pearl color.

It has been a most reliable car. It has had very few problems. I have had normal oil changes and replaced the tires once and had to replace the grounding wire one. I have been extremely satisfied with my Buick and would purchase another one if I am in the market for a new car.

- Sheila D

Buick lacrosse, watch for blind spots

Major blind spots from the windshield trim. Difficult to judge at 4 way stops. It is a comfortable ride. The drivers side door latch has become loose. Tires have also been a problem, losing air. Good trunk space for a sedan. Difficult to latch in car seats in the back seat.

- Mackenzie K

Super cool car for super cool dudes or dudettes

It is a Great car. It is Super reliable. It is also Super comfortable. The car Fits my family of three very well. It gets excellent gas mileage. The sound system is excellent. I love the heated and cooling seats that are available. This car has a great look and design.

- Bryan L

Luxurious quiet ride. So smooth.

This car has been so amazing. It's stuck a smooth ride. So quiet when driving. We only had one problem one time which was the ball bearings inside the rims came loose on one side of the car, but it was an easy fix. Other than that it has been amazing. We love it!

- Laura C

It is a very comfortable car. It drives and handles well.

I like my Buick. One of my favorite features is the backup camera; however, occasionally the camera does not work. Last week, it stopped working for two days; the screen was black. Then it started working again. The car is very comfortable and I like how it looks.

- Kathryn S

Great luxury vehicle with hybrid features.

It is a beautiful car but I bought it before I had my youngest. The trunk space is horrible. My car does have hybrid features with is great on gas. The wood grain is nice as well but the chrome paper started peeling off the inside door handles after about 3 years.

- Tamara M

Buick lacrosse - affordable luxury.

No real problems. Drives well, is quiet, has plenty of room. The only issue is the console. My husband has long legs and he says the console is too wide and his right leg rubs against it when he's driving and its uncomfortable. Gas mileage is pretty good too.

- Angela W

Beautiful mocha colored Buick.

My vehicle is very reliable. It is equipped with double sunroof, leather seats (heating and cooling option), mirror detectors, back up camera, big screen with GPS best purchase ever. My vehicle is a beautiful mocha color tested to be safe also great on gas.

- Dee M

Seat warmers are a great thing in this car.

I think that it runs great the gas mileage is not s good as it could be so that is an issue it gets spendy and it also smells weird when the ac comes on but the seats are nice as well as the stereo system is good I do recommend this car because it is good.

- Sam M

It is reliable, trustworthy, and runs smoothly and therefore is a real winner of a motor vehicle.

It gets me to where I need to go so I would consider it reliable. It does not cost me too much in gasoline. I can drive and not worry about it falling apart because it is better constructed than a lot of cars are. I have no big complaints about it at all.

- jason a

Pretty blue light streaming in the car. It has a very luxury look.

I love the way it looks and I pretty much like how it drives but I have to say the parts are not quality... Like rims, leather and trim. The rims the paint is coming off, the steering wheel the leather or imitation leather came off almost immediately.

- Joni T

Comfortable and quiet, great performance.

Very reliable, extremely comfortable. There is a blind spot, and door lock button not convenient. Radio buttons are hard to adjust. Air vents blow in wrong directions. Steering is great, runs smooth and good on gas. Storage compartment hard to access.

- Marc C

Rides smoothly and is very solid.

The Buick drives very smooth, I always say it rides like a Cadillac. I love the look, I love the white with tan interior. I only wish I have purchased a Buick years ago. I will buy another when I am ready to buy a new car or an SUV. They are so solid.

- Yvonne D

The luxurious 2012 Buick lacrosse

The Buick lacrosse is very slick. We always have a smooth ride. It is very reliable and has handled all weather lovely. We have all beige leather interior. Its has lots of room to stretch and lots of trunk space. I would recommend this car for family.

- Lee C

It still looks classy even though it is 6 years old.

My Buick performs very well. It is very low mileage, so even though it is 6 years old, it seems like new. It gets good mileage for a v6, and it has many comforts. It is comfortable to drive, and will probably be in our family for awhile.

- Pat G

Saves you gas and money. It is a great fit for someone in college.

I like interior of my car because it has Bluetooth for phone and Sirius xm, Pandora, voice recognition smartphone compatible, remote keyless entry standard range with lock control and panic alarm.. But I do not like rear view mirror..

- Ronald D

Love my Buick, smooth ride, pretty car!

I love my car, it has a really smooth ride. It looks sleek. The inside is leather, which is nice. I've never had a problem with my car not being reliable. Have had no mechanical issues with it at all. Great car, would recommend.

- Meg B

It's stylish yet dependable.

I love the car features. It has everything I need. The look of the car is beautiful. The car rides smooth and has great get up and go. The one thing I dislike is the inability to pop the trunk from the inside of the vehicle.

- Amanda D

It's considered a granny car by some, but it has so many nice features and looks so classy how could you not like it?

Buick is known for quality and comfort as well as luxury. I love all the features in my car especially the leather heated seats. And the color was what caught my eye to begin with that made me interested in that particular car.

- Tonya R

I can trust it to work for me instead of against me like some cars can.

It is a very reliable vehicle that gets me to where I need to go. I can trust that I won't have any major problems with it. It looks really great both the interior and exterior. It is roomy and drives well. I love it.

- Jason A

It's easy to get parts for, if and when it needs to get serviced.

The trunk is too small. The roofline is too low when entering the vehicle, sop you have to be careful to not bang your head if you are tall. i really don't like light color interiors- I prefer very dark ones.

- Mark A

Poor side vision back and front of car.

Car is comfortable and drives smoothly. The main problem I have with the car is that visibility is poor due to blindsides both front and rear. My car did not contain blindside detectors, which it badly needs.

- Fred F

A luxury sedan the most popular car ever!

When I first saw the Buick lacrosse model, I knew I had to have one, the back style shape of the car totally won me over. The smoothest ride in luxury. The gas mileage is good. The performance is awesome.

- Nev B

The type of power it uses.

I really like everything about this car aside from the fact that it is a hybrid. I have nothing against environmentally friendly cars I have just been having issues with the big battery in this car.

- Cassandra S

It is a luxury car, but it doesn't cost as much as a normal luxury car.

My vehicle is a buick lacrosse and I bought it about nine months ago. It rides very well and is in great condition. the gas mileage isn't the best on it but it still isn't bad and it does the job.

- Griffin N

The Buick is a very luxurious car with plenty of power. As I have the Touring model, it includes nearly all the bells and whistles you could need. The downsides are that it gets fairly awful gas mileage and does not have Bluetooth streaming capabilities.

The 2012 Buick Lacrosse is one of very few luxury class vehicles that can be flat-towed behind a motorhome. It is a very well-appointed vehicle that could use some improvements in fuel mileage.

- Honi H

Loving My Buick LaCrosse- Everything about it is amazing!!!

I love my Buick LaCrosse. Drives very nice all wheel drive four door beautiful lighting heated seats remote starter. It's beautiful from under the hood to the interior to the outside!!!

- Jerika S

An American made car that is built to last. Buick is built to last, as long as you maintain the wear & tear of the car.

My Vehicle is the brand - "BUICK" a division of General Motors. The car is built with excellent reputation for quality and workmanship. All my cars had been Buick for almost 40 years.

- Joseph A

This car does not have good pickup, gas mileage unless on long distance highway, small trunk opening, but great ride.

Buick is always a great ride but this car has too many blind spots, a trunk that will hold a lot if you can get it through the opening, and only good gas mileage is on highway.

- Marge L

A better-than-average crossover with generous features.

A very smooth, comfortable ride. lots of features. Gas mileage is less than optimal due to a 6-cylinder engine. Hatchback body makes rear view less clear than in a sedan.

- John W

It runs smooth and very relaxing on the highway.

Good performance, brakes drives excellent, easy to control and good mileage also the seats are nice and very comfortable the engine is clean, the mirrors are electric.

- James F

The safety features are very reliable and it doesn't have a sunglass case.

I like the functionality of the car and the features that it has. I like the panoramic sunroof. I love how it drives. What I don't like is the poor gas mileage.

- Yvette T

It is both beautiful and safe to drive. I am proud to own this car.

My Buick is a pleasure to drive. It has many helpful features, such as GPS. It also has many comforts, such as heated seats, cruise control, back up warning.

- Kathy S

Buick Lacrosse! The dash looks like an airplane.

My car is comfortable with lots of legroom. It drives really well. I have had only one major issue and that was with AC. Otherwise has run extremely well.

- Maria A

Great family car. Smooth ride and no road noise.

Very reliable car. It has a v6 engine and can vet up and go. I wish it were better on gas. I have had the car for 3 years and there has only been one recall.

- Melissa H

It gets great gas mileage.

It's a hybrid. It is very reliable. My only complaint is the trunk space is a little small. The car runs smoothly and there is a lot of legroom in the back.

- Tamara M

Stylish car with with great features but with some issues.

I love all the features that this car has. It is stylish and I love the color. I don't like that we have had some problems with it in the last year or so.

- Jannay B

It's a great car and very reliable. It drives very smooth and doesn't give me any issues.

The Buick Lacrosse is a great car. I bought it use in 2015 and I've never had an issue with it. It runs great and smooth and has great gas per mile.

- Amanda S

It's spacious, comfortable, luxurious and awesome. It gets great gas mileage and I enjoy driving it.

I don't have any complaints. It's a luxurious car that I thought I would never be able to afford. It drives beautifully and has a wonderful stereo.

- leslie s

Good car with good gas mileage

I haven't had any problems with it yet. It gets pretty good gas mileage and had a decent amount of power. It does however have a lot of blind spots

- Jeremiah T

2012 Lacrosse is beautiful vehicle

Love the features such as dual automatic seats, dual climate control, bluetooth capabilities, and backup camera. Spacious and beautiful interior.

- Sarah W

It is reliable, I never had a breakdown.

Like the ride, it has good horsepower and it looks good, I haven't had any problems with it, I also like color of the paint, no dislikes.

- Kenneth S

Is a Buick a good car to buy for protection

My Buick LaCrosse has plenty of space who said and and rides very nicely everything works the way it should and the car is a very pretty

- Doug S

It is well made and has retained its appeal.

Great quality. I prefer something sportier. The Buick is reliable but still has that old person stigma. Would like to trade it in.

- Patti B

It has lighting in the most convenient places that activates when it is dark.

Dislike that the chrome playing on the cupholders is peeling off, and there's no replacement. Love everything else about the car.

- Ariel C

They should know that it's safe and runs well

It's been pretty much my ideal car. The only thing I really dislike about it is it's started to feel a little dated.

- Jay W

Great gas mileage with a 4 cylinder engine, turns off to save gas.

Drives pretty good and has really good gas mileage. The trunk is slightly small but interior is spacious enough,

- Adrian E

I like that it is very spacious and very reliable I don't like that I can't open the truck from my car just from the keys

It is very spacious and very reliable also the blue light that goes around the inside of the car is pretty neat

- Brenda F

Great car with mind of its own.

Sensors go out often and hard to find the problem. Alerts go off alerting a problem without any reason as well.

- Amber M

It is comfortable on long trips it rides smoothly I distance drive in it

It is hard to drive considering my crappy depth perception. I like the leather upholstery. I like the color.

- emily p

It gets really good mileage on long trips and also in city driving.

It is very stylish. The Lacrosse is a comfortable vehicle, even on long trips. It gets great gas mileage.

- Paula P

Year, is important because you have to know it for everything.

I love the design its unique and great touch to everything and lovely design and a great car to have.

- Niki T

Stylish with a comfortable ride and smooth handling.

Smooth handling. Comfortable ride. Good engine performance. But no back up camera.

- Robert M

It Has a very nice ride. It also is very roomy in side and is available in many colors.

It has a very comfortable Ride. It also looks great. It has a roomy interior.

- James L

It's Mine!! Drives very nice, rides comfortable, easy on gas.

Just bought it so getting used to it. I love how it rides, drives comfortable

- Lori A

The safety of it. Will it protect me., incase of an accident. I like the protection it gives me.

I like the performance. It's a good car, good power, nice red color.

- Ronnie T

The good fuel consumption, very comfortable during long distance travel. Very dependable vehicle

Comfortable for long distances, good fuel economy and dependable.

- Dave F

well it been there for me and gets the job done

it's a great car and it look great and drives great I love my car

- omar o

Great handling and it is great on gas

I love the styling and the performance. And it is reliable

- Phillip I

It gets great gas mileage both in the city and on highway.

I love the look, and that it is very low maintenance.

- Deni C