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I love my Buick lacrosse!

I love my Buick lacrosse. It is the premium 2 package. It handles really well and looks sporty. It has the AWD which is definitely important to me living in the Midwest. I like the heated and ventilated seats. I do wish the backseat was heated for my kids. It seems to be doing well. I have the Buick help report each month that kills me know if the warranties are up and the diagnostic report showing the system and what may need maintained. Some of the features on it I do not understand like the brake assist and some of the internal controls for pollen. I like the leather interior but I am a with fan. I just wish the premium models would offer more cloth. I am not sure of that is even an option at this time. I bought my car used due to I could not afford to buy it brand new with all the accessories it has.

- Cindy V

Smooth steering/love this vehicle.

I really love my Buick lacrosse, I love that it has a backup camera. The leather seats are nice and easy to clean up after my kids. It is really easy to steer and drive. I like that it has two memory settings, so I do not have to readjust after my husband drives it. I love the seat warmers, I use them even when it's not cold, makes my back feel better. Very large trunk and a net to keep my groceries from tipping over. I like that it has Bluetooth so I can make calls through the car speakers, or play Pandora instead of listening to the radio. I also like that it has child locks on the windows so when I do not want the kids to roll the window down they cannot, same for the doors. Overall I love this car!

- Jake R

An interesting detail would be the added stereo display features

This is an extremely efficient vehicle for my bachelor lifestyle that I am carrying out. Very good performance and has never broken down on me. The console and electrical features are more the enough to get the job done. The only thing I don't like about the vehicle is that the air conditioner seems to be lacking the slightest bit, Other than that void feature it is the essential bachelor vehicle for the ages.

- Matt Y

It rides very smooth on the freeway and off the freeway.

Well my vehicle is a nice Buick 2014 lacrosse and it gets my from point A to point B with no problem at all but I can tell that for the price of this vehicle it does everything it supposed to I have a great sound system and it is a four door sedan and also its good on gas I think the only thing that is missing here is a sun roof but that is fine I will manage to do without it of course.

- Megan A

Comfortable ride but not great viewing for scenery.

Extremely comfortable with great safety features, backup camera, side caution lights, etc. However, it is difficult to see out the windows to view scenery, or to see cars in lane to the right coming up beside you unless you depend on the warning lights in side mirrors. The trunk opening is quite small and trunk is not very spacious. It is difficult getting into for overweight persons.

- Chris C

That the trunk space is a bit small have to be selective what goes in the back.

It is very fuel efficient 6 cylinder car that fits 5 comfortably. The car itself is very comfortable I have gone on several trips over 3 hrs long and the seats are very comfortable with lumbar support and the radio/surround system helps the time go by faster. I do not like the trunk space is a bit small for me I like to travel and would like more space.

- Kimberly A

Buick lacrosse highlights

At this time I have no vehicle problems. The car a nice drive a nice handle on the road and nice sounding speakers on the inside. The seats adjust to your height which also has a seat warmer and a fan blower.The leather on the inside matches perfectly with the wood grain moldings and the forest blue light that lights up on the inside is also a plus

- Andrew B

A tricked out Buick lacrosse is a dream car for normal people!

Very comfortable ride. Quiet, smooth, has great features. Good GPS system. Comfortable heating and ac. Heated and cooled seat. Great flat drive tires. A good color. It looks beautiful. I like the speedometer showing on the window. I especially like the fact that the car slows down itself when it gets too close to the car in front.

- Sharon B

Buick quality and dependability.

Love the many modern features and the comfort that my Buick provides. The ride is v very smooth and it gets average gas mileage. I have had no mechanical problems or company recalls. But I have already had to replace the tires and battery. On the whole it has been a pleasure to own and drive. Very dependable.

- Johnny T

A car that is fit for a Queen and Luxury

The vehicle is classy. I love the leather seats that can be heated or cooled down with a press of a button. The panoramic sunroof lets in lots of light when open. The drivability is great too! The ride is quiet and smooth you almost forget you are even in a car, especially when on the highway.

- Kayla I

A great car that is enjoyable to drive on both short and long trips.

My Buick laCrosse performs well. I get good gas mileage. The car itself is very comfortable. I wish it was not keyless because it is easy to accidentally leave the key in the car. The car has an excellent navigation system also. I enjoy driving it and the service from the dealership is great/.

- Ann M

The Buick lacrosse a great comfortable smooth quiet and safe car.

My Buick has very comfortable leather seats. It gets good gas mileage. I enjoy its quiet and smooth ride on both long and short trips. I just wish it did not have a keyless ignition system. Because being a woman I have to keep the key in my purse and it can accidentally get left in the car.

- Ann M

Perfect for me Since I am a single woman I feel it�s a safe car .

Smooth ride. Amenities: warm seats, side alerts to vehicle adjacent, sleek look, Bluetooth. Roomy back seat. Roomy trunk, automatic voice command, leather seats, roomy front seat. Good color and paint job. Has sports wheels and stable driving. Easy parking and comfortable steering wheel

- Norma B

It is a good comfortable ride.

I like the ride of my Lacrosse. It handles very nicely and is comfortable. It has run well and trouble free. It has features, such as the backup camera, that make driving easier. The only thing I would like to change is that the seat has to be adjusted every time it is driven.

- Deb C

Comfortable and roomy with Bluetooth

I love my Buick. Its comfortable, reasonably gas mileage, has plenty of power, roomy. Had to have radio screen replaced due to recall but I didn't have to pay for it. Has a backup camera. Bluetooth capabilities. Tires a little expensive because they are 18's but worth it.

- Lisa W

Comfortable rise and sleek look.

Good ride. Comfortable. Sleek look. Easy to drive. Pretty good on gas. Do not feel the speed of the car. All of my cars have been Buick lacrosse. First time I bought one. Did have some trouble with the battery an radio but it was taken care of properly by the dealership.

- Joseph L

Gps is built in dash details like the subtle lightning makes it sharp looking.

Drives smooth, very comfortable, starts easily but gets very poor gas mileage. . 20 mpg. . . Beautiful color inside and out. Strongly built we were rear ended a few months back it ended up totaling out car but no one was hurt because of the sturdy frame and interior.

- Marsha J

Smoothest ride I have driven.

The car is one of the best cars I have driven yet. If you are looking for a smooth ride that rides like a Cadillac then this is your car. The only annoying issue I have is the car not remembering my seat profile. The car gets great gas mileage for a large sedan.

- Aaron W

2014 Buick Lacrosse - LOVE IT!

I absolutely love my Buick. It was made in Kansas City (where we live) so in purchasing it, I've made a direct impact on my local community. It gets great gas mileage, is fully loaded with every option a driver could ask for and has a stylish exterior design.

- Shauna E

Handles great in winter weather.

Comfort and ease to drive.. Good on gas.. The distance that you can do many functions with the?Remote control.. All the extra perks both front see seated,.. Power front seats.. Sirius radio.. Great speakers for Audio..Front to back sunroof & a very good gps.

- Patricia S

It's not the most technologically advanced car, or the best on the market, but it's simple and comfortable.

I like how easy it is to drive, how comfortable I feel when inside it, how it runs in general. Don't really have any complaints. I'm not even a big fan of driving but in my Buick, it makes me feel happier doing it.

- Alex B

It is stylish, fun to drive and has a backup camera.

My Buick Lacrosse handles beautifully. It is a great looking car and I always get compliments on how it looks. It has a back up camera which I love and is very useful to help me park, making sure I am in the lines.

- Jennie y

It's a great car! It runs well and looks quite nice.

I like that it runs well. I've had no major mechanical issues in just over a year. I dislike that it's body is short in height. I'm short and still bump my head getting in the car sometimes.

- TM C

It's a really smooth ride, it really makes you feel cool in it.

It's spacious, heated seats are great during the winter months. Good gas mileage. I dislike the keyless start because sometimes it doesn't detect the key even when it is in the vehicle.

- Tamara J

Buick LaCrosse one of the best rides to drive

Drives nice,handles terrain wonderful and great ride,double sunroof,individual seat temp controls,spacious trunk,very roomy vehicle,and one of my favorite is the alerted tire pressure

- Penny B

It gets good gas mileage. The car hands well and the cost of maintenance is low.

I made the mistake of purchasing 2 wheel drive. It handles terribly in the snow. I Love the handling and the looks. Interior is beautiful but I need a all wheel drive cars.

- Lisa C

it has been a solid vehicle and i would generally recommend it

has been a solid and reliable vehicle. it drives very smoothly and quietly. if i had to change something about it it would be improved sightlines from the driver's seat.

- bob j

Pay attention to the rear view camera. It really helps

I like the gas mileage and driving comfort. I dislike the trunk capacity. The rear seat is comfortable but the car does not handle rough roads as well as I would like.

- Debbie N

It is reliable. I have never had a major issue with my car. The gas mileage is great.

My vehicle is a sedan with a lot of wonderful features. I enjoy the sunroof and the navigation system the best. The car has a V6 gas engine. It is fun to drive.

- Candi H

Buick is a brand you can trust. They make good luxurious cars.

I like my car because it is built with the word luxury in mind. It runs good and I love to drive it. After four years It's still a car I can depend on.

- John m

Quality and elegance in a beautiful American made vehicle.

It has a smooth ride. It is very roomy. It is stylish. I hate the windshield and the limited visibility you have on the sides of the windshield.

- Joan b

It is a great riding car and safe, the use of GPS is very useful to me .

I love the ride and safety features, I use GPS a lot an enjoy it for directions The heated seats are nice in the winter The appearance is great

- Sidney H

The acceleration is not as fast as other cars. You will not win a drag race.

I have great interior space in this car. It is very durable and offers a smooth ride. I can go fast and not have any issues.

- Chris Y

"Buick LaCrosse feature that's missing."

I don't have any problems with my vehicle. I really wish my vehicle had automatic folding mirrors when you turn the car off.

- Karen H

Its a real fun car to drive

The car is wonderful to drive. It loves the expressway. It's great on gas. The lights are powerful. Its a real luxury car.

- cindy w

It is comfortable and a smooth ride. Also all wheel drive which is great for bad weather

My car is comfortable, smooth ride, and just does really well overall. I only wish I had an suv for hauling things

- Trisha M

Chevy is very reliable and comfortable.

It is such a smooth ride. It is easy to navigate. Sometimes all the bells and whistles can be difficult to use.

- Ruth B

It is a comfortable car to drive, I love the backup video.

It has a nice smooth ride. My husband who has a long torso, has lots of headroom. I like the look of the car!

- Nancy H

Great gas mileage with a classy looking car.

The ride is very quiet. I have a e-assist and get great gas mileage. It very comfortable and classy looking.

- Beverly D

Efficient gas mileage/flex fuel and easy riding, user friendly

Lots of room inside, comfortable, perfect sound system, Bluetooth access, navigation system, smooth drive

- Crystal A

I like it, the color of it, the interior of it. it is very roomy.

I like the design and the interior. It gets great gas mileage as well. It has a sleek and neat design.

- catherine m

look nice, I've own for 1 year, seems to be a under a great warranty

transmission problems. currently in the shop.nice interior, seats and sunroof.Great car other than that.

- jason f

The interior is very stylish, trendy and appealing.

I like how practical it is. I also like the gas mileage. I don't however like the body style of the car.

- Chandler E

Good Ride. Hugs the road. Quiet Can't see well out the windows

Hugs the road and is does do not hear road noise but can not see well out the tented rear window

- Adonica R

That it's a good car overall not the best but can get me from a to b.

I don't have many dislikes or if any. My car runs good and gas and overall is a good car .

- Mike X

That it is reliable and will do what you need it to do,

i like the dependability The safety features are good. I would like better gas mileage.

- richard a

Affordable Luxury Doesn't Have to be European

I love the size, features, ride, and creature comforts that the car is jam packed with.

- Pascaline S

it is all luxury. Look good. handles great. love all bells and whistles it come with heads up nav

The trunk is much to small. Post some time block View. that is all. noe more

- mary c

It is gas and electric assist. Gets great mileage around town.

Great car comfortable, no complaints. We like trucking long distance.

- Phil H

it's a great car to own, very dependable nice body style.

I like the ride. I like dependability. I like the body style.

- charles w

It is extremely nice inside and out. It is very good and gas. I love it.

I love how roomy it is. Very comfortable. Great on gas.

- Micha G

The car is built to last..Buick is know for building sting cars. It runs great and is definitely worth the money.

Love the way this car rides...prestige and quality

- Jasmin S