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Buick lacrosse is a must have!

The 2017 Buick lacrosse is the best car I have ever owned! It has features such as remote start, touch screen display for radio/air/navigation etc.. Wi-Fi capable with your OnStar package. I love how roomy it is for a car. I have a family of 5, my husband and myself and our three children, one of which is still in a booster seat. I love how all three of my children can sit in the back seat and not complain of needing more room unlike other vehicles we have owned. Maintenance on the Buick is not a bad price and this car drives like a dream. I have not had any serious issues with my Buick and already tell anyone who asks me for advice when buying a new vehicle, get a Buick!

- Olivia E

Buick lacrosse premium with heads up & breaking cruise!

The lacrosse is a very comfortable & roomy car for tall adults. I love the power of my premium lacrosse, the heads up feature is definitely a great safety feature along with the breaking cruise, another of my favorite features in my car. My only downside in my opinion is it really sits low, have to watch a lot of areas with steep drives or street exits & entrances, with big dips! Being tall it is a bit hard to get out of sometimes, but once in/out this car is definitely made for the highway, I am currently getting 35 mpg on highway trips. Want a smooth quiet ride this is the car.

- Laverne P

It is a very safety conscience car. Trying to keep you as safe as possible.

I like the stars in the side mirrors that tell you if someone is in your blind spots. I like the camera that comes on when you are in reverse, so that you can see if anything is behind you. I like that it beeps if something is behind you, in case you aren't watching your camera. I like the keyless entry and it beeps if you get out of the car and leave your key in the car.

- Karen T

The interesting details are the Bluetooth and the satellite radio.

I love my vehicle. I had it for a few years when I bought it brand new. It runs good and it's fully loaded I love my vehicle. It has Bluetooth and satellite radio. Its clean and it rides smooth. I made the best decision by buying this vehicle. I love the color and the style. I couldn't have asked for a better car. My kids love it because it's good for traveling.

- amanda B

Smart, sharp and fine lines. Keyless system, Sirius radio, hands free phone.

I have had my car for 2 years and never have had any problems. It has the Sirius radio which is great when traveling, seat warmers, adjustable seats and airbags all around. The only fault I can find with it is the post between the windshield and doors, can block your view. It has a reminder to look in the back set before getting so you do not forget a child.

- Vivian G

2018 Buick lacrosse handles well & has many safety and comfort features.

I appreciate the safety features of my 2017 Buick lacrosse, especially variable speed cruise control, lane assist, rear traffic detection and blind spot detection. I am pleased with the fuel efficiency of this full size vehicle and appreciate the "auto off" feature where the engine shuts down for a short period when the vehicle is stopped.

- Deb M

It is a reliable well equipped car.

It has a lot of easy to use features. It has a nice quiet ride. I do not like the color black. Very satisfied with performance. The interior is extremely comfortable. The electronics is more than I need but I am getting used to them. Overall it is a good car for the money. The safety alerts are great to have.

- Patricia W

Airbag issues were taken care of by Buick.

The only problem that I have encountered was with the airbags but this was a problem encountered by most vehicles. The issue caused a recall which impacted my usage of the vehicle until it was serviced. The wait time for the parts was the worst because so many cars had the problem Buick had to stagger service times.

- Julian R

Buick lacrosse: wonderful all around.

The only thing that bothered me is when I am in construction and the lane guider tries to guide me into a non existent lane. Other than that, it is a very smooth ride, comfortable and compatible to all my electronics. I would like a CD player though because it does not have one which is slightly annoying.

- Ryan H

The Buick lacrosse a meeting of style luxury and comfort

stylish, very comfortable, excellent pick up and mileage is great. Euro style gadgets. The inside fit and finish is excellent however the rear visibility could be better. The electronic shifter takes a tad getting used to, not quite sure if I like having to engage the extra button to start with

- Gregory G

Beautiful Buick lacrosse in pepperdust.

My lacrosse drives smoothly. It has heated and cooled seats. It has OnStar and navigation. It is equipped with leather seats, assisted cruise control, and a moonroof. It gets great gas mileage, and has never required more than routine maintenance. It is a beautiful color, pepperdust.

- Suzanne B

Only promises, very little results.

Had to have new tires put on my new vehicle. Had to have passenger seat replaced in my new vehicle. Had car in “numerous” times to fix driver’s side door. Still waiting on them to contact me with the solution. I cannot find a service manager to do what they say they will do.

- Jacqueline H

Best car ever. The lacrosse.

The car smooth handling. Wood base interior. Sunroof electrical.Heated seats. Bose sounds. Gas mileage excellent. Full wheel suspension. Electric doors. Sirius ready. 4 seater passenger. Electric windows. Rear defroster. Great sounds. Full speaker bass. Built up amp. 1500 watt amp.

- Robert C

The sounds system is great

I have never have any problems with my car.I have had 2 years and it is perfect the gas mileage is great I wouldn't chose any other car there's not really anything else I can say about the car but that it. A great car I would like to buy a newer one just because I love it so much

- Nicole S

Awesome car in this modern day.

My vehicle is extremely good for families, and could work for a small or big family. It is also very efficient for driving long distances, and has a lot of room! Great car for a short distance too. It has comfortable chairs, and new tech that gives the car a modern feel.

- Viki W

Buick's Massive Attributes

Buick Lacrosse is a smooth driving machine with many attributes. It has heated seats, navigation, Sirius XM, car alerts such as rear seat reminder, blind-spot alert, theft, etc. The sunroof covers the front and back seats and also has a back window auto sunshade.

- Karen B

Great luxury and performance.

It is a fine car and I enjoy driving it. Excellent performance and luxury. Surprisingly economical for a over 300 hp engine. I will probably get a new one within the next year. It is every bit as nice as a BMW, Lexus or other foreign luxury cars..And costs less.

- Ron S

Spacious, comfortable and powerful.

For a sedan it has a good deal of power. Leather seats and other luxury features make it a comfortable car. Seat warmers and coolers add to the comfort. The displays are very visible and adjustable. The trunk is large. The sound system is more than sufficient.

- Max D

I like the fact that it has 2 batteries. This is to conserve gas.

So far I have not had problems with my vehicle. It has beautiful tan leather interior. The color is unique, it is called pepper dust. It has wireless access, Sirius XM, hands free calling, car phone, OnStar, navigation, and the gas mileage is pretty good.

- Gloria C

It is dependable, and gets excellent gas mileage.

We love the comfortable ride. The gas mileage is excellent. Is easy to maintain, & it can be depended upon to start every time the first time. Security built into the car is extremely useable. No complaints about this car.

- Richard A

the way it feels and handles on the road and the great suspension that Buick offers

I like the appearance and the way it handles. I also like the electronics available in my car. I dislike the way the auto companies make you chose from a category of extras instead of individual accessories available

- scott h

It is a fantastic car for long trips because of the comfort and large trunk

The seats are comfortable on long trips and are easy to adjust. I like the heads up display. If I could fix one thing it would be the fact that in heavy rain the blind spot monitors don't work.

- Kathy S

Smooth ride; a pleasure to drive. Good gas mileage.

Has many luxury details as well as safety features. Love the rear camera, especially when parking. Love the side mirror monitor when changing lanes. Interior is luxurious. Has wi-fi.

- Natalie M

People should know that my car was actually cheaper than expected.

I like that my vehicle gets great gas mileage. It comes in handy with the amount of space as well. It's also my favorite color as well, blue! I have no complaints.

- Derrick B

Stays in the repair dealership!

Only 7 months old bought brand new, I have had to replace tires, the front seat passenger seat, fix both doors up front, drivers door still not fixed.

- Jacqueline H

That it is a great car for work or traveling very comfortable yet somewhat of a luxurious ride.

I love the way it drives, the turns are smooth and the speed is very accurate on the digital dash all the extra features makes me feel right at home.

- Izaiah R

The safety features such as backup camera and side warning lights

The styling of the vehicle is very nice. For a full size car it gets excellent gas mileage. It is very comfortable and has numerous safety features.

- Dave N

It is safe and reliable. It has a great engine with a lot of power.

I like all the technology inside this car. The comfort and the car safety are the best. I dislike that it is not as sound proof as I would like.

- Florin T

Luxury and you are going to have the best ride ever.

Each car drives smooth and music sound clear and with no static. I love the leather seats inside. Each car is roomy and it is comfortable.

- Marcella M

It drives really smooth. Nice.

Our car is lovely drives real smooth. It has plenty of room, and the truck is very spacious. Only drawback is it's low to the ground.

- Carl W

The car is stylish and drives real well.

I like the style of my vehicle and the comfort it offers. I also like the roominess of the car. I love everything about my car.

- Shun H

It has a mind of its own. Doors lock indiscriminately, the passenger is totally locked out of info, but the driver has all this info before him when he should be driving, not looking at numbers.

The car is loaded with gadgets that make it difficult for the driver to concentrate fully on driving. No more Buicks for me.

- Anne N

It is not passenger friendly. All the numerical details are for the driver to play around with, rather than let the passenger know miles to go with gas or miles driven.

Noisy, bulky to drive and jumpy. The engineers who designed this car should be fired. Only thing positive is It's looks.

- don n

Mike's Buick LaCrosse 2017

It provides a smooth ride, and the interior is classy. The seat and leg room is also very nice. Overall, a very nice car.

- Mike S

Keyless entry is the best feature.

Like the style and the features I use regularly; dislike all the technology material I do not need and do not use.

- Nancy M

The ride is exceptionally smooth.

It is really comfortable. It handles well. I wish it were slightly smaller and the windshield wipers were faster.

- Sarah M

Very luxurious without being overpriced like other cars in it class.

Great technology, comfort and styling. Good gas mileage. Easy to drive and understand technology.

- Jay T

I get great mileage and it has plenty of power

I like everything about it So far have not had any problems great gas mileage

- Gerald n

Because they usually drive my car, and they feel great

I like my car very much. It's design and appearance are satisfactory to me

- Kayvonfar k

This car gets good mileage

love the smooth ride and the great gas mileage. Do not dislike anything

- susan j

This car is loaded with safety features.

I have no complaints. This car defines luxury. It even parks itself.

- Harvey A

Feels like a luxury vehicle. Drives smooth; V6. Love the backup screen and side mirror safety feature.

Drives smooth with great pick up and gas mileage is reasonable.

- Susan K

it a great car to have,the way it look,the sound of the music

i like the way it drive,the comfort of the,the way it look

- curtis m

That it's safe and dependable l. It's also a good looking vehicle too.

Very comfortable vehicle. Roomy interior. Nice features.

- Berta Q

I love the voice commands.

- Josh D