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Buick Lesabre is a headache!

The Lesabre overall is a disappointment! I am not sure if it is due to the make/model or if it is due to it is age. These cars do not last very long and many issue will start to arise after you drive it around. Transmission is very shaky, I have had to replace mine. Not to forget the windshield wipers are faulty and have a mind of their own, sometimes wiping on the highest setting when only the lowest setting is needed. The upholstery inside the car will start to detach from the roof of the car and cause an ugly draping cloth to be seen. The dashboard has issues too like: no lighting to see the buttons and none of the cigarette lighters work.

- Davy A

I would buy a Buick again.

With the age of the car and us traveling everything has been good. The normal maintenance is what we have had to do. All in all the car is a very good car. It rides nice even on long trips I have to had lay on the back seat and was very comfortable. I do not have anything bad to say about our car. We have never owned a Buick before but we are very pleased with it. If we get lucky enough to get a new car we for sure will be looking for a Buick. Our last trip we went for Florida to pa. And got great mileage. I cannot say anything bad our Buick.

- Wendy J

It is dependable, comfortable, smooth sailing, easy ring car.

I love the color white, I love that it comfortable, I love that is not too large of a vehicle. I love the cloth seats instead of being leather ones. I love the middle console having a drink holder and room for lots of items needed along the drive. Problems: we have had multiple issues with both the driver's side and passenger side windows not going down and up properly. Have had to replace several times. Gas mileage that is a little better would be nice, too. Other than that, we live the car. It has been a very dependable one.

- Patti S

Battery in the back--big surprise when jump starting.

While this vehicle is 19 years old; it had only 59k miles on it when we purchased it. In the beginning, we had quite a few problems with it that proved costly, but once we got those 'bugs' worked out, it is pretty nice. The rear view mirror has a glare-reducing feature that I had not idea it had until I drove it in the dark. I also had no idea that the battery is located under the right backseat until I had to have it jump started. Seats are very comfortable, and there is a nice console in the front seat.

- Betsy T

98' Buick Lesabre: a lasting experience.

It is an old car by present day standards. It only has a cassette player and am/FM radio by default. It is to be expected because of the model year, but it would be nice to listen to Spotify or Pandora. It still runs fine despite the age, but requires the kind of regular maintenance you would expect of an older car. It gets decent mpg and provides an overall pleasant driving experience. I would rank it better than most other cars from this time period.

- Shawn G

The color is cool. It is a Champagne color. I love the space and tape player.

It is very comfortable and I love the interior. It is spacious and is a pleasure to drive. I enjoy it is look. I love that it has a tape player that works with an adapter. Only problem is that the engine is bad right now and cannot be driven. It is sad because it is a really great car to just ride around in and give others a ride in. It is the best car we've ever had. It is so easy to drive and is a big, long car with a spacious trunk.

- Chelsea P

Works great until something major happens that needs immediate help.

My Hyundai is very comfortable to drive and ride in. However; the ball joint on the passengers side, front gave out, so it is currently not drivable. The air condition and heat both function very well. The car has lots of dings and such that were there before we bought it. It worked great for the price it was back then. Now we need something better. I actually do not know where to head to find out how to handle this situation.

- Maggie O

2000 Buick Lesabre, great everyday driver.

I am the second owner. The two main issues are the headliner dying out and getting loose. The dash board has curled up from heat through the window. Most of the electronics still work. Passenger seat warmer is intermittent. One door lock and one window controller is not working. This is a 19 year old vehicle with 170k miles. The ride is comfortable and the engine and transmission are in very good condition.

- Pete B

The best seat in the house!

I love the big comfy seats! I am 6’1” and it is very important to be able to sit comfortably in a car, and my Lesabre has these wonderful adjustable seats that make it easy to have the best view in the most comfortable position. I also love the fact that it has a bench seat in the front. I love having the option to pull over, lay down and take a much needed nap on one of my many travels.

- Sarah S

My vehicle is reliable, comfy and smooth riding.

My Lesabre has very comfortable seating. It rides so smooth and sometimes you cannot tell how fast you are going because it's so smooth. The speakers are very high quality even though you are stuck listening to FM radio and it does not have an aux. Overall it is very reliable and comfortable car and making a few modifications to the radio when you get it might be a good thing.

- Miranda W

The big, bulky Buick is back for vengeance.

It is an okay car. It was given to me, so for me it is better than nothing. As far as speed and acceleration, it is top notch. Very good breaks & I also love the speakers. Although, the only thing I wish it had was an auxiliary input. It is not very good on gas though. Depending on gas prices, it’ll take between $30-$37 to fill up my car. That, for sure, is a con in itself.

- Kelsey B

Everything in car is power and all works very well.

The leasable is very good on gas. It has a wonderful radio and air conditioner. Bought this car about 3 months ago. 2000 model, 1 owner. Less than 100, 000 miles. Runs just like new car. Never would have thought a 2000 model could drive and run as good or better than a 2018 "new" automobile. I am very excited and proud to own such a nice old car. Cannot beat a Buick.

- John F

It is driving capabilities are amazing.

My 2000 Buick Lesabre has been a great vehicle for me. I have taken road trips to far places and had no issues whatsoever. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to someone else. The vehicle performance has been tremendous. There is a quick response whenever I had it. So for those that are into speed like I am, I would look for one similar.

- Andrew P

It's a big car u could say it's a boat though it has a great series 2 engine that should last a long time.

I got a 200 Buick LeSabre Maroon in color and it has about 196 thousand miles on it and it's rusting underneath & I wish I could be able to get a different vehicle. Though for now it will work. I would like to get a Toyota Tacoma or ether a Subaru Outback in time though I know with hard work and dedication I will be able to. 😀

- Stanton T

Drives smooth and has plenty control.

It drives smooth and it has cruise mode, if you take care of it it'll drive for a long time, and it has nice heated seats on the passenger side and the drivers side. And it has a little thing in the back seat it connects to the trunk. It can fit 5 people & has nice beats in it you can adjust your controls for the speaker.

- Ja'mil B

The most important thing that others should know about my car is how reliable and durable it is.

I like that my car is reliable. Buick's are very reliable cars. The car is a 2000 and I have had the car since 2011 and have only had one issue in the 7 years that I have been the owner of this used car. I do not like how low it sits to the ground, but other than that I cannot find anything that I dislike about my car.

- Malory C

Great condition, just needs some TLC!

My car was given to me by my parents who have had it for about 10 years, before them my grandparents owned it for about 10 years. It is still in good condition it just needs some work. After I get a new control arm and tires, replace o2 sensors and an oil change I think my car will be wonderful!! I enjoy my car!

- Megan M

It is a smooth ride 2000 Buick Lesabre great on gas so it is fuel sufficient.

M Buick Lesabre is a great car they last a long time if properly taken care of. I would not change it for anything in this world it is steady you no. A smooth ride I am in a nice place in my life with this special smooth riding machine if you guy's ever had one or got one understand what I am talking about.

- Laron M

Very liable car, lots of horsepower, smooth drive.

Very reliable car, owned for over 18 years, car before was a Buick Lesabre it was a 1987, top speed is like cruising, this American car is the best. When traveling this car has the best horsepower, very smooth drive, they last very long time, if you change the oil and keep up the maintenance no problem.

- Donna M

2000 custom Buick Lesabre - white.

It's a great car, runs smoothly and is very reliable. Lots of room. Definitely would be a good family car. Definitely not fancy because it is older. The only thing I dislike really is the look. I personally prefer a small compact sports car. Or something similar. My dream car is a Buick encore 2014.

- Samantha M

Dependable transportation.

The problems include the following: electric system, the gas gauge does not work. The power windows control on drivers side does not work, the air conditioner and heater do not work, the headliner is coming down. It is a reliable car, no engine problems. Does not burn oil, gets good gas mileage.

- Cynthia S

Buick! Nice get around car.

I have it where you can watch tv, movies with a. C and comfortable to relax in. Its a car you can rely on because I feel like they don't make the strong sturdy cars anymore. Seriously good to relax. And ease your mind in. So if anybody ask about a nice lowkey car I will def recommend this one.

- Brandon B

Bad things about 2002 Buick Lesabre.

The usual issues are rear shocks and the radio has a wire comes loose making it clean itself very often cutting out in the middle of any song and when the shocks go bad the rear end scrapes the ground when you go over bumps and other then that there haven't been any other real issues.

- Michael C

It is very fuel efficient and durable.

The car is amazing. It is a Buick which has been determined that it is a very durable and reliable brand. Some of the things that can be potential problems is that the battery is under the backseat, which makes it interesting when changing the battery but overall it is a good car.

- Mariah H

The back passenger side window doesn't work anymore and we have had the driver's window repaired already. I have had a lot of problems with automatic windows but still wouldn't give them up.

It is 18 years old and still going strong. I bought it from my parents and they had very few miles on it and I haven't put many more onto it. There is no rust (which is very unusual for a car that old). I miss having an outdoor thermometer but otherwise I'm very happy with it.

- Linda F

I would really like a new Buick!

My 2000 Buick Lesabre has almost 250, 000 miles and has led a hard life. I purchased it second-hand from a friend. I take better care of it then he did and I hope it lasts a long time. I prefer Buick automobiles because of their performance, and styling. Looks great, runs great!

- James L

Not the best for short people.

Our Lesabre is a decent car, room and gets fairly good gas mileage. It runs well, with no major issues since we have owned it. My biggest concern is that it is kinda hard to drive due to being able to judge the road, I am short and can barely see the hood at all when driving.

- Miranda M

Great mileage on older model vehicles.

I drive a 99 Buick Lesabre and I love my car because of the car mileage I get everyday commuting back and forth to work. It has only 127, 000 miles on it with very minimal issues. It drives smooth and you cant even hear the car when its running. A/c and heat works wonderful.

- Quan W

Loving my car life is grand yes!

I have had no problems with my car. I love it the performance reliability & comfort with wonderful features make it all worth while driving.. The best my money can buy. You just have to find a car that is reliability safe and reasonable best.. Something you'll love to drive.

- Diane H

Great, reliable and spacious car!

Comfortable roomy car. Drives well. My Lesabre has over 230,000 non-city miles and still driving well with only minor problems. As I have seen with many other Buick Lesabre like my own, the main noticeable rust is by door to fuel tank. All in all is a very nice car to own.

- Heather F

The most important thing is that the car is reliable and lasts a long time with proper care.

I like the size of my car for one, I can fit easily in parking spaces without worrying about nearly touching another car. I also like how sturdy the wheel is, it's not too light or too heavy. My only complaint is in the car's engine is too loud when starting up the car.

- emy L

My jerky car, and that is all.

My vehicle has a tendency to jerk while driving. The check engine light, and the service vehicle soon lights do not come on or nothing. I have had it for almost 2 years now, without any major problems, so I figure it is just one of those things. This is my review.

- Timothy S

It's tough and dependable just like me.

I like that it's dependable. It really helped me out last summer when my 2009 Chevrolet Impala bit the dust. My only complaint at all would be that the air conditioning doesn't really work and it has a cassette player (even though I actually kind of like that).

- Lukas M

If you like big cars, this one's for you.

My car is a big, luxury type car. It has a huge trunk, very big back seat, and a front bench seat. It is alright on mpg, although I prefer something that would do better. The body only has a little rust at the wheel wheels, which is very good considering its age.

- Julie T

Oldie but goodie. Rides well, runs well.

It has approximately 116, 000 miles on it. I have found this car to be comfortable, with few problems over the years. Exterior rusting since I live in snow belt and do not keep it cleaned. Highly recommend gm autos. Built to last with routine maintenance a must.

- Lucy B

that his car has lasted me for over 3 years at 250,00 miles and it had two owners before me.

my buick has over 250,000 miles and runs perfectly fine. of course it has it problems that i've gotten fixed on the car but all things were minor. the only thing i don't like about my buick is it takes forever to get to 60 mph. but It's an all round good car

- gregore d

The right size the right color I love it.

It is a very good car haven't had any problems just had to buy tires because I travel a lot. Is good on gas is very comfortable when I am driving does not give me any aches and pains I love this car. It is the right size inside not too big not too small.

- Bonnie A

I love my Buick lesabre it is a. Awesome car.

My car is a great car, it drives and rides great, I have had some minor problems with it. I think it is very dependable car, gets good gas mileage, it has cruise control, great sounds system, I have had to replace the same part on my car several times.

- Kathy E

Buick lesabre 2000, pros and cons of this luxury car.

Gets really good gas mileage and the upkeep is very inexpensive. The interior is very spacious. I have 2WD and it seems to do the job. My only compliant is the wheels. Its advisable to do a tire rotation every few months or the tire tread will be off.

- Cynthia T

It use to be my best friends car before he past away three years ago

It's a ok car it has a rebuilt motor, new starter new alternator. Got new tires and rides like a dream. Only car I've ever had where it rode so good and comfortable that I had a problem staying awake at the wheel. Mind you I was totally sober.

- Chris R

They don't make cars as good as this one now and the size makes it comfortable and roomy.

I bought it from a friend of mine who always bought new cars. So I got a good deal. I feel safe driving it as it is a big car. It is comfortable and reliable. No complaints as my son-in-law is a mechanic and keeps it running smoothly.

- Loretta W

It has low mileage for It's age

Doesn't get good gas mileage and air conditioning doesn't work but after putting over 2000 in repairs I just keep driving it until it no longer runs. It is very roomy and I can get a lot of people or things inside the car.

- Monica C

It is an older model but it is good on gas. It gets me from a to b.

A/c does not work properly. Older car. Problems with engine. Leaks fluids from bottom of car. Sometimes the car does not want to start when it is been in the hot outside or under the sun for a while. Cramped backseat.

- Bianca C

It is very reliable. I feel safe driving it.

Well it is over 200000 miles now so it is getting pretty old. The transmission is dying. But you won't find a smoother ride than in a Buick. They are expensive but if I could afford it I'd get one again.

- Rachel T

It is easy to drive, steer, and control in an emergency.

I've enjoyed this car. It is comfortable, has electric adjustable seats and dimming rear view mirror. Front wheel drive is perfect for the snow and ice we get here in Montana. No complaints.

- Wanda T

It is extremely comfortable and is very roomy inside.

I like the smoothness of the drive. The leather seats are large and comfortable. There is plenty of room in the back for car seats for all three of my grandchildren. I have no complaints.

- Jane F

2000 buick lesabre custom

Very reliable vehicle all around. Has a strong 3.8 Liter V6 engine that is considered one of general motors best engines. Gets 23 mpg on average. Have had almost no mechanical issues

- Andrew L

My Buick tends to jerk while driving.

It has a tendency to jerk while driving, and I looked it up online. I found out that Buicks between 1995 and early 2000's have a tendency to do this. Other than that, it is all good.

- Tim S

That I pretty much live in my car so do not be surprised if I need to clean off the seat for you to sit down.

Considering the price of gas, it does have pretty good gas mileage. It is a nice roomy car. It is a dependable vehicle. I do not like that the back windows only go halfway down.

- Kari L

It is a good family car, lots of space, luxury traveling car can fit lots.

It is old and has a lot of miles and has a lot of problems that are expensive to fix. I am going to be junking it for scrap metal here pretty soon. It was nice when it was new.

- Autumn E

It's incredibly comfortable, but don't mistake it for a slow grandma car -- it goes FAST!

It is an extreme comfortable car and it drives nicely. I can get up to a good speed pretty quickly. The only downside is that its age has caused some things that need repair.

- Madeline C

It has a wood like finish on the dash that I find really nice also has a huge backseat witch is good for having children!

Really great car it's very roomy, good on gas, and has a lot of trunk space! Our car is a Buick LeSabre special edition it has like a wood look inside that I love!!

- Rose D

It reliable and drives smooth, it has good testers on dash display

Has a transmission problem where it gets stuck in second gear. I really like how easy it drives while driving down the freeway it rocks my daughter to sleep

- Casey C

That it is a very hardy and reliable vehicle.

I like that it is low maintenance and gas efficient. There is nothing that comes to mind right away of what I dislike. I do not have any complaints so far.

- Mario S

This is a very reliable car. I haven't had many big issues with it.

My car drives really well. It very smooth and comfortable for long road trips. on the downside, the windows keep breaking so they don't roll up or down.

- Hannah N

Very fast but bad visibility.

I like it because it is very roomy and comfortable. What I dislike I can not fit a full sized spare tire in the trunk. I have to use that do not tire.

- Corey A

One of the most important part would be the contents inside of the front hood.

Problems come from time to time but it still holds up. Some of the part's could fail overtime but that is on the previous care the last owner gave it.

- Antonio D

It is a Buick. American car.

Front end problems and the gas gauge does not work properly, other than that, the car is great to drive. Gets about 24-26 mpg mostly highway driving.

- Michael D

I am always have my eyes on it.

It looks really good and the color is just crazy it has a really nice shine to it and the ride is so smooth everybody falls asleep in the back seat.

- John B

My car is extremely sturdy.

I like the quality feel and sturdiness of my vehicle. Though, it is older now and everything needs to be fixed on it. It's a good sized car as well.

- Paul M

It is reliable and very inexpensive to operate. It is also good on gas.

I love my Buick. It is very reliable and I have never had to spend money on it except for routine maintenance. It also has a very comfortable ride.

- John R

It's comfortable to drive. It's such a smooth ride.

It has a very smooth ride. I like how much space it has inside. I feel safe in it because it's like a big old tank. It's not great on gas, though.

- Amanda C

It has a good record for how long/how many miles it lasts.

It's spacious. The interior has a nice, styled yet laid back feel. I like the engine the car uses as well; it's good quality. No real complaints.

- Kendra A

That it is comfortable and really reliable and easy on gas.

Things i like about my vehicle is that the paint is still nice. The engine is old but runs perfect. The bad thing is the headliner is falling.

- Anthony B

It was bought used at a very good price! It has lots of room and pretty good on gas. It is a 6 cylinder engine. Power windows and brakes. No body damage other than missing trim.

I love that it's bigger but because its older things keep breaking. It currently has no a/c and in Texas that makes going anywhere miserable!

- janet f

The engine will last forever.

The engine has run well. The vehicle has required very little than normal maintenance. The body has lasted well in all seasons of weather.

- Michael c

Lighting fast and cool on both inside and out.

Buick are great and reliable cars. To me I say keep up to date on the buick because the more cars they come out with the better they look.

- Mikell W

It is good enough car for two.

I like leather sits, I do not like the cover of the ceiling. I do not like that car repairs businesses take an advantage of customers.

- Mila N

Fantastic car, economical to drive lots of power.

Great car, great fuel mileage for large car. Lots of features. , very comfortable. Easy to drive. Stylish, heated seats, large trunk.

- Kelly D

Awesome family car! Great sound system! Ton of electrical features.

She runs ok, but does need some work. She drives really nice, like floating on air. I am not a big fan of being so low to the ground.

- Tera M

I love my old Buick lesabre

3800 gen 2 engine cannot be beat with regular maintenance. There have been some electrical bugs but overall a amazing vehicle to own.

- Erik D

It is great for the winter snow driving.

It just getting old and starting to fall apart. Need a lot of work to keep it up. What I like is that it is durable and reliable.

- Pattie W

Dealer would buy back now as he likes the ride.

Comfortable and quiet ride. Very low costs, new water pump and of course tires at 200,000 plus miles you can expect some work.

- mary p

Buick Lesabre paint problems, comfortable car.

The car runs well and rides nicely. Very comfortable. The paint on the car does not last as long as other cars...rusts faster.

- Sue M

Not the best choice! It is a smooth ride but constant problems

Constant problems, electric issues, engine issues, water pooling up, pops hard when shifting, gas line leaks the list goes on!

- Chelsea H

You can choose to set your lights to come on automatically at night.

The a/c isn't working. The ceiling is coming off. The seats are very comfortable when driving long distances. Very reliable.

- Shae M

Safety features and good gas mileage.

Love the way it handles. Also, gets great mileage. And it looks great to boot! Cannot think of anything I dislike about it.

- Debbie C

It is very comfortable to ride in.

I like the way it drives. I like the way it handles. It is comfortable. I dislike the way you have to do the self leveling.

- Elizabeth E

The ride is smooth. Good gas mileage. Easy to maintain. The trunk is large.

It drives well but its older and I would like to get a newer car. The gas mileage is decent but it's a little big for me.

- Tina B

It's american made. Pretty tough car with great gas mileage.

Its american made runs like a champion. Decent on gas and pretty roomy I can't say there is anything i dislike about it.

- Crystal J

DEATH TRAP here! Beware! Drive or travel at your own risk

It's a piece of crap. Used to be nice but my brother destroyed it. It gets me around. Probably going to die soon though

- Alex Z

The LeSabre is one of the most reliable vehicles out there.

The LeSabre is a very reliable and sturdy vehicle. It is also cost effective and doesn't require a lot of maintenance.

- Mario S

It is really nice to drive. still gets 24-27 mpg highway

front end usually needs work somewhere. AC is dead. OTher than that, the car is pretty good. very smooth to drive.

- Michael D

Good on gas, drives smooth, good handling.

Good on gas the shocks going out the lugs breaking off because the wheels on it the tail lights are expensive.

- Joanna S

It gets me from point A to point B.

I like that it is still working. I got it for a low price. I dislike it because it don't like when It's wet.

- Teena S

Durable and dependable and is easy to maintain and will last

I like that it's a classic . And the fact that it has a vintage feel but it's still around in 2018 . Durable

- Rebecca L

Buick makes really good running cars.

Great car minor issues that were recalled but because of the year when I purchased the car it was to late.

- Ly P

This Buick comfortable and dependable car.

this is very reliable vehicle. It's very comfortable and spacious. It drives smooth and fast when needed.

- Jesica W

Takes me we're I need to go

Reliable takes me to point a to b takes me we're I need to go had mechanical issues but I manage with car

- Edgar C

Smooth ride,it's like riding in a Cadillac car. It's nice

I just bought it. Finding out that the air conditioning doesn't work. Otherwise, it's a nice running car

- Charles W

Great 6 seater car. Rides beautifully. Great Gas mileage for car size

Very comfortable, electric seats, windows, locks. Rides excellent. Fuel economy is good for the size.

- Brad Y

It is roomy on the inside but not huge on the outside.

I like the size but don't like how low to the ground it is. It leaks in the trunk when it rains.


Very dependable. Good on gas. Doesn't require a lot of maintenance for its age.

It's a very comfortable car to drive. Low maintenance. Great to take on long drives. Good on gas.

- April C

Buick made to last dependable

I love Buick. Always have and always will. Both me and my husband our fans plus our mechanic.

- Lynn A

How to maintain it. Changing the oil every 3000 miles. etc.

I like it because it is clean. I like it because it is roomy. I like it because it is quick

- Scott P

Land yacht. Ride in comfort and style. Perfect for the whole family

It has very comfortable seats. It's very roomy and really good for long drives. No complaints

- Heaven A

Dependable, I have had it for eighteen years. Smooth ride.

Velour like interior, bench seats, burgundy seats, cassette and CD player.

- Adelia D

It's a old mans car, has low miles and is getting rusty

old car did not cost much and get me around to where i need to be

- scott E

It is reliable, rides comfortably, great on gas and has heated seats

The car itself is good. Needed work to be done when bought it

- Shay D

it is very reliable, cheap to operate, and comfortable.

very comfortable stylish very reliable upkeep cost is minimal

- ron s

It's a nice car, is very reliable, and gets great get gas mileage.

No complaints. It rides nice and gets great gas mileage.

- Bob B

Gold and big to drive long time

It's cool. It's fun. It gold and nice to be there

- J B