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Vehicle came with two key fobs that allow the driver to personalize their seats.

My vehicle is very spacious the seats are leather which makes it easier to clean up spills. The trunk is large you can start additional items and their trunk and stuff enough space for groceries. Buick LeSabres run smooth even though it's a larger vehicle when you step on the brake it slows down rather quickly. The overall performance reliability comfort and features of the vehicle are amazing. This limited edition has heated seats. Due to the condition of the vehicle at the time of purchase I've had to invest a lot of work into the vehicle which had approximately fifty thousand miles on it when I purchase it. For my specific vehicle I had to fix the rack and pinion, the AC, the window regulator along with the gas cap. I've also had the bushings fixed and the back struts. These parts had to be fixed on this specific vehicle due to it being stored in a garage for a long time. I'm not sure how much the car was driven in by the previous owner. Overall I would purchase a Buick in the future despite the mechanical issues.

- Amber S

Review of 2002 Buick Lesabre.

We bought this 4-door sedan used about three years ago. It has cruise control, air conditioning, power windows and locks. It has a spacious interior. It gets decent gas mileage which is a must, as most of my driving is highway. The power-controlled driver seat allows for easy adjustment and variable comfort for the different people in my family who drive this vehicle. I live in the country and it has held up well to my rough road. As previously stated, I bought it used, with around 140, 000 miles on it and have put on about another 40, 000 in the two years that I have owned it. I have had normal maintenance and oil changes done as well as replaced the tires. However, there is a control module that went out that controls the interior lights, trunk release, and rear defrost among other things. The cost to replace the module is over half the cost of the vehicle itself. Other than that issue, this has been a reliable vehicle that has got me from point A to point B on a daily basis.

- Anita B

What an oldie.. But a goodie.

I love the heated seats, and the ac is fantastic (when it wants to work). Never had any problems with the internal vehicle and the car is about 16 years old. The leather seats are nice and it is very roomy, lots of space to put stuff and can definitely store 3 decent sized people in the back seat. One pretty big downfall is though that the windows have all completely stopped working, minus the drivers side. The passenger window gave out back in about 2007 so it had still been fairly new, kind of disappointing. Lots of pros!

- Kayla O

It's very dependable and comfortable.

My dad bought the Buick several years ago I'm a private seller for cash and got a good deal. The car had very low mileage was in good mechanical shape and the interior was very nice. However within a year or two the headliner fell down and could not be easily repaired and completely came down the dashboard popped off and could not be properly fixed. But it is still mechanically sound and gets good gas mileage. We haven't had a mechanical issue in over a year but the engine still has less than a hundred thousand miles.

- Diana B

Grandma's old car is a must have!!

It is an older car but it gets me where I want to go. It seems to be very dependable and gets very good gas mileage. I have been told by a "car guy" that these old engines are one of the best. I am very careful about getting oil changes quite often even if I have haven't traveled many miles because most of my mileage is 5-10 mile trips. I only drive 1500-2000 miles per year. I have someone who helps me with errands and I live very close to almost anyplace that I have to go.

- Sue B

Oldie but still a goodie and going strong.

My car is extremely spacious and comfortable. The driver and passenger are able to set their own temperatures, therefore no one is ever too cold or hot. The seats are even heated, which I have found helpful when it comes to a long car ride. This feature helps to prevent backaches. The kids have their own console in the back which acts as a small table with built in cup holders. It is great for coloring, reading, or drawing.

- Marisa P

The lesabre is a very comfortable car with an extremely smooth ride.

Although my vehicle is an older model, it is extremely reliable and drives smoothly. The only downside is a problem that is popular among this make and model. The internal window mechanism is known to break and need replacement. My car has had 2 windows fixed and is currently in need of a 3rd needing fixed. It is almost $500 to have it fixed. Otherwise it is a very good car and will last me for many years.

- Kate F

It has lots of space, and is a reliable car for sure!

My car is reliable it's not the best but it gets me from a to b it also needs some work done to it, and if it was fixed right it would be a great car and big enough for my family it has 3 seats up front and 3 in the back with big trunk space over all it's a great car and I would definitely buy another one if I needed to Buick Lesabre are over all the best car I've owned in the past 6 years!

- Casey C

Runs super smooth even after 17 years!

My car has over 210,000 miles on it. I have had it for almost 2 years and the only issue I have had is that the gas gauge doesn't work and the mass air flow sensor just recently stopped working. Other than that, my 17 year old car runs very smoothly and gets decent gas mileage. Probably an average of 18 mpg, but I typically am not on the highway, so that would be city mpg.

- Alexis H

Most comfy and reliable ride

My 2002 Buick Lesabre has many features that make this a nice car it has very comfortable seats I am a little short so I love that you can adjust the seat higher, it has power locks and windows, cruise control a few things I do not like about the car is the gas gauge quit working and there is a bubble in the dash but the car has no major issues and has 199,000 miles

- Gina O

Our car is alright. It is dependable, but won't blow anyone away.

Our car is older, so while the engine runs okay, we have to constantly add antifreeze to keep it from overheating. There are also some interior aspects that are broken. It is fairly reliable if we get the antifreeze in, and is fairly comfortable. It has the option of having 3 seats up front, which is nice when we need to transport lots of people. Overall, okay car.

- Leah M

My car has a built-in alarm system to prevent anyone from stealing it. There is an additional seat in the front, between the driver and passenger making the front seat accommodate

I own a 2002 Buick Lesabre. The vehicle drives well with the exception of the front struts which needs to be replaced, and I have a valve leak somewhere that is not affecting the performance of the car. It is fully loaded with electric windows, doors, and locks, heat and air conditioning works well, and there is plenty of space inside for transporting passengers.

- Geraldine J

Old reliable and sure and steady.

The Buick Lesabre has been an incredibly reliable car with very little spent on repairs other than the normal tire and brake replacements we've only had to repair the a/c a few months ago. It drives smooth and the heated leather seats are extremely comfortable. Gas mileage is decent, too, with an average 23 mpg in town and 28 mpg on the road.

- Karen R

Great! Running car for the year it was made.

My car is good on gas mileage and drives very smooth no major problems I keep the oil changed when I am suppose to and I do not have any problems with this car. When my husband was in the hospital I had to travel over 20 miles a day and the car was very reliable not any problems-also as I mentioned before this car is good on gas mileage.

- Annie W

Buick LeSabres may be old, but they get the job done.

My 2002 Buick Lesabre is a very comfortable car and extremely reliable. It has gotten me around for a while and I have had no problems at all with it. I get about 14 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. For the car being a custom, and also a bit bigger, that is more than I would have thought I would be getting for mpg.

- Mark K

Overall a good car for getting around

It's pretty comfortable. A little dated for my taste as far as style. Not as reliable because I feel that it is constant problems. The electrical seems to be the biggest issue. The speed is pretty unreliable which can be frustrating when I have to enter onto the highway. I would say it's decent overall for the price point.

- Ally C

Great car with potential for lots of mileage.

Car is very comfortable and rides great. The best thing about it is that it has the 3. 6 liter engine that Buick used to put in their park avenues, Lesabre and maybe others. I am now at 202, 000 miles. Last two cars went to 281, 000 miles (Lesabre) and 247, 000 (park avenue). Lost this one to a deer! No car payment. Yeah!

- Roseanne H

My car is very comfortable to ride in. It has an AC that works great. It is now dependable. very roomy for me and my passengers.

My Buick Lesabre was a gift from my brother. I dearly love having it and thankful for such a kind gesture. However, we have had a lot of issues with it stalling out while driving. My brother being a mechanic has replaced practically every part in the car. A fuel sensor seemed to do the trick as to fixing the issue.

- Betty G

Very comfortable as well as roomy.

It is very comfortable and a smooth ride. I do not like the speed adjustment for the ac/heat. It is a sliding scale instead of having a low, medium, high, etc. The car drives very smooth however and is very spacious. There is plenty of room in the trunk and the back seat. Four adults can easily ride in it in comfort.

- Israel H

Buick leaser most comfortable car!

I love my car it is very spacious and super comfortable. I has been very well taken care of so it is reliable. I do not like that the battery is under the back seat but that's a small price to pay. The window have had a lot of issues through the years rolling up and down but other than that I really love my car.

- Phoebe T

All the bells and whistles

I love the cats beautiful leather interior. The inside of the car is very spacious so nobody feels cramped while sitting in the car. The dashboard is set up nicely and has all the necessities All controls are electronic which is also very nice. This car drives very smooth and is quiet for an overall nice drive.

- Ashley C

Never has my car let me down, I love it, can always count on my car.

Need normal maintenance, oil change, brake pads, but very reliable car, I love it, never has my car let me down, spark plugs need to be done, and just fixing up a few thing on my car to make it better, would like to fix the ac in my car but its not a need at the moment, and should get tires all the way around.

- Gabrielle M

Comfort ride and durability with easy control.

Comfortable and dependable ride with the safety of a bigger car in the event of not getting hurt in an accident. I also like the features of how the controls are on the steering wheel in regards to the cruise control and radio. The comfortability of the shocks and springs gives a easy ride over the highway.

- Gary G

My Buick Lesabre, I love this car. Coolest detail is the hologram .

Car had air conditioning problems, we fixed. It This car is an excellent cruising car. It has all kinds of extra features we love. One being the hologram of the speedometer in the windshield. The car is big and feels safe. It gets good gas mileage. It has kept its value through the years. Very dependable.

- Kim F

The Buick Lesabre nightmare vehicle.

Brake lines rusted, steering pump -steering arm has went out, had have catalytic converter taken off, leaks oil bad, transmission slips, I would not recommend buying this car used, also the lights go off and on, heater and ac goes out all the time have to put new fuses in all time, and sensors are all bad.

- Scott H

The good old 3.8, very reliable.

This vehicle is very reliable and smooth driving. I have had one major issue that needed to be fixed. The transmission went bad and it was not a cheap fix. Other than that most other problems were fairly cheap to fix. The car is about average on gas. It has one of the best engines that was ever produced.

- Dennis S

My gift from my husband before he died.

My husband bought the car when I was too sick to even care about a car. One day he said, that is what you wanted a big car. Then I realized he bought it for me. It is a real sweet car because he died a few months after he bought the car. The car is in very good shape. No dents. Very good car to drive.

- Sarah B

Best on the road. Extremely reliable and comfortable.

Have not had many problems at all. The car is very sturdy and reliable. When I am driving the car I feel safe because it is reliable. It is also very comfortable. The seats are easily adjustable. It has electric windows, and very comfortable cloth seats. The car is silver with a black cloth top.

- Sally H

All of my vehicle have been Buick. They are good running vehicles

I have a used vehicle which runs pretty well for the most part. There are a few minor problems that let me know previous owner may have been in an accident..alignment is off and interior has some damage. Such as the dashboard coming apart and the console was broken when I purchased the vehicle

- Tiffany H

Comfortable and relaxing. I love the Buick

Runs great. Comfy and reliable. I would recommend this to anyone. This car drives smooth no shakes or rattles. Fast moving I love the sound of the stereo system. I only have had common repairs on this vehicle. I replaced all the plugs and wires which was a tune up and I replaced the brakes

- Brad H

Safe and reliable first car.

My Buick lesabre is a great vehicle, its held together very well, with an engine that does not seem to ever have issues. It is extremely comfortable, practically a couch on wheels. I have had issues with the abs and it does tend to leak oil, but for a car as old as it is it does very well.

- Olivia N

2002 White Buick LeSabre with automatic locks/windows/trunks and alarm

It's a great car and is still getting me from A to B, it's just old. It has automatic windows, seats, and locks. It also has a key fob which unlocks/locks the door, sounds an alarm, and opens the trunk. I really like my Buick and if I were to buy new, I would highly consider a Buick

- Amber C

Oh help this run down car! A car, truck, or van would be nice.

2002 car is not running well tires, need to be replaced. The finder on both sides have dents and needs to be repainted. The inside interior needs some repair on both cars. Have had the cars for a few years and need a new car. Money is the hold up on why I do not have a new car yet.

- Candice L

This car is durable and long lasting.

This car has never gave any problems. Has a lot of miles and still runs great. Buicks hold up to everyday wear and tear. I would buy another one. This car is durable and is a great family car. My car still has all factory parts because I haven't had any mechanical problems at all.

- Casey M

Great a/c for living in the desert!

Live in Las Vegas, it is hot! This car has a great a/c system, circulates front and back cold air great! Not that great on gas mileage though, about 16 mpg. Has an ok CD player. The only problem I would say is that the actual car battery is under the back seat! Can be problematic.

- Steve N

Love the leather seats. . The warmth I love my Buick that's my American made.

I have no worries my car is a little older but overall it's good only the window repaired it seems to run well it was purchased as a used car but it still runs good runs better than some new cars I would not get rid of it still runs like new keeps up with new cars no troubles.

- Beverly O

That the windows do not roll down. One of them is actually stuck open.

I like that it is fairly reliable and gets me where I need to go. It does not break down often and has decent enough gas mileage. I do not care for the lack of up to date technology, which is obviously partially due to age. I also do not like that the windows do not work well.

- Marjorie S

I will always drive a Buick Lesabre. It is everything I want in a vehicle.

It rides very well, with no problems good gas mileage, a lot of power. Very comfortable. Has a lot of extra features heated seats, great air conditioning, cassette and CDs player. Very dependable, handles bad weather well. Large trunk space and a lot of space for passengers.

- Kathleen S

Even though its older, it still drives well.

It is older, so it does have a lot of things that need repaired. Other than that it is a very reliable vehicle. It is very roomy and seems to float like a boat when driving around. It sits 5 comfortably. I just wish there was more leg room allowed for the people in the back.

- Sam B

It is like owning a luxury vehicle.

I love my car. It was taken care of by the previous owner and I think Buick makes a good car. It rides like a luxury car very smooth. Usually cars this old ride very rough. Everything still works and it gets good gas mileage. Aside from oil changes I haven't had any issues.

- Tabby B

Buick: the car that has never let me down.

The comfort of the car is very natural and very light. Features of the a/c unit and the lights during the night time make the model feel like it is from the future. Very reliable and has never let me down. Drives very smoothly and have never had problems with performance.

- Michelle E

Papa the Buick gets my family everywhere we need to go.

We bought our Buick from a family member whom was the only owner before us. Over the years we had it we fixed the breaks, scheduled oil changes, and light wiring. Other than that he drives great on a daily basis. Our Buick is the primary car for my child to ride in.

- Taya W

It is old and reliable. I call her Old Betsy.

It shakes a bit and the front two window motors went out. It is very reliable though as it has driven me from Texas to Ohio. It has cruise control, CD play, AC and heat, seat warmers, etc. It drives very smoothly other than when reversing, the shaking happens then.

- Michael H

Older car that is still in pretty good shape.

It is a comfortable ride and easy to drive. Right now it rattles when the road is not smooth. I lost the brakes on it a few weeks ago. The check tire pressure light stays on along with the check oil light even though they've been checked. It has a good size trunk.

- Pam C

Good heavy car. Not made with fiberglass.

Larger than used to. Drives easily and is very comfortable, easy for dogs to get into and out of. Do have to remember that it is longer than I think. Does not take off quickly but does gain speed gradually and smoothly. Mine is a v6 and takes hills very nicely.

- gail F

Popular high resale value 2002 Buick, 69k miles.

This is the second best car I ever owned. Bought used in 2005, it still is in excellent appearance as well as performance. Oil change at 3000 mi or 12 mo. Handles well both urban and highway at original pea standards. Has all the amenities of a full size sedan.

- Boyd B

This car is an oldie but goodie so far.

This car was bought used but seems to always have problems. I realize its old so that is part of the issue. It runs but something is knocking and rattling and the starter only turns over when it wants. I needs work but so far has been dependable.

- Tracy J

Very dependable car that gets good gas mileage and provides a smooth ride.

This has been a great car! Only problem I have had is that the fabric on my roof has come loose and the mirror on the drivers side has faded. It gets very good gas mileage. The car rides very smooth. I have maintained the car very well.

- judy m

It is a smooth ride and very dependable.

I have a nice car, it is very dependable, and comfortable. However it is a little old now. I have sunk a bit of my hard earned money into her, but she's still running like a charm thankfully. My Buick is a great running car.

- Laurie C

2002 Buick Lesabre Limited Gold in color low miles clean interior loud stereo, rides smoothly

very nice car, rides smooth, I wish it were a different color but other than has no issues. Gold in color with a hard top not many miles and is perfect on the inside. The stereo is loud and bumps which makes me happy.

- Christina H

The most important feature about the car is the availability to seat up to 6 people! It's SO roomy and comfy.

The Buick Lesabre has lots of room in the front seat and back seat, offering room for up to 6 people. The car has been extremely reliable despite its old age. The seats are comfortable and the car is roomy, too.

- Rachel H

It is a Very dependable car

I like full size as I feel safer in it and it rides very smooth. It is a very dependable car. It handles very well in the snow. It also has a lot of room. There isn't anything I don't like about the car.

- Linda H

This car is durable and built to last.

This car has not had really any work done and has very high mileage and still runs great. This is a long lasting car if taken care of. Make sure you do your tune-ups and oil changes when they are due.

- Casey M

My car is reliable and easy to drive. It gets great gas mileage on the highway.

I love how smooth my car rides even though it is an older model. The front seats are not as comfortable as I would like, but they could be replaced. I also really enjoy the large trunk capacity.

- Catherine P

It is been a great vehicle to have.

I have only had minor problems with the car like routine maintenance, tires, etc. It is been quit reliable compared to other vehicles I have had. It gets good gas mileage. It is very comfortable.

- David H

My experiences with a Buick.

A beautiful white car with leather interior as well as a wood look on the dash. This car is very roomer and drives very well on trips, it has 4 doors, heated seating and I can't get enough of it.

- Anna S

It works fine no problems has never been in a accident crash or anything.

It has a weird start up noise that is pretty much it other than that it seems fine operates ok but all in all it gets you where you want to go with no problem other than the start up noise.

- Juan O

It is spacious and comfortable.

I like the room inside. It is comfortable to ride in and drive. It had a lot of room in the trunk. I do not like how low it sits. Sometimes it is awkward to see over hood when parking.

- Summer H

It has a ton of space in it.

It's a very reliable car, and hasn't been very expensive to fix when it's had issues. It is outdated though, and so there's no USB, which I mainly want to listen to music in the car.

- Kate B

It has great gas mileage.

I have no complaints about my car. I love the gas mileage that it gets. I also like that it has plenty if setting for my kids. For being an older car it is still running very well.

- Brandy H

It's a nice comfortable car, ride nice and roomy.

We like it because of its size. It has a very nice interior with leather seats. This car has been very reliable. Have had a few problems with window regulators and power steering.

- Richard H

A good old beater car for around town

The seat belt gets stuck and the air ride in the back doesn't like to work. It doesn't like Hills it doesn't have a whole lot of power behind the engine but it is very reliable

- Amy D

It lasts for years because it is well made.

It has a good engine that has lasted. It is fairly quiet. It is smooth riding. It has power and is strong enough for hydraulic lift on a trailer hitch for my son's wheelchair.

- Lois P

Car that takes me anywhere. New tires now it would drive to the moon and back.

Had my Buick 5 years only problem ever had was ignition pick up in coil pack went out. Fixed it no problems in over 4 years put 1000 miles a month on it and I love it.

- Joe W

it runs great wouldn't trade it for the world it will not let me down

I love my car sometimes it gives me a little problem it gets me to where I have to be the inside of it is always clean the paint job is nice and have low miles on it

- cheryl G

It is comfortable to drive and ride in.

My car had low mileage for being an older car. Buicks run till the wheels fall off. I love the size, gas mileage on road and in town. It is perfect for long trips.

- April L

The Buick that saved The Man

Buick's a reliable vehicles. Saves gas and easygoing when it comes to fixing. I've been driving it for three years now, and it still get me where I need to be.

- Joshua K




Good running car smooth good on gas

No problem with my car runs good smooth good mileage 4 door easy on gas and engine runs smooth and good tires and good on road trips and long distance trips

- Lee A

It's a decent car, but really it just needs to be traded in.

The cb joint needs replaced, its an old car so a lot needs fine tuned. It needs the ac fixed, the seats are comfortable but it feels too much like a boat.

- Samantha B

It is for sale for the right price.

I like that it gets me to where I need to go lots of trunk space things I do not like is it has a window issue and the fuel bobber needs replacing again.

- Elizabeth W

It is not a car that anyone looks for to steal.

The car is very solid and dependable. It has a sunroof and it is a little noisy. For the year it has convenient buttons like radio and speed control.

- Forrest D

How great it is and how low the mileage is for it being a 2002

Not one complaint. Have had Buicks all my life, along with my parents and Grandparents----we enjoy the car, very smooth ride and very well built

- JT K

Very reliable and dependable.

This car is a very reliable car considering it is another model. When it is taken care of and has its regular maintenance, there are no problems.

- Jennifer I

It Is A Very Classy Car. It Is A Very Trustworthy Car It Gets Me To Where I Am Going

A Buick Is A Very Name brand Car. I Like A Car With Little Road Noise. A Buick Is Nice On The Inside I Don't Like The Petitions In Floor Board

- Becky M

very good for gas mileage ,comfortable,and easy to drive.

It is a good looking car ,has served us very well only complaint is that the front dashboard is pulling away from the front by the windshield

- Ron G

I think other people should know that it is a very safe car.

I like the spaciousness it provides. I do not like the issues that happen with the wiring and plugs. I wish the gas mileage could be higher.

- Terri R

Overall for the age of the car it's very new feeling

The car itself is great but due to its age and the condition that the previous owner left it in, the dashboard isn't always 100% correct.

- jake L

The best thing is that it's built well

I was given my car used my parents. It's last about 225000 miles so far and has had some issues although it's ultimately been a good car

- Corey N

It is quite roomy and comfortable for long road trips

My vehicle is comfortable, which is my primary concern. It seems a bit prone to mechanical issues, especially relating to the windows.

- Anita M

Classics are Best with love and time buick will always get you from a to b

the car is great in every way I can think drives good even when not properly cared for good safety in crashes I just been neglectful

- Nathan M

Rides smooth great air and heat.

Buick my car rides smooth great air and heat the inside top peels away the car stays clean and great ride on taking hour away trips.

- Betty B

When the car skids it will correct itself.

Roomy, big, easy to drive. Ac does not get as cold as I would like, heater takes a while to heat up to be comfortable in the winter.

- Tina S

Well used vehicle still runs well.

Engine runs well even though it is high mileage. Interior needs some work. I get decent gas mileage. Air conditioning works well.

- Linda B

My car runs good. My car is good on gas. My car is reliable.

My car runs good. I am happy to not have a car payment. My car does not he a lot of gas. I do not have any complaints about my c

- Pam S

Quality of the car is amazing! The interior is my favorite thing about the car!

I like the technology of the car for its year and how smooth the ride is. I dislike the size of the car. It's too long of a car.

- Sarah H

To stay away from my car lol. Its dependable and fast

I love it it's big enough for my kids and dog. Its pretty fast and it also gets good gas mileage I would buy another if I could.

- Jeff R

It is easy to drive but I wish there was more room.

My vehicle is generally reliable until recently when I lost the brakes! It is not exactly my style but it is easy driving.

- Pamela C

It is fun and easy to drive.

I like the amount of room. The leather and heated seats. I dislike that it gets low gas mileage. I dislike the mirrors.

- Emily P

That I use my car to take care of my family.

I like the spaciousness and the smoothness in the driving but I hate the v6 motor it takes lot of gas to maintain it.

- Amanda B

gas mileage and owner history. I buy used cars instead of new ones.

works great and helps get to work and back. helpful when needing to run errands. wish it got better gas mileage.

- Tom F

Awesome Buick LeSabre Wish they still made them!

Everyone who gets into my car remarks on how comfortable it is. It has been completely dependable in all ways.

- janice b

great mileage is something that is important about my Buick

had to replace 3 of the window regulators in the last year. The Regulators seem to be a weak point of the car

- sandy m

Reliability is the most critical factor to me.

I like it because it is dependable. It was cheap. It has good gas mileage. But it does have some rust spots.

- Sandy E

Durability for sure... Friends and family are really surprised about my car's performance during all these years.

I've been having this vehicle since 2006, it has a powerful engine, but with some minor electrical issues.

- Cristobal C

Buick the quiet vehicle that has a lot of room and with a comfortable ride.

The car drive is sooo smooth. It's quite and really roomie. You can fit a lot into the trunk. Regular gas

- Maylene L

It is a big car but it is safe and reliable, it also is comfortable for 5

Great reliable car that has lasted us quite awhile, normal wear and tear but otherwise a good car to use

- Kathryn B

The engine goes really fast

Some problems with engine. Smooth ride great driving uphill. Looks nice. It can accelerate really fast.

- Nate E

it has lots of miles but still runs good

i like there is lots of room.there is lots of power,and good mpgs.my dislike is the dash is messed up

- de C

It's a great car, even though it's 16 years old.

I like the comfort, the cold air conditioning, the smooth ride, and the automatic windshield wipers.

- Kelli v

It is roomy and reliable.

Reliable, large and comfortable, and sentimental. I dislike that it doesn't get great gas mileage.

- Rory O

Wonderful gas mileage! Very comfy seats! Drives smooth

Like that it is roomy enough for my family. Gets good gas mileage. Dislike how the driver seat is.

- Heather H

It a 2002 model and its safer than most of the new cars out there today.

I love its look, color and ride. I feel very safe with its size. No complaints!

- Nancy T

Comfortable and very affordable. Highly recommend to anyone.

It's a very smooth ride. Roomy seats and trunk. Comfortable for long trips.

- Summer H

A Buick Is A Dependable Good Car.Comfortable Ride

I Like The Size And Make I Dislike The Power Windows As They Tear Up Easily

- LeeAnn M

It was awesome slot of yrs ago and may possibly be fixable

It's blown a head And it's old and over heats it used to be a great car

- Janie G

The most important thing about the car is that it is reliable.

it is easy and comfortable to drive i don't like having to repair it

- Thomas A

Runs well and consistently. Leather seats make it very cold in the winter. Air conditioner isn't effective in the backseat

it has been running good and consistently for almost 20 years

- Dianne A

I wouldn't buy a Buick buy a Ford instead they are more dependable and cheaper to maintain

Lots of wiring problems unsafe and undependable just junk

- Durie R

It is a very safe car and long lasting it has great features and

It's a great car comfortable and well built I love it

- Margaret G

gets good gas mileage for size of engine, does not burn oil.

comfortably to ride, easy to park, good gas mileage.

- Kathie W