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An old Buick that will last you years.

The technology in the rear view mirror to reduce glare is fantastic. Rather than the traditional 'flip it' thing that makes it too dark this car makes it more like a night vision green that makes it much easier to still see while avoiding glare. The technology that gauges how many miles you have remaining before needing to fill up again is very helpful, especially on long trips. The stereo system is great, even though I have to use a tape adaptor to play music from my smartphone the speakers and ability to customize the sound settings are very user friendly.

- Patrick R

A good car but does have reoccurring problems that is fixed over and over

Having recurring problems with left front bearing replaced several times. The passenger side window motor has went out twice within a year. It is very difficult to reach oil filter when changing oil. It has been a reliable car to get me where I need to go. There is a oil leak and air conditioner that does not work. The interior cloth on the top is falling down had to stick pin it up. The seats have held up good they are leather. Carpet on the floor is holding up good. The dashboard near the window has curled upwards. Cruise control works great.

- Arnold A

2003 Buick: an average car.

I own a Buick Lesabre it is a nice, spacious car. It is missing some key elements for me to actually enjoy it to the fullest, however that is to no fault of the car itself. Some of the features I would enjoy is heated seats, a moonroof, and a better stereo system. The car drives great and is very quiet the gas mileage is average, and the all around performance is average. It is a reliable vehicle and has never left me stranded. Some of the features are automatic locks and windows and auto seats.

- Mary S

It has a screen on the windshield that tells me how fast I am going.

My car would be excellent if it was brand new. It is old and has a lot of issues. The gas gauge never has the correct amount so I never know how much gas I have until it is almost empty. Alarms go off for no reason and seat warmers do not work anymore. My grandma said it was a really good car when they first got it and that it is really tough, and I do feel confident driving in it because I feel as though if I were to ever get into an accident, my car would protect me.

- A W

I love the reflective trim around the middle of my Buick.

There have been problems with my white Buick in the past regarding the electric board (I think) which caused the car to shut itself down once I go past 60 mph on the highway. It would repeatedly do this. Then it simply started shutting down at any speed above 35. Me and my dad got it checked umpteen amounts of times before the electric board under the dash was changed out, then it started going back to normal. Haven't had a problem with it since then.

- Maxx M

This big car is not for this petite woman. Car is hard to see out of and park.

My car is older and requires a lot of maintenance. It is not good on gas mileage. My car is a large car which explains for the bad gas mileage. Because it is large, parking can be difficult, both because of small parking spots and for me because my viewing perception is bad. My next purchase will be a smaller car, easier to maneuver and much easier to park and has much better gas mileage.

- Lei F

2003 Buick Lesabre custom is a great buy.

For the most part my car is great. It seats 6 people legally and safely. My car gets good gas mileage to the gallon. It is kind of expensive to fill the tank, but that is every vehicle these days. My check engine light recently came on due to a misfire in my engine but all it needs is new coil packs which are inexpensive. Overall the 2003 Buick Lesabre custom is a great car for its age.

- Rob B

An interesting detail in my car would be the safety features

Comfortable seating. Plenty of room. Reliable parts. My car is a 2003 and it still runs great, everything is original. The stereo is nice and load and has many features. Heated leather seating, vents for the back passengers. Displays speed on the windshield. Sensor on the windshield for the wipers. When it's raining the sensors work the wipers so its hands free. Heated mirrors.

- Jennifer H

It is like driving a cloud.

I absolutely love my Buick. It is one of the most comfortable cars I have ever owned. It floats down the highway you feel like you are driving a cloud. Tons of legroom front and back with huge storage in the trunk. I get great gas mileage on the highway! And fairly decent gas mileage in the city. All the knobs and dials are all within arm's reach and a comfortable position.

- Theresa S

Still kicking after 15 years.

Has almost 200,000 miles and only serious issue has been water pump. There are aesthetic issues like the headliner and paint but overall the car drives very well. Gas mileage is not great. The computer no longer works well and the driver side control panel broke so cannot control locks windows etc. from driver side. However this is a very old car and issues are expected.

- Michelle J

The ac unit is incredible very useful on warm summer days.

Car tends to randomly shut off on me when I am in first gear. Have taken it to dealership, auto body shops etc. And have not been able to find a solution to the issue. Bought the car with 30,000 miles on for very cheap and have spent more money on repairs than the actual car itself. However when it is not in first gear it drives well and can be very relaxing.

- Rami I

Buick means affordable comfort.

It's a full size sedan so that means I get all the passenger space I need. It's got a smooth ride, lots of features, and gets good gas mileage. Repairs are cheap since it's a GM product and parts are readily available. There's really not much to dislike, only that as it ages it requires more maintenance and parts replacement but that's normal for any car.

- Derrick H

Overall Good Car with minor issues

Car is spacious, great on gas and has a huge trunk. Upon purchasing the vehicle, all the windows except front passenger was not working. Took it to a mechanic and they couldn't figure out why. Have also had problems with motor overheating and unsure why. Keep the oil changed regularly and also just replaced the thermostat. All in all it is not a bad car.

- Sabrina W

The built in hood is very nice.

We got the vehicle from a family friend who barely drove it, and it is doing well so far. It is comfy, and it drives well. It also has the heated seats, which I love! Compared to our last vehicle, it is a great car. It is a very reliable car, which is nice. It may not be the flashiest car, but it does what we need it to, and it does so without trouble.

- Elaine G

A Reliable Piece of Uniqueness

It's been in a few scuffles where it could be repaired. There's a dent over the right front wheel, making it hard to completely open the passenger door. The right windshield wiper is broken. The rear view mirror is detached and dangling. The gas meter is broken as well. The car moves and is reliable so I still have some love for my rust bucket.

- DeJuan A

Comfy smooth riding car. .

My Lesabre is extremely comfortably. It drives smoothly. It is a great car for long road trips. Although my husband says it is a grandma car it has some get up and go. My car has some cool feature like a speedometer on the windshield. It is very reliable vehicle. The car is pretty roomy for a car. Over all it is just a nice car.

- Kayla W

The Buick Lesabre is a good dependable American made car.

My Buick Lesabre is a dependable car. It is solid and low to the ground making me feel safe during the winter driving. It has never left me stranded. Things i don't like is it could get better gas mileage. The inside door panels have never been the same after we had window motor replaced. The outside is beginning to develop rust

- Nicole C

I love the fact that it handles well on the road and it has good gas mileage.

I love this car. It drives very well. Handles the road very well. It is kind of big but I have gotten used to it is fairly good on gas. And it has plenty of room for all of my family. The interior is very well made and the radio is awesome in the speakers are wonderful and everything is original on the inside and out body-wise.

- Angela H

It is safe- you don't feel like you are riding around in a cardboard box. It is a little big but not too big.

This car was given to me by my great grandmother- it's been through a lot, she traveled a lot with it and so have I. It isn't in the best shape as I have put wear and tear on it and I've had to have it fixed multiple times for small things. It's old but it still runs- tried and true. It's a reliable car that is for sure!

- Christina C

Buick Lesabre a good care for comfort and travel.

It is a comfortable riding car. It has cruise control and power everything. The CD player is a plus. It is reliable and practical. This car is practical for local and long trips. It has held up well with very little upkeep and has little body wear. It is good trips and local use. It has plenty of trunk space.

- Julie B

It is a nice, smooth comfortable luxury ride long-distance!

I like the smooth ride on the highway. It has a lot of get-up-and-go. It is a comfortable ride long-distance. I like that the lights come on and go off automatically. Just wish mine had a sun-roof so that I could pretend I am driving a convertible! And I like the color; silver-gray does not show gravel dust!

- Connie J

Nice car has nice interior but slightly outdated

It honestly works really well. The internet is a bit old and outdated. If you need a vehicle it gets the job done perfectly well. I've had issues with the brakes on multiple occasions. Windows needed to be fixed but it wasn't too expensive. It has heated seats that you can change to a preferred temperature

- Haley B

Good car for the price and age.

I really love my car. I purchased it used last year. It's a 2003 but aside from a few minor repairs and the usual wear and tear issues it runs great. It needed brakes and an alignment. The air conditioner still works. The heater and defrosters still work. Not much rust on the body. I'm really happy with it.

- Richard S

It is long living and doesn't seem ready to be replaced.

I like that is has been without major maintenance problems since I have had it. It is very comfortable to ride in and drive and the gas mileage isn't that bad for its size. I wish it was a bit smaller since it would make it easier on parking and probably better gas mileage. ALso wish it had heated seats.

- mary m

Tan with trim, stereo system and heated seats.

I love the heated seats in the room it has trying to get use to all the digital stuff like the fuel miles etc.. It's very spacious and luxurious. It's just right for me an my son it gets good gas mileage and haven't had really any issues with it. I would buy another one if anything ever happened to mine.

- Jessica A

That it a safe reliable vehicle.

My Buick is a good running vehicles with almost 200,000 miles. Average 22- 26 mpg. 6 cylinder with lots of power. It feels as you are floating down the road I also like to feel I have a vehicle around me not a tin can. It also has safety features to make sure that you are protected in case of a accident.

- Robert H

Why you should drive a Buick.

My Buick is great for myself and 2 children. It has a spacious trunk, perfect for grocery shopping, or loading up toys for the kids. It's been a very reliable vehicle. Not too many problems considering its 15 years old. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone interested in owning a Buick.

- Nicole S

love the color an the ride

My car is a mid size with plenty of room for people to be comfortable while riding. leather seats that are comfy, the front seats are heated if needed. It has air shocks to help with any bumps or rough roads. a quiet and smooth ride. Gas mileage is great the front seats are adjustable for comfort

- Diana P

Oldie but decent ole Buick.

The vehicle is reliable. Performance: typical of a 15-year-old vehicle. No significant issues other than no a/c. Comfort: pretty nice, definitely designed for the geriatric population. Features: pretty basic, nothing particularly luxurious about the car. It has great trunk space and leg room.

- Linda M

Car needs lots of work. Breaks are bad and windows dont work.

Has problems with brakes.Everytime you push them there is grinding noise. Sometimes it harder to stop. Windows won't go down on front. You have push it down and then pull them up.It's kind of crappy. Looking to buy a new one. It's a shiny tan car with lots of airbags. I have had it for 5 years.

- Michael W

Review on the 2003 Buick Lesabre

Drives well overall. Handles well in the snow. 3 of the 4 window motors broke within 50,000 miles, however, this is the big complaint that I have for this vehicle. Overall, everything is good and well working for this car. The speaker system that came in the care works well. No complaints.

- Prefer A

Still rides like a dream will never give it up

My car Buick Lesabre has been my car since 2003 bought new. Have had very little repairs done. Except for tires oil changes and the standard fluid changes. Still get 20 miles to the gallon. Just an all around great car. Take it on long trips it has 165,000 miles and Still rides like a dream

- Michael P

Reliable car, great gas mileage, large spacious trunk.

2003 Buick lesabre has been the best car ever, have had no major problems, all original parts only owner, lots of legroom, comfortable front wide seats in front, paint has not faded it's a grayish blue. I keep up on all maintenance. Has never been in the shop except for regular maintenance.

- Melissa P

It runs pretty good but requires of maintenance

It has electrical problems that make it hard to roll up the windows and such. The battery will cut off sometimes. And the battery to charge it is hard to get to. The service vehicle comes on for everything like fill up the tank or engine oil is low other than that it's a pretty good vehicle

- Salina F

The car is very old, but it gets me from point A to point B.

The ignition is messed up, the tires are old, but okay, the fabric that covers the ceiling inside has just been replaced, the breaks are weak, but they work. There is rust around the tires, but no issues there that disturb the way the car drives. The whole car shakes when I go over 40mph.

- A B

A couch on wheels with a few minor problems

It's a comfortable ride. The seats are like couches so they are not hot on a warm sunny day. The brakes are not the best. Gas gauge is broken so I have to rely on odometer. Felt on the ceiling is falling off. Part of the dashboard is rising, not sure if it's from the heat or the water.

- Mark P

My wonderful car's review.

Its big and bulky, difficult to park at times. Pick-up is not great so passing can also be difficult. Problems with air conditioning and ignition are common. Also is a grandma car, it does not look clean and sleek like all the new cars on the market. It is really loud when it runs.

- Spencer A

I love the 3 minute headlight delay after dark. They remain on for 3 minutes.

I am pleased with the car 23-25 mpg mixture of interstate & local driving at times more. Regular oil changes, tires every 40, 000 to 60, 000 miles. Replace battery every 3-5 years. Rebuilt transmission at 98, 000 miles, it performs well. Ii have no major issues at 108, 000 miles.

- Douglas A

Car has a good appearance and a good price.

Although this is an older car it performs well. It starts easily on cold mornings. It accelerates quickly on the highway and rides well over all types of roads. Gas mileage is fair for a larger car. I would definitely buy another one. It has lots of room for passengers and cargo.

- Karl Z

Facts about 2003 Buick Lesabre.

It was given to my dad by a man he used to work for. But it's been a great reliable car in the time that we've had it. So no complaints whatsoever. Its fairly decent on gas mileage, runs well, and is very roomy. It fits two children and then some. So I would highly recommend it.

- Chelsea S

I love the way this car handles. It has a smooth ride.

This model of car is comfortable, it's easy to drive it is easy to take care of, it's very dependable, and very good looking. This year and model is made the way a car should be made. I much prefer it to some of the newer cars we drove when we were looking to buy a vehicle.

- Dorothy B

Reliability and comfortability

Since the purchase of my car, it has been nothing but reliable. On top of the reliability piece, the comfort is noticed by everyone who gets in. It has performed at a high level even with my long commute. I haven't had any big issues other than an Internal wiring problem.

- Matt W

Love my Buick just the right car for me!

My car has aged well. It is just the right size for me and is very comfortable to drive. The seats adjust for comfort in height and leg room. There is leg room in the back seat. This car has needed very little repair (battery, electric window) and gets good gas mileage.

- Barbara E

Spacious, comfortable ride.

The Buick Lesabre may have a reputation as being a slow, old-people's car, but, it is a smooth ride with plenty of power. The car is spacious inside and seats are comfortable. The heat and air conditioning is great. It may not be fancy, but it is a nice car to drive.

- Karen F

The Buick Lesabre is a good vehicle.

My car is quiet on the inside and rides smoothly. The gas mileage is very good as I do short and long trips. The comfort in the car makes it easy to ride. The trunk is very spacious for carrying large items. The back seats are comfortable for those extra passengers.

- Brenda L

Getting old, but it's reliable for a good while

It has served me well - many long trips across country, but it's got it's issues at this point. Most of the issues result from me just doing a lot of driving. The had gauge quit working a few years ago. One thing to know: the battery is underneath the back seat.

- Rachel N

I like the way it holds the road.

Very nice car. Handles well good on gas and has power! Not just your grocery go getter this car it's great for a cruise to the beach or wherever you wish to go. I really love this car. It has very comfy seats as well. You will love driving this car! Must drive!

- Cristy W

It keeps running, even after I'd expect it to stop.

It runs fairly well, giving good gas mileage and decent acceleration. The space inside is nice as well, but I've had constant problems with the air conditioning. I dislike the amount of maintenance it needs, but that's also with it being 15 years old now.

- Peter K

smooth ride great on gas, great stereo

love my car but my headliner has fallen down which obstructs my view in my rearview mirror. Something in the brake system has gone out, I can still drive it just no long has anti lock brakes. I have brakes like an older vehicle. Everything else is great

- Judy H

Ice blue cursor with light issues.

It has computer head problems. The sensors in the computer head will fasly light up the anti lock brakes light, the message board also reads gas cap loose but neither problem actually exists. The gas gage is also broken but the low fuel light is correct.

- Rebecca T

Good car not a lot of options you don't need

Trouble with this window on passenger side. But other than that. Normal maintenance. Good gas mileage. Ride is comfortable. Did have to replace the dashboard. Doesn't use any oil. Little over 100 thousand miles. Has plenty of power. Good for long trips

- Mark C

Buick is very roomy, and has a very good engine highly recommend.

I love my Buick it is old but has always ran so smooth, very little problems with it. There is a lot of space inside the car very roomy for people with long legs, windows have always worked well as well as locks, the engine is a 400 has a lot of power.

- Tamara M

I love the gas mileage on my car. And everything still works just fine for me!

I love my vehicle. There's good gas mileage on the car. I drive an hour to and from my internship 5 days a week and fill my tank once a week usually. The car still rides smooth. I don't have much to complain about when it comes to my car.

- Jackii G

My car has been a delight to drive for many years. No major problems.

The performance has been very good over the years. I have had nothing unusual go wrong. Only minor problems that can be corrected with regular maintenance. No major problems only things that you would expect like brake repair or tires.

- Harold R

Review of 2003 Buick LeSabre It's ok.

The car is comfortable, controls are rather easy to master and it drives well. I think it gets good gas mileage for its size and age. The rear air shocks are no good. This is the 3rd car I've had them go out on.

- edd T

It gets about 25 miles per gallon.

The gas gauge does not work properly. For awhile the cigarette lighter port did not work. It rides comfortably, drives great. The battery is under the backseat. The headliner is coming undone, do not know why.

- Kay T

That it is American made, jobs for our people.

My car has 96,000 miles, was purchased new and is 15 years being driven. It has been a very reliable car and has had very few repairs. I have kept maintenance on my car, thats why it has been very good to me.

- Gayle p

Has comfort and reliability

I love that its electronic. And it tells me low tires, oil and when maintenance is needed. It drives smooth. I don't like that it's extremely more costly for maintenance and repairs.

- Kristina C

Ole Buick lesabre still running

It has stood the test of time except for rim. The car was given to me from my grandparents who bought it new. The chrome rim has been bad since day one and tire constantly leaks air

- Bradan G

It only has 100, 000 miles when I bought it.

Iv have had this car for about 8 months and the only issues I have had is replacing the brake pads. My dad has always had Buicks and has hardly ever had much trouble out of them.

- Jessica K

Drives for a long time even with a lot of miles.

Not anything really wrong with it. Drives nice and has been for awhile. Only problem is small minor details with the front bumper. Starting to fall off from wear and tear.

- Natasha C

Smooth riding Buick 2003 clean

My car rides pretty smooth . the only problem I have had is that I had to replace the starter and alternate and add new breaks . I have also replace radio with my own

- Elisia M

Working mans top automobile.

My 2003 Buick is a great car. It gives me about 25 mpg of gasoline and the ride is one of the best on the market, great handling vehicle and goes good on snowy roads.

- Eugene W

I wish that they kept making it.

It is a very comfortable ride and somewhat maintenance free. It is a bit large and wish it had better gas mileage. Trunk space is very good. Wish it had heated seats.

- Mary M

They are really good on gas.

The problems I had with my vehicle is transmission, motor, raptor, a/c, Fusion but it a easy fix. It also reliable vehicles when it runs it drives extremely smooth.

- Eric H

The Buick is a very dependable vehicle.

I love the smooth ride and the comfortable seats. It has well over 200k miles on it so it has been a real good runner for us. It is well made and not let us down.

- Jane B

That it works great even though its older.

It has low miles. Everything inside works great. The outside is dent free also. I do not like that there is not any modern functions inside. I wish it was newer.

- Rona V

I have driven this car for 13 years and no major breakdowns.

It's old but runs real well. I think it was early computer days and there were some minor malfunctions, but nothing that serious affected Its' performance.

- Richard n

Nice look, travels smoothly, spacious, amazing.

It's nice, very comfortable for my family. It drives well, hardly any issues. I've had this car for about 3 1/2 years now. So far it's been very reliable!

- Natatia K

It's reliable and a good value.

It's comfortable, roomy, rides smoothly, has nice electronic cool stuff. Runs pretty well. Could be better on gas. The paint is falling off both bumpers.

- Carlene p

This is a great car to travel in.

I like my Buick. It has a lot of room, low mileage, and reliable. The trunk is also large which allows me to be able to pack a lot of luggage if need be.

- Diana B

It is a comfortable roomy ride that is dependable.

I like the way it drives . It is a roomy comfortable car. I really dislike the fact that the cost of some of the parts are rather expensive to replace.

- Donita M

A good reliable transportation.

It's need oil change, back brake replacement and engines service soon. It's performance is pretty exceptional. The reliability is pretty good as well.

- Shrita H

That is a very safe and reliable vehicle.

I appreciate that the car is very roomy. It drives great on the highway. It's very comfortable for long trips. Sometimes it's like driving a boat.

- Cassandra C

Big, comfortable, smooth, luxury car.

My car rides comfortable. I feel like I am riding in a luxury car. The interior is soft and the exterior is red and I love it. Out runs smooth.

- Robin A

The car rides very smooth.

It's great for long road trips. Plenty of room. The gas mileage is not great but good for the size of the car. Other than that no major issues.

- Zach B

My lincoln town car rides like a dream.

I like my vehicle because it has good gas mileage. Also, it is a very sturdy car. I dislike it because I would like a newer model of car.

- Erin A

Its reliable and a fairly dependable car.

It was given to my family by a very good friend of my fathers. But otherwise it's a pretty reliable and decent car. No complaints.

- Chelsea S

It is hard to see out of the back window Posts make it hard to see cars coming

Just wish I had a good back up camera I want a lot of the newer tech that are on most vehicles Ventilated seats blind zone alarm

- Carl R

This engine in this car has always been known as a greatly reliable.

Extremely reliable has never cause me any unexpected issues. I love the great amount of room and the comfort of my automobile.

- Anthony G

It's a good, sturdy, and reliable vehicle.

It is a good car. No complaints. We haven't had any problems thus far even though it was acquired second hand from a friend.

- Presley P

It tends to idle high and it does overheat on occasion but this is a minor issue.

I like it because it is comfortable. It is also dependable and good on gas. It keeps my family safe on a regular basis.

- Robert N

It's old, dinged up, but still runs smoothly. Replace brakes 6 months ago and tires around 2 years ago.

It is getting old. I have had it for 13 years and it's recently starting having more mechanical problems than usual.

- Rick J

Reliable and constructed in quality.I need to get another one fairly soon. I will keep this one until I have to buy a new buick

Just great after all these years I have no complaints.Very well made and dependable. I would buy another no question

- marc c

Buicks are nice cars good new or preowned

I like it it runs good hardly any problems. Comfortable ride. Good on gasoline. Comfortable ride and handles good

- Mandy H

This car gets me back and forth faithfully and has been a good car.

The car is still in good condition. The ride is smooth. Still gets good gas mileage. Is roomy and comfortable.

- John G

its dependable. and reliable its a safe car and handles great.

Love the ride and the way it handles, it looks great on the road. I like the color. I always like Buicks stile

- michael s

Buick's are a very long lasting vehicle. This is the third Buick I have had over the past 14 years

I like the dependability of my car. It is a very powerful car. There is not anything I dislike about my car

- jay t

Very roomy and easy entry for very large people.

Love that it is good on gas. Love that it is spacious. I dislike the colors. Dislike the way it is built.

- Amanda F

Easy service by dealership.

Car is noisy when idling. Alternator went out twice. I really like the onstar system' it is very helpful.

- David S

Buick LeSabre excellent ride

Great engine, comfortable ride, sturdy body, runs great. Paint job staying power. Interior comfortable

- Kristi S

Buick LeSabre Information

My vehicle runs smoothly and is good for gas. It has.power window/locks, leather seats, and CD player.

- Sylvia T

I love my Buick, it has low mileage on it. I am only it's second owner. It can speed up really quickly the interior is very nice, I love the leather seats and there is tons of room. It's a good city driving vehicle. I do hate how long it is and I wish I didn't need so much time to hit the breaks. There are also a lot of blind spots.

Everyone should know where their hazards are, their lights, and they should know how to check the oil.

- Johnna G

It drives good and is paid for. It has a cold A/C.

It is a full size older car that has given me minimal problems since I bought it. Gets good mileage.

- Tom M

It is so easy to drive, very comfortable seating, low mileage and purchased it used at a great price.

Great vehicle but I would rather have 4WD but I got a great deal on this one owner, low mileage car.

- Margo O

Well Kept and Maintained, regularly serviced, loved and cared for.

The only complaint is the high mileage. This car is loaded and there is nothing I dislike about it.

- Marcia D

My car is very safe and it will get you where you need.

I love the fact that it still runs good. I like that It's not a gas guzzler. I like the smooth ride.

- Jessica C

I feel very safe driving my family in it.

I can carry my entire family. I gets really bad gas mileage. But all and all it is a good car.

- Chris F

It's older, but runs good. It is silver. I had to have it towed today because the brakes went out!

It's getting older & things are starting to need repairs. I like the roominess & gas milage.

- Karen S




Gets good hI ghat mileage, stinks intown.

It is a comfortable car, but was glued together. Things like the dash are coming apart

- Kevin B

Well made, heavy duty automobile made to last!

Reliable starting vehicle. Quality automobile made to last long time! No rust.

- Diane L

Don't worry about the check engine light. It was been on for 3 years

I like the size of the car I dislike that the check engine light is on

- Barbara D

Car was bought used from family and has approximately 110,110 miles. Have had to replace/repair the typical components, i.e. brakes, oil changes and tires at regular intervals. One major repair included valve intake gaskets that this motor is known for. the typical

Motor is very reliable. Basic repair costs are reasonable.

- James G

It gets me where I need to go. My car is black. It suits me to a t. I hope it lasts me the rest of my life but that's not really realistic.

I love my car. It's a good car.it has good mileage.

- Traci B

Low miles and great miles per gallon

This car has low mileage for It's model year.

- Justin s