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Reviews by tas. 2004 Buick Lesabre custom extras customized by the customer.

My vehicle is a 2004 Buick Lesabre custom. The custom model comes with powered fine leather seats the custom model also comes with cruise control traction control and the full cluster panel with tach on the side of your cluster panel you also have a full drivetrain information center which allows you to get information on your trip mileage on your estimated oil life expectancy your tire air pressure your obd2 information the Lesabre custom also comes factory equipped with a self-leveling air ride rear suspension that adjust pertaining to weight distribution in the rear of the vehicle so that your vehicle will be riding level down the road with 400 lbs. on the rear right seat if needed my Lesabre custom is also equipped with solid alloy chrome wheels equipped with the 3. 8 V6 motor that gives you 18 miles per gallon city and 24 miles per gallon highway.

- Thomas S

My customize used car headache and joy.

Purchased this car used and it was never serviced, so we ended up putting over one thousand dollars into it. Right now it drives beautifully, we went on a long road trip putting about 2000 miles on the car, it is still running well. We still have to put freon in the air conditioner, get the gas dial indicator fixed. One annoying thing, which may not bother others, but annoyed me, the front passenger seat belt was so tight we had to buy an extension belt. The front passenger seat will not move, so anyone who is tall get their knees crushed. I wouldn't advise anyone to buy a custom used car, it is made to suit the original owners and you have to put up with the original setup. The car otherwise is somewhat comfortable and gets us where we need to go.

- Theresa W

My review is I like my car. I would recommend it two others.

I have had no real problems with my car. I did have headlight burnout. I love the cruise control and the large trunk. It is very. Comfortable, rides nice and even has a paint job that is iridescent white. Shines really well. The tinted windows are beginning to peel off. The car is 14 years old though. There isn't much to say about my car except I like it upholstery is very nice, tires are good, I have tow package o. It that I like I bought it used and I have owned it about two and a half years. It is bigger than my last car so I have problems parking at sometimes but that is my fault not the cars fault. I do not think I have written 250 words but that is all I can think of to say.

- Patty H

Stylish, comfortable Buick.

I love my Buick Lesabre. It has a very comfortable ride, so smooth even though it is now 14 years old. It has stood up to a lot of mileage with proper maintenance done on it as recommended. It has a very roomy interior and lots of trunk space, if you like to travel. Gets pretty decent gas mileage on long trips. My Buick has a CD player which comes in handy when traveling. You keep losing your local radio stations so I just pop in my favorite CD and do not have to worry about searching for another radio station. Sound quality is very good. Also, has good air conditioning system to keep your back seat passengers comfortable.

- Christine R

This car has get up, and go, it accelerates quickly and smoothly.

I was hesitant at first about buying a car. I had been driving an SUV. I needed a vehicle and this car was in my price range. It was 10 years old with 67k miles on it. Onedrive and I was hooked. I have 3 kids and they fit comfortably in the backseat. It is a very smooth driving car. The trunk is huge, love this. I can see out of all the windows, even the rear window. The carpet and seats are holding up well. Not a lot of major work has been necessary, only a few small cosmetic things. I would definitely consider buying another Buick Lesabre.

- Heather A

2004 Buick Lesabre - still a great car,

In 2008 we bought a 2004 Buick Lesabre. This has been a very good car. I keep the oil changed regularly and have to add coolant or antifreeze, fill the windshield washer tank, and occasionally fill it up with gas. The only work we have ever had to do is replace a battery, the windshield wipers,, one air shock, and a couple sets of tires. The headliner needs to be replaced now but the car still runs great. It is easy to handle and still rides good. I have no complaints about this car..

- Elizabeth R

Great full-size sedan with excellent mpg.

I LOVE my LESABRE. It is the nicest car we have ever owned. I like the leather seats and how they adjust( no bar at base of seat), the side mirrors adjust easily. The mileage is great for a big car-27mpg. The ride is smooth. The engine is quiet. I even like the color-Black. Things I don't like- the transmission needed to be replaced at 60,000 miles. I found it difficult to adjust the steering wheel so I have to drive with it in the position my husband prefers.

- Mauren D

Low maintenance

For the age my car has really (knock on wood) been low maintenance. The few issues I have had were minor. Even though I am not a fan of my vehicle, its entirely due to aesthetics. What I like about my car is that it is a full size sedan. I can fit my 2 kids in car seats comfortably. They still have leg room and no feet in my back. Plus the trunk room is amazing. It can easily fit a grocery haul.

- Amber M

Easy car to love! Car has it all great ride good value.

No major repairs ever required good gas mileage very comfortable ride handles great quiet inside car like exterior appearance. Roomy in all seats. Has retained value over 100, 000 miles would not trade. Love automatic rear load leveler. Good climate control remote starter very convenient love car interior easy to maintain great all around car would buy another similar size Buick.

- Richard R

Regular oil changes make a better engine.

My Buick is a comfort ride for my family and i. With suede seats, plenty seats belts, and a wide trunk it fits groceries and baggage well. The color is white so it makes the vehicle very visible a night. As long as the oil is changed and the brakes are checked this vehicle is very reliable with regular care. The engine is well and I plan to keep this car a very long time.

- Wanda C

Over a Decade Old But Still Great

It's definitely reliable. I bought it used with a lot of miles on it and have had it for almost 3 years now. I've had to get a few repairs on it in that time frame like replacing the wheel bearing on one of the wheels but overall it's been great and can make a trip to and from out of town to somewhere 30 miles no problem (I haven't driven it anywhere farther).

- Alex G

My Buick that I love to drive.

My Buick is very reliable. I really have not have too many problems, I did have to replace the heat blower motor. My Buick is very comfortable, the seats are fully adjustable which really helps, plus they are heated. It has the Hud which I love as you can see your speed without having to look down, it is right out there where you are looking anyway.

- Peggy B

It's like a large boat. But better.

It solid, dependable. Very roomy and spacious. Sometimes it feels like I'm wearing a suit of armor. Very few problems overall, and it has over 200,000 miles on it. Normal wear and tear, if you take care of your vehicle it will take care of you. Very smooth ride, and a good way to NOT get noticed by the police since it's your granddad's car, lol.

- LeeLa B

My likes and dislikes of my car.

The color is ugly, it's a burgundy color, but it runs good and is very comfortable. It is great on gas, has a lot of room, heated seats, electric windows, huge truck, alarm with button pushing trunk, the radio is great, very loud when you want it to be.. . My only real complaint about this car is the color and that its an older model.

- Dina M

Buy new and take care off is the key to long lasting cars and trucks.

My GMC sierra rides great hauls want I want. Great truck. My Buick Lesabre gets good gas mileage and has big car comfort. They both are 14 years old now and only had normal wear and tear parts replaced. Very dependable car and truck for the year. I recommend new and take good care of them is the key to long lasting cars or trucks.

- Jeff L

I love that my car has heated seats.

I have no problems with my car. I love it very much. It has front wheel drive, heated seats and power everything. The only thing I didn't like was the aluminum rims so I replaced them with metal ones. The only other problem I have ever had is having to replace old and worn out. And the wear and tear the iowa roads take on my car.

- Heather B

The best feature of my vehicle is that it is a smooth ride!

I have had no mechanical problems with my Buick. It is a smooth ride and the features are in my realm of comprehension. The only two problems I have experienced is the dashboard cracked in several places and then buckled. I had to replace it. The second problem I experienced was the headliner came loose and had to be replaced.

- Janet N

My new/old Buick that keeps on going!

I just bought my 2004 Buick Lesabre in December of 2018. After I put the new tires on and had the wheel alignment it really runs great. It handles real well on the road even in the winter weather. It has at least a hundred and sixty-six thousand miles on but it is still running. As long as it keeps on going I'll be happy.

- Patricia M

Great 2004 Buick car, rides smooth.

This car is loaded with leather seats. Also has all power seats and windows. Car is good on gas and gets great mileage. The only problem I have had so far with this car is my power motor on the door causing the window to not go up or down till the motor was replaced. The air also went out but that was an easy fix.

- Ashley P

The Lesabre is not flashy, but she is dependable.

A Buick is a very sturdy car. I have had very few maintenance problems with it. The Lesabre is a very low car, so it is easy to scrape the bottom, but other than that it has been a very reliable car. The interior has a few cosmetic problems and the electronics no longer work very well, but it has 180, 00 miles.

- Melissa B

It has a large trunk, wide and deep.

After a few years of owning our used car, several things in the malfunctioned. The passenger windows can no longer be lowered or raised by the passenger. The driver must use the control buttons on his side to make the passenger windows function. Also, the speedometer is no longer providing correct information.

- Rose E

Lesabre limited is as smooth of a ride as a Lincoln.

Have not had any major problems, rides smooth, equipped with onstar. The color has a flaked color which makes it shinier. Equipped with factory CD and cassette. All premium accessories. Love it one problem that did occur is the right headlight caught on fire while driving. Had to get paint job in that area.

- Cheryl W

The world is melting and I have a Buick.

I love my Buick leasable because it is silver and has four doors and it is kind of like a boat on the road. At first it was hard to control because I wasn't sure if I was in other lanes, but now I have the hang of it. My only worries are that it is an internal combustion engine and the world is melting.

- Eric V

It will run and go when I need it to....

Overall, I somewhat like my vehicle because if nothing else, it will keep me warm in the Winter and col in the Summer.when I am on daily missions. However, my car has seen better days. It seems to have problems keeping a sensor on it and it will tend to run hot occasionally and not sure as to why.

- Jennifer F B

An old mans car for an old man.

My vehicle is older and also referred to as an old mans car, but I'm an old man. It does not have the latest technology but enough for me. It has all the comfort options. A3. 8 liter engine which has a very reliable history that makes me feel comfortable. Good on gas mileage and looks good.

- Dennis P

The big gray beauty. (comfort on the open road).

I really do not have a problem with the function of the car. It gets great gas mileage, the heated seats are amazing, and I love the amount of trunk space. The only issue I have is it is size. It is difficult to park in a crowded lot. So I usually look for a spot next to another empty spot.

- Tanya M

The leather interior and nice look of the car.

Always love the car. Love the leather interior. Drives very smooth and doesn't have problems. Good gas mileage and great all around car. Very glad that I own it. Have not needed to get a new car because it is still very reliable in getting me all over and where I need to go.

- Benjamin L

Comfortable ride & easy to drive.

I love the heated seats, the duel temp control, all the different seat positions, the speedometer reflected on the windshield. Only thing I do not like is the seat belts. They come out of the seat & because I am so short & cannot adjust them they come across by neck!

- Tammy O

Beautiful amazing roomy love it.

Well my car has leather seats heaters in seats ac heater radio CD player automatic locks windows everything regular drive car no stick big and room big trunk comfy car and seats has everything you ever wanted in that year. Ear I love my car it is great it is amazing.

- Rae W

I still have the original tires on it that was put on it when I bought it.

My car only has 133069. That's not bad. But now things are going bad. It's a wonderful car. Drives great, rides great. Lots of space even in the trunk. When they made the car, they cut the dash to short and now the heat has pulled it up. And it can't be fixed.

- Sharon M

It's definitely a luxury vehicle very spacious and ride smooth.

I completely love my Buick I have had it for 5 years and never had any major problems out of it. It is very spacious and rides smooth, it is also a very good family car. It seats 6 people comfortably. It is very easy to maintain and parts had very inexpensive.

- Katrina Z

When you are driving down the road it feels like you are floating on air.

It is reliable, drives good and is very comfortable in the front and back. Only problem I have had is with the when you press the brakes it shakes. It is all around a great car. We got lucky and was able to get it from my grandma and it still had low mileage.

- Kenneth J

It's a good vehicle. Also good on gas. A good vacation car very comfortable.

My car is pretty good. It doesn't give me to much trouble. It drives great, is very comfortable, very roomy. Very nice to look at and does not break down a lot In the winter it starts right up with no trouble. I have a good vehicle. I like my vehicle.

- Marsha M

It's batteries yes batteries it has two batteries under the back seat kinda weird.A first for me

It's a gas hog when you really press the gas.To change the tag light and all lights in the rear you have to take the trunk liner off the top of trunk and pull out the whole light assembly really a pain.But it does have a lot of get up and go. (REALLY FAST)

- Zachary S

It is as good as it is going to get, It has its problems and quirks but motor is strong and it keeps on going like the energizer bunny so far

It is not the perfect vehicle by far and needs some maintenance done now. It is fairly cheap to operate and gets us from point A to B for now and hoping to upgrade in very near future so not looking to put a lot of monies into maintenance on it for now

- Jeffrey H

This car is what it is. . . A car.

My vehicle has a lot of miles on it but its still chugging along. Its well made even though some things are falling apart on it. Though most of those are the simple things that do not really prevent from usage. Such as the center console top popped off.

- Mandy K

with age the plastic headlights do turn yellow with time am planning to correct this with one of the many products that are on the market

well it's has 81,000 miles on it and mechanically it is in great shape however the headliner is being held up with staples and has parking lot marks on it and the headlights are starting to fog over but overall it has been ;a really great car

- joe w

That it is very comfortable to ride in.

I like that I have an 18 cubic feet trunk space. I like that the upholstered bench seats are comfortable to sit on. I like that the interior is spacious & roomy. I like the comfortable feel of the steering wheel position for driving.

- Amy B

Excellent vehicle. No major problems. Very dependable.

We bought this car used from a personal person. It has gotten us from Illinois to Idaho 2 summer's in a row with no problems. It is comfortable and the gas mileage is good. We have been very happy with everything about this car.

- Chris H

It is very efficient, and cost friendly.

My car is a good car. It is very efficient and gas friendly. Financially I am able to keep up with its fixes, and I am not breaking the bank to repair. I am very happy with my Buick Lesabre. In fact I have driven multiple.

- Chelsea C

There is good visibility all around.

The car is easy to drive, and roomy with lots of passenger space and trunk space. It has a smooth ride and low road noise on the highway. Gas mileage could be better however I am driving less than I have in years past.

- Donna D

Great mileage both hwy miles and standard.

Buick is an excellent manufacturer. As long as it is maintained mechanically it really does not matter how many miles you put on it, it is going to keep running as long as it is taken care of.

- Megan B

Well all I can say is this a reliable car and it'll get you from point A to B.

Well I have a 2004 Lesabre Buick in mint condition I love this vehicle very lot reliable the performance is excellent minor problems overall very good car very great car excellent car to have.

- April H

It is paid for and gets great gas mileage.

It gets great mileage & doesn't cause any problems. Pretty maintenance free and is paid for. The gas gauge doesn't work so I have to remember to reset the trip odometer each time I fill up.

- John B

Dependable and comfortable, easy to maintain and auto repairs

I like that it's a comfortable ride, has a lot of space in the trunk and back seat, and is paid off. I don't like that it looks like an 'old person's car' and ceiling felt is coming down.

- Christine E

It veers to the right a lot of times.

The Buick is a great travel vehicle and is very comfortable with nice interior fabric. Its a large vehicle with room for 6 people if you need it with lots of room also has a huge truck.

- Julie R

Smooth ride with 6 seats! Grey leather with no rips!

I love the smoothness of how it drives. It is like a boat! I also love how the car was designed to help with car accidents. One thing I do not like is how low the driver sits.

- Andrea R

No dents or hail damage runs great does not use any oil or transmission fluid.

I have a nice car it has not had any problems it gets me to where I want to go. It is comfortable to ride in has cruise and accessories on the steering for radio and cruise.

- Linda H

Comfortable and cozy ride!

Drives smooth! It is a very comfortable and reliable car. I love the heated seats and windshield display. I would recommend this car to anyone wanting to ride in comfort.

- Michelle P

My car has very responsive gas and brake system. This drive across the road with the utmost comfort

My car, has not had any problems, I bought it new; The performance of my Buick is accurate and detailed, very reliable everyday, seats are leather and very comfortable

- Chad S

All around great car great for long road trips.

Very reliable great ride with fair mileage. Minimum repairs with many capable mechanics for repair work when needed great car. Would buy again. All around great car.

- Richard L

It needs a new condenser and it doesn't have a CD player.

My car runs pretty decent but I wish that the AC worked. Before I got the car it had been in a wreck and punctured the condenser. So it would need to be replaced.

- Larissa C

Great comfortable family car

This is a great family car with excellent power. The gas mileage is decent. The only downside is the only way to manually unlock the doors is on the driver's

- Emilie H

It gets good mileage and is low maintenance. I have a four door

It is dependable but I am ready for an suv. I have had a Buick for over twelve years and am ready for a change. But a Buick is a good reliable car.

- Richard S

Driving in your living room.

It's a great riding car, very comfortable. It also has a powerful 6 cylinder motor, this car has been dependable with only minor maintenance issues.

- Carl D

Looks sleek and it is customizable.

Great small family town car. Easy to maintain. Only one issue to complain about is that it is leaking some fluid on to the drivers side floor board.

- ashley w

That has automatic locks on the doors, air conditioner

I received my 2004 Buick LeSabre from my mom. She is legally blind now so she can no longer drive. What I like about my car is it has a cd player.

- vicky c

It is a very dependable car, and a comfortable car to both drive and ride.

I have had no problems with my car. It is a very comfortable car to drive and also to ride in it. I would replace it again with another Buick.

- Barbara S

It is a very powerful truck.

It has a smooth, quiet ride and is pretty on the inside and outside. It has a large trunk to accommodate lots of luggage or other things.

- Christine R

Gas mileage 22.8 in city up to 28 on interstate trips

Smooth ride, easy maintenance, great look. Great gas mileage (22.8 in city). Lots of legroom. Console for rear passengers very convenient

- Bill H

My vehicle is long lasting and comfortable.

This car is a good one and has served me well for years. I do not enjoy the rear air shocks but that is the only drawback I have noticed.

- Paul L

It is nice and good on gas.

Love it because it has everything in it I would want. Also it drives really nice and saves on gas.... There is not anything I dislike..

- Linda H

It lasts a long time with minimal problems, even though it looks like a granny car.

It has been a very solid and reliable car for many years. It has room, a little tight for 6 people and a large trunk. Easy to drive.

- Darren U

My Buick has been very reliable and comfortable. It is easy to drive.

I have had no mechanical problems with my Buick. However. The roof liner has released inside and is sagging. Adhesives don't stick.

- Pam J

Even though it is old it's still a great car. It's easy to drive.

I like it but it's old and has electrical problems, it is comfortable and has a good engine. The transmission is also in good shape

- Peggy W

Dependable and comfortable

It has comfortable ride and is fairly responsive. The emissions system sensors could be better. The heat/ac has occasional issues.

- Clara F

Its dependable and very comfortable.

Great car. Has over 200k miles on it. Drive it everyday to work. It is still a joy to drive. I would recommend a Buick to anyone.

- Karen L

It has a comfortable ride.

I love the room inside. I like how it drives. I like the layout of the dash. I dislike backing it up, I cannot see the backend.

- Christy P

Good gas mileage for a solid, 6 cylinder sedan.

I love Buicks. I was disappointed that I had to replace the transmission at 68,000 miles. Very comfortable ride, handles well.

- Sheila H

That I got a good car and I thank who ever had my car did a good job.

I like cause its black I like cause who ever had it took real good care of it I like cause it drives real good on the highway.

- Alice L

The heat of the car is nice, protection is amazing and everything works really well.

Everything's great except the window switches go out and it costs up to 300$ to replace them because they rewire the inside.

- Dakota A

It is 14 yrs old but looks like a new car

My last car had a sunroof so I really miss having that. I like the way it drives. I wish it was a 2 dr instead of a 4 dr

- Diana J

It a good family vehicle. Plenty of room and something for everyone..

No complaints, like the ride and all accessories, comfortable seats, easy to drive, like the radio, and automatic wipers.

- Eunice F

That it is dependable when going on long distances.

I do not like the brakes are not good. I do not like my ac is not working. I dislike my windshield wipers are not great.

- Elizabeth H

Very comfortable and smooth driving

Buick cars ride very smooth. Very comfortable seating. Look great. Steering smooth. Comfortable seating for large family

- Laura S

Very spacious a great family car.

I love the inside.. I like how comfortable the ride is.. The vehicle parts are high.. The vehicle is need a lot of gas.

- Brandon C

They don't make it anymore and there is no truly comparable replacement.

Bought it new and it's held up very well. Reasonably good mileage. Comfortable for driver and passengers. Good design.

- Lawrence B

i love the brand and the model of my car. i used it everyday anywhere in my state

very comfortable, easy to used. i love it because its luxurious. i been used for many years but still in a good shape

- Redina V

It will make it through any winter morning and then take out anything that's in the way lol

I love my Buick, it has made it through 2 major deer hits as well as 3 other fender bender and it drives beautifully.

- Cassandra D

It's a big rolling turd and ya

Love my car, it gets me where I want to go, like to work and it's pretty hardy. Good in the winter and all seasons

- Maris J

It does good in the winter

I would like something better on gas and more roomy without having a huge car payment And something more stylish

- John S

Cheap smooth good lookin nice awesome and much more

The car is great it dives really smooth with comfortable seats that can help your back end end at at at at at e

- Anthony J

It gets great gas mileage and very easy to drive. Not too small nor to big.

I love the gas mileage it gets it is twice the mileage than any of vehicles. The size is just right for me the

- Belva B

It has one of the best engines ever made.

It runs great but has lots of minor issues as far as looks-from wear and tear-so not very appealing to drive.

- Thomas S

i've never had a major problem with my care. biggest fix i've had was a tire.

good daily commute car. sucks fuel like a fish though. However i enjoy Buick and would never stray from them.

- Susie F

A/c does not handle the long term operations of a car.

It is reliable once all the bugs are worked out, once all the design and recall issues are taken care of.

- Jeff S

It's a very nice and spacious for myself and grandparents

Brakes not bad for traveling. Great on gas and I'm due for some tires. Plenty of trunk space for my use

- Mario A

Gas mileage, very comfortable inside and smooth ride.

Got great gas mileage, very comfortable, smooth ride, any repairs that have been made were due to age.

- Diane W

Don't buy it the 2004 Buick Lesabre Custom. There are too many issues with it.

My car is old and the mirror fell off, the air conditioner is broke and O2 Sensor has a leak

- Tina N

the most important thing others should know is that my car gets good gas mileage

i like that it's comfortable..i like that it drives smoothly.and it has good gas mileage.

- angela s

It's great for traveling with the entire family, pets included.

I like how it rides for the most part. It handles curves well. It's just too big for me.

- Jennifer W




It is a good reliable car. Would recommend it to anyone.

It is reliable. It is comfortable. It is paid for. I don't have any complaints

- Mary L

it looks good good good good good car car car car car car car

reacar l nice car rides nice good gas mileage car car car car car car car

- mike l

Great mileage dependable car

Gets great gas mileage and haven't had any major problems with it.

- Marvin C

Overall it's a good car . dependable good gas. Easy to fix

Good gas mileage takes 40 bucks to fill it which i think is great

- Shandi B

It will get you from point A to point B without too much worry

It isn't the nicest of cars, but it is definitely not the worst.

- Mandi G

It's a great car even if it doesn't have all the new gadgets a newer car has.

It's a good size. Rides nicely. It gets decent gas mileage.

- Kristy P

Lots of miles are on the car and it still works well

Runs Smoothly - Runs Quietly - Low maintenance - good size


I love it and recommend it to everyone. it's very reliable

I was raised on Buicks, the are stylish. good gas mileage

- Pat N

That Buick makes a good well running car for a decent price, and they're not bad on gas.

I like that it runs well a and that it is Decent on gas

- Christian B

nothing i would say except the gauge problems

seize is great has electronic issues in the gauges

- rick P

good gas mileage----30 on the road

Had to install a new speedometer. Roomy and big trunk

- ed d