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Buick --an AWESOME vehicle for the Ladies

2007 Buick Lucerne

While my vehicle is an older model it's a great car! It has lots of "bells n whistles" similar to many higher end luxury cars. Its size is what really had me sold and ended up buying it. It's rather a "big" car and to me I feel the bigger type vehicles are safer to drive n better if you're in any sort of a wreck. The interior is upscAle with leather heated and cooled seats,automatic windows n seat positions. Good stereo system sound quality. Ample room in back seat and trunk. It rides very smooth and quietly . I have not had hardly any maintenance issues either beyond the normal oil changes,etc.

- Georgia M

1 Charing outlet is under the AC/Heat. The other is under the driver's seat.

2007 Buick Lucerne V6 CXL

The vehicle is reliable, spacious, and has good gas mileage. The wood grain on the dash, and light colored interior of the vehicle is great finish. The leather seats are easy to keep clean and manage being that I have children. Another great feature for this car is the trunk space, its huge. When I downsized from an SUV to this car I was worried about space but it's extremely spacious. The only negative feature is the suspension of the this year make and model. The suspension will need some work. Other than that it's a great car to purchase for a family of 4 or 5.

- Denise Y

Good safe car for mature aged drivers.

2007 Buick Lucerne

No issues - love it - this is a great vehicle for safety. Only issue is blind spot if your short. No problems, performance is great - shift side to side and the littlest move of the steering wheel. Drive shift panel on the floor in the middle not made for heavier passengers of a 6' 5 man. Great room for passengers in the back set. Air flow is perfect. Sun roof with inside cover is wonderful. When opened there is more head room and fresh air and the sun's heat. Could see a change in the trunk button to not be in the glove compartment but more handy to the driver.

- Deborah H

The Buick Lucerne is a great family car! Very spacious! Great gas mileage!

2007 Buick Lucerne

It's a really nice family car! Good gas mileage! When we bought it, we bought it used and there are some problems, but im sure it's wear and tear! The cigarette lighter does not work so we can't use it for charging electronics! The radio didn't work, we had to replace whole stereo system, the blower to the heater was broken, the passenger side power window motor broke, and now we are having problems with something in the engine!

- Jacqlyn J

The battery is hidden under the passenger seat.

2007 Buick Lucerne

The thing that I like about my car is that it is pretty roomy. Well, it use to be until I had to add an additional car seat to it. I enjoy sitting in the backseat with my kids when someone else is driving however, there's not enough room for me and two car seats. I have a Buick lucerne. It is a nice car, gets decent gas mileage and is comfortable. I also like that it makes me feel decently safe with my kids in it. I like it.

- Jennifer V

One thing I did not expect from my car is the awesome radio that I got.

2007 Buick Lucerne Base

The only reason I didn't say, 'love it' is because of the gas mileage(19 miles per gallon) and it's not the most attractive. Outside of that it's in great shape for its age. Good radio, comfy seats, and very dependable. One side note I would make is that it isn't the best car for shorter people. I am about 5'9 and I am just tall enough. However my seat my be jammed so this might not apply outside of my car.

- Ashley K

Buick Lucerne, a couch on wheels that handles well, but hits you with maintenance costs

2007 Buick Lucerne

Incredibly smooth ride Decent Mileage Tends to burn through oil twice as fast as expected, and the tire sensors are constantly giving errors. At 60,000 miles I have had to put more money into repairs than I did for my Toyota Avalon with 150,000 miles. While I enjoy the feel, the cost of maintenance is not worth it to me, and I will be switching to a different make (Toyota) when I buy my next car.

- Ellen D

The car with only one thing wrong

2007 Buick Lucerne CX

I bought my vehicle used with one previous owner. The only issue I've had with it so far is after I shut the engine off there will be this soft screeching sound until I open my front door. Like the wiring in the radio is a little off. But other than that it rides like a dream and it's comfortable and has so many nice features that I'm not use to with the older model I drove before.

- Liz K

Great car: new or used Buicks.

2007 Buick Lucerne

This is my 3rd Buick. I have liked all 3. I like the smooth ride, I can depend on it. The car is roomy, a lot of legroom, the trunk has lots of room as well. I have not had any real problems with. The usual new brakes, new tires, regular maintenance. My car has 139, 000 miles on it. I would recommend a Buick to anyone looking for a new/ used car.

- Carol B

It is a nice size and shape and has a very comfortable and nice looking interior.

2007 Buick Lucerne

It is super comfortable and has a nice a/c. It is kind of like a spaceship in there because of the amount of buttons and readers that are in there. Makes it a lot easier to figure out if something is going wrong in the car. The only issue we have with it is that the tire pressure reader does not work very well and gets the tires mixed up often.

- Bobbie P

Heated seats and steering wheel.

2007 Buick Lucerne

Ii have had no problems with the car other than regular maintenance. 88, 000 miles and still runs like new and looks like it. Use only Mobil one oil. It has all the extras on it including all power extras including heated seats and heated steering wheel. Also it has remote starting which is great because I live in Wisconsin a cold climate.

- Dave T

Great car for mature adult.

2007 Buick Lucerne V6 CXL

After factory sunroof does not seal properly. Love the heated seats, heated steering wheel, automatic seat memory position button for 2 drivers. Smooth ride, until a auto/tire service took out the load levelers when changing wheels. Clips for car seats in back seat are helpful for when grandchild needs a ride in their car seat.

- Marianne S

nice to drive with nice features but uses also of gas and turning radius is bad

2007 Buick Lucerne CXS

it's a nice car, but if you are taller it's harder to get in and the turn radius is really bad so it's harder to park. Otherwise the features are nice like the heated steering wheel and seats, the sound system, freeway driving is very nice. Because its older you cannot update the GPS system without it costing a lot of money.

- shannon J

Great family car for work or play.

2007 Buick Lucerne V6 CXL

My car drives very well has great reliability. It has heated seats driver and passenger it has dual driver setting for two people has CD am FM radio. Front and rear speakers, equalizer. The bad it has tire size 16 which are not cheap, if you need a rim ever it is over two hundred dollars and up. So far my car is great love it.

- Jack C

Would recommend Buick Lucerne as a reliable and comfortable vehicle.

2007 Buick Lucerne V6 CXL

Very comfortable for driver and passenger. Very reliable, has lasted for 12 years and still runs good with regular maintenance. Does not have a sharp turning radius. Heated leather seats are a plus. Trunk has a lot of storage capacity which is nice for travel. Seats are roomy and adjust to various heights.

- Annie R

Good family car not a good life car

2007 Buick Lucerne V6 CXL

Leather seats so it looks nice but it gets extremely hot in the summer and bitter cold in winter. As long as a cruise ship. No room. It kind of looks nice driving but other than that not the best. Had it for 3 years now have had a lot of issues so far. Tired keep going flat water pump needed replaced.

- Nicholas S

Car has lots of space, feels very safe when in dangerous driving conditions.

2007 Buick Lucerne V6 CXL

This car is a wonderfully spacious car. I love the amount of space it gives me when traveling. I would love to see this car in the color black. The engine runs very well and I feel very safe on the road when driving. I would recommend this car as it seems like a long lasting car that's worth while !

- Joe F

Well built car with many convenient features.

2007 Buick Lucerne

Seems like some rust on fenders and around chrome. The engine is a 3800 and does run well with lots of pick up required for passing other vehicles. The battery is located under the rear driver side seat and somewhat difficult to get to. The power steering lines rusted and needed to be replaced.

- Mike G

Attractive. Hubcaps are very pretty. Give car a interesting detail.

2007 Buick Lucerne

It is reliable I have only had it about three weeks. Pleased with gas mileage many people have told me it is a beautiful car in appearance. I am very short so I like the way I am able to adjust the seats. I like gear shift I floor instead of steering wheel which I die into think I would like.

- Norma C

2007 Buick Lucerne CXL Sedan

2007 Buick Lucerne V6 CXL

I am overall very satisfied with my vehicle. I love the remote start, very comfortable, smooth ride, large trunk. I have had issues with the door handles breaking, because they are made out of plastic. My husband ordered a new one and has to take the entire door panel off to replace it.

- Sarah S

It has a lot of faulty issues with mainly the power steering system, and these are factory bug issues.

2007 Buick Lucerne

I dont like it much because it has a lot of mechanical issues i keep having to fix. There was the brakes that needed fixed, sway bar links, and power steering problems. Also the battery and alternator went out at the same time. Once i fixed all these issues it's not a bad running car.

- Brian L

2007 Buick Lucerne good car.

2007 Buick Lucerne

I love the car itself it is just older than most cars. It only has two charging ports that are exclusively in the front seat. The air conditioning is weak in the back as their is only two vents. The seats are nice and the radio is as well. For an older car, Buick did a great job!!

- Miranda M

Great features to the 2007 Buick Lucerne.

2007 Buick Lucerne

I love my car. It is very comfortable and smooth driving. I love the heated and cooled seats, sunroof, XM radio and OnStar capabilities. I have never had any major problems with my car. The only thing I have had to replace is tires and light bulbs. The trunk is very spacious too.

- Rhonda B

The pluses and minuses of a Buick.

2007 Buick Lucerne

American cars are not as reliable as foreign vehicles, it always needs new parts and suffers extra wear, systems fail on it over time and I do not like the gas mileage, but generally it rides smoothly. It is better to buy something foreign. For the most part it is dependable.

- Patrice P

It is a great car Buick brand is the bomb.

2007 Buick Lucerne

It good on gas and the parts are not very expensive to get it fix and Buick is a good car brand it drives smooth and a lot of great features like a good radio and the way it drives and it is very detailed and my seats have hot and cold control and my seats are white leather.

- Shannon A

Overall the Lucerne is an enjoyable, safe car that is reliable.

2007 Buick Lucerne CXS

The Buick Lucerne is a very comfortable and reliable car. Never have had any issues with it, besides brake problems, but always fixable issues. This is a great car for the winter too, always does well in snow. And comfortable for all passengers is a plus, and a safe car too!

- Gabby M

It has a hydraulic system that sometimes make a funny noise.

2007 Buick Lucerne

The car rides really smooth. I don't feel many bumps when driving and when I am on the highway it rides nice even above 60 mph. The driver seat does not move up and down so it is kinda hard to see over the steering wheel. I bought a tushy pillow to make myself sit up higher.

- Miller R

That it is a very performance vehicle of all time.

2007 Buick Lucerne

My Buick perform very well in traffic and on comfort and do not have too much problems with being unreliable fuel process is good, it is one of the best Buick Laurence, they should be taking of the market for there performance they are very reliable. Nothing bad about them.

- Sarah F

It held up pretty well to running into a tree while driving on the freeway.

2007 Buick Lucerne

The car is pretty old but it runs all right. The size of it is good though it could be roomier. The gas mileage is okay. The air conditioning could be better. I kind of don't like the color but there's nothing I can do about it really. The brakes are kind of iffy.

- Stephanie L

2007 Grand Black Beauty Buick

2007 Buick Lucerne

It is an extremely reliable car. The one downfall for me is that the front end is very long compared to other car models and it makes it hard to park in straight parking stalls. But the seats are comfortable, and it has worked great, even after having it 11 years.

- Madison W

It drives like the very old fashioned classic luxury Buicks of the great past,

2007 Buick Lucerne

It is extremely reliable and has nice features it is a great luxury car for the price. It runs a long time how having any problems to fix. In comparison with other luxury vehicles, this car is by for the cheapest to fix. A great value vehicle for the money.

- Anthony S

2018 review on 2007 Buick.

2007 Buick Lucerne

It is a long car, so it is not the best on gas. On the upside to being such a long and a big car it has plenty of room for family or friends and storage in the trunk. It feel more on the luxury side with it being so big and the leather seats add some comfort.

- Rebecca G

The Buick Lucerne makes a great luxury ride.

2007 Buick Lucerne

I drive a 2007 Buick Lucerne with the north star it is a great car good for driving feel real kingly with remote control start great for the Spokane winter weather only thing I do not like about it is gas burner but it is a luxury car great for highway drive.

- William N

We love the color, outside and interior. It has plenty of legroom.

2007 Buick Lucerne

Our Buick is very comfortable, very nice looking, get good gas mileage. This is our 5th Buick and we will buy Buick again. The only thing we do not like about this one is that it has a too long a wheelbase that makes it hard for turning corners and parking.

- Virginia M

Buick best car review for a 2007.

2007 Buick Lucerne

I love the gas mileage it gets. Tells me when my tires are in need of air. When I need something, like windshield wiper fluid. This vehicle is very comfortable to drive. The performance of this car is better than most. I love the look of the car, stylish.

- Lorena L

This car has many great features such as seat heaters and coolers.

2007 Buick Lucerne V6 CXL

This car is a very comfortable car to drive. It is good on gas mileage and has not been expensive to drive. It is 12 years old but has kept its looks. A very wonderful car to own. I hope to keep it until it has over 100,000 miles. It has 81,000.

- Charles D

It is extremely comfortable to ride in and had really good heating and cooling system.

2007 Buick Lucerne

I purchased my vehicle with 43,000 miles. It had been kept really well and it is extremely comfortable riding. The only issue I have had with my vehicle is the control device for the electric windows quit working and had to be replaced.

- Rich C

Comfortable traveling car

2007 Buick Lucerne

Extremely comfortable. Really big on the inside and runs smooth. Has heated seats. Also has on star attached to the driver mirror. On screen problems with the car if there is an issue, it will tell you rather than putting a light on.

- Jill R

It is a comfortable car to ride in.

2007 Buick Lucerne

It gets great gas mileage. It is a simple car, which fits my lifestyle, as I do not like wasting money on frivolous things. As for dislikes, not much horsepower? Not a huge issue, but that is about all I can think of.

- Asa T

Most everything can be adjusted from the steering wheel.

2007 Buick Lucerne

Really nice car! Not the best gas mileage. Turn radius is not good. Trunk space could be better. The battery is located under the back seat. Not convenient! Other than that everything else is all I could ask for.

- James T

Nice ride and dependable.

2007 Buick Lucerne

Very reliable vehicle. The ride is nice and smooth. Great gas mileage. The only thing that I do not care for is that it has a wide turn radius. It makes it difficult to get into a parking spot in a smaller lot.

- Susann M

The Buick that I own and drive.

2007 Buick Lucerne

It is the perfect size. It gets good gas mileage. It rides well on the road. It has very limited problems and or difficulties. I would very much recommend it to all of my friends and family members.

- Marie C

An interesting detail is the backup feature to help when backing the car up. This is extremely helpful during parallel parking.

2007 Buick Lucerne

I love my car. It has heated seats and a heated steering wheel, which has come in handy a number of times. It also has 2 memory functions for a primary and secondary driver for driver seat position.

- Sarah C

It handles well, goes well in the snow.

2007 Buick Lucerne

My buick was bought last year, used with only 28,000 miles on it. It was very well kept. I have not had any issues at all with this car. It is a smooth ride and gets me to where I'm going.

- Blaine C

It tows good, relatively good gas mileage.

2007 Buick Lucerne

I do like the gas mileage, comfort and dependability and ride. What I dislike is rust around fender wells and underneath the rear doors. Other than what is listed it is a very good auto.

- Mike T

Great car, wish they still made the Lucerne.

2007 Buick Lucerne

Great car, reliable, comfortable, easy gas mileage, . I maintain it and have had no major repairs. It has most features on newer cars and I do not need any more bells and whistles.

- Karen H

It is safe and reliable. It has a lot of features that add to my comfort while driving it. This is a great car!

2007 Buick Lucerne

There is nothing I dislike about this vehicle. It runs well, it is comfortable and reliable. It has a lot of features to make my life easier. I feel very safe in this vehicle.

- Kim C

It runs really smooth and is reliable.

2007 Buick Lucerne

My vehicle is very good until I got into a car accident. It had a huge dent in it, and it just looked bad. I am currently laying to get it fixed, and it should be good as new!!

- Kaila H

It's a great running car even if the paint is peeling.

2007 Buick Lucerne

I hate that the paint is peeling off the hood of the car. I love the smooth ride and the legroom in the back seat. We love the great gas mileage that we are getting.

- Cindy D

It's a good value for the price and easy to maintain

2007 Buick Lucerne

I got my vehicle used several years ago and I've never had any problems with it at all. It has pretty good mileage, getting around 33 miles per gallon. It's reliable.

- Mikayla R

It has an extremely comfortable ride.

2007 Buick Lucerne

It has a luxurious ride, and the extra features such as heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, and wood grain finishes are very comfortable and beautiful.

- Norman L

That it is a pain to do any engine work on the engine but it handles like a champ.

2007 Buick Lucerne

I do not like the fact that it is a v8. It drinks a lot of gas and takes 8 quarts of oil for the oil changes. It is a smooth ride though and it handles nicely.

- Joshua F

Since this car is a more luxurious car, the repairs on it are a bit more complicated than average cars.

2007 Buick Lucerne

Buick in my opinion is a very nice a reliable brand of car to have. Its luxury is so satisfying to me and the overall performance of my Lucerne is fantastic.

- Zeek H

It has good gas mileage does not take a lot of money to fill up the tank.

2007 Buick Lucerne

Drives smoothly and good on gas. Very easy to drive and does not cost much for gas. Good speakers on the car which is good because we love music.

- Raven M

The cup holders, they have the perfect amount of depth.

2007 Buick Lucerne

Nothing, it's a beauty that needs more love. I would love to trick it out with bigger rims and a louder exhaust so everyone can feel my presence.

- James L

Rated one of the top vehicles.

2007 Buick Lucerne

I love how it drives and it also has great steering controls and braking. It's a nice size car not too.. Big or small also great for a family..

- Lauren P

It is a good runner and will last a good time if cared for properly.

2007 Buick Lucerne

My car has over 300k miles and still run very well. The engine makes the vehicle run smooth. I am so glad to have been gifted this vehicle.

- Elina J

Comfy Ride in an attractive package

2007 Buick Lucerne

I love my Buick Lucerne. It is the most comfortable ride I've owned.My car is very spacious and I love all the features that come with it.

- Rhonda B

it is not supposed to be stylish or cool, just utilitarian

2007 Buick Lucerne

i like that it is the color gray. i like that it is much better than my previous car. i like that it runs well and has no major problems.

- Steven J

Hard to find if you are looking for Buick Lucerne. GM discontinued the model to early back in 2011

2007 Buick Lucerne

The car is great on trips with lots of room in the trunk. The car rides very smoothly and it provides good mileage (MPG) on the highway.

- Richard A

I feel like it helps to keep my children safe when they are in it.

2007 Buick Lucerne

I like that it is roomy and has nice safety features. I do not like that almost everything is electrical such as Windows, doors, etc.

- Jennifer V

my vehicle is good and it has an aux cord

2007 Buick Lucerne

I like my car but the seal on the door is starting to leak. Other than that it runs ok. The previous owners had power steering issues

- McKenna W

It is very reliable. It is small but I have not had problems.

2007 Buick Lucerne

I like that it rides smooth. It is easy on maintaining it. It has enough room for everyone. I do not like the gas mileage it gets.

- Edward S

It is comfortable and dependable.

2007 Buick Lucerne

It is a very comfortable car and I have had very few problems with it, since buying the car. It also is very quiet driving.

- Judith S

Low maintenance good drive

2007 Buick Lucerne

I like my Buick it Good on the go etc's It get me where I need to low manage to do. Nothing I dislike well on the go near

- Sarah R

I don't like the color. But that car just runs and rides great.

2007 Buick Lucerne

rides wonderful. runs very well. hate the color. feels like a "blue hair" car. But the price was awesome when I bought it.

- Jim S

It is a GMC it cannot deal with running hot.

2007 Buick Lucerne

It rides very smooth. Is good on gas but also has small problems like the door handles and running hot sometimes.

- Denzel L

In economy mode, I get 36-46 mpg. In the city, it is 36, on the highway, 46.

2007 Buick Lucerne

Too wide. Does not get great gas. It is hard to handle in small spaces..... I like the space inside for travel.

- Sarah N

It's a good car for smooth rides with some nice features.

2007 Buick Lucerne

It's very big, which makes it a little difficult to park and back up. It's a smooth ride and has a roomy trunk.

- Jamie J

it is the smoothest car i've driven

2007 Buick Lucerne

i own a 2007 buick Lucerne and it is a good case. it drives smooth and it gets good gas mileage. I love my car

- lindsay n

It is very much my style of car I love it.

2007 Buick Lucerne

It is sporty with deep red color ,black seats with good a/c. comfortable to drive.good mileage with all power

- rollin H

It is cheap to operate, comfortable and incredibly reliable.

2007 Buick Lucerne

It has a nice large interior.. It has a smooth ride.. Auto washers.. The color is nice.. It eats to much gas.

- Alicia S

The car is dependable with plenty of zip. Engine is well built

2007 Buick Lucerne

I enjoy the comfort and ride. The gas mileage is great for a large car. I dislike rust on fender wells.

- Michael T

Good Safe, Reliable, Cost Effective And Comfortable Automobile With The Color And Features I Wanted

2007 Buick Lucerne

Good Safe, Reliable, Cost Effective And Comfortable Automobile With The Color And Features I Wanted.


Very Nice Luxury Car That is Easy to Keep

2007 Buick Lucerne

The ride of this car is very smooth. It is an excellent running car. It gets good gas mileage.Great

- Debbie H

how comfortable and roomy the car is.

2007 Buick Lucerne

car is very comfortable. love the heated seats. very easy to drive. don't like the sound system.

- tery l

It can go fast without you realizing it. It also does not fit into my garage. Bought it without realizing it

2007 Buick Lucerne

I like the look, color and the V6 engine for It's pick up and go. it is a very comfortable car

- carol s

Great gas mileage with a smooth ride and is sharp looking car.

2007 Buick Lucerne

It is a very well built car. It drives and rides excellent. Has great gas mileage.

- Danny B

Drives nice but the turning radius is very poor. Need to be careful when parking in tight spots

2007 Buick Lucerne

Has great features. Looks great Smooth driving terrible turning radius

- Virginia B

The check engine light keeps coming on. I think it is the temperature sensor.

2007 Buick Lucerne

It is a reliable car. I wish it was a little more sporty looking.

- Rosemary H

It is easy to drive and lasts for a long time. I've had it for eight years.

2007 Buick Lucerne

I like that it's reliable, but it looks like an old person's car.

- Lindsay H

The Brand Name and all of the loaded features.

2007 Buick Lucerne

I like the handling, loaded features and safety features.

- Milton B

It is a buick, GM all the way! Good car starts in the winter!

2007 Buick Lucerne

I like the looks value ride! How it runs. No complaints!

- Brian E

I like it. It drives well and it only has 72000 miles on it and very little maintenance in the time I have had it

2007 Buick Lucerne

It is very reliable and it is a v6 that doesn't burn oil

- Aaron D

Buick is a great car and gets great gas mileage and I love it.

2007 Buick Lucerne

It gets great gas mileage and is a comfortable vehicle.

- Angela B

Reliability. It is a good car on gas mileage and runs good. It has a nice body for a car.

2007 Buick Lucerne

I love the car. It is good on gas. It is a great brand.

- Diane A

safety and performance- price is right

2007 Buick Lucerne

i love the buick - they are very safe and a great ride

- julie C

it suits my needs for safe transportation

2007 Buick Lucerne

leather interior. handles the road well. good radio.

- lonnie E